How to make money online now? I want to look at one of the ways that we looked at in the last video, this is earnings on affiliate programs. You can watch my last video in the annotation, but today we will move on to an analysis of a specific one of the programs, and try to figure out, in fact, how to make money on the Internet in our time, given the real components and the real picture that is happening now. My name is Nikolai Shmichkov, this is the SEOquick channel, and today we will analyze a separate affiliate program. Let's remember a little what an affiliate program is. An affiliate program is such a platform for cooperation between partners (webmasters, of course) and suppliers of goods and services. That is, a kind of intermediary that acts for service providers and people who want to bring customers to them, provides a stable platform for interaction. That is, the affiliate program is like something like an exchange that customers come to who want to sell their services and at the same time advertisers who know how to sell these services, but they do not interact directly with the customer directly, but interact through these affiliate programs.

What are the benefits of affiliate programs? It would be attracted by a customer who simply sets a certain price, for example, for a lead, while for a webmaster the task is to meet this price and earn without exceeding it, and everything that comes out below is to earn and withdraw your money for yourself, as they say, to the wallet. This is what affiliate programs look like. If you look deeper, there are many ways to make money on such programs. There is a program that pays for clicks, for filling the site, for writing comments, for copywriting, of course, for maintaining social networks, yes, there are such affiliate programs, but today we will focus specifically on those affiliate programs that earn on the so-called traffic arbitrage .

And of course, let's go back to what traffic arbitrage is. With definitions out of the way, if we go back to the old video, traffic arbitrage is when you buy traffic for less and sell it for more. Methods of selling traffic can be different, you can pay both for clicks and for leads, so your task is to reach such mathematics that by buying traffic cheaper from profitable places, display it at a higher price, and sell it more profitably.

Of course, you can understand that traffic can not necessarily be bought on paid platforms, traffic can be created from social networks, traffic can be created from e-mail newsletters and, of course, traffic can be created from seo, simply by building a site from scratch, some , filling it with content, building links to it and actually getting traffic on it. Some sites can be raised almost automatically . You can simply create batches of sites, put them on hosting, fill them with content that is uniqueized through some artificial intelligence algorithms, we talked about this in the last webinar, you can find a webinar with Nikita Kamyshnikov, we just talked about this topic, that texts can be generated using artificial intelligence, so sites can also be created in this automatic mode and in fact with links, with proper SEO promotion, they can generate traffic for you.

How much does the traffic of such a site cost, how much money did you spend on it, there is a domain, there is hosting, and here is your work with content, there is uploading, here is the work of a content manager, here is your expense, what income, how many leads it will bring if it will start generating leads, then why not, if you generate this kind of site correctly. We return to arbitrageurs. Arbitrators do just that. The most popular spheres in arbitration now are all kinds of goods, gambling and dating.

Gambling is a casino, gambling . Dating is all kinds of marriage agencies, marriages and similar services. This is one of the most popular, according to queries on google. But, of course, if you look further, there is also the so-called financial arbitrage – this is when financial services, loans and the like are offered there. And most often, there are really few arbitrage platforms in this area, I think there may actually be much more, but today I decided to consider one of our partners who agreed to cooperate with us, and this program, of course, is LeadsMarket. General information about the program. LeadsMarket is a CPA financial affiliate where you get paid for a specific action. The official website, in fact, is Here. And, accordingly, this affiliate program with three offers, working for the US and UK, where rates range from $2 to $240 per lead. You can drive traffic from any source, only fraud is prohibited. The affiliate offers websites ready-made landings, creatives, banners, form and application builders, Mobile 1st and Sub-id tracking. The company was established in 2011. The first six months of the company's existence were spent on the development of the platform itself, and, of course, after that, the team independently tested their product, and made sure that the main functionality and all the tools were ready for loading for real users since December 2011, they launched, in fact, an affiliate program.

Prior to this, the customer base was mainly created through the interaction of networking, that is, acquaintances, and owners, each of them has been in this industry since 2003. As for the technical part, the site really has a very good interface, you can see that the interface of the site is quite adequate in general. There is a dashboard where, relatively speaking, you have the main working interface, I just registered in the platform, so I didn’t work. There is an offer section – these are the very three platforms with which you work, and there is a section of the company that you create here, of all kinds and, of course, reports, referrals that you can receive on a referral commission, a support department, a section that informs about updates, that is, you can see what is expected for the update, and the general settings of your profile that you fill out, this, in principle, is the whole working interface. Now let's move on to a more detailed analysis. Regarding registration, a separate nuance, if you register as the one who is the customer, register as a customer, if you register as a publisher, register as a publisher.

Entering, fill in your first name, last name, and after that you will need to fill in the mail, address of residence, and come up with a password. And after that, you will need to confirm your mail, answer a few questions, and most importantly, wait for the approval, after the approval, only then will you be able to get into your personal account. An account activation notification will be sent to your email. Now let's take a look at the individual offers that are offered in this affiliate program. There are only 3 of them, as I said at the beginning, but there will be more in the future. The first offer here is Personal Loans US, which is a banking offer where consumers can actually take out a loan in the amount of $100 to $35,000 and pay them monthly, and the payment goes for the sold lead.

I have already created a test campaign, creating a company is very simple, you click Create campaign and choose, in fact, the type that you need, among the test companies, I actually created for it in order to show you now what targeting options are here using an example first platform. By default, several landing pages are available to you, which are already located on specific domains, to which you can simply send traffic. Here it is immediately given with the necessary referral link, and here, in fact, for the user, here is the opportunity to target certain loans, that is, they already indicate the email there, in fact, after I understand that the email is already concluded for this, already catch yourself leads and, accordingly there are also many such landings here, pay attention, any design that you like, that is, here you can generate a text link with your parameters, with your variables and use, for example, in banners, anywhere, that is, all landings have a mobile optimization, and there may even be some approach here …

Yeah, here's another one, another one … landings, in short, there are a lot of them. The second option is the so-called site templates, which you can simply download and customize for yourself, you can also study specific sites in the same way, they are multi-pages with a small number of pages. You can download site themes and actually count traffic from these domains as your own. Moving on, wordpress themes. You can simply download a ready-made wordpress theme, deploy it on your site and use the same referral links for your company accordingly. That is, here you can watch individual topics that are offered for the site, where all the content is already filled in, just put your domain name and deploy your site. That is , quite a titanic work has been done for this offer. And there are email templates, if you still try to deal with emails, you can simply download the necessary templates and build your work on earning money on this affiliate program.

So if you have a well-established channel in the USA, then you can process this offer with the help of appropriate landing pages, the number of which, as I understand it, can be constantly supplemented. You also have an available Creatives section. Here you can download individual banners, look at these banners, here we can see a Christmas banner in any design options, that is, any options that are most likely to suit you for Google Ads and even banner advertising. There are a huge number of them and they are even animated there, you can just look, any of them can always be downloaded and used in your advertising, so there are really a lot of opportunities. These were banners, let's see there is another section of the form. Forms can also be installed on your site and installed immediately on those sites that you, for example, created third-party separate forms for lead generation, for example, on your financial blogs that you have.

Well, and, of course, you can order a phone number there, by which you can track individual orders through calls. Well, this is the most popular one that I saw here, let's move on to the next offer and analyze it in more detail. The next offer offered by the program is personal loans, short-term loans for UK residents ranging from £50 to £1,000, repaid from one week to 12 months from the date of the loan. Actually, for these purposes, a similar set is used, as we explained, of landings, there are a little less of them, there are no web templates, there are no wordpress themes yet, but there are templates for emails, from creatives there are all kinds of banners prepared for advertising, that is, in principle it is, the form is not yet available and phone numbers can be worked on request.

As for earnings, here you earn from 1 dollar to 120 dollars, you can study it right away here, even from 1.30 to 118 dollars for a sold lead, the average earnings are like that. And the last program that exists is actually earning a loan secured by a vehicle. Under this form, there is also a pretty good set of two landing pages, they are approximately similar to each other, there is a slight difference in the logo, we can look at them, here are landing pages of this format, we also have several templates that can be downloaded and deploy it to yourself on the site, that is, ready-made templates for such a small site that you can fill out, here, the content is basically complete, you can navigate it, but if you need to add additional pages for seo, this can of course be used, and email templates are also present, a small number of them in general, but enough for work, and there are creatives that are always enough to set up ads, so advertisers, especially those who take traffic from the display network, will definitely be interested.

Of the forms, there is only one form that allows you to send an application, that is, for a specific car, here you indicate the year, which brand, that is, which model, you choose, send the data, how many miles you drove, in fact, and the name, and the data is sent. Such a simple form that is placed on any site. And, of course, a phone number upon request. A very important note: almost all affiliate programs, even on the example of this affiliate program, which I showed from the inside, work according to a very simple scheme. They take all types of traffic, except for fraud, any affiliate program for fraud, and LeadsMarket will simply exclude you, and you will be banned, in fact, and you, as a partner, will most likely no longer be able to return to it and make money on it.

Therefore, I really want, of course, to make money on winding up these leads, to earn more money, but remember, if you present low-quality leads to a partner for a very long time, he will complain that he is being poured low-quality leads, they can easily figure out what referral links they are from came and, of course, to get rid of such a clever man who decided to make money on it. Therefore, it is not recommended to restrict this system, at least I believe that it is physically impossible, because it is easy to track everything. Why is the LeadsMarket affiliate program good? Actually, as an advertiser, I liked certain things that are here. Yes, there are only three financial offers that work for the UK and the USA, that is, there are not many of them yet, but I think there will be more of them. I also liked the rather high rate for some leads, that is, it can go up to 240 per lead, if you know more, write in the comments.

There is also a large set of free landings, creatives, e-mail templates and form templates, which is pretty good, because I don’t know if other partners provide such a huge amount of creatives, because on the first offer you saw their number was really large , that is, you can do A / B testing without any difficulties, there is enough material, and you simply don’t need to sit down to hire a designer for sawing, a programmer in order to saw a site. Well, and of course, the most important thing that is here is a personal manager, you can always chat with him.

I have a fixed, for example, Matthew Page. And the most interesting thing is that weekly payments, you can withdraw money if you have earned $ 100 and more, that is, if you have earned $ 99, you cannot withdraw, 100 – you can withdraw your earnings. Well, and most importantly, a referral program is available in the affiliate program, of course, I will leave my link in the description, pinned comments on the referral program and, of course, partners will help me with three percent of the commission, so if you want to start working with the program LeadsMarket, I will be grateful if you do this through a referral link. For beginners, let's tell those who are going to how it works at all how to start earning here.

In principle, many affiliate programs will have a similar interface, similar first steps, but in general, I will show everything using the example of this program. Actually, let's tell you how to drive traffic on an affiliate program using LeadsMarket as an example. First of all, go to the offers section. In offers we choose in fact, the platform on which you want to earn money, the most profitable one today is just this Personal Loans US. You study here, in fact, with which states it works, and choose a channel. After you have chosen a channel, studied the conditions, in general, select a channel and let's call it something, there, test 2 for example. And we choose, say, contextual advertising, create a campaign. And, in fact, now our task is to set up the flow, we need to design a landing page, an application form, and select creatives. Well, let's select it Generate Text Link.

Let's see how, in fact, the system will take into account your leads. Of course, it takes them into account by the appearance of the so-called Thank you page on pre-created landing pages, or on the sites you created on the Thank you page that you made. Therefore, it is very important to correctly specify the Conversion Pixel here for sites that you have created separately. If you don’t know which offer to choose and how to properly design a landing and an application form, then, of course, it’s better to contact your personal manager so that he can help you choose a profitable bundle. I found an article that just tells in more detail how to do it using this offer as an example and, of course, talks about the Google trends of this program, in which regions it is popular, in which regions it is regulated by law and, of course, with what it is better to work with states, which ones it is better not to work with, and which channels are better to use, here.

And, of course, it talks about Google Ads networks (Google Ads), Bing Ads, by the way, is also a very interesting option, we will soon shoot a video about it, so put a like and, most likely, if you are interested, we Let's talk about Bing Ads, everything is not so complicated there, we easily figured it out and easily set up ads on it without any difficulties, there are a lot of similar ones from the old AdWords. Here. Well, actually, setting up a contextual campaign. It tells about tactics, seo tactics, here is a vivid example for you that affiliates on demand occupy almost all the results today, about seo-optimization, optimization for a specific geo, about facebook ads directed and, of course, combinations of retargeting, e- mail, push notifications, you can easily drive traffic through push notifications through the push notifications that you collect on your sites, and, of course, Facebook retargeting, all this allows you to use the existing algorithm to use this algorithm for a specific offer, here. And publishers really often choose this platform for an affiliate program, since the demand for it is not very high.

Well, the most popular here, according to LeadsMarket statistics, is seo, contextual advertising and e-mail, here. And if you look at the classic data, the figures are as follows: from contextual advertising in the United States at a cost of 125 thousand dollars, the income amounted to 156 thousand dollars and, therefore, the profit amounted to 31 thousand dollars, that is, sometimes 25 percent, that is, in principle, adequate numbers for a person who engages in advertising, if everything is set up and the mechanism is clearly calibrated.

So these are normal numbers in order to use this platform to make money on this particular offer, that is, it is still popular today, how overheated – I don’t know, but I think the one who is one of the first to wedge in will make good money. To optimize contextual advertising, all the steps that we considered in our videos are applied. There is a playlist on contextual advertising, where Alena and I told you how to set it up in Google Ads. In principle, nothing is different here, we collect keywords, analyze queries, get rid of garbage, form a base, of course, of negative keywords and segment queries for relevant target audiences based on those same competitors. Then we are engaged in the preparation of an advertising account, in particular, our task is to register the ad correctly, select the right creatives, and, of course, for key queries, that is, we also need to select such good ads there.

That is, for example, if the request is loans for rent, then we make an advertisement … here, in fact, I will show it to you. The second option under the second keyword you can see ads, and under the 3rd option of the keyword you can also see a good ad. In summary, good ads look like this. Many people are tempted to set up smart companies, but we do not advise you to do this, we personally and LeadsMarket also say: it's better to do everything manually. Work with companies really manually, pay attention to the little things, even see which audiences are actually getting clicks to you.

For these purposes, collect all audience options that may be interested, in fact, in loans, for example, yes, and keep track of which audiences click, but do not leave applications, and turn them off, you don’t need them, they will spoil you, they will interfere with your development, start with a small budget, test a small budget in order to increase the numbers. A beginner's mistake is to immediately put big numbers and drain a huge amount of money, in no case do this. You spend your money first, you still need to earn, so it is very important to pay attention to A / B testing, services like ahrefs are also great, which allows you to look at an existing advertisement for keywords.

Take all the keywords and collect all the ad texts that are currently in the search results. Yes, it, unfortunately, is not collected by a specific geo, but, in principle, you can write a script that will steal all ads from the issue, and by parsing the issue, you will get yourself all the variants of ad texts for keywords. We will soon write such a tool. If you are interested in such a tool, write to us in the comments, and we will definitely share it, you will just drive in keywords and collect your results, as they say, just fill in the proxy. And, of course , sooner or later you will have to touch other traffic sources, well, of course, we also recommend native ad networks, promotional emails, seo, push and many other options. Recommendations for webmasters mainly concerns the selection of a relevant traffic channel, a set of keywords that your manager, in fact, will tell you.

We also recommend that webmasters who use email newsletters remove New York states from the list and set up mailing campaigns based on 8 am or noon local time, since according to statistics, such companies will bring the most conversions. Support can also advise you on which promotional messages to use to generate leads, help with advertising creatives by offering ready-made templates. In fact , this is quite good, because most often affiliate programs offer you just an offer, earning conditions and that’s it. It also offers, well, quite an impressive set of tools that will really make it easier for you to get started. If you want to really break into the affiliate program and try your hand, to understand how good you are in this business, it is really worth trying to start with this affiliate program. There are platforms where there may not yet be strong competition, you can try on that British platform or on cars, or you can really try yourself on this platform, where really a lot of publishers make money.

My opinion: I will give this platform 5 for usability, for a set of content, how it works in the end, write in the comments who knows it, I will be happy with a real assessment of who works on it, earns money and shares cases. But we will leave the most important for last. How to withdraw money from this program? As we know , most programs withdraw money not as much as you earned, but in certain portions, that is, if you have collected a certain portion, only then you have the opportunity to withdraw funds from the system, so the affiliate pays money every week.

You can withdraw to the following systems paypal, we transfer, webmoney, payoneer and many others. The minimum withdrawal threshold, as I said, is $100. The affiliate program is actually pretty interesting, it's based in the US, specifically it's in Miami, and from what we know, it 's already paid out over a hundred million dollars in commissions in 2019. Those are pretty good numbers and it's really evolving and a lot of people might like it. I repeat, as a person who deals with contextual advertising, I liked their approach to suggesting creatives, landings, platforms, and how the SEO specialist liked the fact that sites with filled content are already offered, which can be rewritten a little to make it unique, because how will you promote it, if it is not unique, here, and actually fill in the information, catch the content. Collecting semantics on this topic is simply a pleasure, because all people are looking for money, all people are looking for how to mortgage, how to get a loan. In fact, for thin content, this is one of the strategies that I talked about, in general, just a sea of ​​\u200b\u200bvariations in order to attract traffic to your site.

For example, you can use the same bunch, put up 5-6 blogs like that, edit them, and do content, write content on them. Secondly, build banner ads on retargeting, take banners from the same platform, and, of course, get leads. This is also one of the links that you can earn on, moreover, such blogs can rise very well due to the fact that you will disperse your written guides on some reddit or quora, distributing links to specific articles. That is, people go to articles, and then an audience is gathered directly from them for your retargeting, so that it is more convenient for you to work, and of course, for the contextual media network in retargeting, and not only on Facebook.

Therefore, yes, the platform , because it gives you ready-made creatives with which it is easier for you to start, is really a big plus for me from SEOquick, so this review, although prepared as an advertisement, I really say that it was prepared with my review, I liked exactly this is what I have not seen in other platforms. All the best and, of course, do not forget to subscribe to the channel, click on the bell. For future advertisers: if you want to see your ad on our channel, be sure to write to us, I'll leave a link for this in the description..

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