best affiliate programs of 2021 big payouts 
for beginners this is video two of three if   you haven't watched video one you want to go back 
and watch video one but you could watch this first   they don't necessarily have to be in order in this 
particular video i'm going to talk about affiliate   money having to do with recurring payments in 
other words people are paying every single month   if you want to make some money on affiliate stuff 
this is the video for you and if you want to make   it every single month from that point forward and 
not have to keep sending links this is the video   for you okay let's get started now the first thing 
i want you to do the big thing you need to do is   smash that subscribe button there and lock it in 
with a thumbs up okay super important you do that   and turn on all bell notifications so that you're 
notified every time i go live or i do a new video   so let's get into this recurring payments thing 
i like this a lot because i constantly make money   off work i did a month ago two months ago six 
months ago i keep getting this money in so it's   really really cool and i want to get clear with 
you on this these recurring payments normally   on an affiliate link you send somebody to a page 
and they pay you if that person buys and that's   the end of the story but the recurring affiliate 
pages what they do is they actually will pay you   when somebody buys and every single month they 
make a payment thereafter now some of these have   limitations on them 12 months 24 months whatever 
but the point is you keep getting payments   nothing could be better than that okay the first 
one i want to talk about is padley let's go over   there real quick here's padley right here uh 
with padley affiliate program you can earn a 30   lifetime recurring commission on every single sale 
that's pretty amazing they use cookie period of 30   days and offer payments within 40 days a little 
bit of a slower payout but that's okay the next   one i want to tell you about is buzz sprout this 
popular podcast host offers 20 recurring payout   and then even provide new users with a 20 amazon 
gift card to help increase conversion rates um i   support buzz sprout uh and i think they're really 
good platform to be in the next one is thinkific   uh and it really is a online course platform they 
offer 20 recurring uh and you can get paid every   single month into the thousands of dollars so 
that's pretty cool uh next one is ipvanish this   is a recurring uh affiliate also they're in 
the vpn industry they have an outstanding uh   affiliate manager and i think you would really 
really be happy with them next one is moose end   museum is a popular email marketing tool and their 
affiliate program offers 30 percent commissions   they also have super helpful affiliate manager and 
lengthy 120 day cookie duration which is really   high in the market right now next one net 
peak software net peak software develops   tools for professional search engine marketing 
specialists a netpeak spider and net peak checker   they offer up to 30 recurring rate and average 
income per active affiliate is about 100 to 2   000 a month um they also provide dedicated support 
and shareable promo codes to help generate leads   so they're really good uh next one i wanna talk 
about is amocrm it's a messenger-based customer   relationship management tool their program offers 
35 recurring commission right out of the gate and   it doesn't expire which is really kind of crazy 
plus that number is bumped up to 50 once you reach   10 000 as a partner uh that's amazing next one 
leadpages i used to use leadpages i now use kartra   but they're still a good platform they're famous 
for landing page builders that helps people build   dedicated web pages and forms with call to actions 
their affiliate program provides a repeating 30   percent commission which is great uh next one 
up teachable and i got to say something about   teachable and all these course platforms they 
are just getting bigger and bigger and bigger   guys you got to really get involved with these uh 
teachable is an online course platform that allows   bloggers and website owners to build their classes 
and to sell to their students they offer a 30   repeating payout every single month the 
next one is get response get response is a   really great email marketing service they offer 
33 recurring commissions and they are another   excellent email marketing affiliate program uh 
next one up sem rush sem rush is an influential   seo tool website owners can use to track keywords 
conduct site audits view competitive insights   their program is called be rush i wonder where 
they got that from and they offer their affiliate   partners a 40 commission next one is aweber 
aweber's an email marketing software i used to use   aweber i don't now i use kartra i would recommend 
cartridge however aweber is a good program uh and   you know what i use is not good for everybody they 
do offer a 30 recurring rate which is also good   next one up here is convertkit convertkit is 
one of one of the favorite marketing tools   and it's great for bloggers they have a visual 
automation builder and you can create triggers   based on website actions and actions inside of 
emails i know a guy who runs their program and   they offer a 30 commission next one up is promo 
republic promo republic it's an excellent social   media management and scheduling tool uh they 
offer up to a 30 sale and an average income per   active affiliate of 40 to hundred dollars a month 
they also provide bonuses for top performers and   share coupons to help generate sales next 
one elegant themes elegant themes is for   wordpress uh they have a library of 87 easy-to-use 
themes with over 550 000 customers so if you're a   blogger you want to recommend themes to your 
readers you can send traffic to this elegant   themes product and get high ticket 50 recurring 
payout next one ninja outreach now ninja outreach   is all in one influencer marketing tool not my 
thing but that doesn't mean it won't work for you   it helps you perform outreach and find influencer 
emails and addresses build email lists and grow   your own content promotion offers um they used 
to offer 50 recurring but now they're down to 20   uh next one up spyfu i've known of spyfu 
for probably 10 years it's another seo tool   focused on competitive insights you can use 
their tool to download data on a competitor's   top organic and paid keywords they feature a 
40 persistent payment next one i used to use   this one a lot click funnels i now use cartridge 
but click funnels is certainly a good software   it's very popular as a landing page builder they 
offer a 40 payout on all sales they have a lot of   different ads and courses that you can look at 
and they promote an intuitive dashboard which   you know you can use to grab your links let's go 
over again this this payment that's reoccurring   it doesn't just occur once but repeatedly as 
long as your commission user is still paying   customer recurring income payments pay their 
commissions monthly because of the customer   retention rate most recurring programs are 
software such as service as a software these   are people who are going to require a monthly 
subscription anyhow to keep their business going   with monthly subscriptions a customer's lifetime 
value is much higher than a monthly sale price as   they continue paying every single month until they 
churn or they go away now there are pros and cons   to a one-time payment versus recurring payments 
generally if it's a one-time payment then you're   going to get a much higher commission you're going 
to make a whole lot more money on those clicks on   those purchases the downside to one-time payments 
is that it's one time so it's hard to control   how much money you're going to make a month 
because it goes away after that one payment now if   we look at recurring payments you're going to make 
a whole lot less in the beginning and since you're   going to make less in the beginning if they churn 
or they leave you know that's going to go away   pretty quick however the pros are you're going to 
get recurring payments so most people who promote   affiliate offers for recurring payments will 
promote something that like a business needs to   have every month like kartra i promote kartra uh 
if you buy cartridge and you put your business on   kartra you got to have karcher every month you got 
to pay cardra every single month and since you got   to pay them every single month i make money every 
single month which is a good thing but it's also a   great product and you're going to make money every 
single month if you were to buy cartridge through   me which you should do because there's a link 
down there for karcher if you click on that link   you can watch a video see all it does once you 
see what it does you're going to want it trust me   and you can get it through me for only one dollar 
i am an affiliate for cartridge now real quick i   want to go over some travel affiliate programs 
travel is really starting to come back in the   world now and i think these are going to be 
terribly popular so let's go over and check   those out right now trip advisor is one of 
them they've got hotels travel platforms   like expedia airlines vacation packages all 
that so if you're a travel blogger with an   audience of loyal readers hey this is probably 
something you're going to want to check out   you can integrate hotel bookings into your website 
choose specific destinations showcase properties   and you and especially if your travel blogger you 
can just stick that in there now what i'd like to   do as opposed to getting into every single one 
i just want to show you a chart of some of the   ones that are available so let's go over to that 
tripadvisor gives you 15 14 days cookie duration   travel payouts is up to 80 with 30 days cookie 
uh expedia is 2 to 6 percent really on the low   end but they're very popular seven day payouts 
marriott is three to six percent with seven days   travelocity is two to four percent for 45 days 
priceline three to five percent uh and they are   30 days four percent seven days 
hilton four percent seven days hot wires two   percent seven days and is four percent 
uh and on the browser close that cookie disappears   so that goes away pretty darn quick and we might 
as well wrap this up with some financial stuff   some credit cards and all that good stuff too 
right so let's go over to bank rate credit cards   there are 2.69 cards for every person in the 
united states so everybody has some kind of credit   cards so it is a good space to get into you can 
do bank rate credit cards you can do cpm cpc cpl   and cpa offers based on the type of credit 
cards you can also go to   so if you go to 
you can find some more offers there has a lot of them so you can go over to and check that out also commission soup   you may want to check out commission soup another 
good site to find a lot of affiliate offers   and get this even equifax yes equifax you can 
go to equifax and make money as an affiliate for   them too their commission is 10 to 40 dollars 
and the cookie duration is 30 days on that   so if you want to get into insurance liberty 
mutual you've seen that ad run plenty of times   they also have an affiliate program and they pay 
by lead it's three dollars to 17 dollars per lead   also if you're into bookkeeping quickbooks you 
can promote quickbooks you can be an affiliate   there too their commission is seven percent 
which is not bad and the cookie is for 45 days   and let's not leave out transunion right the 
credit bureau transunion also has an affiliate   program their commission is 20 and it's for 
45 days and if that's not enough if i haven't   given you enough ways to make money i'm going 
to give you one more and that is health and   fitness so let's check out some of the other 
ones here we've got ace fitness uh which is   eight percent 30 days you got 
which is five to fifteen percent nine days for   the cookie duration bowflex seven percent three 
days life fitness is eight percent for 30 days   pro form is eight to eleven percent for thirty 
days and trx training is eight percent for 30 days   so that should give you a way to make some moolah 
okay you've got a lot of different ways you can go   a lot of different affiliates out there you know 
what the commissions are you know what they pay   you know what's going to fit your niche make 
sure you pick something that fits your niche   if you start sending links you know for credit 
cards to people who are watching you make recipes   they're not going to understand that it's going 
to look weird and they're probably going to quit   watching you or quit reading your blog so make 
sure you don't do that find stuff that just fits   and it's not like you can't there's plenty of 
affiliate programs out there that will match   almost any niche now we're going to head over to 
the next video which is video three in the series   we're going to look at hair and makeup 
and old-fashioned and all those things   that you may be interested in also going to 
look at gaming and music and financial and yeah   for some of you out there even the crypto 
coin so let's run over to video three if you   haven't watched one guys you want to go back 
and watch one uh we're heading over to three   now you will find links to all those videos 
in the description below so let's head over   to video three i appreciate you watching this 
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