pro tips to start affiliate marketing for 
beginners hey guys if you wanted to do affiliate   marketing really wanted to know what you needed 
to do and how to really truly be successful cut   out all the wasted time you've come to the right 
video if you watch to the very end i'm going to   give you all the pro tips that you need to make 
a lot of money with affiliate marketing and   we're starting right now before we get too much 
into this don't forget to subscribe if you like   this type of content hit that subscription button 
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all bell notifications so you're notified each and   every time i go live now affiliate marketing first 
off is not a new thing affiliate marketing has   been around before there was even an internet i 
mean people were sending people to businesses and   referring them and getting referral fees from it 
it's just been going on forever but now with the   internet anybody can refer any business and make 
money and do it really quickly if you know how   to do it properly otherwise if you don't know how 
to do it properly you're just going to waste your   time we don't want you to do that that's why i 
put together this video to help you out now at the   end of this video i also want to give you a free 
course it's a 97 course you can get it absolutely   free all you have to do is click and learn so 
let's jump right into this and let's talk about   affiliate marketing let me give you an overview 
basically of how affiliate marketing works let's   say you create a blog you're writing articles 
on your blog or let's say you're you're posting   information on twitter or facebook or whatever and 
it's information to help people out maybe it's uh   maybe it's cooking okay so let's say you're doing 
cooking videos and you use a certain kind of pots   and pans and knives or whatever and below in the 
video you're going to have links to those products   when people click those links and they buy that 
product or they buy other products from that site   you get paid a commission for sending those people 
there so it's pretty slick all you really have to   do is create the content you don't have to create 
the product you don't have to ship out the product   you don't have to come up with a product all you 
do is put links in your content now of course   it helps if you can set up yourself as an 
authority an authority on fitness maybe you're   in great shape that that makes you an authority 
right maybe it's cooking maybe you were a master   chef or you had a restaurant maybe it is making 
money online that's what i do i make money online   i teach people how to make money online and i 
still do that and i do that every day so people   come to me to learn how to make money online but 
whatever it is you set yourself up as an authority   and when you do that you offer products to them 
that you know will help them achieve their goals   now let's kind of examine the pros and the cons of 
affiliate marketing because there's certainly both   i would say one of the pros is you can make money 
all day long 24 hours a day seven days a week   and you're not really doing anything for that 
money now you have to put in the initial work   yeah you've got to set up the blog you got to put 
the content out there but once you have it there   people are coming to this location and clicking 
and you're making money that's pretty cool   but there's also cons to this too the cons is it 
takes time it takes time to build up that traffic   it takes time to get people to come to your blog 
but if you continually do it if you continually   put out content you will build up traffic that's 
just the way it works now once you've decided to   do that there's basically three steps the first 
step is to find the affiliates and set up the   relationships okay find the affiliates set 
up the relationships now there's basically   three things you need to do you need to find 
affiliates you got to go out there and find   affiliate products that you can actually 
market number two you've got to set up   those relationships sometimes you have to 
apply to be an affiliate some are easier   than others to get you know if you want to be an 
affiliate for amazon that's pretty much you just   fill out the the little form they have and boom 
you're an affiliate so you can do that and then   the third thing is you have to start setting up 
your affiliate advertising or affiliate pages   now if you have a blog and you're an expert on 
a particular subject i would highly recommend   that you set up partnerships with products that 
would be very beneficial to your customers now   this this has changed over the years um it used 
to be that not too many companies really had   affiliate programs set up in other words they 
didn't have the technology to drive customers   to their site and pay you a commission but a lot 
of that's changed nowadays a lot of the a lot of   these big companies have affiliate programs 
i have affiliate programs for my products   and i've been doing that for years now if they 
don't have an affiliate program all you need to   do is really contact them you know let them know 
what you offer and how they can benefit and how   you can benefit because basically it is just new 
business for them i'm a member of share a sale   and i have my products there and i just list my 
products there and it's just extra business for me   i have my products at clickbank i list my 
products there it's extra business for me   so most companies are starting to become aware of 
affiliate marketing and they're more open to it   now there's a whole bunch of different ways 
to set up your ads but maybe you are i don't   know you sell computers okay you want to sell 
computers so what you do is you run an ad that   is reviews of the top 10 laptop computers you 
set up your affiliate relationships with those   particular companies that top 10 and then you go 
ahead and write your article as you talk about   each one of these laptop computers you have a 
link and that link when clicked is your affiliate   link that goes back where they can actually buy 
that computer with when they buy that computer   you get a commission it's really that simple maybe 
it's fitness maybe you're doing fitness videos   and you want to show people how to get in shape 
and as you show them how to get in shape maybe   there's certain protein powders that you recommend 
maybe there's certain vitamins that you recommend   and you have links going to those products and 
you set up your affiliate relationship with that   particular company you get commissions every time 
they buy some of those products now one of the   best ways to do this is through a blog it can be 
a video vlog it can be a written blog either one   when you set yourself up as somebody who's an 
expert in a particular area and you write these   articles you do these videos you will get traffic 
and as you get traffic they'll trust you and they   will buy the product now i will say don't try to 
do all this on your own you want to get some guest   bloggers writing blogs takes a lot of time get 
some guest bloggers and let them put some links   back to their site or whatever they want there's 
a lot of guest bloggers out there that would be   more than happy to write blogs for your site i 
would also tell you take advantage of social media   especially if you have any kind of following 
at all if you've already been doing videos on a   particular subject maybe it's you know working out 
maybe it's cooking whatever it is take advantage   of that if you've already got that traffic there 
start offering products to people who are already   watching your videos i know i have a following 
and i can put a product out there and recommend   it to somebody and i'll recommend cartridge to 
you there you go i have an affiliate link in the   description for kartra one of the best digital 
marketing softwares out there if you're doing   anything online you've got to have cartridge if 
you click the link below it is my affiliate link   but if you click the link below you can actually 
watch a free video on what it does and how it does   it you're going to love it i mean i got rid of 
eight pieces of software when i got kartra and   if you like it you can get a trial for one dollar 
and i'm an affiliate for that particular product   so i talk about that but take advantage of the 
fact that maybe you already have some traffic out   there that you can already use and the one thing 
i'll tell you is don't create fake content don't   create fake content an example of fake content 
is maybe there's a 25 hair dryers and you're   going to do a review and say that you've tested 
out each one of these 25 hair dryers not really   believable not really believable okay the odds of 
you actually buying and testing out 25 hair dryers   probably not real believable if you're going to do 
that for a blog so just you know if you're going   to recommend a product make sure it's a product 
that you use i just recommended cartridge to you   i use cartridge every single day i've used it for 
several years i was one of the first adopters of   kartra so i feel really good about recommending 
it don't ever recommend a product that you   haven't personally used or examined or know some 
information about don't do that okay don't say you   use a product that you don't use now don't forget 
you're really building a relationship with these   people even though you're doing some affiliate 
marketing and you get paid on some of the products   make sure you're always giving them good content 
make sure you create videos that help them out   make sure you write a blog that's actually 
helpful or entertaining to them okay   so make sure you're giving them good quality 
content even if they don't buy your products or   the stuff that you represent and i'll tell you the 
majority of the people will not it's a very small   portion of your audience that's actually ever 
going to buy anything so the key to this is   to do what it's to create good content if you do 
that you're going to build trust and you're being   honest with your people and in the long run you 
will win now when selecting your products here's   what you should do here's what you should do pick 
the really best products when i recommend kartra   i know that is hands down one of the best digital 
marketing softwares in the world it's really that   good so i feel really good about representing that 
product and here's the cool thing if somebody is   watching one of my videos and they hear me 
talk about carter and they go out there and   they get cartridge and it works really well for 
them they make a bunch of money i've built up   that trust they're going to come back they're 
going to watch more of my videos so i've helped   my own brand as well as made some money off that 
product and my last thing i'm going to tell you is   don't over sell and what i mean by over sell is 
constantly be selling products to your audience   i don't i don't market many products to my 
audience as an affiliate i market some but   i know there's some some bloggers and some well 
there's some youtube people i've been watching   for years and they've gotten so ridiculous they 
have a promotion at the beginning and the end of   every single one of their videos now and i got to 
sit through a minute or two of them talking about   whatever product i don't want to do that so it 
makes me less likely to watch their videos because   i know they're going to have so many commercials 
in it one guy in particular his his whole video is   turned into a commercial he goes from one product 
to the next to the next and he was supposed to be   about personal grooming and all that but now all 
he's doing is selling his products that he's put   his name on these products whatever they are uh 
and it's like constantly selling you his products   which i just i unsubscribed i quit watching him 
so don't overdo this guys this is this is maybe 10   or 5 of your content the rest of your content 
should be really good really helpful really useful   information for people if you approach it that way 
you're gonna build your audience and you're gonna   make a lot more money than if you constantly 
hit them over the head with new products   affiliate marketing um has to be finessed okay it 
can't seem like you're shoving products down their   throat every single day and don't sell competing 
products okay if one week you say hey this digital   marketing software is cartridge i think it's 
great and that's the one i like and then the   next week you're saying well no use groov funnels 
group funnels is even better now use that one   they'll see that you're just trying to get them to 
buy products and you're not serious about it make   sure you're serious you're honest about it and you 
don't beat them up and constantly try to sell them   things i hope this has helped you out i hope you 
understand affiliate marketing a little bit better   i've made a lot of money on affiliate marketing 
i have a lot of affiliates that sell my products   also so over the years it's been very good to me 
i know i can't exhaustively talk about everything   you do in affiliate marketing so if you want to 
ask me a question please put that in the comments   below there i'll be happy to answer you make your 
questions specific you know sometimes i'll have   somebody put something in the comments and they'll 
say i want to make money online how do i do that   well there's a lot of ways to do that so make 
your cup make your comments or questions really   specific that way i'll be able to answer you 
and give you the information that you need   thank you so much for watching this video i 
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