Today, I'm going to show you an Affiliate Program 
that can potentially change your life and earn you   lifetime commissions! How? We're about to 
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the most money. Now, let's get back to the video   So, let's discuss first what is Builderall. 
Builderall is an all-in-one software integrated   into a single product. It is a Website Builder, 
App Builder, and a Digital Marketing Platform   all-in-one. Builderall is a cloud-based software 
so you don't have to download files to your   computer.

Currently, the platform has more than 40 
integrated tools and apps that a member can use.   Now, you are probably asking, Why should I promote 
Bbuilderall? To answer this, I will give my Top 3   Reasons why Builderall is one of the Top Affiliate 
Programs you should be promoting right now.   Number one: Builderall offers Two tiers of 
commission. Let me explain, First Tier is when   you directly refer a person to subscribe with 
Builderall. When you have direct referral you   earn 100% commission on the first payment of your 
referral. For the second and succeeding payments   you earn 30% recurring commissions. For 
example in this first month, I directly referred   five people to subscribe with Builderall Premium 
which is priced at $69 Monthly.   I will earn an estimated of sixty two dollars 
net income less taxes and fees per person. This is   around three hundred and ten dollars ($310) in total. Now, 
for the second and succeeding months, assuming all   five are continuously subscribed with builderall 
you will earn thirty percent as recurring   commissions which is estimated at twenty dollars 
per person or one hundred dollars per month.   For the second tier, you will also receive a 
thirty percent commission on the sales of your   direct referrals.

To illustrate if your affiliate 
or direct referral did bring a person to subscribe   with Builderall, you will earn 30% of that amount. 
When that person sign up as a premium member   $69 per month then you earn an estimated extra 
$20. Number 2: This Product is Always in Demand.   The market for Builderall is anyone 
who requires an online presence.   As for our situation today, having an online 
presence is critical to business success. The   market can be solopreneurs, small business owners,  
professionals, or big companies or anyone who want   to earn extra income online. Builderall provides 
solution to anyone who uses digital marketing.   Third Reason: A Great Value Product. For just $67 a 
month, the user will receive an all-in-one software   that provides everything you need to establish an 
online presence.

The Website Builder, Hosting and   Autoresponder combined together can cost Thousands 
of dollars each month for the subscription cost   alone offered by other programs. With Builderall 
you get all these feature for a cheaper price.   Builderall also continuous to add more apps each 
day to help with the growing needs of marketers. Now let me show you a list of people who have been 
earning thousands of dollars with this Affiliate   Program. From the top, we see James Neville 
Taylor and Chad Bartlett reaching the $500,000   earnings with Builderall. They are the 
Top Affiliates of Builderall as of now.   They have earned this amount for just promoting 
Builderall alone. As we scroll down, we see other   top affiliates who have earned hundred 
thousand of dollars with Builderall.   Some have earned Four hundred thousand. 
Some has reached Three hundred thousand.   and others making Two hundred thousand 

More than one thousand five hundred   Affiliates already earned one thousand five 
hundred dollars or more. This is continuously   increasing as the day goes by. Now, you might be 
asking, "How can I be an Affiliate of Builderall?"  There are 2 options you can choose. First is 
you can apply to be a Solo Affiliate for free.   If you do this method, you will have to fill out 
a form like this, and submit the application. Your   application will be reviewed by Builderall 
Staff and you have to wait to be approved.   Usually it takes about 30 days to be 
approved using this method of application.   The reason for this is when you don't have 
access to Builderall, you might be using other   methods to promote it. The management would like to 
evaluate how you would be promoting their product.   You have to wait about a month to know if you are 
eligible to be an Affiliate of Builderall. The   Second Method which I recommend is to subscribe 
with Builderall Premium Plan or Funnel Club Plan.   When you are subscribed to this plans, you 
are automatically approved as an Affiliate.   You can use the tools inside Builderall for 
your Business as well as make a Full-Time Income   promoting the product itself.

In this method, you 
will never have to wait to be approved and you can   start promoting and earning right away. But real 
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Notifications On. We now move on to the next topic,   What is inside Builderall 
and how you can promote it As you can see, this is the dashboard 
when you become a member of Builderall.   If you are a beginner and don't know how to 
start you can check the trainings tab above.   In this tab they provide free trainings you can 
use with your business or with promotion for   Builderall.

The free trainings not only shows 
you how to use Builderall but they also give   training how you can earn money using Builderall 
not only through its affiliate program but using   it as a marketing tool. Like this training right 
here. As you can see, this one teaches you how you   can sell digital products using Builderall. Now 
we move on to How you can Promote Builderall   But before that Comment Down 
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your country's name in the comments down below.   Now going back to the video, we move on to How to 
Effectively promote Builderall. For this, I will be   showing you three (3) ways to promote Builderall. Don't 
worry this methods are free and won't cost any   money. The methods I will show you has effectively 
produced results without any money investment at   all. First is using Youtube. Youtube is a search 
engine similar to google, people search all type   of stuff in Youtube, and one of these is topics 
about How To's.

You can take advantage of this by   doing your own tutorial videos like for example, 
make a video about How to Make a Website, How to   Create a Funnel, How to Make an Automated Email 
Sequence and use Builderall, when doing your demo.   So, here I will show you some an example 
of a channel doing this kind of strategy.   As you can see in the video on the screen, the 
video topic is creating a website using Builderall   If you watch the video he is demonstrating 
How to create a Website in Builderall at the   same time he is also promoting the product. When we 
scroll down in the description box we see his   Affiliate Link for signing up with Builderall. 
And for anyone who signs up using that link he   will be credited and earned for it. Now, in 
making your tutorial videos you should put   your affiliate link in the description of your 

Be sure to include in your video a scene   inviting your viewers to sign up by clicking your 
affiliate link that you put in your description.   Now, if you don't want to do tutorial videos. 
You can do Product Reviews. you can make a topic   about Builderall Review. In doing a review, it is 
important to have different sections in which   you explain advantages and disadvantages of the 
product. If this your first time you can follow   these guidelines of topics i provide in doing 
your product review. What is builderall? How to use?   Advantages and Disadvantages, Builderall versus 
Clickfunnels, Product Pricing, What you will   get when you buy, Final Recommendation. As you can 
see, this is the outline of how you can structure   your Product Review, this is applicable not only to 
Builderall but also other products as well. You can   take a screenshot or pause the video if you want. 
Again don't forget to put your affiliate link in   the description and include a part of your video 
to ask your viewers to click your affiliate link.

Second, is doing a Blog Website Reviews. This 
is similar to the method with Youtube. The   only difference is you do this in a written format. 
Best way to do this is to write a review or blog   about the latest updates and information 
about Builderall. To maximize your traffic   results you can embed your youtube video 
to your product review blog or website page.   So, this is an example of an affiliate doing 
a blog with the topic Builderall Review   In this blog, the creator gives much information 
how Builderall works. As we scroll down to the   other parts of the content you can see his 
clickable links that when you click the link   you will be taken to his affiliate link. That 
is how he promotes Builderall to his readers. The third way you can promote Builderall is   by Creating Websites for Small 
Business owners or Influencers.

If you have upgraded to become a Funnel Club 
Member in Builderall, you will find Done-For-You   templates of most businesses like salons, dentist, 
real estate, and many more. You can use this   template as a website demo to the business owners 
you will offer it to. The Funnel Club upgrade cost   $130 one-time payment and you will receive 300 plus 
additional funnel templates and other access to   apps. So, How does this work? You earn by offering 
them a free website template and if they accept   you give it by letting them sign up with 
Builderall using your Affiliate Link.   Now you can earn extra by doing customization 
of the website template you offer. Like you can   charge One Hundred Dollars or more depending 
on the work that they want. Now, how can you find   Business Owners needing a Website? You can search 
for business owners in Google by doing this trick.. In google, just type in the niche that you will 
focus on plus the specific location of that niche.   For example, my focus niche is dentists and I 
want to tap the market located in California.   I will type in dentists in California. 
Now, google will bring in results of all   Dentists located in California.

Now, you can 
check it out if they have a website or not.   You can offer this services to dentists who don't 
have a website listed in google. For those results   who have a website, you can still check it out. If 
you think their website is lacking, you can offer   the template from Funnel Club, you can message them 
directly or email them if their email is available. Another way is to use Facebook Groups. In 
Facebook, you can type in the search bar   Dentists and for the filter just select Groups. Now, you can join several dentist groups 
and offer a Free Website Template. Now, be   careful when posting, you should first check the 
guidelines of the group before posting anything.   So you can do a post something like 
this to groups that you have joined. "Hi everyone I'm looking for 3 people to Build 
a Website Template for your business for Free!   You might be asking why I am giving this for Free?   To answer that, I simply need to collect 
testimonials to start building my client portfolio.   If you would like to have a fully built 
website template for your Business 100%   free then, comment I want in below and I 
will send a message to you with the details." Now, if they comment in your post directly send 
him a message.

Once they agree you can grab a   template in the funnel club membership 
inside Builderall, and send it to them. If you are wondering how to grab and send 
templates, don't worry there are tutorial videos   inside Builderall on how you can transfer 
website templates to your potential clients.   If you are still struggling in doing this 
method you can always Chat Support to help you.   Now if you are not a funnel club member 
but you have experience in website building   you can make your own template and send it to them.   So that's it for the three methods in Promoting 

These 3 methods are effective   ways to promote not only Builderall 
but also other similar software as well.   Now, if you are still watching this, I will 
be sharing to you my Ultimate Bonus Tip!   I will be sharing with you How to Access 
our Affiliate Marketing Course for Free!   This is called Affiliate Marketing Boss. In 
here, you will find trainings on How to Start   Affiliate Marketing with Builderall. Here 
is a glimpse of Affiliate Marketing Boss!   You will receive training programs like 
How to get started with affiliate marketing,   Setting up an automated sales funnel, How 
to make your email marketing automation,   How to get free traffic using google, youtube, 
instagram, and many more. There are also advanced   topics like paid traffic using youtube, google 
or facebook. Aside from that, you will also   gain access to different types of Done-For-You 
Funnels that you can use to market Builderall.   This done-for-you funnels are easy to set up and 
you can start earning right away.

Now, to get to   this Free Marketing Course, I will leave a link 
in the description below. Be sure to check it out! Thank you so much for watching and 
be sure to drop a Like and Subscribe   with Notifications On so you don't 
miss out on any of the new contents.   As always, I will see you on our next videos..

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