hey everybody j.r fisher here welcome to wednesday 
morning it is the what 9th of february 2022. uh   what's going on wayne i just saw him pop his head 
in here good to see you here buddy um we're gonna   have a good session today we really are uh i'm 
gonna talk about zero or low volume keywords uh   and i'm gonna tell you how that even came into my 
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lucky today i feel lucky today to be alive and to   be able to talk to you guys and share this stuff 
with you and it's funny you know on your phone   it pops up memories from you know the 
past or whatever in facebook and i saw   the memory of us pouring our foundation for 
this house that i'm sitting in right now   and i thought wow you know it's been a year since 
they've poured the foundation of this place we   moved in here in july i guess it was and uh shoot 
it's already 20 22 we bought we bought the land   in 2020 uh november of 2020 i bought this land to 
build this house and uh wow it's going by fast and   i gotta thank all you guys i gotta thank everybody 
out there because everything i have has come from   you guys so i owe you a tremendous amount okay all 
my income my food company my training everything   my ad revenue from youtube all comes from you guys 
you people who support me and i thank you from the   bottom of my heart i really do i mean it's you 
you've allowed me to live a really really good   life since i've gone online i've got to meet some 
really cool people i mean i really appreciate   you guys as a matter of fact say hi in that chat 
section there click in there and say hello to me   i love to hear from you i love to hear your 
comments i love i love i just love interacting   with you guys i really do and you know the other 
day i was working on my survival food site and i   hired a guy and we're doing some keyword research 
because we're seo in the entire site it just   you know we've switched it over several times 
it just needed a revamp of seo and it's a really   deep dive thing and i got to thinking um you 
know all the keywords that i want to focus on   and that's how i started this research are ones 
that are used a lot there's a lot of competition   but is it true that i should maybe use some low 
competition or zero search term keywords and   i came across several articles and i want to 
share with you some information on that today   because i think we kind of overthink this i 
think we tend to sometimes write our content   or make our pages based on what the keywords are 
instead of what people are really interested in   uh and you know there's there's so many reasons 
why you can't always trust the data for keywords   and i want to go through all that today but the 
thing about optimizing for zero volume keywords   is that you probably shouldn't overthink 
this okay if those keywords don't deliver   um time or money or whatever is wasted but 
you know you don't know if you don't try   it's like anything else you just gotta 
try and see what's gonna happen with it   um so i've given it a lot of thought and i've gone 
through it i've looked at a lot of the data and i   want to share that with you guys today because 
there's some really profitable things we can do   optimizing for zero volume keywords why would 
i do that i mean ask yourself your question you   know why would i absolutely do that and there's a 
lot of reasons for that i get that optimizing for   zero volume searches seems like the 
literal antithesis of good seo and content   performance however there's some reasons why you 
should think about it um if i if i were truthful   with you i would say while writing um what i 
was going to talk about today i had kind of an   itching to put more keywords in my title and all 
that uh ones that i knew that would get people   um the safety is in numbers right i know i'm gonna 
get cpc i know i'm gonna you know be better in   competition and keyword difficulty and all that 
stuff but there's problems with these keywords   and the softwares we use keyword data often comes 
under scrutiny for being very vague and inaccurate   okay so we don't really know if we're doing it 
right um and i'm not just referring to the time   that google uh replaced exact search volumes for 
volume branding and keyword planner which that   was kind of a scam but you don't have to look back 
far to see that keyword data should be taken with   a pinch of salt even while i was preparing this 
video for today i stumbled over a bunch of forum   questions uh surrounding the volume discrepancies 
across keyword tools so a lot of these keyword   tools they pull up different things um one of 
the ones i saw here and i've got it up here   href is showing search volume is zero for keyword 
uh for which sem rush is showing 4400 that's what   somebody wrote somebody else wrote why is sem 
rush showing keywords with zero search volume   another one i saw was uh keyword search volume 
and hrefs very low anyone else noticed the same   so you know even these tools that we use 
guys are not exact um now there's a guy   called steve toth and he kicked off um some 
scrutiny chatter lately with something called   zsv zsb and that is zero search volume okay and he 
shared a screenshot of one of his clients search   consoles and he compared it to thousands of 
impressions that landed for long tail 16 plus   keywords low volume phrases against sorry looking 
search volume column of zeros and yet they still   got people to come to the site now there's a 
whole lot of reasons for this how can you really   know whether a low volume search keyword is in 
fact low in volume that the keyword data itself   isn't really reliable well don't get me wrong i'm 
not advising you stop using keyword tools i mean   it's it's pretty bad uh if i were to 
use search volume keyword tools and   then i tell you guys not to use them so i'm 
not saying that at all i'm just saying that   you should maybe expand your horizon a little 
bit searches have to start somewhere keyword   data is a solid way to assess whether there's an 
appetite for your content but it's also well-known   fact that keyword optimization can and does work 
however however an example is a little reminder   that keyword metrics aren't to be the end all 
for everything they're not always accurate um   evan porter who's the owner of words by evan 
porter said this when you successfully target   low volume keyword you can usually expect to get 
anywhere from three to thirty times the traffic   you'd expected based on the volume or even 
more in many cases so he's even saying   it's tricky to really green light uh ideas for 
high volume keywords another thing data is not   built on unearthing trending topics uh back in 
2017 i thought this was interesting google stated   that 15 of searches have never been searched 
before wow that's a lot who would have thought i   would have thought everything was already searched 
for right but apparently it is not let me get   another sip here and guys use that chat box right 
there i don't see a lot of people using it yet uh   but you know get started there say hello tell me 
what your weather is whatever you want to tell me okay so keywords tools keyword tools excuse 
me won't necessarily show you these new search   opportunities because they're always looking 
at the past okay they're snapshots of the past   keyword tools average search volumes out over 
an entire month right so this means that the   data collection is delayed demand peaks and 
troughs are normalized and new or trending   keywords often go undiscovered until months later 
now i think it was in 1970 or 71 i was a kid   and i went to a concert i went to a concert 
a place called the scope in norfolk virginia   and there was no internet at that time and we 
went to a concert we saw a guy named neil young   now neil young has some great music everybody 
loved neil young and times have changed okay   and neil young died out and there was no search 
volume for neil young for the past few years but   in the past couple weeks with all the controversy 
that's going on between him and joe rogan well   there is what there's a lot of searches for both 
those names now and i don't care what side of that   controversy you're on i'm not bringing it up for 
that reason i'm just saying that if you were to   look at search volume for either one of their 
names last month it would have been a lot lower   than it is this month because of things happening 
so all of these search engine tools out there   that look at keyword volumes are based on past 
data okay and things can change and they have   trained changed dramatically in the past couple 
weeks right um another thing steve taught said was   other seo and content writers are probably 
disregarding these kinds of keywords due to the   low search volume advantage you so in other words 
if you start using some of these low searched   or zero searched keywords and people have an 
interest in it then you can get an advantage over   everybody else search volumes okay can lead to 
some really cool discoveries right that people   weren't even thinking about but the 
question is how do you figure out   you know how do you figure out how do you know 
what keywords to use well the first thing you can   do is you can create link worthy content what do 
i mean by that i probably don't need to tell you   the power of links when it comes to ranking but 
originals research theories data opinion pieces   interactive campaigns all of these 
are examples of link-worthy content   where keywords are secondary okay they're not the 
main thing digital pr is built on this method and   in fact buzzsumo's success is too since 2014 
buzzsubo used its own data to study and test   all the elements of marketing so that's kind 
of interesting that they were part of their   own research so that's something you can do is 
actually put something out that is going to be   worth it now the next thing i can tell you that 
you can do is you can create content that people   want to share now i understand people share things 
so that the people who see it have an opinion of   that person okay so if they're sharing that i 
don't know they they rescue animals okay then   they're trying to make people think that they're 
a really good person and they're kind animals and   they very well may be but that's what they're 
trying to get across if they're trying to share   something that's highly scientific and difficult 
what are they trying to do they're trying to make   everybody think that they're a smart person 
so what you want to do is create content that   people actually want to share i got a couple 
comments here i got to throw up on the board   who do we got in there right now we got in there 
yes good morning allison what is going on with you   today good to see you here uh pleasure to have 
you uh and you know keep those comments coming   guys and allison wayne paul uh jennifer just 
put whatever you want in that search area there   um search area i'm talking about search in the 
chat area there and i'll be happy to highlight it   all your comments will get highlighted up on 
the screen here uh so don't put any profanity   or anything because it's going to pop up on the 
screen hey look at this paul says good weather   here in hot springs 64 today i got you beat it's 
going to be 70 today right now it is right now   but i tell you what paul i probably didn't have 
you beat the past couple weeks oh my god it was   cold here uh what do we got today it's hot today 
high of 70.

It's 58 right now so we're inching up   we're inching up we're getting warmer and warmer 
uh let's see here can you give examples using   your product line um yeah and i'm going to do 
that in just a second matter of fact i have that   in part of my notes here paul so i will be doing 
that um but i want to talk about the sharing thing   shares don't directly correlate with rankings but 
awareness can definitely lead to traffic so the   types of content that i'm talking about are really 
good for landing links which people naturally   share uh creating shareable content is also about 
tapping into social conversations and trends   so you're gonna have to dig in a little bit um 
if you know a topic is gaining momentum on social   do you really need to check the search volume 
to validate your idea i mean i know just looking   at the news every day you know if you type in 
ukraine two months ago and nobody was searching it   if you type in ukraine today everybody's searching 
ukraine when i know what's going on there they're   trying to figure out where it is on the map 
um you know you could you could probably do   an article where it's located um so you know to 
give you an example paul i could put in there um   do uh ukrainians have enough food storage supplies 
okay and i could write a whole article about that   and then i could put in the article on how to 
get good deals on food storage and that link   could go back to our products so what you can do 
is incorporate something that you know is going   to be trending that you know is in the news 
but may not have a lot of search volume yet   and incorporate that with your product so i 
hope that gives you a good example of that paul   uh kind of gives you an idea of what i'm 
talking about so that's something you can do   there's other ways you can go about this guys a 
lot of other ways you can go about this actually   you can tap into your community okay your 
personal community involving your community   means that you have a ready-made audience for 
your content once you publish it now i have a   ready-made audience i have a ready-made audience 
for digital marketing and making money online   i have a ready-made audience for survival food and 
survival stuff um this is an awesome uh awareness   as you prepared earlier type thing um so you 
can set this up so you can turn to slack you can   look at facebook linkedin you could look at forums 
check out your email contacts industry influencers   any group that may have an interest in what 
you're creating and rally the troops right   rally the troops get expert opinions get quotes 
examples um you could do interviews uh day in the   life type vlogs or blogs case studies and this 
is kind of a day in the life this is what i do   every day right uh you can do polls surveys 
webinars podcasts there's so many things out there   now i mean with the success of joe everybody 
wants to have a podcast nowadays so you know   search volume for podcast a couple years ago was 
probably nothing but now it's probably pretty high   and i haven't looked at that particular one 
but it's probably high people are realizing   you can make money on that uh let's see here uh 
yeah keep the questions coming guys paul you've   jumped in there i appreciate that uh all you all 
you folks and we're having them come from facebook   and um uh youtube so i want to put them 
up on the screen so you guys can see them   now don't always focus on keyword numbers focus 
on number of keywords right so think about this   according to evan porter from niche site project 
you should be optimizing a single page for   multiple low volume keywords if you want to see 
a boost in traffic and rank in the serps serps   search engine results right uh pages he coined 
the term cluster keywords to describe an approach   which involves optimizing your content around 
numerous zero search volume keywords with   shared content now think about this these 
are some of the ones searches related to uh   is the grocery store um least crowded okay so 
these are some of the other searches and i wrote   these down so i can share them with you best day 
to grocery shop at walmart that's a related one   best time to grocery shop at walmart uh what 
are the grocery what are gross i'll get this   right when are groceries the cheapest are grocery 
stores busy on easter are grocery stores busy on   4th of july how busy is walmart right now best day 
to grocery shop at h-e-b h-e-b by the way guys if   you don't live in texas it is our grocery store 
we don't really have any other grocery stores here   we have walmart and we have target and we have 
heb that's it uh and then the last one on here was   our grocery stores busy today so all of those are 
kind of related in there now i want to read to you   a quote from evan porter who is the contributor 
to niche side project now listen to this   cast a wide net over a dozen or more zero or 
low volume keywords that are all basically the   same thing maybe each one only brings a few people 
per day or month but in aggregate they amount to a   serious amount of increased traffic intent is 
a consideration here too these cluster keywords   have to share the same intent um so like no 
do go etc that type of they all have to have   the same type of intent so where can you find and 
validate low volume keywords where can you do that   uh you look for repeat questions you look for 
topics you look for discussions you look at slack   communities you could look at facebook groups 
you could look at forums all of those places   are great places to find this um you can also 
explore the subheading of a top ranking content   to find low volume untapped keyword ideas so 
when you're searching for something you know   you're just going to have the meta title then the 
meta description look in those descriptions that's   another place you can find it uh let's see here we 
pop up one of the couple of these comments in here   i heard of people who used what was trending 
on oprah and ellen and utilize trends there   yeah i mean that could certainly be something 
understand when you do that you're going to be   garnering their audience if you're if that 
audience meets with what you want great   you know oprah's audience wouldn't meet 
with my survival food company just wouldn't   uh however if she did a show on survival food or 
survivalist or whatever then of course that would   meet up and i would probably use it uh what they 
were talking about was uh posted early allowing   time to generate content yeah that's pretty good 
stuff paul it really is uh top ten lists seen   biggest top ten list five steps to seven steps 
to eight steps to you know all those things work   really well um uh eight step guide four step guide 
whatever rarely does it work when you go over ten   okay nobody wants to do more than ten of anything 
so the ten step things don't seem to work as much   but those things work very well thank you for 
that comment there paul in addition to that um   google's page one cert features include this 
they include an answer box they include text   ads they include related searches they include 
people also ask now this is what the search   engine result page looks like on google now they 
also include people also search for and they also   include google image suggestions so all of that 
is on their surf page now or that search engine   result page um look at social media trend tools 
okay you can look at those and see what's going   on there you can look at social listening 
tools you can look at things like twitter   advanced search or uh what is it brand with 
customer research you can look at website search   bar you can do that you know it's going to have 
a drop down things that people are searching for   you can look at customer and sales teams customer 
messaging bots um twitter polls and hashtag chats   you can look at audience surveys so how do you 
monitor the performance of zero volume um keywords   how do you do that you can look at ad impressions 
as you've seen low volume searches can potentially   drive big impressions guys this can make you a 
ton of money and you can turn ad impressions into   search volume estimation estimations really easily 
just take your ad impression data for a week   and multiply it by four to get the equivalent of 
a month's worth of search volume now some of you   are gonna be listening to this and you're 
gonna say hang on let me get a sip here you're going to say jr if i did this i'm going to 
have a lot of failures i'm going to have a lot of   stuff that's not going to work out some of these 
articles some of these videos some of this content   nobody's going to watch there nobody's 
going to read it nothing's going to happen   and i'm going to consider those failures i don't 
consider those failures if i'm in the kitchen and   i'm preparing something to eat and i break a glass 
i don't consider it a failure um i break more   stuff in the kitchen than my wife does by far does 
anybody know why i break more stuff in the kitchen   than my wife does can anybody guess why i would 
break more items in the kitchen why i would make   more mistakes in the kitchen where i would do 
more things wrong and i'm gonna leave you i'm   gonna leave you with that for a second i'm gonna 
wait and see what the answers are in here um but   i break a lot more stuff than my wife does in the 
kitchen and i want you to think logically about   that and why i do that okay and i'm not gonna i'm 
not gonna give you the answer yet but i will give   you the answer at the end of this session today 
which we only got about seven or eight minutes   something like that um also the other thing 
evan porter said he says as your company grows   observe search consoles live data closely and rely 
less on seo tools which can take a while to dig up   new keyword data especially while you're growing 
because you don't have the data right but then   bear in mind that google recently confirmed that 
it's uh google search console performance reports   are affected by bot traffic so be wary if you 
see any unusually high traffic for unassuming low   volume keywords because it could be a bot and they 
finally admitted it they said it didn't before   but now they're saying it is it's unreliable 
data so that's something to think about um now   if this is something that you think is helpful 
put that in the chat section right there uh let's   see here all right let's see uh let me see 
wayne charles has got some comments in here   i love these at least people are guessing 
why i break more stuff in the kitchen   than my wife okay and let's see here uh wayne 
charles says you're all thumbs okay all right   that's a good guess it's not the answer it's not 
the answer why i break more stuff uh paul i don't   see that you you've even tried to figure this 
one out but i would think you could get it paul   you're not as used to working in the kitchen as 
your wife might be that's another good answer   it's not the correct answer but it's a very good 
answer and on the surface on the surface that's   what most people would say they would say well jr 
you're clumsy uh you don't know what you're doing   um you break things okay that's what most 
people would say but that's not the answer   so put in that chat section what you think 
the answer is and if you're watching this and   it's recorded you can still put it in the 
comment section and at the end you'll see   you'll see what you know the real answer was um 
and it's my real answer okay so that's one thing   you gotta be careful for because it's me saying it 
so i come up with a solution but let me take a sip here all right now let's see here uh this session 
was great well glad i'm glad you liked it paul i   really appreciate it so i'm going to give you the 
answer the answer why i break more things in the   kitchen i do all the cooking see it was there and 
now that you hear it you're gonna say well yeah if   you do all the cooking absolutely you're gonna 
have a chance to break more absolutely if you   try to use these low volume zero search keywords 
you're gonna have more failures however however   i do get some meals cooked and you if you use 
these zero search or low volume search keywords   you're going to have some tremendous successes 
because what you're going to do is you're going   to uncover stuff that you were ignoring before 
you were relying so much on these search engine   tools so much on these keyword tools there's a lot 
of really good ones out there and i'm not saying   don't ever use them i'm just saying that let's 
see here subconsciously you hate the stuff and   you want to that's another possibility right but 
that's that's not the answer uh the answer is i do   all cooking so the odds are that i'm gonna break 
more things i'm gonna have more mistakes i'm gonna   spill more stuff it's just the way it is right now 
if if we equally spend the same amount of time in   the kitchen you could maybe draw some conclusion 
that one of us was clumsier than the other right   you could do that but you can't you can't okay you 
don't have that data so i'm gonna assume that i   spend more time in the kitchen that's why uh let's 
see here wayne says i would have never guessed   you were the cook well wayne you don't know about 
my other channel do you restaurant quality recipes   uh so you know you can search that jr fish or 
restaurant quality recipes i'm slowly putting up   the recipes there guys this is a brand new channel 
um i have artichokes going up this week uh what do   i have today i think today there was another one 
that went up and it was oh pesto linguine with   pesto homemade pesto and i actually grew the basil 
um so if you're interested in cooking and that   type of thing uh let me just put in here what 
it is restaurant quality recipes by j.r fisher okay wayne so you you want to check that out there 
unless you've got another comment here okay that's   my comment okay uh so you may want to check that 
out if you're into that sort of thing if you're   not into cooking and you're not into recipes don't 
bother it's not for you okay but if you like that   stuff and that's the kind of stuff you want to see 
um let's see here really want to make that salad   well then do it you got to do it buddy tomorrow 
no wait we're going to be live again friday   between now and friday make the salad i'll ask 
you friday have a salad came out how about that   it's easy this is an easy salad to make 
this is something you can make it like   15 minutes 20 minutes okay great salads a caesar 
salad uh when i did on there but you're going to   see some really cool recipes on there uh and 
what i do on that channel just for you guys   who are interested is i show you how you can make 
the same meal that you would have at a restaurant   for a whole lot less money and generally 
it's going to taste a lot better too so   check out restaurant quality recipes 
if you're into that sort of thing   i want to thank you guys for being here today 
it's been really pleasurable uh we've seen some   new faces we've got some great comments in here um 
love having you guys uh in this session i mean you   know thank you for the house i mean you guys built 
me a house uh by supporting me and this channel um   that means a lot to me by buying my products by 
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