– Today I'm gonna give you three rules to run your business by. Yes, obviously you have to do
a lot more than three things to create a successful business, but these three rules will
give you a massive leg up in creating success in your business. Hey, it's Suzanne from
SuzannePerkinsM.com, and I'm gonna give you the three rules that have helped me create a large income from my online business,
let's get you started. Rule number one, be the
leader, be the teacher. Hopefully if you're watching this video, it means you already understand that. You always need to be learning new things. No matter how much success I've had, I always work on continuing to learn more. Things change, and you
have to learn and update, to learn what's happening right now.

The internet again is always changing, so there's always something new to learn. Now, when you turn around
and teach your own audience, what kind of posture are
you using when you talk? Really think about this. And this is assuming
also that you understand the importance of building an audience and creating great value and
great content to serve them. Which you do need to do if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing. But when you're creating content, videos, lives, blog posts, whatever, are you positioning
yourself as the leader, as the teacher in front of the classroom? Or are you positioning yourself just as the best student in the front row? Think about it for a minute.

Just because you're making a video or a blog post about what you've learned, it doesn't necessarily mean
that you're the teacher. I've seen a lot of people doing
videos and creating content, but when you listen to exactly what and how they're saying it, I can tell that they're still speaking to their audience as a student. Maybe a star student, but
a student nonetheless. When you're talking to your own audience, you need to change roles and to become the teacher or the leader. Yes, you'll probably
get leads as a student, but you won't starting
getting a bunch of sales or signups until you become the teacher. And here's the difference, the person who has the posture and the mindset of a star student, the student in the very
front row of the classroom, they will focus more on
themselves then on their audience. Hey hey Facebook, how
is everyone doing today? I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about a great
training that I went through, and today I learned, I realized that, I've been struggling with. Today I had to share,
I had to speak about.

How many times did I say I in that, right? It's all about you as the student. It's really very me or I-focused. Constantly saying the word me or I, and there's very little
about what's in it for them, for your actual audience. That's the mindset and
posture of a student, which is fine if you're
actually in the training. But once you turn around and start teaching what you've
learned to your audience, you need to become the
teacher or the leader. You need to be the one standing
in front of the classroom, not just the one sitting in
the front row of the class. You need to become the
teacher, the leader. So the number one thing you
need to do to make that happen, the number one thing is to
stop talking about yourself.

Your audience doesn't really
care what you learned. They don't care what you have to work on, or what struggles you have, or what you could be doing
better in your business so stop talking about it. What they do care about
is how it can help them, what you're going to say can help them, can help their business. They care about what's in it for them, what your information is
going to help them and how. So instead of saying something like, "Hey, today I learned this really great prospecting technique I learned from Lisa Torres, and I'm gonna try it in my business." That sounds like the
student, don't say that. Instead, say something like, "Hey everybody, today I'm gonna teach you a great prospecting technique that helped my friend, Lisa, sponsor over
300 people into her business.

It's super effective, and
it's really gonna help you make some breakthroughs in your business." Get it, do you hear the difference? To be the teacher, to be the leader, you always need to be telling people what you're going to do to teach them, how you're going to help them. What they're going to learn, and how it's going to help
them and their business, or whatever industry or niche
that you're working with. That's really all that they care about. So they don't care about
how much success you've had or haven't had yet, so they less you talk about you, the more you talk about them, the more of the leader
that you're gonna be. Rule number two, be a problem solver. If you wanna make big, big
dollars in this industry, then you've got to be a problem solver. You need to solve your own problems, and then you need to start
solving other people's problems. This isn't just true in online business, but it's really true in any
career that you might choose.

People who innovate and solve problems, they're the one who get
ahead, who get promoted, and eventually make the big money. So start by just being able
to solve your own problems. And when you start
solving your own problems, that's when you start to
become a professional. When you don't have to ask someone else about how to do things, but you can figure it out, look it up, do whatever to figure it out yourself. We all have Google, so the chances are that it's
just a quick Google search or even a YouTube search and a video away. Being able to solve your own problems is just the first step, and that's because amateurs, they want everything figured out for them mostly because they haven't learned yet where to go for the
answers they're seeking.

As they grow, that will
change for them too. But generally when you're new, you want to be told exactly what to do, and what to say, and
when to say it, right? That's kind of natural. They're looking for that easy button that they can just push
and start making money. And guess what guys? That easy button does not exist. Professionals in this industry
are all willing to go out and get out of their own comfort zone, do the work, test a bunch of ideas, and fail a bunch of times
to learn the lessons that only experience can actually teach, and thus solve their own problems. So what's the next big step? Well, being able to solve
other people's problems, and that's when you start
making people big money. If you can solve a problem and then teach others how
you solve that problem, that's money in the bank right there.

This is where the big money is. One of my mentors is really good at this. He will actually go out
looking for a problem just so get can try to solve it and find a way to solve it. Because he knows that
once he's figured it out, cha-ching, it's money in the bank, right? So always look to be a problem
solver in your business. When you find a problem, solve it, you can teach it on YouTube, right? Be a problem solver. Number three, always over-deliver. If you wanna generate leads, then go ahead and make any
claims or promises that you want, and you'll get some leads. But if you want sales or signups, if you wanna create a loyal fan base that will continue to purchase
from you for years to come, then you better over-deliver
on whatever you've promised. And yes, that also includes just your free content and your giveaways. Now, a lot of people might
think if you're giving away all of your secrets
and strategies for free that you'll lose some of your value.

That if you don't hold something back that people won't want to opt in or join because they think that
you've already given them everything that you had to offer. But here's the thing, here's why I'm not afraid to over-deliver. Because it doesn't just
work this was in business, it works this way in any
type of job or career. In my career, I was able
to go from a receptionist to running an entire small
irrigation company by myself because I always over-delivered. I started to learn the concepts
of attraction marketing in my career prior to ever switching to owning my own online business. Learning some of the
more demanding problems of managing the company
at the receptionist level meant I needed to do lots of learning.

But it's difficult to learn
from those around you. But my colleagues in the
industry were hoarders. They would hoard the information and knowledge about the processes, right? They didn't wanna share, they didn't want you to become a threat. Making sure that they were the only ones who knew how to set something up or how to fix something specific. And I'm sure to them which could be one or many depending on
the size of the company, that was job security. Being the only ones who knew something. And actually those people
were crazy frustrating because you always had
to go begging to them for help whenever that
one thing went wrong. And instead of telling you or
teaching you how to fix it, they would fix it themselves and refuse to tell you what they did. They felt that everyone
knew what they knew that they would lose their
value to the company, and they'd be in danger
of losing their jobs. So that was their way of
creating job security. Then there were the other
people in the office who would openly share everything
that they knew with you.

They could gladly have you
learn everything that they knew because they knew it would
make the system better. It would make their
jobs better and easier, and it would just be a
better work environment because people are sharing their knowledge and helping others. And then multiple people
can assist, right? And those were the people
that everybody loved. They were the people
who got the promotions. Everyone would genuinely
feel happy for them. So that's who I decided
to model in the workplace, and that is just who I am. I like to share my knowledge. I help other do what they
love or to grow in knowledge. And I would make it a point
to take on the difficult task and become a problem solver.

So once I'd figure something
out, then I'd document it, and then I'd share just to see
if other's knew it already. Or if it would be of
assistance to them also. So I still love to share
everything with the team without holding anything back. And you know what happened? I became the go-to gal. I became the expert that
everybody went to for help, and I was then groomed
for upper management which meant being eligible for complete management of that company.

So in about one year's time I became such an expert that I was able to take over the
management of the company. It became one of the most
secure jobs I had ever had because I always over-delivered. I wasn't afraid to give it my all, and I really provided a
lot of value to the company and to my position. And where are those
knowledge hoarders today? In the exact same place they were. The same place they will
always be, the same exact jobs. Because here's the thing, the value you bring isn't just in the knowledge that you have. Your value is in your ability
to solve people's problems and in being able to
teach and to mentor others in being able to provide people with that shortcut to their goals. Because the difference between success and failure isn't just
knowledge, it's wisdom.

You can gain knowledge from a training program, but not wisdom. The only shortcut to wisdom is mentorship. So don't be afraid to
over-deliver on the knowledge because when you are
a leader and a teacher who can solve people's problems, the big value becomes your mentorship. Follow these three rules and you can create a massive business. The business and the
lifestyle of your dreams. Again, this is Suzanne
from SuzannePerkinsM.com. Please know that I'm in your
corner and on your side, and I'm right here to help
you create the time freedom and financial freedom that
you and your family deserve.

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