Well, Who says that money does not bring happiness, just imagine that you wake up in the morning and a notification comes in your mobile phone that ₹ 400000 has been transferred to your account, how will you feel? You may not believe it at first. It seems you are joking, did you not even think about this unexpected ₹ 400000 coming into your account, I felt the same in starting but now I am going to tell you exactly how in my account within 2 days ₹ 400000 has arrived and this money can also come in your account, then I will show you with proof, now I turn on my mobile phone, here I also turn on screen recording so that the editor can show you which is my mobile phone so when I check my emails in the morning when I open Gmail what I see I have some emails come see this here 12 mails at 9:21 then 100 200 mails 300 400 500 600-700 it's not 6-7 mails it's 100-100 email.

When its 100, it comes to another email, this way 712 people's email comes to me, it comes from upstox and what is written in it, just read. That Satish Kumar has opened a upstox demat and trading account, which means that ₹ 500 has been deposited through refer and earn in your wallet upstox, you can go there and withdraw this money from your account. Or you can see this I got noreply@upstox.com like this I have got money of 712 people I do precisely what you will, I open my upstox this is how upstox will open it will open in the same way for you all. After that, I click on the profile button and go on Refer and earn than on Referral and Earn what I have seen Exactly now you will see now.

That here ₹ 471000 has arrived in my account, so it has become around 4.45 lakh, just 2 days ago I had put a video in which ₹ 79000 was in this wallet. And I told people that now 1.5 or two lakhs more have to come, I was thinking wrong, two lakhs have not come its more, and now on the date 2, I put the video in which the money of the refer and earn came, you can assume it comes after three-four days, then on 6th or 7th it will come into my account, which means 500000 1000000 rupees more is yet to come. I have given the link in the I button You can see that video. I said that when more money will come, I will show you that money is coming, now this money is coming to me and why am I showing you what is coming, now I will tell you to step by step this information You have done a lot of work and as I said, this money can come to you, so now this is what the thing is, why is this money coming. I will clear everything. Here I tell you everything step by step, see what the upstox is now, this is a company that provides you with a service, what service does it provide if you have to buy shares or if you have to buy digital gold or You have to invest in IPO, you have to invest money in mutual funds, then they work like middlemen.

So if you want to buy shares then you can buy shares by visiting their platform because you cannot buy shares from your bank account, you need a demat account, then it is provided upstox. Upstox is a very big company, this company has been running for many years, Ratan Tata has also given funds to this company, now you must have seen the IPL, then you must have seen that upstox has given promotion there as well, now upstox wants to do its marketing. The company spends a lot of money on marketing, so now what does the upstox say that people should do our marketing, then how will it be if people do marketing then it will be direct marketing and we can give rewards to people in this. If you recommend through refer and earn section. If you do trade in the platform or if you open your account then you will earn ₹ 500, now understand the big thing carefully.

If you go through that link which is linked in the description and comment box of this video of upstox. When I opened the account, I had given the money, then there were charges, but if you go through my link now, then you will not be charged, then listen to one thing very carefully here, you will definitely earn money for that neither I will let it charge you even ₹ 1. Nor a rupee would be spent by people to whom you are going to recommend. Meaning, it is absolutely zero investment business and that without investing a single rupee, you will earn money that. Whatever money has come, I have not invested one rupee in my account, infact, those people to whom I am referring did not even invest in ₹ 1, I have got you to open a free account, and you will trade on it, then only charge is brokerage charge ₹ 20 if you do trading then it means if you don't do trading then it will not cost money also means with zero investment you can open anyone's account and with zero investment you can also open your account Yes, now it is understood here that the company wants its marketing, now what is there for you, understand carefully, see, I am getting money, I will tell you about the money that is coming, the login id password of upstox.

I am going to give this to my wife and I am going to tell her, this is the account, you take it, why is it Kuber's treasure, because money will keep coming in it, the video that I put on the 2nd, the refer happened on that day, no money came to me It will come soon. And the money from the video which is still there will come now, now money will keep coming in it for life, now what is issue with this account that you can withdraw only ₹ 5000 in Refer and Earn, now a lot of money will also come right here it will take 90 days to remove so you can see if I go to view history now I turn on screen recording again so that you can see here when I go to view history now you will see when I showed in the last video that On the 30th, I withdrew ₹ 5000 videos, after that on the 3rd, then on the 4th, we have now requested to return to us on the 5th, whenever the money will come in my account.

Here you can see that your request for the withdrawal of 5000 is Being processed the money will be credited to your account. So it will come again into my account by this afternoon, what is the date now, today is 5th May 5th and Wednesday is the day and it is 14 minutes past 12:00, so you can see that the money came today It has happened that this money will increase every day, so I am going to give one to my wife that you take this for your ration, want milk & bread in the house comfortably, keep withdrawing it from ₹ 5000 daily and it will keep on coming.

I gave it to him because I told you this is not my mainstream income but earlier I was underestimating it, now I have directly talked in upstox and I asked him only one question there is no upper limit to how much money one can earn How much money can be withdrawn from it, those people said that there is no upper limit when we are giving sponsorship in IPL, you think there we are giving crores of rupees, then can't we distribute that crores of rupees among people. So they told me there is no upper limit. No matter how many people you refer, they will credit the money, and now more money will come, I'll definitely talk that it will take a life to withdraw it by 5 thousand, can we withdraw this money together then the answer is yes if you do better you can sign for partner program and then you can do that but why I told you that with referring and earn.

Look, you have to pay money through a partner program, here I have talked about zero investment if you go from the link which is below, then you open an account in zero investment and you do not have to pay any money even in referring and earn. have to pay money and another thing as soon as someone opens the account, see here the link sharing is not being talked about, the account should be open and what is in the account open, the account is opened as soon as the KYC is completed, then when the account is open Here comes the demat and trading account, now we are going to give you complete training right now inside the Go self-made University, I'll give you complete training on ways to earn money from the stock market, how can you earn money by investing in stocks, even then you will need demat and trading account. So open it and tell people to open it too, now what is your benefit in this, you will understand it very carefully, see I said, I have earned this money but I want people to earn the money genuinely.

When people talk about earning money on the internet, the first thing they talk about is ₹ 200, that is the video and here when I am talking about lakhs the first thing people do not believe. But this is what upstox is paying genuinely. And I am not doing paid promotion, money is coming to me, then I am promoting it from my heart because I am also very happy that if the money comes, it is extra income, it is a bonus, I was not expecting it my mainstream There is no income but it can be very beneficial for you guys, understand from now on that this is the video that you are watching now, we have given CC on this video, CC means creative comments and which we had put the video on 2nd On top of that also we have made a creative comments, meaning if you use this video, you share this video on Facebook on WhatsApp, then we will not do any copyright on you, so you can easily share and share the video.

After doing what I am giving you the benefit is that you can open your demat account from the below link. And after that when you put the video when your demat account will open then only you can refer end the answer will go to your refer and earn section it is very easy I am showing you. I will show you again. people want to do it automatically so I am showing you again when you go to upstox after that you will go to refer and earn by going here and making your link like from here you can copy your link and you can send it to anyone Apart from this if you want to WhatsApp someone s.m.s.

If you want to do this, you will get the link, if you put this link below the video, then what will happen to it? See I don't want that I become very greedy that should earn all the money I want you to earn money. To see what is it now because I have given creative commons, you open your account, you put your link when you put such a video on Facebook on youtube people can earn money with zero investment, that video is comparatively more than other videos It goes on, people like to watch it more, apart from this, if you want to know how to get more views on videos, I will give the link, on the I button.

You see how you can get more views on Facebook's videos, if you start getting a few views here, you put a video on your Facebook profile, you have 300 friends there and out of those three you assume 50 people register, you have got ₹ 25000, I will tell you this in fact because it is a good way to earn, what is it that Affiliate Marketing is done by many people or people promote a lot but whenever we promote something We also do affiliate marketing, what happens in doing affiliate marketing, if you do affiliate marketing, then the affiliate does not register for everyone, as easily as the account of the upstox is being created. The second thing is to pay money to the person in front, you have to buy a product and even then money comes into your account, otherwise, no money comes into your account until the person in front gives the money, here you recommend that you open your account. They will not be charged ₹ 1 and because ₹ 1 will not be charged, they will open their account because the company has to increase its valuation, the company needs more clients, is investing money in marketing, the company will give you that money, then in action what we are talking about You can earn money with zero investment.

It is proven now. Now understand the matter further, you have used the video and earned money with it because in the last video some people had also asked that we do not have a number network, how do we promote people, understand my point when we start any work. We make a list of our own, you go to your phone, you have contact, suppose you have two hundred contacts, make a list of which of these people are those who have little interest in the stock market or they have to make the investment they want to multiply their money.

And if you give them the awareness that you open your free account, you are not going to spend a single rupee and if you open your free account, you have put 1234 names in this list, contact these people one by one because you will get ₹ 500 are being met by every person, so if you talked to 10 people in this way in a day, then you earned ₹ 5000 and when people comment, don't tell any such way, now the very difficult situation is going on in the house, money is needed.

If you want 5-10 ₹ 20000 immediately, then here I am telling you this right now, I am telling myself if I will put a message video, I will not tell you the way, and you will keep getting me money, but it is okay if Pushkar can earn money. Because in the last video you said that it is very easy for you, then I am also telling you that it is very easy for you too. But the thing is I have grown my audience, but the audience you have, then promote at least one good thing and if you are getting money to promote, then earn this money, now the second thing when you make your list, you those people Tell me, look, you can speak to your friends, relatives, I will show you this myself when I got money in the morning, my sister was asking me that brother, how is the money coming, in the video that you put earlier. I Sent her a screenshot in the morning and I told her to open the accounts of as many people as she wants because here I am telling my sister that money, rewards is coming here by opening the account, if you tell 10-15 people in your circle, my sister speaks in her circle and she gets 15 to ₹ 20000, then it is not that much less, nothing happens, if you are getting money to promote then earn.

The company has such huge funding, now you will think why the upstox is giving so much money, the company has huge funding. Ratan Tata has funded the company, the company has to increase its users and the company has to increase its users, that is why it is giving promotions but it is not forever, this also i got to know from the company, it is going on now, they have been offered ₹ Giving 500 when they will have as many users as it wants they may reduce it even they may stop giving it, it is not forever. I am saying that it is not a full-time business that you may continue to do for it lifetime. But when it comes to earning money online sitting at home in lockdown, even if you do not have money, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you, then open your account and generate your link, you can do this much and if you will do it So what will happen to you, will you start getting money, make a list of yourself and start contacting people, put your link, start contacting people, when money starts coming, definitely do one thing, look, I will Not saying put my link, put your link, money will come to you, then you tag me by putting your story on Instagram At the rate Pushkar Raj Thakur, you tag me on Instagram, so when you tag me, you will keep watching me How many people are earning money, I am also very happy, now I have told you only about upstox.

In the upcoming video, I am going to Talk about the multiple ways I am already told you that this is not my mainstream income. I feel good that money is coming this month, maybe you will get 30, 40 or ₹ 5000000 from upstox, but again there is no mainstream income, if I get money from many other places, then step by step I will tell you Whatever work you can do, whatever work is in your reach, from which you can get the money I will share. So how will you know if you are watching a video on youtube subscribe click on the notification bell you are watching on Whatsapp and search Pushkar raj thakur you will get my channel to subscribe you are watching on Facebook follow because in an upcoming video You are about to learn a lot, there is still a lot to learn on financial education and earn money because when I am telling you that I will teach you to share market investing, then you need money to buy shares and that money if you do not have it now So earn by doing this refer and on what a useless way this morning when I told my editor that we are going to make this video he said sir where is this link on the video I am opening my own account.

Just imagine It is not bad if you are doing The marketing of a good company very good. Because you also get a reward from him and there is a win-win situation for the company as well then the company gets users here and you get rewards and money here for both of you when there is a win-win situation. Then let's do it. So the link is given in the description and comment box of this video, you will click on that link, it will not cost you any money, open your account when your account will be opened, go to the refer and earn section, create your link, you can share the video Put it anywhere, copyright will not come, finally share this video, watch it with those people who do not know yet that money can come by sitting at home, maybe you have to understand so much, understand someone else more, that more Can earn money because there is no upper limit, I told you if you want to earn 1000000 if you want to earn one crore if you want to earn 10 crores because here you can do as much as you want, as many users will come to the company.

Benefit and the more money you get, then definitely do it for your benefit of you. I will see you in the next video. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment below and give your love to this video by liking it. Till that time go self-made.

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