good morning my beautiful lovely delightful internet friends it is 8 am on a Monday Monday it's Monday morning I thought I would take you guys along with me for 24 hours in the life of an apt with a prosthetic leg using wheelchair going to Jujitsu practice and just sort of a vlog of what average daily life looks like today please ignore the crown string in the background so I'm excited to kind of share my day and what that looks like with you guys let's hop back about an hour and a half to when I woke up this morning so since I do not sleep with a prosthetic leg on the first order of businesses in the day is to always get that on I say hi to puppies make the bed and then get over to the bathroom to get my liner and then my prosthetic legs situated now one thing about being an amputee is that your leg changes sizes and overnight your leg might not fit quite right so this is me kind of struggling to get my leg in because a little more swollen than it was the night before when I took it off but once I pop that on I've got it we're good to go let's go take care of those puppies what do dogs have so much energy every single morning what do you do do you sleep well the attending balls is that good tennis ball so once I've got the puppies fed and let out I usually grab breakfast right away I made some cereal and made some cereal I poured it into a bowl drinking coffee and journaling I find that if I can Journal at least a few days a week it's really good for my brain I also like being able to go back and review the footage also don't mind all the nose prints on the window that you just saw thanks to these guys but then after that I usually jump right into work I just kind of switch sides the table and switch into work mode this morning I was working on a video that I was running late on so I was kind of hurrying to make a deadline so usually when I'm sitting down to work in the morning I'll use my wheelchair for the next few hours so I can take my leg off and be comfortable but I've been having an issue with a raccoon in my backyard and I leave the door you know cracks the dogs and come in out and enjoy the morning but I'm really worried about the raccoon still being there even though it seems like he's gone because he's gone after my dog my dogs have gone after him and I can't get to them very quickly if I have to put my leg on and so I'm just too anxious to take it off so I'll bring them in shortly but for now I'm gonna work with my leg on she may be wondering to yourself don't you shower in the morning the answer is generally yes I rinsed off last night because I actually have Jiu Jitsu practice here in a couple hours and doesn't really make sense to like shower and get totally ready for the day before going and getting super sweaty again to then take another shower and so I'm just we're rocking this look for now shower later I was just checking emails and I still haven't heard back from my rental company I reached out to them two weeks ago because I think I may realistically have to move um just for accessibility means with my leg because I cannot use my wheelchair effectively throughout the day and my leg is in a lot of pain and so I was inquiring about transferring my lace to a different property or like seeing what we could work out and I've called them three times I've sent a number of different emails and nothing so it looks like I'll be calling them again today and emailing them again today all right I got the video edited in time for the deadline so that is going out and I think in the meantime we should get the puppies some pup cups some puppetinos what do you puppies think before we grab those Pub cups a quick word from our sponsor a huge thank you to Ritual for sponsoring today's video ritual is the obsessively researched vitamin that is reimagining Health from the ground up it takes the guesswork out of vitamins with transparency I've always felt like choosing a multivitamin can kind of be overwhelming 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and age sometimes from the way the nutrients are sourced to the environmental impact of material used to ship their orders they offer a bunch of different options like a men's multivitamin a 50 plus vitamin kids teens you name it right now ritual is offering you actually 20 off your first month I've been filling in the gaps in my diet with Essentials for women so whatever multivitamin is going to work for you take that small step that supports a healthy Foundation For Your Body by using ritual again that's 20 off one month's worth of vitamins or protein by going to footless joe20 and using footless joe20 at checkout click the link in the description to check out ritual and up your multivitamin game today with that being said let's get back into the video you think you deserve some papachinos yeah love car rides you can't can't drive buddy you don't have your license back up my car is so dirty from these little monsters I think we need some Lewis Capaldi for this car ride up guys this is a good part [Music] can I just get a uh America someone is feeling very on guard today you're usually so good in drive-throughs once we've acquired the pup cups we go find a parking spot so we can safely give the puppies their treats Leo's so messy with his he just rules everywhere happy puppies all righty home time to keep working okay so now that we're actually home the dogs have had their play time I'm gonna go ahead and get comfortable use my wheelchair and take my leg off because this thing is not feeling super great today like 10 30 and I'm gonna make a pizza bear with me on this one uh to eat a lot before I go to practice I try to really make sure that I'm consuming a lot of food on practice days because sometimes like using a prosthetic leg and using a chair now it's hard to get enough energy consumed throughout the day to make sure I'm feeling my body but especially with Jiu Jitsu it is a very high intensity Sport and so I like to make sure that I am well fed am i counting having an organic Pizza as well fed yes yes I am [Music] perfectly done look at that guys just just look at it get dressed for practice okay I'm not sponsored by liquid IV but I just want to give him a shout out I've been using them whenever I go roll or train they are awesome uh for staying just super hydrated and kind of keeping the energy up so if you've never tried them I would recommend it okay it is Jiu Jitsu practice time so I haven't talked a whole lot about my journey with Jitsu on this channel because it's always thing I kept personal I trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a number of years before losing my leg and after I lost my leg I tried to get back into it a couple times but life and then surgery's got in the way and so I didn't continue with it but about two months ago I realized are you licking my back why are you licking my back but I really needed something to keep my brain going kind of had stopped doing most things in my life was very depressed and so as as an exercise in mental health care more than anything I made the commitment to go back to jiu jitsu at least three times a week There's community and connection there actually getting out of the house and seeing people working towards a new skill moving my body which is really good for my mental health my brain it is the one thing that I've not compromised on I've told myself I'm gonna do regardless of how I feel today I don't want to go I don't feel like seeing people like talking I don't feel like moving my body I don't feel like it but this is one of those things that has been really overall very beneficial and I've never once regretted going even when I really didn't want to so we're gonna do this today okay so we made it to Jujitsu practice time to go learn some headlocks wrist locks and my very favorite jokes but what I really like about it is that I don't need to use is my prosthetic leg in fact I can't because it doesn't have range of motion also you can't really be rolling around hitting people in the head with a titanium ankle so I just completely take it off it's way more comfortable I feel super free and so far it has an aggravated the issues that my residual limb is having too much so fingers crossed that continues [Music] all right here's the the post Jiu Jitsu hair it does a good job of really flushing my skin and giving me one heck of a hairdo all right I got like 20 minutes to get home and shower so let's do that really my intention to shower because I have a video meeting but I ran out of time so we just did the pull the hair back and hope that no one notices smell like a lot of different people a lot of sweat right now but they can't they can't smell me so I feel like this should be fine I did it guys I showered thankfully the meeting went absolutely amazing they did not mind that I smell terrible over video and now it is time to head to a game night with one of my dearest friends and then we'll get back home and get this leg off for the night it is 10 30 and definitely time for some sleep what do you think Leo these bedtime it actually doesn't matter where he thinks it is bedtime so let me get this leg off get comfy get cozy get some sleep this lighting is a little ominous goodness do you have enough pillows do you have enough blankets yeah so this goes out to all my female identifying friends out there you know that feeling at the end of a long day when you finally get to take your bra off sweet cheese is the relief this right here so much better so my end of day leg care routine has gotten very simple I usually just take my leg off lean up against the side of the door to kind of keep it away from dogs because if they rub against it this material attracts dog hair like it has no other job and I do a quick rinse off of this with this liner wands illusion not sponsored I will put their Link in the bio down below it's really great it helps with Odor Control because I mean let's be real my leg is encased in something that's basically rubber it doesn't breathe for many hours during the day meaning that a few hours in this isn't smelling so great and more importantly I can build a bacteria lead to infections things like that it's not taken care of properly so I do a quick wash hanging up to dry leg and then pass out also there's no need to comment on the fact that my shower curtain is down it didn't want to live okay I followed it for quite some time it had no desire to stay up in the world anymore after like the 47th time it crashed to the ground and scared me I decided to give up could I solve this problem by buying a different shower curtain rod Maybe [Music] so I've been trying to have a lot less like I talked about and so sometimes I'll just do the uh the knee walk across the floor is it classy and glamorous yeah absolutely it is the other reason I do it obviously but now it is time for sleep and some puffy kisses thank you so much for joining me on my day today I truly appreciate it I'm exhausted in the good way oh goodness there's too many dogs thank you again to our amazing sponsor for sponsoring tonight's video lots of cases so many cases and tennis balls a huge thank you to all of my sponsors over on patreon for sponsoring this channel enabling me to do what I do to you watching this video right now thank you for spending a few minutes out of your day here with me today joining me for my day now a pretty normal day the kind of day that I'm a big fan of we love you guys we're thinking of you and we'll see you in the next video [Music] thank you [Music]

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