be people that you could connect 
with they're in the group they're in Hey my friend! Jean-Serge Gagnon here 
and today we're going to talk about   what's the best way to find the active users 
in Facebook groups and why do you need to find   active user we're going to talk about you 
know there's lots of ways to find the users   in groups but what about the ones that are 
actually doing something that are actually   active anyways we're going to talk about 
that in just a second but first this   So the real question is this: What 
are the strategies, techniques and   tools that you need to learn to generate 
residual income from the e-learning boom   that's happening right now? My name is Jean-Serge 
Gagnon and welcome to Course Income Secrets…

Right so active users finding the users that 
are actually active in google you might think   it's pretty simple to do and but there's 
lots of little variables and lots of things   and one thing you might want to wonder is why do 
you care that they're active or not we're going   to talk about that as well so before we get into 
that door I want to remind you if you're listening   to the audio of this you're going to want to 
go check out the video at because I will be sharing my screen and 
showing you uh what I'm talking about kind   of sharing Facebook and see the process here 
so let's get right to it and let's go to the   to my screen so sean you're on Facebook you're 
scrolling through Facebook and one of the things   that you've learned as an online marketer is that 
you need to grow your audience you need to grow   your audience you need to get you know more people 
that like you you need to get more people to   follow you you need to be able to get to comment 
on your posts you need to find you know you get   you got to have people uh doing posting commenting 
on your stuff right I mean I that's kind of what I   every day like there's what I guess there was over 
20 notifications here just from yesterday so you   need to do that too because the only way to sell 
something online is to have people to sell it too   right and building an audience online 
isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do   I mean I've been doing it since what 2015 and I've 
not yet become a millionaire unfortunately I'm not   a millionaire but it's coming but the point is 
that as an online marketer you need to have an   audience right so who is your audience it's the 
people that are interested in whatever you have   to sell if you're trying to sell a course trying 
to sell an affiliate program you're trying to sell   a product you're trying to get people into your 
opportunity all those things they're all they all   require an audience so how do you get an audience 
that's actually going to be interested in your   stuff I mean you could we could talk about uh an 
email list we could talk about a Facebook fan page   we could talk about an Instagram account TikTok 
and all those different things but today we're   just gonna talk about Facebook and Facebook groups 
now the thing with Facebook groups is that it's   the I guess it's the medium or the place that 
Facebook wants people to be right so that's why   there's a Facebook group icon right here otherwise 
there's a group little link right there and that's   why in your shortcuts you'll see your groups right 
so if I if I scroll down here and I see the post   ilc post from people right like for jennifer pedro 
here she's one of my friends that I've been I'm   engaging on her post so I see her post in the note 
in the feed but we're not even talking about the   feed we're not even talking about seeing things in 
the feed right we're talking about seeing things   in the in groups right why groups because what's 
in your feed is what you have already engaged with   what's in your feed is the posts of people that 
are already connected with you in some way whether   it's because they're your friends or whether 
it's because you've engaged on some of their   posts or maybe you've had conversations with 
them but they're kind of already in your world   you want new people right you want to find 
new people so how do you find so first let's   say we go to a group like say clickfunnels 
avengers right here which is an affiliate group   um well actually before I do that let's talk about 
the groups that you want to go in first you have   to decide the kinds of groups you need to go in 
and how do you decide that it's basically you   think of where would your ideal customer b 
if if you're trying to sell a weight loss   product well they're probably going to be in a 
weight loss group if you're trying to sell keto   vitamins or not vitamins but I guess keto plans 
or keto uh snacks or things like that they're   probably going to be in the keto group if 
you're trying to sell a course on how to   be I don't know uh how to build a jenkins 
server well you're probably gonna find them   in the jenkins group like all these things 
it's pretty straightforward you just go and   search Facebook right here you say uh keto 
diet right diet let's say keto diet snacks   snack right I'll just say keto diet snacks 
then I go into here and I say groups right   it'll give me a list of groups now you see I'm 
already in some of these groups but any groups I'm   not in are showing up as you know with the little 
so there's difference with the little blue thing   means I'm in the group already these ones mean 
I'm not in the group and if it's a public group   normally you can just join the group but if it's 
not a public group or like a private group then   you have to request to join right but the point is 
that you find the groups that your target market   is in I'm just gonna I could go into one of 
these uh groups but I'm just gonna go to go   back home here I'm just gonna go to this 
affiliate group because there's a lot of   it's a big group and there's a lot of stuff so 
it'll be easy to show you what what I mean by   finding active users in the group so first we 
go to the group so let's just go to the group   the reason why you're going to go to the group 
is because you're looking for new people that   you're not already connected to so there's lots 
of different ways that you can find people in   the groups right and we're talking about finding 
the active users now if you just go say to the   members right you just click on the link here 
that shows you who the members are it'll just   show you the members of the group right so it'll 
show you things like the admins then it'll show   you the group experts then it'll show you the all 
the and it shows you your the friends people that   are your friends that are in the group it'll 
show you people that have things in common like   this guy here has you know mutual friends that a 
certain number of mutual friends and then members   near me like people near me and physically I guess 
in charlottetown that kind of stuff right because   I'm in charlottetown and what else and then new to 
the group it'll show you new people in the group   right when you joined two hours ago 22 hours ago 
so it shows you the new people now now you could   you know you could click on these people's 
profiles and go go look at them because you   know if I click on any of these like say I click 
on shari here it shows me right here that she has   no posts right so she hasn't posted anything in 
the group right if I go back to the list here   stan peters right if you look at this he hasn't 
posted anything either right so I can kind of find   whether they're actually posted anything in here 
right I can do that I could go through each user   and you know have a file someplace that I just 
kind of look at see if they've posted anything and you know that's one way you can do 
it right so no post nobody has any posts   right so I mean this is obviously not the way 
to do it right because you're just going to   waste a whole lot of time going through every 
single one of these to see if they're active or   not but even if they're active in the group that 
doesn't mean they're active but let's let's kind   of talk about what I'm talking about so back to 
the discussion you see these tabs here discussion   if you go back to this this basically the 
post in the group right if I scroll down here   I see posts in the group right so this is this 
is you know the activity in the group right so   Facebook will show you the activity it'll show you 
and what shows up here says most relevant right   you can change to most new posts newest 
activity right so originally I think it was the   newest activity it used to be like based on if 
somebody comments on a post that's been that's   been posted a week ago it shows up the top of the 
news feed the group feed new posts is written this   is relatively new they didn't have that well 
anyways I don't I don't remember using it but   so this is just the kind of feed the type of 
feed to look at if I just click on new posts here   uh I guess it's I don't know was it the same one 
so see how this is four hours ago this one here   was yesterday this one here was September 
4th this is September 4th September 4th   September 1st right okay so that's that's 
kind of interesting because I guess it's   maybe it's based on new post let's see newest 
activity still him here is there four hours ago yesterday at 10 August 9th so August 9th even though this is 
a post that's almost a month old it shows up   at the top of the list because this person well 
there must be some reason why it's showing up   I thought these comments or maybe these 
replies are recent three weeks ago no so I don't even know how Facebook decides to show 
this post instead of that post right but anyways   the point is you can change the what uh what what 
the feed looks like the and we're talking about   getting the active oh let's let's yeah let's talk 
about getting the active refining the active users and um yeah sorry yeah okay so we're in the group 
we're in the group we want to know who's active   well it's kind of obvious right this you this 
person here vroometta is definitely somebody   who's active in the group he just posted but is 
he really active so you click on his name here   and you can see that he posted here four hours ago 
he posted July 11th he posted July 7th so he did   he posted three posts in the group and he had 
three comments right okay so that's great now   you can kind of see that he's actually 
active in the group now is he active on   Facebook right so go here view main profile 
and now you look at his actual main profile   and you can see whether he's active September 3rd 
September 1st sept August 31st so that's pretty   good you know within a week or so he's posted 
a few posts so he's actually active in Facebook   and in the group so this person here this room 
meta would definitely be somebody you'd consider   active so this is one of the ways to find an act 
well this is not the one of the ways that's really   the only way to tell when somebody's active 
or not you've got to go find them in the group   gotta go check their profile in the group 
to see how how active they are in the group   and then you go to their personal profile 
to find out whether they're active there so   now we know that he's active so maybe we 
follow him maybe we comment on his posts   right to kind of let him know that we're there uh 
the thing that you'll notice is that some people   they won't have public posts so this this he's 
got a public post uh sometimes you're gonna go   to a profile you know you're not going to see 
anything except for their profile picture changes   and that's because they're posting to friends 
instead of public they're posting to friends   which means you won't be able to see their stuff 
until you become a friend with them which you know   can be okay but it also means that you can't see 
whether they're active or not because you can't   see their posts but the other thing you can 
do too is you can look at their about section   and you can check out where they live and maybe 
there's a contact info here maybe they have   links to other uh website maybe they have um you 
know an Instagram link or a Twitter link or things   like that and you can kind of see whether you 
can connect with them or not in other ways right   and yeah and I i heard of another 
tool too I don't know what what   what tool it is yet but but I've 
heard of the tool that lets you   correlate a person with all the stuff 
that's online it's totally crazy um   seamless dot ai I think it's called so that 
tool lets you find you know whether this vroom   meta anywhere else right it's not um it's not 
an exact science because uh because there's a because it's you know it's an ai tool 
so it does some some some kind of logic   but anyways that's the point okay so now we find 
this person we found him he's active so now we   have this guy we can maybe take his his link maybe 
paste it in a document whichever way you want to   manage this right so now you have this person so 
and now let's go back let's go back to the group   oh actually I clicked a whole bunch of 
stuff let me simply okay there we go we got this one here's the other thing that 
you can do to find active users in the group   when you look at a post like this you can also 
look at the comments who commented on the post   right now there's uh it says top comments 
is there a way to see all yeah all comments   so right now there's one two three there's   well yeah three because that's him so there's 
three other people that posted or commented on   this post so I can go to this person's post let's 
open a new link let's open them all in a new link open a new tab okay so we're 
going to go to these other   people's profiles again it's the same 
process right you look at their profile   see they have no post they this guy brent barry 
he didn't post anything in the group but if we   give it time we see that he commented on stuff 
he liked this and he comments so he he engaged on   one post right he didn't post he engaged on one 
post I can still go to his profile main profile and let's wait for it to load up here and I can look at his profile and we can see right 
here that he's got lots of things he's uh he's an   exp realty realtor he's an auctioneer at perry 
brent berry fundraising so I guess that's his   own thing and we can see that he posts public 
posts I guess he shares things these are shares   owns by brenda I guess this is a whole 
he's selling he's a realtor right   so he's posting post a picture fishing here August 
33 so he's he's pretty active he's got a picture   of his kid here or maybe his grandkid I don't 
know but he's posting as well right he's posting   so this guy might you might consider him active uh 
even though he just commented on one thing in the   in the uh group but that's how you find 
somebody who's active by doing that again   you can go at the about here and he's a 
realtor so he might he might just have   uh other things but I guess he doesn't 
have contact in for here but he's got that okay but that's another one let's go 
to the next the next one again is the   same thing we have my hair here let's 
close this one just keep opening me um so this one here is he posted 
he posted this he posted this   August 2020 so he's been in the group for a while 
August 14th so he posted one something in the 2020   three things in 2020 around the same time last 
year and he commented a few things here uh   he commented uh awesome and awesome and the 
funnel style we have a huge closing oh this   is just a like that's great okay so he did so he's 
a little active so he did post things right so now   if I go back to his profile let's take a look at 
this profile I just want to show you a couple of   different examples this one here this guy oh this 
is a good is it yeah this is a good example okay   so this guy here is active in the in the group 
but when I look at his profile all I see is   his friends that posted for his birthday here 
uh this August 9th and then this is August 9th   2021 so the year before and then in in February he 
posted one thing so he's not very active or he's   posting just to his friends right so depending on 
what you're trying to accomplish you could always   message him I actually been doing I did that in 
the past where I would message somebody say hey   I noticed that you your post I'm not seeing any 
posts here are you just posting to your friends   you know if you're building a business online 
you might want to consider posting to public and   I just say something like that right that's up to 
you you don't have to do that obviously it depends   on the kind of business you're trying to build but 
if I look at this he's got a link right here this   is a link to some sort of offer that he probably 
has we can kind of lick click it and see what that   is let's just give it a second oh it's a funnel 
challenge so it's basically the of it probably   the one funnel away challenge so it's basically an 
affiliate link to the one funnel away challenge so   I'm not going to worry about that but but yeah so 
you can see that he's not very active right so he   might you might think this person is not somebody 
to connect with I don't know it's really up to   you but he does say that he helps to increase 
sales and revenue in your business he's he's got   so maybe his profile he's got a link right here 
sam's phone for so is that his page sale blog for beginners seriously so he's got a blog here contact us he's even got a phone number yeah I guess that is him right yeah that's him so 
he's got a he's got a page he's even got a phone   number and he's got a skype id right here that 
you can find by just going through this process of   clicking on things and finding stuff right so that 
would allow you to connect with this person if you   wanted to right so that's another one let's 
look at the next one this one here we had no   posts but two comments two reaction commented and 
reacted right so now if I go to her main profile you can see that it says help responding affiliate 
marketers start their online journey with proven   organic framework she's got a Facebook group 
and which is might be the same thing here   yep that would probably be the same thing and 
um she's got another link here book book a call   what else and we're just seeing waiting to see 
if there's going to be anything that loads up in   our pay in their posts well it looks like this 
person sent me a friend request that's because   I've been using this strategy for a while and what 
I do is I will actually engage on the person's   personal posts on their page let's just 
reload this maybe to see what's going on so the idea like I said is to find new people 
that you don't know already the people that are   in your news feed they're not new people they're 
people you've been engaged with for a while   now you might be just starting online 
you might be just starting your Facebook   uh building a business using Facebook and maybe 
this is brand new so anything that you see on your   feed is good to go because you're new right but 
most people uh that I talk to are not new they've   been using Facebook for a while for years for most 
of them I mean me I've been using Facebook since   what two thousand I think it was 2009 when 
I started it's not I'm not you know one of   the first users of Facebook but still it's been a 
while right and I don't know why it's not loading   but anyways whatever I guess it's just another 
example but let's close this go back to here   but that's how you find the active users you you 
just look at who's commenting so here's another   post there's another person right here and there's 
30 comments here right there there's actually 30   comments so this one you can actually go and look 
at all these different people that are here that   all these people could potentially be people 
that you could connect with they're in the group   they're in the group of your target market like 
me this I'm showing you affiliates right now right   but they're in the group if it's in keto or weight 
loss or whatever it is you're doing they're in   that group and they're interested in what people 
who are interested in the group right so I mean if   it's an affiliate if you have an affiliate program 
and you go to an affiliate group then chances   are they might be open to hearing about your 
affiliate program right but if you're if you're   trying to sell an affiliate program to people 
who are interested in knitting instead of you   know maybe knitting products you're not going to 
find too many people in there that are interested   in affiliate programs right so you got to 
go to the group that makes sense for your   product your target market right and 
it's like it's pretty cool to see   how easy it is to find the right people 
in groups right but it's still not   it's it's not obvious until you go through it 
a few times right so that's why I'm kind of   showing you right now that you can find people 
in groups that are active by looking at who's   there now you can like I said you can go look at 
the group members list right and Facebook doesn't   actually let you see if I go to the members list 
right again if we go back to the members list   I mean you can I mean obviously you don't want 
to do that I had friend head for an ad friend   that friend right that's not a smart thing to 
do because you Facebook will block you if any   of them report you or complain or whatever right 
you'll get blocked plus you can't do it more than   a certain number per day and there's no point 
in adding friends to people that aren't really   interested in what you got I mean Facebook is a 
social network to start with so sure you can build   friendships and all that but if you're trying to 
build a business with Facebook then it's not about   becoming friends with them it's about having 
content that they're interested in and being   able to see your content you show you reacting 
on their content and all those things right so   I okay so I just kind of laid out the process here 
so when you're in the group you first let's do a   little note notepad here where am I right here 
notes nope new new text document call it notes and paste the group in there okay 
paste the name I should say   okay so how what's the best way to find active 
users in Facebook groups right so number one   uh find group that your ideal customer is in 
right is in number two go jo go join that group   join that group great obviously you can join a ton 
of groups you don't have to join just one you can   have a bunch of groups and number three you go to 
that group to that group that group and look at posts and comments number four click the profile 
name of who posted and who commented right so   you go to the groups you click on those and 
then number five check their group activity and their and then and then well let's just do 
that like this number six go to their personal   personal profile to check their activity 
there so by doing these things right by going   finding a group of your ideal customer right your 
avatar your your target market finding a group   that they're in you'll go join that group then 
you go go to that group every day basically you do   this every day and actually that's the thing go to 
that group every day every day and look at posts   and comments so every single day so now let's 
just say now every day let's do this every day let's meet this one two three four okay so every day so now you want to do this right 
so you want to go to the group go to to group   to the groups go to the 
groups because you're going to   find groups right you're going to find 
more than one group go join those groups you're not going to have just one group right 
probably you're going to find a dozen of them or   at least or at least right and join those groups 
right so you're going to go to those groups every   day and look at posts and comments you're going 
to click the profile name of who posted and who   commented in the recent posts and they're going 
to check their group activity to see if they are   active well here's the thing if they posted and 
they commented well they're active in the group   at least right but then you're going to go to 
their personal profile to check if they're active   on Facebook if they're actually active on 
Facebook or if they're just in that group   engaging that group right so that's kind of what 
you got to do all the time every single day right   and that's that's like a lot of work isn't there 
there is a better way there is a better way   so if you want to know what the better way is 
stick around I have I'm just going to show you   a tool that I use that I created that lets us 
do this so how does this work so you've got   you can have a tool that will give you um it's 
it's an ac it's a it's called active group   users it's actually a chrome extension you just 
install it and then it'll actually give you this   information like this it'll give you the list 
of people that are actually active so basically   it'll just do this for you right it does all 
this for you it goes to the groups every day   and it looks at the post and comments it it goes 
and finds the people who posted and commented   and it goes to their personal profile to check 
their activity there and gives you a list of   the people that are actually active in the groups 
right so this is just the first you know there's   a bunch of different like whatever all this is 
but the thing is that once you have that in your   uh once you have that data you can just go and 
click on their names and you can go straight to   their profile just by clicking click click 
click you don't have to you don't have to   click on the post and then click on the comment 
and then click on the and the thing is that um   like this person here he has no 
posts it says no post right so me   what I do is I go back here and I just put 
a note here I said no posts so the tool um   does tell you that there's a he's got a comment 
on his on his post but there's no there's no   posts in the profile so you could I could have 
just ignored everybody that has a 0 there but   I you know like if I go to this one here whoops 
let's go to this one and if I go to her profile now I can see that she's got some posts right so 
I can go ahead and engage on some of these posts   I can say uh what does she say let the root 
cause of fears and doubts offer subconscious   and this private group sounds like a great group to join so I'm just 
going to say that or actually I should oh yeah   let's do that it doesn't really matter the point 
is that you're engaging on their personal post   you're engaging on their profile you know you're 
not engaging on some some post in the group they   post it on their profile because they want people 
to engage on their stuff so they're gonna really   appreciate that right I get messages all the time 
from people saying thank you so much for engaging   and things like that so that's kind of what 
I do here so she's saying here offering three   service providers a free one to one 20 minutes of 
subconscious revival session to go live like a pro I'm gonna say that's awesome that's awesome lives for years white white I don't know this is the thing right I'm just 
gonna I'm not gonna see that while I'm recording   I'm kind of like I don't want to spend too much 
time with a but normally I would spend time to   think through the comment a little bit more um 
you know it's uh I want time and budget freedom   right and of course I got a typo there but anyways 
okay so and uh let's see so that now I've got   I've commented on three posts and I reacted on 
three posts so then what I do is I just close this   and I just go here and I say a comment on 
three post and I reacted on three posts   so I just save that so now here's the thing 
with this tool you you basically the tool does   all this for you right all this here all this 
well you still have to do this you still have   to go find the groups you got to join the groups 
but you don't have to do any of this you just   do you just use that information afterwards right 
so in the tool you can see that there's um if I   load this up here you can see there's groups here 
right all these groups that I i put in here inside   the tool these these are the groups I want my 
tool to go find people that are active right so I   tell the tool to go do that right there's a bunch 
of options other things that's really just a bit   if you want to find active people in Facebook you 
either have to you know do this do all this or you   use a tool that lets you do it as the tool by the 
way is you can go find it at or I'll paste it right here I have it right here   right there you can go to active right   so that's where you're going to find the 
tool it's a there's a free 14-day trial   it's a free 14-day trial right so just try it out 
see how you like it see uh and and see if you have   any questions you can always reach out but this 
is the best way to find active users in Facebook   that's definitely for sure all right hopefully 
you found some value from this and you learned   how to find users yourself and 
you know there's a tool for it   but you can do it yourself that's all good 
for me and we'll see you in the next video This has been Course Income Secrets, the 
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