that kind of yeah look at that makes it a 
ragdoll so this is little kitten playing around [Music] Hey my friend! Jean-Serge Gagnon here and 
today we're going to be talking about the   attraction the truth about attraction marketing 
attraction marketing truth part number one there's   actually five steps right five simple social I 
actually call them media organic steps organic   steps to getting the sale so step number one is 
setting up your profile the right way for your   ideal client your ideal Prospect we're going to 
talk about that in just a second but first this   So the real question is this: What are the 
strategies, techniques and tools that you   need to learn to generate residual income 
from the e-learning boom that's happening   right now? My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon 
and welcome to Course Income Secrets…   all right so you maybe you have not gotten 
this eBook if you have not gotten this eBook   yet where we talk about the attraction marketing 
truth the truth about attraction marketing that   other leaders aren't letting you in on you should 
go check it out at   and get your copy and today we're going to 
talk about step number one of five which is   setting up your profile the right way for 
your ideal Prospect so before we get into   that I want to remind you if you're listening 
to this audio oh actually if you're listening   to this audio you're going to want to go 
check out the video and the blog post at because I will be sharing my 
screen and I will be uh there will be a blog post   on the set so let's get right to it let's share 
my screen and show you what we're talking about   over here so like I said attraction marketing 
truth this is a very short little eBook that   talks about uh different things that you need 
to know about attraction marketing there's five   steps the first one is setting up your profile 
so your ideal Prospect knows who you are this is   what we're talking about here the the second one 
is posting every day the third one is the gate   anyways I'm not going to go into this go get 
this eBook right now but we're going to talk   about profile profits so one of the most important 
things that you need to do as an online marketer   if you're using attraction marketing you want to 
make sure that your profile follows the rules of   attraction marketing right the basics of it is 
basically like what we see right here in this   eBook which is again another eBook you can get 
for free where we talk about the top five things   that you need to do for your profile right what 
do you need to do for your profile and if you   want to get that you go to I 
might have a link right here yes go to ppc.jsg to go get this particular eBook as 
well so when we talk about that right let's talk   about what does it mean to have a profile that 
is attractive to your prospect the first thing   is you always have to remember your prospect is 
your prospect your ideal Prospect is not my ideal   Prospect or it could be but it's not necessarily 
right and you got to think about how is it that   you are trying to attract your prospect right and 
uh let's talk about you know Facebook a little bit   let's go to Facebook because obviously you can 
do this on any social platform but the secret   is when we talk about attracting somebody to 
us right what do we need to what do we mean by   attracting somebody to us right I mean if you have 
a business you're basically you got your front of   your store and I remember I used to actually work 
at Radio Shack back when I was in my early 20s   I was actually a manager of Radio Shack store 
and one of the things I learned there is that if   you're setting up your display in the store right 
I was in the mall so I was setting up the display   you know every single month there was different 
sales and things like that so you'd pile up your   particular product in a spot here another pile 
there another pile there you put the signs and   things like that and then then you would go back 
you would back up you would go into the mall and   walk towards the store like your customer is would 
do and you would kind of get a feel for how that   customer is going to see the store when they walk 
in and that gives you an idea as to whether you   set it up right and this is exactly the same 
thing this is attraction marketing you got to   look at your profile scroll through your profile 
and see whether you think your ideal customer is   gonna like now in my case it's a little special 
because this weekend I actually had a anniversary   so there's lots of pictures about me and my wife 
here doing a weekend anniversary but normally I   don't that's not all I'm about right I do post 
about family I do Post con uh questions to people   I let people know what I'm about a little bit but 
before you do that you got to figure out who your   target market is right you got to figure out 
what is it that you're trying to track like   if I look at other other leaders here right uh 
sorry about that ah sorry about okay so if you   talk about other let's look at the leaders right 
like Diane Hawkman right here diamond hochman is   an amazing online marketer she's been online doing 
attraction marketing for a long time so she's   got her cover page here that lets people know 
that she's a marketing communication specialist   and when you look at her at her intro right 
so I mean you can see that she talks about how   she says how you communicate will determine how 
much money you can make right this is basically   her tagline and if you look at her post you can 
see that she's posting questions she's posting   uh inspiration she's posting pictures of herself 
ready to let people know who she is what she looks   like and that kind of stuff and what she likes 
uh things like that right so that's basically   what you need to be doing too at least as part 
of it let's look at somebody else Aaron Birch oh   no this is area Corey sorry Eric worry is the 
network marketing Pro a Creator from you know   network marketing Pro from years ago this just 
now was his birthday so it's not supposed about   his birthday but I mean if you scroll through you 
can see that he posts things about his his work he   also gets tagged by his uh their leaders you see 
posts here sometimes like that he'll post things   about himself as well just like that's what you 
leaders do so but the thing is that whatever he   posts whatever Eric worry posts about has to 
do with what network marketers are interested   in right he posts about that kind of stuff so 
same thing with Aaron Birch Aaron Birch is an   online marketer she's amazing and right now she's 
promoting a tool so she's got the main page here   which is the tool she's promoting and she talks 
about her intro she's got want to build an online   business and life freedom and joy right but if you 
look through her feed you can see that she's got   posts you know that she's posting her pictures of 
herself she's posting things that she likes to do   she's talking about herself she's letting people 
know about herself now one of the things that I   was uh often have conversation with people that 
are like well why are you posting so much about   you know things that are kind of unrelated to 
your business around are irrelevant or whatever I   I go to your page I don't really know what you're 
about then one of the things I did is I did change   my cover here to show this but still I post about 
all sorts of things my family my life uh different   tools I'm working on different you know posts I'm 
doing and people are like well what are you about   but the thing is that people will gravitate to 
you if you're talking about yourself more and   I'm not saying you've got to do that all the time 
I'm just saying you kind of have to let people   know a little bit inside your life otherwise 
they're going to think you're just a business   just trying to get them to buy something right 
so if we go back to let's go back there and she's   again she's posting about herself same thing with 
uh Jen Johnson she's an amazing content creator   and that's what she's got right there she's 
got content creator Studio on her cover page   she says content strategy consultant for coaching 
course and she's got a a link right there   and it's very directly related or connected to 
exactly what that is all about right what are you   about what why would people connect with you right 
why would they go to your page why would they   you know connect with you right that's kind 
of what you want to do you want to be posting   about now uh Tanya Liza same thing she's 
posting about her her life she's posting   about her products things like that but 
it's all kind of around the same thing   who is your who is your target market right 
she's uh she's a lifestyle entrepreneur and   she's she she actually builds a network marketing 
she also sells online social media courses so that   I know because I've been following her for a while 
and that's the secret right you follow people for   a while you get to know Mark Harbert is a video 
guy but most of the stuff you see on here is is   you know him but like you see right here he's 
got his his course right there he's got a post   that says that now he can do Pinterest TV lies 
right he's talking about his his video marketing   All-Star Jam that he's doing so and posting a 
picture of him and his wife so you know that's the   thing your target market anyways I just wanted to 
go through a few examples here's John Melton John   and Nadia Melton are amazing Network marketers who 
teach others how to use social media to do network   marketing right so you can see that they're 
posting all the time about being with others   about networking about growing a business all that 
stuff is on it so okay now if we go back to what   we were talking about how to actually set up your 
profile now I can I can kind of go through this   eBook I have right here right which you can get 
you can get this free eBook but basically that's   what you got to do you got to have a cover photo 
that speaks to your audience you got to have a   profile picture that's a view you got to have 
a bio and other things I'm like I said I'm not   going to go through this because the point is 
you should get this yourself anyways because   me explaining it versus you actually reading 
through it because it's actually quite well   explained in here in all these different things 
it kind of explains exactly what you need to be   doing that would be your first thing that you got 
to do that's super important for you to get your   profile set up so but even before you set up your 
profile you have to know who is your target market   who is it you know are they stay-at-home moms 
or are they educated married couples are they   you know uh students are they men are they women 
are they people with kids people without kids do   they live in the United States or do you live 
do they live in Europe or in other parts of   the world or do they have a certain level of 
education do they have a certain income level   what who is you're talking about and what are 
they interested in do they like gardening or   do they like dining out do they like traveling do 
they like just going out for hikes what is it that   they are interested in what do they have animals 
they have dogs they have cats you know dude have   they are maybe they have toddlers maybe they have 
babies right newborns who is your target market   because that will completely direct or change or 
control or you know Define how you speak to them   right so I mean I mean just think about it if 
you're trying to create content for people with   uh well single you know students that are just out 
of college and you start talking about uh you know   putting money aside for your your for your kids 
to go to college well they might not relate to   that they might just skip right over it and think 
wow that's not for me right that's exactly what's   going to happen and the same exact thing if you 
start talking about uh partying every single night   and uh buying all these crazy high uh High Couture 
clothes and things like that two people that have   15 year old kids that are trying to save to 
send them to college right they are gonna not   relate to that so it's important for you to make 
sure you know who your target market is and also   doing things like talking about generating 
income versus making friendships right if   you're if your target market is you know 
somebody wants to build a business online   but they don't necessarily they don't necessarily 
have a an interest in the money aspect of it they   really want to make friends they really want 
to build relationships well you're not going to   talk about making money because those people are 
gonna not be interested in what you have to say   if what they're looking for is making 
friends again vice versa if you talk about   making friends and all they although your 
audience is people who want to make money   you don't talk about making sense to them because 
they're gonna gloss over that in this year I don't   have time for this I just want to make money right 
not saying that you sh you you're actually you   know the truth of the matter is you can't really 
make money on social media if you're not actually   building relationships with the whole point 
of having your profile set up to succeed right   uh but but that's the thing right 
so let's go back to Facebook here   um but that's the thing if you are trying to build 
a business online you need to be using social   media you need to be building relationships you 
need to be doing those things so again depending   on the kind of uh content you create because 
the same thing you do it on Instagram you do on   LinkedIn you do it on Twitter put it on Facebook 
do it on Tick Tock whatever platform you're using   you need to you need to understand who you're 
talking about this so that you know how to create   content and it's the same as if I I was to use a 
say a I was to use clever AI to generate a blog   post let's say I go and I want to generate a blog 
post right so I go into the tool here I'll just   go to an ad hoc session I'll create a new one I'm 
just gonna say write me a social post of 50 words um talking about whoops actually write me well 
yeah let's do that uh talking about building a   business um social media with traction marketing 
make purple make the post funny and inspirational Target is women in their 40s okay let's do that 
whoops did I type that one okay so if I   just do that then I can create my own like say I 
want to create a post and I just want to use UI   I can actually take this here and uh paste it in 
as a Facebook post right and if I don't like this   one I just say regenerate just give me another 
one because it'll just basically redo the the same   query give me another example so I'm there let's 
do this one let's say this let's go to Facebook   let's see what that would look like and I'm going 
to paste that here see what that looks like follow   me and learn how to build a business on social 
media that will have you live in your dream life create put some white um there's a whole lot of laughter along the way 
that's kind of funny isn't it join me ladies in   your 40s to start your dream core success so I'm 
not gonna post that myself because that's not my   target market but as you can see it generated a 
pretty interesting post I should probably work   a little bit more on doing that but let's say I 
want to create one I can actually um do another   session I should probably try to do a post just 
to kind of give you an idea of you know who is   my target market right my target market is is 
affiliate marketers who are looking to build   uh assuming my target Market 
whoops is online marketers in the affiliate affiliate marketing field 
right whoops rate me an inspirational post   to to help them grow Their audience and sales so I   don't know I don't know I have to 
work more at this uh this AI stuff   but I'm just I just want to give you an example 
of writing a post and so that it kind of works   with what we're talking about then I also want to 
get an image too so I'll show you how that works   just to give you an idea here so here's a post 
oh I should have I forgot to say how many words   uh okay let's let's just take the whole thing 
see what this looks like paste that in here so   are you a marketing affiliate industry looking 
to spend your reach increase the key to success   so actually I've been thinking about posting 
content on on social just using the AI just   like having it give me like a quote every day or 
something like that uh but I will actually see   how much and let's get an image for this develop a 
strong prison so so this is all you know obviously   I could read it I'll write down but I'm just going 
to show you how I post so let's say I want uh to   go to images and then I'm gonna go and do a new 
session I'm going to say um uh attractive couple having a great time on each sunset and let's 
just make it a bigger image and let's just do one   oh and then that that'll give 
me an image that I can you know   post it actually is either an 
image that's actually generated   and I can actually do another one I can just 
do regenerate and it'll give me a new image based on that description I I said right and maybe I should have a different 
kind of uh of an image but let's say   I take this I say save images and 
just paste it in my downloads here and let's go over to my Facebook post I'm going 
to put this in here oops and then go into my   downloads where I just put it and let's just do 
this here we go so now I have a post and that is   somebody's gonna say who's this right and I'm 
actually I'm going to go in here and I say PS how do you like this post generated 
all right this post and image I I should probably say 
something like this PS this post   this post an image was generated 
by AI was generated by AI I'll just do that like this right I don't know I'm 
just gonna post it to see I'm curious to see if   I'll get people complaining or actually saying 
this is great but I'm just gonna post it just   because I'm kind of doing that right now through 
and we're going to think like who is that who is   that right it's like why are you posting pictures 
of other people right anyways it's just an example   I could probably go back into here and just 
create uh let's say um cute little kitten playing   with string and I'm just gonna go like this I'm 
gonna give it let's see well I don't need it that   big let's do that I'll do five so now you're gonna 
see images of a kitten I could have posted that   as a but I obviously in the in the case of this 
particular post I probably should have made it   but the point is that you need to know who is your 
target marketer is it people that have cats is it   are you trying to attract kitten lovers or dog 
lovers maybe are you trying to attract you know   um people who like to Garden people who like 
to you know sunsets and sunrises are always   really nice right so that would be something 
you could probably attract almost anybody but   at the same time you want to have some direct 
things people you want to be attracting the   right people the people that are your audience 
which like I said you got to figure out who your   audience is once you know who your audience is 
that's when you can actually start to create   the things like you know I can I can say right 
here make it a rag doll see if that will actually   uh it should I don't know it depends sometimes it 
works in the same session otherwise you have to   create another session which will give you images 
of a ragdoll instead so yeah that kind of yeah   look at that make makes it a rag though so this 
is little kitten playing around little rag doll   I think I'm not sure if these are all yeah I think 
they're all ragdolls but anyways yeah so you can   actually create things like that with the with 
an AI but the point is that when you're creating   content you can either do it yourself you know 
with an a con an AI like this or you actually can do the yours obviously do it yourself you go 
through things but you can have you can have   ai help you as well right that's different anyways 
if you're interested in AI you're gonna go check   this out clever ai go to bonuscovered 
where you can actually get 30 days is it 30 days   I forget no 90 days you get 90 days free because 
this is uh I paid a service that lets you do this   it also lets you um also lets you choose and see 
your history of everything you've done so far so   you don't lose it so you can go back to it or you 
can get some stuff back but yeah that's totally   yeah anyways that's just a side note here okay 
so going back to what we were talking about when   you're building your uh profile you want to make 
sure that your profile attracts the right people   by having their content explain who you are 
what you're about and how they can find more   about what you're offering and you don't want to 
be posting about what you're offering all the time   you want to be posting about yourself about your 
family about your your likes or dislikes and also   you want to make it so that it's relevant to what 
they would be interested in that's that's the key   making it interesting to what they are interested 
in right okay so like I said let uh let's go back   here to to the uh the the webcam so yeah so 
as I was saying this is part of the attraction   marketing truth that you can get at the truth 
about attraction marketing it's part number one   of five I'm going to be doing some other sessions 
on the other ones which you will hear about uh the   next in the next episode but until then my name 
is Johnson and we'll see you in the next episode This has been Course Income Secrets, the 
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