hello and welcome back this is 
Rochelle from the DIY Affiliate on   youtube and the @thesecret_youtuber on TIKTOK 
in this video I am going to be talking to you   about organic traffic you are organic traffic and 
anybody that you interact with is organic traffic   in this video I am talking to you about 
creating organic traffic and also joining   all of the social media outlets that 
integrate with the crypto tab browser in this video i am talking 
to you about organic traffic   what it is how you can create it and my easy 
steps that i can show you how you can easily   use organic traffic to be able to share your 
personal invitation link the crypto tab browser   integrates with a number of different social 
media platforms create your own organic traffic   by joining all of these social media platforms i 
give you just the facts let's jump into the video we're just going to go briefly over this page   you will find the link in the description to 
this page here and you can read this at your own   time in your own pace it is basically about how to 
create organic traffic you are the organic traffic and i put together a list of places 
in which you can go and sign up   create one profile use the same profile for each 
sign up use all of the same information and also   you need a password manager there's also a link 
in the description for a free password manager   you will need this when you are signing 
up for all of these different places   some you will recognize some you 
will not recognize will be new to you also a number of different uh traffic   shares and locations you will see some in chinese 
korean russian latvian spanish so it's a good idea   to have your google translate available on your 
desktop as an extension or or on your cell phone so you can i will leave the link in the 
description for a wordpress plugin called   the sassy social share this will give you up to 55 
different places to share your personal invitation   link with the key point about being a crypto tap 
affiliate is that you can grow your own network   you can share your personal link with your 
friends your followers to invite new users to   your mining network the more active miners 
in your network the higher your earnings   so you want to get your link out there and this is   the link this is your link id so you know 
which link this is this is the first link if you don't have an account with any one of 
the places that the crypto tab browser shares to   it is a good idea to get an account because 
this is what creates your organic traffic   your organic traffic is not just you but is 
everybody that you share to everybody that   shares your information any type of engagement 
that happens on any of these social media   platforms is called organic traffic as an 
example you have facebook you can share on   and facebook you can not only share to one page 
but you can share to multiple pages and you can   also share to multiple groups just by clicking 
on the icon you will see a pop-up box come up you can share to a news feed or story simply by 
clicking on the news feed or your story or both   at the same time you can share to news feed and 
your story at the same time you can share on a   friend's timeline you can share in a group and you 
can share in multiple groups that you manage or   groups that you are able to post in you can share 
in an event and you can share on a page you manage   you can share to multiple pages choose the page that you would like to 
share to and then simply post to facebook you can click on this icon as many 
times and as many pages as you would   like to share to and as many groups 
as you would like to share too twitter all of these icons are integrated 
in with the crypto tab affiliate   so that means it takes the 
information that's here and shares it if you don't have an account then start an account if you have to create all of these accounts 
here because say you may have a facebook you   may have a twitter but you don't have reddit 
or you don't have vk or pinterest or linkedin you can find the link in 
the description for ROBOFORM and ROBOFORM will help you to sign in   to startup accounts in all the places you don't 
have an account by first creating an identity by first creating an identity that 
you can use to fill the forms with if you would like to share to any of these 
icons here these are social media outlets   in which you are creating your organic traffic 
to be able to get your information out there that is a very very important point is that these 
places are integrated with the crypto tab browser   and these places are where you are creating your 
organic traffic you can also use something called   the sassy social share plugin and you can add 
more places that you can share too you not only   have your normal facebook twitter reddit 
linkedin pinterest you also have mix line but you can add up to 55 different places that 
you can share too you can share a wordpress post   you could share all your links your 
banners any type of promotional   material that you have and you put it 
into a wordpress post you can share that that is the first part of this 
video the second part of this video i am giving you an overview of 
the ready-made promo materials   and all of these have your personal link there are ready-made banners that are 
various size sizes there are posts   a lot of promo materials to attract new users 
send invitation to your friends and followers   on social networks that way you can expand 
your mining network and increase your chances   thank you for watching this video i explained 
a little bit about organic traffic and i also   showed you some information about the crypto 
tab affiliate dashboard and also the different   ready-made promo materials in the next 
video i will be showing you how to create   a wordpress post using the promo material that 
you find in your crypto tab affiliate dashboard   if you have found this video helpful 
then give this video a thumbs up   if you have any questions just leave them 
in the comments i'd be happy to answer them stay safe I look forward to 
seeing you in the next video

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