[Music] Hello and Welcome thisIs Rochelle
from the Diy Affiliate andIn this videoI am going to be talking to you about ClickBank
ClickBankIsIt just too easy cutting through the red tapeIn this videoI walked you through
a ClickBank overview this videoIs for people who have a website and are looking for ways
to monetizeIt the fastest easiest way possibleIf you have landed on my channel for the first
timeI offer step-by-step videos on youtube wordpress social media and Affiliate Marketing
for beginnersIf you are new to Affiliate Marketing and know absolutely nothing then download
my ebook on creating an Affiliate Marketing business for beginners with only a shoestring
budget for the rest of the people let's jump rightInto the videoI cut through all the red
tape and show you exactly how to choose the right product for your blog or website how
to use the product attributes to choose the right products how to post to your niche wordpress
website by creating post pages and widgets ClickBankis one of the oldest Affiliate Marketing
Programs out thereit's over 22 years oldit's a well-known Affiliate Marketing Programsthat
offers thousands of digital products like ebooks videos and softwareItIs easy to join
andIf you have not joinedClickBank then go and register now then come back to this video
this videoIs for people who already have a website and are looking for ways to monetizeIt
all of the products will be listedIn theClickBank marketplace you make money by becoming an
affiliate withClickBank and choosing the right products to complement your blog or social
media themes the wayI show you will help you to choose and promote and already seo search
engine optimized pages and digital productsIn order to monetize your niche website or blog
the merchants have done most of the keyword research for optimize search engine optimization
because they want you to promote their product and make money when you make money they make
money thisIs why picking the right product to promote on ClickBankis extremelyimportant
and a key element to your success let's jump Into ClickBank
you create you rClickBank account you will also create a nickname thisIs your nickname
that you will signIn with and thisIs your nickname that you will use for all of your
hop links thisIs a brief overview ofClickBank you have your knowledge baseIn which you can
find any answers that you are looking for has a many resources for you to go to to find
theInformation that you are looking for and hereIs your marketplace the blog your
dashboard reporting account settings vendor settings and resources we are at the marketplace
the next stepIs choosing the right product so what you would do would be thisIs the niche
affiliate website thatI createdI use the domain name as best dog food.life afterI did researchIn
google trends and hereI have something called the best dog blog so whenI go over to my ClickBank
I want to find products that are related to dogs soI will typeIn dogs here on the left
hand side you can choose attributes and you can also choose languages you can choose the
required billing types and I am just going to type the one time fee andI want must have
affiliate tools page and support for mobile traffic so now thatI have chosen the attributes
thatI wantI will now be able to see the products and thisIs whatI'm looking for here affiliate
page so thenI would then clickInto the affiliate page thisIs a page made especially for you
as an affiliate andIt will tell you a little bit about the product how to join the affiliate
program howIt works about the product about the person who createdIt you will see all of the promotional materials
such as banners free giveaways email swipes promotional videos and keywordIdeas how you can use the affiliate the merchants affiliate
banners or other promotional creativesIs to show you the comparison hereIs the finished
post hereI have used a dynamic banner here a video here another dynamic banner and hereIs
the free giveaway whichIs to download the free ebook and alsoI have added a link where
people can go and read some reviewsI've used theClickBank hop linksIn buttons for the reviews
for the brain training for dogs and also for the sales page thisIs whatIt looked like before
and here you can see this one hereI used for my side widgetIf
you copy all of the html code just copyIt and we're just going to come over here and
thisIs what you do you see whereIt says yourClickBank username you replace this with your ownClickBank
username thisIs the name that you created when you registered then you take all of this
you copy all of thisInformation the lesson a to the greater than a you copy that and
then you go place your cursor where you'd like to see your creativeI'm just going at
the bottom here click on the plus whichIs the add block you will seeIf you don't see
your custom html start typingIn custom html custom and once you haveItIt'll say right
html you do a right-click and paste and preview update your work or save to a draft thisIs
already published so thisIs an example of adding a dynamic bat a banner and another
thing thatI always doIsI add to a reusable block so thatI can useIt on other posts andI
put the size soI know what sizeIt thatI am looking at and then save now once you do that
you will notice this continues to stay here you just clickInto the three dots and you
go convert to regular block and thenIt will convert to the regular block and here you
can continue to useItIn your post or you can remove the blockIt will still beIn your reusable
blocksIf you clickInto the plus and you click under reusable here you will see where you
have your different blocks that you have createdIn which you can useIn other posts andIn other
pages you would do the same for a video going backInto my actual affiliates skip to
straight to the affiliates and here you can see banners free giveaways email swipesIf
you do email marketing promotional videos we're just going to go to a video
and here you will see thisIs different this video you just copyIt you don't have to change
anythingInIt you can just copy the video go back over to
your post click on the add of gutenberg block your custom
html right click and paste preview so thisIs the
video now with a video you can also add to a reusable block as well and most merchants
will have these a type of [Music] promotional what we call tools that you can use
one more thing thatI just want to say quickly when you sign up for the your affiliate program
you will see here thisIs called a hop link and your account nickname or your username
and you can have some additional tracking and then generate the hot link and here you
will have your hop link generated [Music] so this would be the link that you would pasteIn
your promotional materials back over to your blog now there are two ways how you can add
a button the first wayIs to choose the plus add the gutenberg block and typeIn button
and you should see buttons come up clickInto there add your text
add your link you can openIn a new tab the second wayIs to click on the plus go to
your reusable and thisIs whereI have saved a button thatI can just add to any post or
page choose your one that you have saved and addItIn add reviews just go to your actual
affiliates page or where you see the product here and normally they would have a page that
would tell you what are their reviews and most merchants have them and here you could
see course reviews copy that link go to your button where you have created your reviewsIf
you see this after you have added a reusable block goInto your three dots and convert to
a regular block now you will be able to add the link andIf you wantIt to openIn a new tab for the
reviews or openIn the same tab so now you have your reviews and you have your hop link
here just going to copy that again sinceI didn't saveIt and then go over here and add
the hot linkIn and this one can openIn a new tab make sure you click on the submit when
you see this edit box come up you know that you have submitted your link and then update
you can also find a placeIn your post let's just say we took this this right here and
then paste and you can put the linkIn anywhereIn your post just update
so hereIs the finished postI have a dynamic banner hereI have a video hereI have the giveaway
whichIs download the free ebookI also have a link for people to go and look at the reviews
a couple of buttons down here that people can also clickInto reviews and to get yours
here thisIs a widget and this theme has eight different areas In which you can put a widget
In [Music]I chose this theme because of the number of widget areas thatIt has
add a widget from your customizing widgets choose your custom html go back to your banners
decide on the banner you would like to use let's say we use this one here 300×600 soI'm
going to copy thisInformationInto my notepad and you will also notice hereIt
says untitled always make sure you never leave an untitled notepad because sometimesIt's
very easy for thisInformation to get deleted and thenI'm just going to typeIn myInformation
copy theInformation back over to whereI'm adding my widget whereI see this number one
right here and then paste myInformationIn put my title and choose done now this should appear here
on this right side so there we go andIt will also scroll with
my other ones as well [Music] okay soI hope this has been helpful to youIf you have found
this video helpful please give this video a thumbs up andIf you have not subscribed
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at your Affiliate Marketing business but all the rest of the reallyImportant steps along
the way stay safe and have a wonderful evening

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