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DIY Affiliates World #diyaffiliatesworld  this is Rochelle from the DIY Affiliatediy on 
Youtube and the thesecret_youtuber on TikTok.   if you are new to my channel i welcome you thank 
you for checking out this video and thank you   for checking out my channel this channel is for 
beginners i offer step-by-step video tutorials   on youtube a wordpress social media content 
marketing and kindle direct publishing   if you are tuning into my channel for the very 
first time i have started a series of tutorials   called you are the creator for new authors 
to make money from the privacy and security   of your own home you are the creator you 
write the script you put your thoughts   feelings emotions and with a little 
bit of imagination the sky is the limit if you want to become an 
author and make money from home   i am here to tell you that you can do it yes 
you can and it doesn't matter how old you are   it doesn't matter how young you are it doesn't 
matter whether you know grammar or spelling any   of those filling blocks you can turn into stepping 
stones by using programs such as grammarly and the   power thesaurus in the creator series i show you 
step-by-step video tutorials that will help you   to be able to write your manuscript using the 
the microsoft word dictate how to upload and   convert your manuscript into the kindle create 
software how to use the kindle create software   how to set up and publish a kindle ready ebook and 
paperback through the kindle direct publishing and   finally how to join the acx find a narrator and 
create an audiobook for worldwide distribution   on amazon audible and itunes in this video i am 
going to show you how you can upload and convert   your manuscript into a kindle create file 
without further ado i give you just the facts   let's jump into the video find your 
manuscript open your manuscript   save a copy of your manuscript under a new name make sure you keep a record 
of where your manuscript   is to be found and click save 
open your kindle create software if you don't know about kindle create then watch 
the video located at the top right of the screen click on create new and choose 
reflowable tap on reflowable and   this will format your manuscript from your 
text-based file for a digital publication compatible devices free kindle reading apps for 
ios and android fire tablets and kindle e-readers   choose a doc a docx or an rtf find your manuscript and click on open you will see this screen here showing you that the 
kindle create software is importing and converting   your manuscript from the microsoft word doc 
docx or rtf your manuscript that you created   in the microsoft office word needs to be converted 
so that it can be read on different devices   this will show you what it's doing it's 
looking for your headings your chapter titles   it's setting up for your back 
matter and your front mat shows you   about how it is importing all of 
your title chapters and your headings when it finishes importing you will 
see import successful tap continue tap on get started a pop-up box will come up in which you will see 
the table of contents in which you can choose   all of your headings simply by putting 
a check mark in the box and selecting   or unselecting any heading that you choose tap on reject all or accept all 
alternatively you can tap on edit and chapter detection a pop-up box will come 
up which will show you all of your subheadings   and you can check and select the ones 
you want reject all or accept all you will now see that it is imported 
all of your chapter headings   in the left hand panel under the table of 
contents this is the end of video nine video   ten i will be showing you how to create your 
chapter start image in the canva software online   thank you for watching this short video i hope 
that it's been helpful to you if you found this   video helpful then please give this video a thumbs 
up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel   this channel and these videos are for new 
beginners people who want to become an author   and make money on amazon audible and itunes 
stay safe and have a wonderful evening

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