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way that i have found to create a prologue is   using your microsoft dictate you just click into 
your microsoft dictate you will see it loading for the people who are not 
familiar with microsoft dictate there is a video you will find in the description 
that will show you step by step how to use   the microsoft dictate with your microsoft 
word it will give you all of the information   about the dictation settings and 
also tips for using the dictation new paragraph it was october 15th comma 1954 comma around 4 30 comma when jacob harding stepped out of his 
apartment decided to walk to his appointment you will have to get used to   using your headset and also using the 
different commands such as a new paragraph period comma you will use speech to text you will learn how to use the speech 
to text to start to write your novel   this is going to take time and you 
will be doing a little bit of research   so that you will not have to 
do a lot of editing afterwards the whole point of a prologue is to get people 
to buy your book either your kindle edition   or your paper book in every book 
you will see this look inside when you click on look inside 
you will find your cover page 90 of book sales is your cover page and your title i'm just going to 
pull up a template that i created   what is a prologue at the beginning of a book 
if you decide to use a prologue this is one   of the first things that a reader will see the 
prologue is always written by the author which   is you in the prologue the author gives 
an introduction that the part of the book and it should be read before the first chapter   so now we are over here in 
amazon and into the look inside you can always add a prologue after 
writing your first draft as an example you can write your prologue after 
you have completed your manuscript   or you can write your prologue before you 
start your manuscript to use as a reference before you decide if you 
would like to use a prologue let's define what a prologue is 
let's look at the pros and cons so number one the prologue 
is before your first chapter   and a prologue will set up the story giving 
readers a view of events that are either earlier   even years before as an example here i 
have 1954 in my first chapter it's 2003.

In your main character's life or a supporting 
character's life a prologue will give a background of events to follow in your book it can 
also reveal the characters or bring the   characters to a certain point this establishes the 
story's tone and presents the theme my theme is   project mars the wco secret agenda 
title which is the theme is mars   all through the book the wco is the world canvas 
organization which is a theme all through the book to establish the tone this will be in your writing so i am not an expert and this is my 
first book so for the people watching   who have a lot of writing experience you 
can leave me a comment and let me know of   ideas that you have worked with or experience 
that you have had that can help my readers you see these three straight lines it says 
explore contents and here you can even customize   your view i'm just going to click on explore the 
contents it's not allowing me to do that right now   okay so let's go to the prologue my 
dedication and here is the prologue   so i'm setting the scene it's in 1954. 
i have the time and i have my character what is the event the event it 
that i am talking about here is   hurricane hazel but it's actually about 
a large truck that slams into a building i'll just read it okay this is my prologue now this is my 
first uh prologue this is my first novel   so don't be too hard on me it was october 15th 
1954 around 4 30 when jacob harding stepped out   of his apartment and decided to walk to his 
appointment he only lived around the corner   from downtown toronto so here i am setting the 
scene jacob was unaware of the radio broadcasts   warning from the dominion weather office he 
noticed it was raining and he had forgotten his   umbrella and raincoat it was starting to get very 
windy jacob was oblivious of the devastation that   was yet to come and here i am setting the tone a 
storm heading his way would change toronto forever   canada's worst natural disaster hurricane 
hazel now i'm setting the tone and i'm also   using a reference that a lot of people would 
be familiar with which is hurricane hazel   walking down the street he noticed no one 
was outside as he looked around he could see   the sky was starting to blacken and the winds 
seemed like they were over 100 miles an hour   there was a sound like a motor revving up 
jacob turned his head just in time to see   a large tractor trailer truck come around the 
corner and then boom smack crashed right into   the side of what seemed to be an abandoned 
building the large truck had just missed   hitting the lone man walking on the sidewalk 
here i am putting a thought into your mind i   am giving you an image of a truck just missed 
hitting the lone man walking down the sidewalk   jacob was thrown to the ground as the back end 
of the trailer of the truck exploded he turned   his head just in time to see the flames burning 
through the side and the letters wco now you see   here's my title project mars wco secret agenda 
so here i am weaving my title through my prologue jacob recognized the letters immediately 
and his senses were now heightened   jacob's attention was drawn to the muscle muffled 
scream as a truck driver was trapped in the cab   he searched the wreckage and found something 
he could use as a lever to pry open the door   jacob could see the driver inside was still 
alive and kicking the door as hard as possible   finally the entrance to the truck cab flew open 
the man inside jumped out of the cab and yelled   jacob goble and mars here i am introducing mars 
in a my prologue and took off running away as   fast as possible jacob could see he was pointing 
skyward with his finger with only one look back   the man turned around and disappeared down a 
side street now i've introduced something that   the reader has now an image in their mind jacob 
saw the flames coming from the engine and knew   he had to move fast so jacob too started running 
as fast as far away as possible from the truck as   he could boom the engine explode exploded and the 
truck was fully engulfed in fire jacob had escaped   with his life and the driver was nowhere to be 
seen but here i'm introducing a different tone   jacob suddenly just stopped running a terrifying 
thought had stopped him dead in his tracks there   was something about the truck driver that seemed 
familiar to him he could not put his finger on it   a painful memory buried so deep in his 
subconscious that jacob could not even   allow himself to remember so what i'm doing now 
is i am using a memory as part of my prologue   yes he said to himself jacob pictured the man 
who had had said his hidden name his hidden name   which is jacob goble remember i told you his name 
was jacob harding pointed upwards and said mars   i remember then jacob relived the last time so now 
jacob has a flashback he's now reliving something   also from the past that will later be repeated 
and also more in evolved and more in detail   as the story goes on i remember then jacob relived 
the last time he saw his father samuel alive   and the tragedy that had forever changed 
his destiny jacob thought he fooled the wco   so there i am using the wzo from my title again 
when he faked his death jacob was wrong dead wrong   jacob knew the appointment he had was a person 
giving him a warning of what was yet to come   and being prepared for the changes in his lifetime   jacob was still the puppet on a string his entire 
life was controlled by an invisible hand that   influenced every decision he made when the time 
was right he would be brought back into the fold   and take his rightful place among the world canvas 
organization elite where he belonged so here   i have set the tone i have given a description 
and i have set the tone so here is the template a prologue stands out draws 
attention to specific events before   or after the current storyline as 
i just read to you in my prologue   you can use a flashback that will 
appear later in the story as well or you can express the past through a 
memory or discourse or personal thought   a prologue can be told in a distinct voice 
rather than the the narrator or the voice   that's used in the rest of the story or 
it can be presented as another viewpoint   of the character to get the reader's attention the 
whole point of the prologue is to get the reader's   attention now if this was a poor prologue it 
would not lure the reader in it would just   serve to keep the reader away and not even read 
any further not be interested in your book at all the prologue can serve as 
an introduction it can be   compelling and relevant and necessary but you need 
to ask yourself these questions use a prologue   if the reader did not learn this information would they still understand the rest of the story   can the details in the prologue be 
introduced in the main story itself   and the answer would be yes you would have to 
introduce all of your all aspects of your prologue   weave it through your story and make sure that 
you are introducing your character in the same way can the details in the prologue be introduced in 
the main story itself through dialogue or action   or thought or even flashbacks is the data from the 
prologue so crucial that the reader must be aware   as he reads the story and the answer to this is 
yes for me i needed to have this prologue because   my first chapter starts in 2003 and this is when i 
am first introducing mars and i'm introducing mars   in a way that i am not actually using 
this character here which is decaparting   but i am going to be introducing riba 
harlow which is jacob harding's daughter so did i feel or do you feel your prologue 
is going to set up the introduction for   the oncoming drama and events that 
are going to happen in your novel   and does it meet the purpose or is 
it going to detract from your story   so you have to create your prologue 
so it's not detracting from your story   say i wrote this prologue but i wrote this 
prologue for 2003.

There would be no point in me   doing a prologue for 2003 because it 
would take away from my first chapter   and does it accomplish your purpose without 
meddling the flow and impact of the whole story   so you can use a prologue if you choose 
if you feel that it will help your novel   and also understand these questions does it 
reveal character stimulus does it establish   tone does it create questions in the person's 
mind and does it create a direction or focus however there are cons to a 
prologue as well number one con   is that it will take away from the current story 
it will delay the current story it will force   readers to think of elements and characters 
and events that are not yet in your story   and it can actually take away the focus from 
your actual novel so a prologue can keep readers   from becoming fully involved in the now which 
is a 2003 instead of what happened in 1959 and it can create questions in a reader's 
mind of what does this prologue have to do   with the rest of the story are they going to 
be interested enough to read the chapter one   and then after reading the chapter one 
is that going to be interesting enough   to continue reading or are they going to just say 
no i'm not interested in this book any further   and for me that is the easiest way 
that i found how to write your prologue   if you have any questions i'd be happy to answer 
them as a disclaimer i am not an expert so i   wouldn't i would not be able to give you 
expert advice this is my first book and   it's the first prologue and this information 
that i'm sharing with you is for beginners so here you can see this is 31 of your sample 
that the people and they have this here because   amazon wants to know what people are reading   so as they go and they click the side arrow that 
will tell you and it will also tell you how far   are they able to read into your book and 
to see whether they're really interested   in reading even up to the third chapter 
you can see here how far this goes seventy percent if they like what they 
read they will either click the buy   with one click or try the kindle on limited so this is 73 now it's chapter five i believe 
that i'm introducing jacob harding so this will   give people enough information to read the 
prologue and then read the chapters and see   how it weaves through the story and to see 
if they're interested in reading it further   now for the people who are not familiar with 
the kindle create watch the video that's located   in the top right hand corner and 
it'll give you the kindle basics i'm going to quickly show you where to find 
your prologue you just click on the plus sign   that will open up you scroll down till you 
get to prolog click on the prologue open it up   put your text in that you have 
already created from microsoft word and save your ebook another example here i'm 
just going to click on the kindle unlimited and of course there'll be a link in the 
description in which you can use the kindle   unlimited i'm also an associate with amazon i will 
show you how to do that as well as you are writing   your story so here is the kindle unlimited and it 
tells you now you can read on any device you have   unlimited reading any device take every word 
every sentence every story everywhere you go   download books directly from the kindle app 
and start binge reading discover new series   so i hope this has all been helpful 
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