Today In this video I will share with you a brand-new strategy. which you can use for affiliate marketing. and you can also get free traffic to your website or blog. so if you are beginner or you are already working online but you don't get any result then this video is only for you. you must watch the video till the end. If you like the video then hit the like button and share with your friends. Let's start the video Peace be upon you! Friends. Welcome to Learn With Okara Channel. Hope you are doing well. My name is Muhammad Ali Today In this video i will share with you a brand-new strategy. Which you can use to get free traffic for your website or blog. At the same time you can earn money with affiliate marketing. Let's start the video without wasting time. but before starting the video, i request you that if you are new this channel, then subscribe to the channel and click on the bell icon So that notifications of similar informative videos keep reaching you Let's start the video As you can see I have already opened the browser and I have searched Google Trends.

By now most of you know about Google Trends but those who are not let them know that Google Trends is Google's platform. Which helps us to find free topics here So that you can check what is going on in the trend Nowadays. So simply whatever topic you have in mind or whatever idea. So you can search here and you will know world wide If you want to target a specific country you can search for it here. Let me do some searching and show you We want to do affiliate marketing We have the topic of affiliate marketing in mind Now obviously affiliate marketing is a big topic If I only write affiliate marketing here As you can see there is a headline at the bottom of affiliate marketing which means that affiliate marketing is a big topic. If I click on it, you will see that the first thing I see is the graph Then you can see in which regions this category is searched. We can see here like England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales. After that we can see related quires. ok, it's just for idea. United kingdom is already selected here, that's why it shows us united kingdom's regions If i select here world wide.

You can see that graph has been changed Now we can see lot of countries and regions Like Luxembourg, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Japan Also you can see keyword has been changed which means this is very trending topic. Affiliate Marketing, it is very trending topic If I select our country. When I select the Pakistan. Then the graph has been changed Lot of searches for Affiliate Marketing in Sindh then Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

After that We can see the related quires trending in Pakistan most searched like Ali Express Affiliate Marketing …….. …….. ………. …… …. etc … Hope so you got the idea whatever topic you have. You can check the trend. That topic trending on Google or not. Simply write here. They will show you whole stats So we want to do Affiliate Marketing There are lot of topic. But i'll choose easy topic. i searched here. Have no searches in Pakistan.

Simply i searched it world wide. you can see that. The graph has been changed. There are lots of searches in Nigeria South Africa, United States, United Kingdom. Canada etc. Top tier countries in this search. You got an idea this is high search keyword Now We find a topic that We Promote Social Media Topics So, We need a product for promote. For find the product. We must go to any affiliate website. Who allowed us for Affiliate Marketing. We have multiple options is available here. Like as Clickbank, Digistor24, Jvzoo, Warrior Plus etc. Lot of platform you can find on Google. You have an account on any website / platform Simply open that account. My all accounts are created already. But i'll open my Clickbank account Clickbank is banned in Pakistan. So I will open the VPN Now you can see that my vpn is opened.

Now I'll search Clickbank ……. Click on log in and simply logged in …. Now you can see that I do everything live in front of you so that no question remains in your mind. Now here I'll open my affiliate account immidiatliy After open our affiliate account then click on marketplaces and goes to the main dashboard Now you can see. Empty interface is Showning Lot of Categories Shown here. We must select Social Media Marketing Category Now Click on E-Business and E-Mail Marketing Button Then all Sub Categories will show. Multiple Option is show here like affiliate marketing, Article marketing etc. You can see on your screen Social Media Marketing Option Select this after Selection they will Showed Multiple Social Media Offers. Now time to select your product. So Many idea's here for Product Selection. Simply I chose a Product Randomly. Only for Idea. Whenever you Select any Product first Check Gravity If the gravity is Good its mean the product is Good. This Product Gravity is too Good. I'll Choose this product because its good Gravity Product.

See Get Paid to Use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. If you are active on Social Media Then you Know, How much people use Facebook and youtube We can estimate the number of social media users in Pakistan. So Simply we Select this Product. Click on Promote Button for Product Promotion After Click 'll show a Popup. We should click on Generate Hope Link Button The affiliate link is shown here. Minimized this … We completed two Steps. First of all we find keywords. After find keyword. We chose a product. Write a detail article after product selection.

Now How to write an article and how to chose website for article. I tell you If you have our blog or website then you'll write an article on your website / blog But the idea that I'll share with you. This will allow you to drive traffic to your website or blog for free. I've searched here i searched Now Account creation is too much easy here. a Popup show you. Simply on Click Continue as your G.Mail Account. Then Sign Up Button Show automatically When you click on SignUp Button then you can see your account is successfully created. Many articles are already available here. if i'll share you the idea of article writing on this platform For y ur encouragement Let me show you the traffic of this website. How much monthly visitors on this website Keep in mind that this platform can also beneficial for us So Simply this SimilarWeb Extension I'll open Similar Web Extension Click on this Extension and it'll be opened You can see 175 Million Monthly visitors come on this Website Rate the articles on this website on GOOGLE.

Its Not a Small Website. Its a powerful website So We can use this website to get traffic on our blog or website How to use this Website? Simply we write a blog here How to Write a Blog? Click on profile Button then show you the write a story button Click on this Then you click on the button to write the story then this type of interface will be in front of you.

Write a title here and write an article here Now I'll'll tell you Write a complete article on our main website and on this Website you have written a Tittle and Bullets Points Main Points Mention here Write here only Attractive Points After write this, Simply Past your Affiliate Link After Pasting Affiliate Link Write here. If you want to read complete Blog then click on this bellowing link and visit my website So Simply if your content will be valuable and tittle will be catchy If the people inspire by your content then they will click on your given link and visit your website After came on your website read complete content then you get traffic You'll get Advantage from this.

The next question comes to mind that we find a topic here. After find the topic We chose a product after this After this, We will Write a Blog about this chosen Product Keywords is too much important for Rank our Blog we need to use SEO friendly keywords in our Blog Which are helpful in Ranking. Now where do we find such keywords? Simply i share you an easy idea, that is google keyword planner Type and search First of all you should create our account. Now click on start now button After clicking on start now button.

We will see this type of interface I am doing all this live in front of you Click on the tools button then you can see the keyword planner button click on keyword planner then Click on discover new keywords in the search bar you search what you want about your niche like as our product is social media How to Make Money on Instagram As you can see i'll search it, after put your keyword press Enter button Then click on get results After click on get result button they will show all keywords You can changed country according to our will. its a Google ads, Insha Allah! We'll make a Complete Tutorial on it. Its a paid service Our Channel is for beginners level online workers I try to share with you free methods because earn first then spend if you invest without earning money there is a loss. So that i taech you how to earn money online then you spend money to increase our business.

Return back to our Topic find our targeted keywords Simply this keyword will be best for us copy the complete keyword then past there you can see this is tittle. After this we need to write a content. After write the content, paste your website or blog link in the last Write there bullets point only. In the end of the article you write this, If you want to read complete article then click on this link and visit my website for complete article Its a two types of marketing on one product after read your article they purchase your affiliate product its too beneficial for You get commission from both conditions get traffic on your website, 2 affiliate marketing will be done and earn money by this idea Hope so you got this idea. If i summaries this video again Hope so you got this idea. If you don't understand watch again this video. After watch this video. If you have any question about this video.

Feel Free and Leave the comment in Comment Section. If you don't get the answer to your question then you can contact us on Instagram. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Hope so you like this video. If you like this then hit the like Button and share with your friends. If you are not already subscribed then do subscribe and hit the bell icon and set to all you get the notification when we upload more informative videos like this Allah Hafiz.

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