live that we can get started. Meeting is now streaming. Awesome. Welcome, Richard back in the number one seed again. Alright, way to go. Thanks for joining us again. Welcome Lloyd. I thought I just saw you outside. Ej. Welcome Ej. You're always here. Good job. Kind of see what you look like. one of these days though. Even though I love that image of the lightning bolt or whatever it is going through the brain there. Scott, welcome. and welcome to Connie. Welcome, Gary Which Gary is that? Now, because we have several or I'm thinking of James, Sorry. Uh welcome Gary. Welcome John Charles. Welcome, David and welcome Anj. So, let's get started. Today, I'm going to share my screen which is number two. Why don't I actually, I'm just going to start with our with the PowerPoint which is over there I'm going to go to here. Slideshow from Oh, I didn't share it yet.

Did I? Do you still see me at the PowerPoint? You. Me? Okay. Alright. I'll go back to slide number. It should be number two. Scott, can you confirm? You see the Powerpoint now? Yes, it is now showing. Thank you very much. Okay. so, today is July 10th and I am very, very, very, very excited. because we are closer to launch now at any time I could say we're closer to launch but I got an official notification.

yesterday when I logged out of our admin area from a site that I used and we have a message underneath it and so you don't have to squint. At least I'm at that age where I have to hold things, you know, get my kids to put something in my face. I'm like, I need to hold it back so I can read that thing. I figured I'd zoom in on it a little bit so you can see this. So, literally yesterday morning, didn't even get an Email on this. Find out the hard way. Log it out. We are. we gotta know. we posted a notification that we are moving to the cloud. What do you have to do? Nothing except put a pause on any advertising you set for Monday, July 19th from three in the morning.

To 11 PM Pacific time. Alright, hold on. Let me see how I can help this guy. here for a second. Do you see now? my uh our Facebook group Yes. Okay, great. Alright. So, this guy is messaging me and I'm going to use this as an opportunity and he said, where do I find the link for the webinar which is starting now.

So, I gave him the link to our calendar calendar. By the way, people don't have it is Calendar.Free Bot Okay. So, he's basically now saying, hey, where's the link? And I told him, if you click on the click on the event. So, once you get a calendar, first of all, follow the instructions in red here where you see the little arrow and it says, click on the plus sign and once you click on that plus sign, it will then put the calendar in your Google Calendar and in your timezone.

more importantly. so, it's not really at 1 PM. It's this is on time. I need to get that change. Well, it doesn't matter because but when you click on the event, then you get this pop up and so now, I'm going to give him the link, Okay? But that's how you get the link to Zoom. Link is right there. Okay? You don't need the part that says join Zoom link. You don't need the meeting ID unless you're calling in Okay. So, all you really need is this link which is actually the same of here at the very top Some people. and let me go give him that link. There we go. So, now, we should have the link Okay, So now, I just want to make sure everyone knows you go to the calendar which is Calendar.Free Bot Click on any event and then the link will be right there at the top Alright, now, let's go back to the PowerPoint.

I am going to now from the current slide. So, are you back on the PowerPoint Scott. Yes. Thank you So again, uh we posted this yesterday morning. I know we've been talking about this a long time. I've been learning a lot of details. We have fourteen servers that we've had in the data center for about 15 years. They back in the beginning of the year and said, hey, we want you, we want to shut down the data center. We're just going to use the data center to support the cloud. We don't want any external clients even though we've been a client for 15 years as I know a lot of other people. So anyway, we've begun the process and and uh where we began process months ago and got to the point where uh one of the files that we had handwritten, all the almost every single file we've created from scratch uh which creates our secure SSL or makes website secure and we created that years ago when GoDaddy was charging.

I think it was $69 a year and then her domain and we're 2497 or $25 So, that's why we didn't abandon that functionality because we developed it from scratch. It took us months to create that file but in moving to the clouds, some things were not working properly. So, we finally got it all worked out. Uh that was the message that I shared on Facebook recently. and saying that hey, the lights at the end of the tunnel, we want to move. We are going to move on a Monday. I was hoping it was this coming Monday but they put One more week till Monday, July 19th. So, in the middle of the night, uh the programmers who most of them are in the San Diego area are going to drive up to Los Angeles.

Get all fourteen of these servers pull them out of the racks and flip some switches and do a whole bunch of testing and we anticipate by Monday night 11 PM Pacific Standard Time that we will be back up and live. So in the meantime, don't run any advertising because your websites won't come up that you know your web sites in your admin area will not be available. So, those of you that have been with us for years, some of you for many, many, many years know that our up time average is literally nine 99.9%. So, um I'm confident that if the programmers think we're going to do it, that's the longest window I've ever seen. So, but um I think they're they're good, right? So therefore, Michael Monica. Yes. everybody here has probably experienced their bank doing this weekly. So we should that you might have to do it on a rare occasion. right? Exactly. I've had it with my bank. Actually, I moved when I moved Um I've had to go through three different browsers to be able to log in to my bank or you can get logged in on two of them and then they kicked me out right away.

You know, anyway, whatever. So, I'm not here to uh hopefully it doesn't come across like I'm knocking anybody else. You're right. Microsoft does Thanks to all kinds of Amazon does it, etcetera. Okay. So, Um so therefore, I encourage you to continue to share the free bod system because it is not a question of if we're going to launch it. The only question is when because moving into the cloud, that's the first step. then we gotta get back to finalizing some things that we're working on for it. So, I just want to be clear about that. So, it's not like oh Monday at 11 PM Tuesday, we're good to go. It's not going to work that way. I'm not sure how long it will be. I will update you guys with whatever I know as soon as I know. Okay but this is really important here. I don't want you guys to miss out. Somebody's going to introduce the free bot system to that prospect out there. That person out there that you might know and instead of you getting the credit for it for what they do and the people they refer, etcetera, etcetera forever.

then II would prefer that you get the credit for that, Okay? So therefore, remember that one key person could potentially earn you literally thousands of dollars per month. Maybe right now, you're not seeing that but I'm very confident once we get launched and you see how this works and you see what other people are thinking, you will see that you go, oh man, I wish I had taken this seriously. I wish I had launched because what I've noticed and understandably so for some people is some people slow down and sharing it with others. Okay, By the way, I see Tom that he finally got on. Congratulations for getting on welcome. welcome. Uh let's see. I said to and welcome James Dowell. I'm going to show something on here. I think today, James, that'll go over what you ask me about yesterday. okay? So again, that's not just 1 month though. Whatever people earn you, you know, every month we get paid. we're paying you guys. So, this is something that can be huge for you for a very very long time.

So, I invite you to do that. So now, the question becomes though. so, how would you invite more people to join the free bots prelaunch or or I'll say or welcome Priscilla. I see you joining the call. and whatever else you're promoting. we know that we're not the only, the only show in town, right? We want you to promote what we're doing but you guys have your own things as well and we want you to be really effective in that. So, how specifically would you do that? Well, I've mentioned to you before that anyone that's a VIP Club member by the way, anyone that has a lifetime bot automatically gets the VIP Club for free. So you don't pay that $20 monthly fee for that. Every other VIP Club member does but anyone Who's a VIP.

Club member, and or a lifetime bot owner gets Endless. Free Leads. Mobile and again, if you're not clear what it is, I'm just going going to go through a couple slides but then I'm going to actually open it up and we're going to begin training on Endless Leads Mobile because I know I'm not the only one that put off opening up this very, very valuable tool and there's a good likelihood that I think it will be next Saturday that the founder This is Max Steiner will be available to do a training for our group as well. Okay? But it's got over sixty videos and Seventy-five scripts to help you communicate, connect, and close over 2 billion people on all kinds of social media sites. It's not limited to Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram. You know, when you learn a lot of these principles, they apply to all these different platforms but he will get go into detail with Facebook and LinkedIn a lot. Okay. And it is the fast, easy way to virtually grow your business from anywhere in the world.

That's the beauty of the internet. What what country are you in Norway? Tom or where are you? You're in Sweden. You're muted in Norway, Norway. Okay. I love accent. So, yeah, there's people literally all the way across the world. Scott's Columbia. You know, some of you are in Canada. Uh you can be anywhere in the world and if you have a phone, you can connect with people, communicate with them, and close them, Okay, so, here's the analogy. Max uses that I like a lot. If you had a bowl of all kinds of different nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, uh all kinds of different colored MandM's red, orange, green, blue.

Could you pick out just the green MandM's if you wanted to. Of course you could. That'd be pretty simple, right? Well, the analogy I just gave you there of all these different kinds of nuts and all these different kinds of MandM's. That's what all the people on Facebook are. Some of them are nuts, right? You want to stay away from the nuts. Some of are sweet like some of the MandM's but maybe they're orange or red or brown. They're not as valuable as the green ones and so the green ones might be, you know, if you're building some kind of business, you want people that are going to use your products and share it with others, right? There's some people that would love to use it but they don't want to tell anybody about it. That's fine but there are going to be people that will use it and tell others about it and they're, you know, And then there's some that will use it.

Tell others about it and be passionate like you guys who show up training after training, call after training, call those I would say are the Green MandM's. That's what you want to be able to do. You want to be able to quickly and easily go on any social media site, identify. Okay, where are my ideal prospects? How would I find them? How would I connect with them? How would I communicate with them? How would I them. Um So, let's move on. So, what this program includes is six training modules. each with a video and a downloadable book. Alright, I'm going to show you where you can find these things and some people like to watch video and when I say downloadable book, it's not something you're going to physically print out. Although I actually, I believe you can but it's point and click so you can search and I'll show you actually how that works. So, This is what I'm referring to. It comes in a flip book format with thumbnails. So, it's easy to find anything.

So, I've got my mouse over here. If you as an example, wanted to have your post seen by more people, you would click on that if you want to target your post, if you want to search on things, you can come over to the search bar over there. So, whatever you're looking for, there's all kinds of topics. There's a table of contents. Uh if you want to For example, how do you boost your post? How do you get more people seeing a post that you put on social media? Go ahead and do that.

How would you add five people a day as an example? Okay. Um how would you begin a conversation with people that are already in your contact list that you already have access to? Alright, so this is extremely valuable. Uh Max, you know, retails it for 397 but I say he sells it for one because he often discounts at 50% but still, that's a $200 program that you guys get for free by being a VIP Club member, Alright? So, how specifically do you get access to this if you don't have access to it yet There we go. Well, in our Facebook group, the free bot system and I'll show you this live in just a second. You go to the announcements tab and what I did is II had a uh post from 3 days ago, July 7th where I gave the update that I thought. hey, we're getting close on that on July 7th.

I was hoping actually we would move this Monday but it wasn't this funny. It's the nineteenth again but we're there. We're getting there and in the announcement tab underneath the image of all the people that maybe that you know that are in the group, you know, there's different buttons in the announcement tab. You want to click on that and then the very first post at the top, you'll see that picture of me there just go to that group and comment on the post. So, it's just ask for the link. I'll look you up and confirm that you are a VIP club member, or a lifetime bot member and then once you have done that, then um you know, I will get you a unique link if you don't have one. and um so again, it's just for VIP Club or Lifetime members. just comment in the post and ask for the link, okay? So, being said.

Let me show you where you will find this. So, when we when we are ready to go live with the free bot system, it will be in the training tab. When I click on training right now, the only thing that's there is our calendar and that way you won't have to worry about where's that calendar Tom. You'll know right where it is. Okay? And again, anyone that wants to know where's the link, you just click on the calendar event. it pops up and then the link is right there at the top. Okay. For any end but it should be the same link but sometimes maybe we will change. It's to just look for the link and use it there, okay? But the other thing, what we'll put in the training area is like on another uh marketing system we have under the training tab.

that's when I put my mouse on training. That's where we have Endless Free Leads Mobile. Once you click to access it, you will come to this page where you will register for it once. You only need to register for it one time and it will prompt you to create a username and password. create a different and password.

Then um whatever other account you have, I would suggest that and then once you have it, click here to log in. So, this page right here will be at it into our training tab once we go live for the free bot system. So, that's where you'd find it. Now, I've already clicked here to log in. So, I'm already in and I'm going to go through a couple brief videos. and you know, pause along the way and comment on it, Okay? Uh my goal is to try and keep this to an hour because in an hour and 40 minutes from now, I can't go 2 hours.

My fiance has a bunch of her friends here in the Charlotte area that are hosting a welcoming welcome to Charlotte Party. So, I have to be ready and I have to go but so I'm going to play. This is 10 minutes. I'm going to start it. pause it Let's make it full screen. Let me turn up my volume. Okay. It is already turned up.

If you guys have an issue with the sound, just let me know and I'm going to enter full screen and we're going to go live Hello, my friends. My name is Matt Steiner and I want to welcome you to my website. For those of you who are here for the first time, I'm here to help all of you take your business to the next level. If you're a network marketer, if you're an affiliate marketer, I've been teaching how to build a business on a social network, going all the way back 26 years to I've been on most of the social networks that have helped people go to 1 million dollars earnings.

Welcome to my website and let me pause is a second. I met Max about 20 years ago. This is his website. You're going to see what you see with Endless Free Leads. Mobile is a little different than this but the reason why I want you to watch this video is you'll see some of the other things that he has and if you don't know me or you, you'll have an opportunity to get to know him. Uh he has been in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies. I think not just once but twice in the past. If you don't know the Ink 500 fastest growing companies Ink Magazine put together.

It's not the the uh fortune 500 but it's another list of uh very um up and coming and and companies that are doing really really well. So, to be in the top 500 companies says a lot he's been doing this for 26 years now since the recording that might have been a year old. I'm not sure um and but I just wanted to show you that you'll see some other things that I'll pause and let you know why he is allowing to use this program for free because I have a great relationship with them. I refer him a lot of business and he lets us use this tool for free.

We do not make any money off of his other programs. He has other programs which I'll pause and show you that he talks about. I do not make a penny on those. I wanted to keep the cost of those as low as possible so that if you guys want to use this other programs, you get it for as little as possible. That's my goal. I'm just thrilled that we get this several hundred program for free that we get to include with the VIP Club 'cuz it adds a lot of value and this meets the number one need for most people which is how do I get in front of my ideal prospects, Okay, so, let's continue. I started a boot camp and I make this video to kind of introduce you to the information and the training that's available to you.

Now, up here, this is the login where you're going to go back into our training area where we have our products, our digital training programs, our live trainings. If you have any questions, you need anything, pop down here to help or come up here to contact and reach out to my customer service department every day For years, we've been promoting and we've been sharing a motivational message that you can receive on a daily basis that's going to help you boost your enthusiasm.

It's free to copy the information in there and you're good to go. Every day, we do live webinar Mondays through actually literally every day of the week. Our live webinars every day on Wednesday night, we have a special webinar. Most of our students like their prospects and team members to learn all the new things that are taking place on the social networks we do on Sunday night as well. These are our training programs are under the free Leads staff, our Endless Free Leads is a home study program that we release covers Facebook and LinkedIn. We have a script book provides you with precise language to use to engage people on any social network. As a matter of fact, it also works on the phone and face to face. We have a Spanish version of the Every month, we do a boot camp where we work with people live and teach everyone the latest information about the hottest social network So, the reason why he allows us to use this program for free.

It's like our free bot system. Everyone has a, you know, something that they lead with their business with but they have, you know, additional products and their services. Matter of fact, I think it was yesterday Yeah, I think it was yesterday. It was yesterday. Um I stopped at Costco. I had to get something for my fiance for this party tonight. and they had samples I haven't seen samples in Costco forever over, you know, since COVID, right? So, I try to sample something. I had no intention of buying. I would not have bought if they didn't have a free sample. It was some kind of sausage and it was really good.

I'm like, oh, I want that. so I picked it up and I put it in my shopping cart. right? That's how it works. So, Max Max, the Endless Free Leads. That's the program that you guys have access to with the sixty videos, Seventy-five scripts that again, other people are paying hundreds of dollars for. He's allowing me to get it for free to give it to you for free.

However, his other programs that he has, he mentioned earlier, a boot camp. So, he has a boot camp and that's very inexpensive and then so that's what he's referencing here and then he'll do a um a retreat once a month for 2 days. So, those are his main two programs. He will do some personal coaching that's for high-end people or people you know that want to be work with them one on one but you can get so much Um like he said in the beginning, the Endless Free Leads program a home quote home study course on your own. What I'm really excited about is I'm going to start going through this and start sharing with you what I'm learning from it and how to use it so that you're not hopefully just going to do it on your own because I know many of you won't even open it or haven't opened it even or haven't been using it, Okay, So, let's continue on Once a quarter, we do a two-day top earner retreat.

Our next one will be at the end of January every quarter, our ninety-day game plan and personal coaching information on my coaching program this year and success stories and testimonials are here when you log in to the training area, you're going to find our manuscripts but our Endless Readings Mobile program home that where you can do this on your own, rub it down into bite-sized scripts and strategies.

Our fast start finish strong. We have you engaged in the people on a daily basis right out of the gate before you even get into the meat and potatoes of program. We an online version we call a flip book that you can use the scripts for social networking. We've made it a special stand alone product. Our universal profile check. This is something that was so popular. We started giving it away. the top earner daily routine, the secrets of closing the sale in 30 minutes or less and then six social selling strategies that will provide you with immediate success followed by the individual components, four steps to create your page, connect with people, communicate with them.

Folks. that's our home study program. you can. if you click on Endless Leads, Mobile, step you through it next to our boot camps. Now, boot camp is where we work together in live trainings. Boot camp is frankly, for those of you that are familiar with working out at the gym. So, we have people that come back month after month after month. They're learning things. They're getting everything down, saying boot camp for 4 months, 5 months until you really get it. Some people go through a boot camp one time.

They've got it and they're up to the races and the next time I hear from them, they're bringing their team over from Our two-day to run retreat. Our Ninety-day game plan and we have here coaching and mastermind video Boot camp is a separate section. There's a welcome video with some training on the basics of working on a social network. The law, the basic steps that you have to follow every day.

You can click on any one of these tabs and get on one of our SMA sessions today. We had one at 9 AM and this is our last one tomorrow. we have one at 11 AM, Monday, 9 AM, 4, PM, and ten So, we have a 9 o'clock webinar every every morning for my camp. Participants can jump on like you're doing now and get the answers to your questions. For those people that register for boot camp early, we're going to provide you with the recorded sessions of last month's boot camp or December boot camp.

Create your page, connect with people, communicate with them, close them, you can get and I'm going to pause. That's uh he's that phrase a lot. So you want to, you know, you have to start by creating a page so you have to have a presence or something that will drop you know, people get to your Facebook page as an example. We'll grab their attention so they can learn about you. uh be attracted to you, and want to know more about you want to hopefully do business with you. So, that's you know, creating the page.

Then the second thing is, okay, now, you've gotta create it. How specifically do you connect with them? How do you communicate with them And then how do you close them? So, that's the create connect, communicate, and close. So, that's uh I'll show you where that is in Endless Leads. Mobile in just a little bit. Okay? once we get through this but that's very important. So, he's got a flip book for each one of these and he's got a downloadable Pdf Download the Pdf, download the document, or you can view the flip book Now, as technology changes, the information we provide changes the features that we provide change. For example, we've got our texting scripts to close more sales step-by-step instruction.

We open up the list now, if you click on the four boxes over here, you can find a preview of the information what we've done here as we give you the initial scripts to use, where to get gifts to your text messages. The first message is to send to people on LinkedIn and Facebook how to take back a message. You wish you'd never sent the basic twelve questions when you're talking to people and then we actually have a stutter. What do you say when someone says uh you know, I've seen too many people fail and that or I've been approached by many people or thanks but it's not for me or when you're prospect projects to an ownership.

These conversational examples were developed in our boot camps in my private coaching sessions and as a result, every one of these examples here as result themselves when you're talking to the right people. a tax description of how do you describe network marketing to a prospect? What do you do you say to a who mentions pyramids or you say a prospect doesn't like network marketing? Every one of these one of these results are in the same. for those of you that downloaded the previous one, look for the green text to make sure you have the most recent one. Additionally, we have the pandemic scripts. What do you say to people that have lost their jobs? Now, notice that the network of detecting strips is in a book format.

The pandemic scripts are our webinar format. All of them are being converted over to the book format and how to catch a corporate way out today. millions of people have lost their jobs and so this was written to show people how to approach whales corporate executives with a large circle of influence whales that companies have closed. They've lost their jobs. Executives with higher levels in companies, how to bring these people into your business as well as network marketers that are unhappy looking for another home. They're also programs. So, we break it down for you. We show you how to identify the folks where to find them, how to engage them, how to make the connections, and then what to say, how to start conversations with these folks so that you can enroll them in your business and when you bring a whale into your business, they don't come by themselves.

The scripts, strategies, pre qualifying questions that have to be copied, edited, and pasted available to everybody in boot camp. We also provide you with training on how to make your own profile covers, how to make your own motivational quotes, and messages, a weekly goal sheet to keep track of your activity, daily calendar sheet, and each one of our boot camp sessions has a flip with the contents of that session. So, you don't have to download it. You don't have to eat up a lot of cake. Last night, we had our first boot camp session, The flip book is already up. It's already in on Tuesday night. we're going to have our second session connecting with prospects. You can always. So, if you want to get ahead, come up and watch how to connect with you, how to communicate with them, how to close them. This is last month's boot camp for those of you that are in the boot camp, Welcome to boot camp. our Two-day Tom Barner retreats once a quarter are going to provide you with information and training that nobody in the ever gets 26 years.

I've never seen anybody else teach it and when we go to the mature, you're going to understand why because we're going to share with you the ten secrets that the top earners in network marketing know but they never talk about. You're going to master the online and offline secrets of network marketing millionaires. This one includes our Ninety-day game plan. Take your company Ninety-day game plan and I guarantee you it doesn't cover the information we cover because we show you how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to go to your business, how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to get people to a home party COVID-19. Nobody's doing home fires. We have a set section here where we've had Million-dollar earners over the years participate in a retreat and they share their wisdom. They share their knowledge, information that you will not get anywhere else. These people do not share this information with people in their own company. Now, 25% of the people that are going to participate in our retreats historically find other companies to work with and that's probably the one of the reasons why these people are here.

If you aspire to be a top earner in network marketing, this itself. It's not a goal. 14 years ago, Margie, a Brandy, who's an icon in the industry, approached me because her company was interested in mastering social media. She's working with a company called Nuances. They became a few years ago and so over the summer, Margie was back. Margie is a featured speaker at all kinds of networking events. She's used what I've taught her over the years. Our company is all over Facebook and when I showed her some of the things that were available to her on LinkedIn, she went nuts how to do Three-way call now. It's how to do a three-way shot. Alright, here you've got a Ninety-day game plan and if we, once you're in here, if you need help, you need assistance, just click on the word support, submit a ticket, and we're here to answer your questions.

We're here to help you. We're here frankly to help you go all the way to the top of your company. Welcome and if you're here for the first time, we're glad you made it. We're going to save you tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of time in building your business because there is no faster, easier way to build a network marketing business and I'm going to share with you four simple steps that duplicate almost immediately Okay. Anybody excited? And what are you excited about specifically? you can unmute yourself I just want to say, you know, I've been here since the first day of KW A and I got this and I kind of sort of opened it and just felt overwhelmed.

So, I'm excited because I don't feel overwhelmed right this minute. I feel like, oh, yay. So, yeah, I think I might do this boot camp thing. So, when's his next boot camp? I'll Once a month. I had it wrong on the boot camp and then the retreats. The retreats are quarterly. The boot camps are once a month. So, once a month and I think they're literally around. He charges offers more but with a discount um which he'll give to our people.

I think it's like $95. So, what you'll learn in there I mean, you get one good person and you work way more than that. Okay. Um and again we don't make a penny of it what I'm excited about with what you as I know that I've done the same thing. I haven't opened it for a long time even though I've had access to it and I know I'm not the only one. So, when we go through it together, I know that we're going to learn from each other. you know, and we'll break it down to bite sized pieces. I actually saved it on my phone. I wish I could figure out how to share this right now but I saw a picture of two ladders, one with very little steps and one with really big steps and the one with really big steps.

the person was reaching trying to reach the first step and they couldn't reach it and so with the little steps versus the big steps it showed with little steps. You can climb all the way to the top with big steps. You don't even get to the Right. So, I feel like it is overwhelming for a lot of people to go. wow, there's so much information I don't even know where to start, what to do. I'm here all by myself for us to do it together. That's why, you know, uh I literally prayed about it. I was like, what would be the best way to do this? I'm like, just play the video. You know, like I can give you the highlights but when you realize, okay, that was a 10 minute video. and it only minutes, right? And I picked up some key things. How often can I do that? And especially now that I have my accountability process, It's like, what if you just made a commitment to 15 minutes a day to go through Endless Mobile and to do it with someone else and then you ask them, hey, what did you get out of it? What did you get or what? or commit to specific action items, Okay, what are three action items you're going to do today? Well, I'm going to listen to module one.

I'm going to do this I'm going to do that or whatever. Okay. How about someone else? Welcome John Wolf. I know she just joined us. Welcome Nikki. I know she just joined us. Thank you, Michael. Oh, so Tom just said he's a Max's personal coaching program starting this week. So, Tom, if you don't mind me asking what have you done any other programs with Max besides the coaching or did you just go from Endless Free Leads Mobile to the coaching and also another question, what made you sign up for it? Um I just started with boot camp this week. this week uh boot camp and I have one lesson with the personal coaching okay? So, I'm very excited. Yes. Alright. What motivated you to sign up for the boot camp? Uh it was the total from personal coaching.

I get I get all of this. So, I'm very is in the in the beginnings. I can't say so much yet but I'm very excited. Okay? And if you don't mind me asking because I was just trying to remember off the top of my head, how much was boot camp I paid for all the prices for a personal collections. I don't remember the boot camp. Alright. thank you. Alright. how about um so I saw Bonnie joined us. So, welcome Bonnie. Welcome Nancy. Welcome James. and I think I said welcome Nikki. So, I want to make sure I didn't leave anyone out. So, welcome to the call. Who else is excited and what do you what specifically you're excited about? This is James. Hey, James. I uh I'm very excited because I've taken this course before. and I've been to two of the uh boot camps. Okay? And uh You know, so, I'm really excited now to see it. Mobile, you know, everywhere I go, people are looking at their phone. So, learn how to do it on my phone. I learn how to uh contact other people on their phone Uh you know, if your life changing, just learning what to say to people to uh when you're sending a friend request, you know, what do you do? What what's the first thing that you say and uh of course they're going to come back uh and you and you say, what do you what do you do which is what if your little paragraph with and they come back with what what they're doing.

You know, ask you, what do you do? Well, that is not an invitation for you to tell them that they're not actually wanting. It's just polite to say that. So, you gotta turn it back around to them to get them talking about themselves and what they're into in and get it completely off of you and what you have to offer in the beginning. read and find out where they're at. I mean, if they're already successful, everything we can to help them and uh all I can do is to say, hey, I got something free here that you might like or whatever and and move on. We're looking for people. We can help That's what I learned from. um thank you very much James. Do you remember how much it was for boot camp or how long ago did you do it? It was $99. $99. Okay. I knew it was around 100 or just under 100. Okay. Thank you, James. How about anyone else? Anyone else excited about what you saw? What you heard? I will share one thing.

It's like he showed uh two things there. I don't know if you remember this or or jumped out at you like it jumped out at me was um he's got a lot lot of testimonials testimonials for decades. You know, the last 20 years of doing this but he's also he's worked with a lot of people that are now literally number one in their company and so he also had a section of interviews from a lot of these people and like he said, some people I've interviewed a lot of top in commerce. I've been supporting this industry since 1996.

So, that's what 25 years now. So, um a lot of leaders they their territorial, they'll they'll share with their team but they don't even want to share outside their team in their own company. Let alone share outside their company. So, for him to have interviews and he had Probably look like a good Twenty-five to thirty of them from a lot of these top income earners and when he says these are going to be nuggets that you don't get elsewhere. Um I believe it, you know II, I'm very confident he's going to be some really valuable things and and you know we've all heard the saying, I'm sure people who learn more earn more, you know, and the value of one key idea acted upon um can can bear you know tremendous Okay.

So, I'm going to go back and share just another little area here unless anyone else want to add anything Okay, I'm going to go back to my screen too. and that was the welcome message. Okay? So, that's what we just watched. It was right here. Once you log in and let's release Mobile, the next thing is Endless Leads Mobile right here and this is where the very bottom where he's talking about those four steps. create your page, connect with people. So, create, connect, communicate, and close The four C's create connecting with. So, they're all right there. Now, he talked about the scripts book Sorry. The scripts for social networking. When I click on that one as an example, there, here's the video for it but also underneath it, this is where you can come down here and download the PDF version of it.

So, it's very easy to do and then here is what the flip book looks like. So, he'll give you a video format then, you can come down here and literally download it as a PDF so you can print it out if you to read it whenever you want and or right here, you can go to the online version which is the flip book. So, I'm just going to show you that by clicking on it and now it's loading.

That's what you're seeing now. It's loaded. So, this is where what he was saying. These are four squares right here. This will open up over here on the left side. So, there's 177 pages just in the scripts book. This is not fluff. Okay. This is a lot of really valuable content. This I believe is to of content. So, I'm going to click on that. Yeah, that's a table of contents over here. Okay And if you want to click on anything, then, you'll go right there Asking questions is the answer. I like that because I read a book called Questions are the Answer. So, if I click on that, you go right to that section about questions. Alright and then you can always go forward and backward in the book. You can always come over here and click on the search bar and type something in. You can come here and click on these four squares and this will show you, you know, the book in, you know, each two pages of the book. you want to go somewhere. Oh yeah. I wanted to go to page nine.

Click on it. You're right there. extremely valuable to Michael. Can you go back to that to to page? That was that fourteen and fifteen. Uh sure. Click the the the right here at the bottom. Okay, here are the six words that typically proceed and open ended question. That's that's major right there. Yeah, it is. And then and then I'll add to that and thank you for noticing that James and the who knows the word that I'm going to say, What word should you add after that to make those very good job. Good job. Right. So, who specifically might be an ideal person for you to contact about this when specifically might be a great time for you to goal set where specifically why specifically Is this the best time? You know? Is this the ideal time to take control of your life and make not just 2021 your best year ever but make that a snowball to the rest of your life, right? So, who, what, when, where, why, how specifically? Very good, Scott.

Glad you noticed that, Scott. So, So, this this is why I'm excited guys. There's a tremendous amount of value in this. I click the back button here. I think I'm just going back to where I want. I'll do that. Open up a new tab. Yeah, I opened up a new tab for me there. Okay. So again, I got here by putting my mouse on the street, Leads, Mobile and going to the scripts. Okay. So, they have a welcome video there. I'm not going to go through that.

Although, I would strongly encourage you to do it. It's 7 Minutes and 47 Seconds and the guy that goes through this, let me just pick any point in this He's show you. that will help you. So, he's going to show you how what's in Endless Free Leads. Mobile, how to jump around, what to what to expect, what to find, etcetera, okay? So, um let's see. That's there's the communication specific here in a moment. I'm going to flip back over here to the uh to the side bar and go down to where the actual scripts are. We've got this down by different careers.

alphabetically. Take a look from actors and actresses, affiliate marketers, and it's it's all alphabet. What we're in the seas car salespeople career professionals, financial planners, government employee. So, you get the idea so you can find that all in there. secrets to closing the sale in 30. minutes or less. This is free but sometimes people assume I've been guilty of this. Oh, it's free. So, um I'm going to spend my time and energy on something I paid $10 for or $50 for $500 for because this must not be valued. This is extremely valuable. The number one need most people have for building a business, any kind of business they need to get in front of more people now. There's a saying, you know, systems are the key to duplication. Duplication is the key to successfully building a business. If you're a great recruiter and you recruit 510, 100 people but those people can't recruit, then your business is going to be extremely limited compared to what it could be having this tool that they will have access to will enable them to learn.

Hey, how do I get in front of uh You know, a ton of my ideal prospects. How do I communicate with them? How do I connect with them? How do I close them? What do I say to them? etcetera? How do I create my Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin page? So, it's attractive. So, people want to reach out to me, right? How do I connect with them? get them and so forth. So, this is what will create duplication for you is that you get them to join this free Leads. Um sorry, the free bot system for free. We're going to do everything we can once they get into it and where is it? I think it's over here.

Once they get into the free bot system and we're going to do everything we can to to show them the value of the VIP Club and why they should want to join it and there's an image that Max has in there. Alright, that I just showed earlier and so they realized that and they realize all that they get from being a Vip. They're going to get our mailing system. That's where twenty bucks alone as Priscilla's big on saying hey, you got a phenomenal income that's worth twenty bucks a month alone. Um they're going to get all our are done for you conversations went to that. Okay, I gotta tell the programmer to make that work. This is not live yet but when it's live, it will. we should have had a pop up there to show all the different unlimited pages that you get. Oh, I know what I was going to show.

So, James ask me a question the other day. He was looking at, I think over here in the and by the way, these are now linked. Um if someone goes to the VIP Club section It's linked underneath it. So, once I close it, I'm right there. Well, there's a chart right above it here. and James was asking, hey, what do you mean by some flexibility like the free bot plan? Do they get to create their own conversations? No, lifetime bot people. Yes, they have total control but what does it mean for the VIP club people to have some flexibility right? Well, that is, oops, from one over here, this will be phase two. Of the VIP Club. Once we get launched.

Once the VIP Club is live, then version two or phase two of the VIP Club will be to allow people to not only select whatever conversation they want which would be a web page with it done for you. Chat on it but also in step two, what they'll be able to do is edit the headline if they want to over here over here. It was over here. Yes. Over here. when we're on the get started page and someone goes to choose an existing chat conversation and they come to a page, they'll just be able to choose to check the web page with the chat conversation and enter in their affiliate link. They will not get to change the page if they want to. They will not get to be able to change the headline but VIP Club members will in phase two able to come here and say, hey, I want a different headline.

So, instead of no, all they gotta do is click yes and edit it just to edit the headline to say whatever they want. They also will be able to edit the background. So, this image here while it's professional and look beautiful, etcetera, they might say that's nice but I don't want to use that. I want to click yes and then they'll be given options how they can change that and then last but definitely not the least, if you're a lifetime bo person, you can even put your own chat conversation in this box here and have that change the check there. So, James, that's I talk to James over the phone. This is specifically the difference between this page over here where people who are not VIP Club members will be able to choose their conversation but they're limited to two if they're not a VIP club member, they put in their affiliate link which is where prospects go at the end of the bot conversation but they do not get to edit the page.

They do not get edit the headline and they do not have the option to change that chat conversation. All of which someone can do as a VIP club member. Well, the first two changing the headline, changing the background. You can do that as a VIP club member and if you're a lifetime bot owner, you can also paste in a link to your own chat which would then change the chat there that declared James that give you a little more visual to what we talked about the other day. Absolutely. Um I was I was trying to figure out. Okay, after after we talked yesterday, um you know, I'm asking myself, okay, I've already seen that many times. Why is it that that II thought I didn't understand that you know, like playing as the nose on my face but then I realized, okay, and and maybe somebody else has this or will have this, you know, for people that we contact but okay. over the years of having so much um going on where you have an MPthree for something that you're doing and you can create your own MPthree and put it in the system.

My my was locked on. Okay. Can I, can I put an MPthree in there? and I couldn't get past that in my thinking. I was like, okay, how do I put my own MPthree in here? if I'm just a VIP guy. It was crazy. So, so when I realized that, wait a minute, okay, this is not even apples and apples here. So, anyway, that's what happened with that. I was locked into something that that when you say conversation, I'm thinking MPthree but that's what happened to me.

Crazy. Alright, I'm clear now. Okay, great. Glad. Glad that you are clear and I forgot where I was before this. Anybody remember? Oh, it's on the Endless streets. Mobile. Um Michael, can I, can I ask something on this page that you're still while you're still here? Sure. I have the the the bot and the life spot.

If I like a conversation but I just want to change a few things. am III. think the answer is yes but I'm just going to ask it again. Am I going to be able to go in and just change pieces of that conversation If it's already pre done if it's pre done, then you have two choices. Use it as it's pre done or paste in an entirely new check.

Now, the new check Let me take an existing chat. So, let me come over here to my lifetime bot admin area. Okay? Waiting for it to load. Alright, So, this might be, you know, if I go back here to the flows here in down here in the on the lower left hand corner where it says template library, you can click on the template library. You'll come over here to our store. See all of these done for you conversations and Oh, I want this one.

You preview it. you install it and then once you've installed it, it's over here, you know, on your site and then, let's say you're working with a particular one and you go, I like it but I want to edit it a little bit. So, you would come over here. You would edit it a little bit. So, I've shown this before but I'll do this again. I'm just zooming in and let's say it says, would you like free info? One of the best kept secrets to wealth and you go, I don't want that. You click on it. It pops up over here. You change it from one to three. You change wealth to hell. okay? And then you click outside of this area and you publish it to save it. The lower left hand corner, you're going to get a success little green box. Now, I've saved it, okay? So now, what would I do now? I have to put my mouse on start and I'm going to copy this published, get the published link by clicking on it tells me it's copy then you would come over here and you'd say, hey, I want to paste that link in there.

That's that's what you're going to do. We'll have a video. We'll do a training on it but my point is, we are going to show you how you go from, you know, having access to the the library of all of our bot conversations, downloading and or installing any of them or all of them going and editing a specific one if you want to getting the link to it. and now over here, you can come here and say, hey, you're giving me this page. I want to change the headline.

I want to change the image and I also want to change that chat conversation just a little bit whether it's one thing or 99% of it doesn't matter if you want to make any changes, then, you would need to come over here. Do what I just did. Get the link and then come back over here and paste in that link, okay? That's that's what I wanted to verify because each time you were saying it, you were saying you get You can put a brand-new chat by the sound of like you're saying you can't keep that chat and altered. So, I just wanted to verify. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I see you have your hand up. Yeah. Uh told us we had to make a copy of it because it when they update it, they're going to, it has nothing to do with this. No, that's different. Yeah. But but I wouldn't suggest giving it a new name so that you know that it's not the old one.

Yeah. So the question is Whatever. Whatever. Let me just say this right now. Whatever conversation is right here. do you see my mouse moving on over here on the page? Whatever conversation is there is going to be in the store and so you can go. I like, I like what's here but I want to change it a little bit. So, changing it means you go to the store, you install it. It's now in your in your admin area. you can come in, edit it and then when you're done, editing it. Get the link to it and now, you'll be able to paste the link over here. So, it's the way you want but it's not changing what we have in our library for anybody else.

This is your own unique change that you made because you wanted three secrets to help instead of one secret to wealth as an example. Scott, did you want to say anything more about that? That's specifically for the people who have the butt dashboard you can buy. Yes, this is all. Thank you for clarifying. And that's the thing here I wanted to say is there's three things to change for the and and and and we'll need to clarify that.

That's so one is step two. Anyone who's a VIP club member When this is live, this will be phase two of the VIP Club because there's a little bit more work involved. They'll be able to come here instead of not being able to change it to say, oh yes, I want to get an editor and make a change to whatever we had for the headline then as a default, the background will be let's say in this example, this picture and they go, I don't want that one.

I want a different one. They click this button and then we give them some choices here to edit that page. Now, step four, um you can paste in your own link just like you do over here in step two like that. This would be where someone goes when the chat ends and they're prompted to click on a button. You can still do that here but you know, that's that's the your website part the or your chat part and maybe We'll put this as two separate boxes and so if you have a lifetime bot, maybe maybe we'll do it this way. I'm just getting an idea. So, if you don't own a lifetime but you won't even see where your chat, you just put in your link but if you own a lifetime bot, we'll give you another uh another rogue text here and prompt you to put in your own chat conversation. would be a link like this.

Okay? So, that way we can make it clear, Okay? Priscilla. Yes, that's clear. Okay, great. Are you waving or did you have a question or did she just disappeared? Oh, she was waving. Goodbye. Okay. I thought she was asking you a question. I guess she had to go. Okay. So yeah, all this started with Endless Leads, Mobile Uh where was I over here? Just saying guys, this is a bonus for getting the VIP Club. I mean, this is so worth $20 a month to have access to all this information. It's ridiculous and then you you know, a compensation plan that goes along with it. alright? And you're going to get access to all the Done-For-You conversations. which should be right here. This link should work. There we go. So, these, you know, these are the examples of all these different pages where so if someone says, well, I like that image but I don't want that headliner. I don't want that conversation to go with it but gosh, if I could take this headline, with that conversation but put it on this page. That's what I want to do.

That's what we're going to allow more flexibility So, I'm super excited. Again, it all started with um in the PowerPoint Yeah. So, in the very beginning, I said, hey, not this Monday but Monday the nineteenth we are expecting to, we're posting it. We must be very confident that we are going to uh go make the move to the cloud on the nineteenth. Okay. So it's easier to read there. so don't do any advertising then once that's done, we're expecting it to be done that night. There may be little things that come up all week long. So, programmers are knowing that hey, that's number one because this is our live system.

For servers. Thousands of clients using our system. that's first but if everything goes away, we hope and expect Monday all day Monday then come Tuesday, Free Bot system is number one and we're going to do whatever we can to get to get get you to be able to log in and as we add, you know, we'll add to add things in pieces. Okay, last but not the least I had in So, I have to make it a commitment with my accountability partner.

Is to redo this video. So, I think it was what a week ago, Tuesday, whatever we offered five people to get our private label offer that's sold out in 5 days. So, we're thrilled with that. We went like we expected. now, it is at a higher price and I would say a much higher price. Okay. So, congratulations to people. I think there's on the call. John Charles. Connie, and James Seal who took advantage of that. Those are three of the five. I'm going to redo the video.

It will be on the same page If anyone wants to get a heads up for what we're talking about. The only thing that will change will be the price you can go to private label Rights FPS, which stands for free bot to watch the video or else I'll make a commitment and I should have it live by Monday. So, by Tuesday, or maybe I'll Email you guys. Let me know. Um if you missed out on this, didn't know about it, whatever. I would encourage you to at least watch the video, find out what it's all about, okay? If it's not for you, that's perfectly okay. Alright? so with that, I got welcome to Charlotte Party. I gotta get to, I cannot be late to that and um I'm super excited. We'll keep you guys posted. If there's anything new we can do or you got ideas you guys have that we can share, just keep, let us know and again, my focus until we are live, live, live with everything with the free bot system is to start going through uh Endless release Mobile Max's program and see what I can learn from it to share with you guys and encourage you guys to go through it together.

You know, um so that you do it because that's last week. I said what see it Say it. Do it right. So, how many people got an accountability partner? I got two. I got my team set and we're excited. We're yes and it's Joanne and it's Kimmy and me. Congratulations. Very good. Anybody else? And if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, go watch the last three trainings from a week ago, Saturday, July 3rd to sixth.

Scott's still trying to count. Mike talking to him every day. That doesn't count, buddy. we didn't talk today either. Okay? So with that, you guys have an awesome weekend. Um I'll do my best to post this in the guide section. um as soon as I see it and we'll I'll update my calendar, My plan is to update it which I do my best and I have been very faithful in that every Monday and then do the trainings Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Okay. You guys have a great day. God bless. Buh bye. Bye everyone.

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