welcome to this video series in which you get to 
watch me over the shoulders as i build a funnel   using one of the best funnel builders out there 
which is click funnels you're going to watch me   build a squeeze page a sales page and a thank 
you page and hopefully you'll see how easy and   powerful it is to use click funnels so let's 
dive right in and i'll see you in the next   here i am in my click funnels account 
and i'm going to click on add new   to create a new funnel and i'm presented with two 
options here cookbook builder process and classic   funnel builder cookbook and builder process what 
this means is that if you choose this you could   explore different types of funnels and pre-done 
funnels and basically find the right funnel for   your business and the other option here is a 
classic funnel builder which is just to create a   new funnel from scratch so instead of looking for 
a pre-dawn funnel that i could use for my business   i'm just going to create a new funnel from scratch 
so i'm going to click on here create new funnel   and now i get to choose the goal or they're asking 
me what my goal is so my goal here let's just see   the options here to collect emails sell a product 
a host webinar my goal is mainly to sell a product   i may want to collect emails too but i'm going to 
go with this one sell your product okay now i'm   being asked what type of funnel a sales funnel 
which it says here to sell your products after   collecting leads with a squeeze page or a product 
launch sell your product in a launch sequence with   video pages or a membership sell your content 
with a membership that you can charge for and i'm   going to go with the first one here sales funnel 
now i'm going to create a name for this funnel   and here it says select group tag i'm just going 
to skip that for now and click on build funnel   and there you go now as you can see here 
i have the pages for my funnel and the   next step is to choose so now that we've got a 
funnel structure to work with here let's start   selecting the templates and the first one we're 
going to select the template for is the first   page which is our squeeze page so here's some 
templates that we can choose and you can preview   them by just clicking on the preview here so 
for the first one here let's click on preview   and i'll skip this template let me keep looking 
for a template that will suit my needs here okay so this is nice simple and short i 
think i'm going to go with this one here so i'm going to select the templates and there you go so in the next video i'm going 
to go ahead and edit the content and the copy on   this video i'm going to edit the squeeze page that 
i've just selected i'm going to click on edit page let's just read what it says on this current 
template it says free video exposes how one newbie   banked eleven thousand in two days with no prior 
knowledge okay so this is the headline and then   here is the text telling let's just read it sign 
up now and get the exact same strategy that one   kid used to transform his entire life okay so 
this is where this is the call to action i believe   fill out the form below to get your free video 
sent and get this now funnels okay so here's the   copyright information you could edit that i'm 
not going to edit this part here for now i'm   going to edit the headline and the other important 
parts of this squeeze page so let me just go to   my word document here where i pasted some of 
the information that i want on my squeeze page   so i'm just gonna select this and paste my headline so my headline is 
ultimate checklist that will show you how   to quit your day job and earn a 
full-time income online now let me just   fix this up a little bit maybe 
i just have to reduce the font there okay so now the call to action let me 
see if i have a call to action and yes i do so i'm just going to paste it onto here   okay and let me just edit this call to action a 
little bit it doesn't really look that good claim   your free checklist enter your name and email to 
get instant access to grab this checklist okay so i'm going to select bold maybe i'm going 
to increase the font size a little bit and change the color of the font so text color wall color   because i've selected bold it's become red so 
let me just change the bold color here to black okay and as i make these changes i click on save okay here it says fill out the form below 
to get your free video sent straight to you   so let me just replace video with checklist okay and i want to change the image on here so   what we have here this looks like a tablet of 
some sort so i'm just gonna just click on this and where it says image i'm just gonna click on here   these are all the images that i've uploaded 
and i'm gonna do a search for something more   appropriate so i type in checklist here and 
this is what pops up here and just let you   know all these images are copyright free 
so let's go ahead and choose this one here and it says here to double 
click on image to upload   to your image library so double click on that okay and then i'm just going 
to go ahead and add the image okay so it has been added and again i'm 
going to save it and the last thing i'm   going to do is to integrate my autoresponder 
into the squeeze page so basically when   potential subscribers enter the information and 
click on get this now and they'll be subscribed to   my list so to do that you just go to 
settings and click on integrations okay and then you select your 
autoresponder so my case is get response   action add to campaign and then from here you 
would just select a list and for now i'm going to   skip this since this is just a demo okay and again 
i like to save i like to save often as i'm making   changes or just even if i'm not making changes 
i like to continually save just to be safe now   let's go ahead and preview the squeeze page okay 
so it looks good i'm happy with it and i'm going   to move on to the next now let's work on the sales 
page so first thing we're going to do again just   like with the squeeze page we're going to select 
a template and let me just browse through here   simple clean classic sales letter page preview 
it just to make sure it's something that i'd want okay i think i'll go with this so i'm 
gonna go ahead and select templates and there you go so it's pretty easy 
now in the next video i'm gonna go ahead   and add my sales copy to this video i'm going to 
input my sales copy onto my sales page template   i'm going to click on edit page before editing i'm going to take a look 
at the entire sales page template here okay so let's get started here first thing i'm 
going to put here is my headline so i'm going to   go to my word document and my headline is internet 
marketing expert reveals how to earn a full-time   online income in just one year paste that onto here now to make this stand out more i'm 
going to change the color of the font now for whatever reason the color 
of the font is not changing so   i'm going to try to create a new 
headline here and see if that works   i've never had this problem before but so i'm 
just going to create a new element here and   again i'm going to paste 
that my headline onto here and let's see what happens text color white and there you go so that works 
i'm going to delete this one   here so to delete i'm just going 
to click on this garbage icon here actually i shouldn't have deleted that because 
i do have a pre headline i'll just go here my pre-headline is are you still 
struggling to work from home   and not have to worry about commuting to work so what i'll do is i'm going to clone this 
okay and i'm going to put my pre headline here let me just copy this and let's just decrease the font size and maybe change the color of the fonts and my headline it seems like the font size   is a little too small so i'm 
going to increase the font size and now i'm going to click on save   and now it's asking me to change the seo metadata 
so let me just quickly edit this here for now and again i'm going to click on 
save i don't have a sales video   for the sales page so i'm going 
to delete this sales video here and again click on save i actually have another headline here 
this is a sub headline so let's copy this click on add new element and 
i'm going to choose sub headline make this bold and maybe i'll change the color 
of the font to something different and now i'm going to click on save the next 
thing that i want to add to the sales page is   this text right here that's right underneath the 
headline and this text here is where i highlight   the problems that my customers may be 
having so let me just quickly read it   here it says trying to end your struggle with 
finding the right online business opportunity   blah blah blah and it says your stress 
may have already gotten the best of you   maybe you have spent hours searching the internet 
for opportunities and it ends with and they all   left you with frustrating results so this section 
right here i'm going to put on to the sales page so this is what i just completed i've put this 
headline here and underneath that on this template   there's a button here where it says yes i want 
instant access now so there's a buy button here   and this actually looks good and i think i'm 
going to instead of just deleting it removing it   i'm going to keep it there for 
now and i'm just going to create   a new section here so i'm just 
going to click here add new section and now i'm going to add a 
new row and make it one column okay add new element and instead of 
selecting headline i could go with paragraph or let's see text area and i 
think i'll go with paragraph now i'm going to go back to my word document okay copy the first couple of sentences okay just increase the font size i'll make it 22.

Okay and the next thing i'm going to 
paste on here are the bullet points so   i'm going to click on add new elements and instead 
of selecting paragraph i'm going to go to bullet list okay let me see if i just if i could just 
copy and paste all the bullet points onto here no you can't okay so i'm just gonna do it 
individually let me just do it again here okay and i believe you should be able to change 
the icons here so instead of just a check mark   if you want you could change it to 
something else so let me just uh   see if i can do that here list 
type icon list i can make it   an ordered list so one two three but if i go to 
icon list maybe i could go to themes and i could   change the look so if i select this let's see 
what happens and there you go so this one looks   a lot better i'll go with this and if i go to 
advanced let's see what my options are here i guess you could pick these icons but you 
know i'm just going to skip this for now   i don't want to take too long showing you how 
to put some bullet points on the sales copy here   and let me just increase the size of the font and the last thing to add is the 
last sentence of this section so i'm going to add new elements   paragraph and just paste the 
sentence onto here and just format it and there you go so when i'm done that just click 
on save so far i've placed headlines at the top   of the sales page and i've placed a section 
here where i talk about the problems that my   potential customers may have had and now the next 
section is where i'm going to introduce myself   and talk about the success that i've had so this 
button right here i'm not going to delete it yet   for now i'm just going to move it 
so i'm just going to drag this down and also drag well it says here no worries we 
have a 30d money back guarantee sure i'll just   drag this down as well i'll 
move it below the that button okay so from here this is where you can put your 
picture and to do that i'll just quickly show you   how you just click on this where it says image 
and then you would add image but i've already   shown how to add an image so i'm going to cancel 
that now one thing you could do is you could go   to advanced and you could change the layout so 
instead of having your image first and the text   you could have it reversed and 
have the text and then the image   okay but let's just put it back to the default   so there's quite a few things you could do here 
you for the image radius you could add a circle   i think it's already a circle or you can add 
round corners or just have nothing on there   so let's say you want round corners let's see what 
that looks like okay so it's basically a rectangle okay you can have a border you could have a shadow 
let's skip that for now and let's just edit the   content here so let's just say my name is john 
doe and here you could put your qualifications and i'm just going to change the font size okay and i'm just going to go 
to my sales letter draft here   okay so the headline for this section is but there 
is good news so maybe i should add a headline here i'm just going to clone this and then i'm going to add a headline and let's see what the headline 
is again but there is good news okay and then i'm just going 
to delete this section up here and then i'm just going to replace this text so 
just go back to the sales page here or the draft i'm just going to copy that go here and paste that onto here and just format it okay and save it for now so now let's go back to our word 
document and let's see what's next okay so i see that there's just going 
to be quite a few more paragraphs   and sub headlines that i'm going to have to put on 
to the sales template and i've already shown you   how to put in the headlines and paragraphs 
so rather than recording all this what i'm   going to do is i'm going to stop recording and i'm 
going to put all these paragraphs and headlines in   and then in the next video i'm going to 
record myself putting in the testimonials   all right so i've just finished transferring 
over some of the headlines and paragraphs   from my word or document and now i'm at the 
section where i'm going to be putting testimonials   so with this sales page template they already have 
a section for you to put your testimonials and the   picture of the person giving the testimonial all 
right so let's start with the testimonial headline just go to my word document and the headline 
is you don't have to take my word for it so just paste that onto here click save and i'm going to transfer 
these sentences onto here okay so basically it says i've already slipped the   secret to select group of people blah 
blah blah let me just format this here and click save okay so the first testimonial i'm going to put 
in the person's name testimonial giver's name   let's just call her julie jackson and her testimonial let's just 
say will be product is awesome now of course this is just a demo i'm not actually 
going to be selling this product so these are just   fake testimonials this is just for demonstration 
purposes okay now if we go here well let's just we   could just click on the entire box here or click 
on this icon here and you could change the image   and by now you should know how to change 
the image as i've shown it already   and you could also go to advanced and you 
could change the layout let's say from text   image to image text so i've already 
shown that for the introductory section   but let's just put it back to the 
default okay i'm going to click on save and again here okay now it looks like the 
testimonial actually goes here so let me just edit   this part here product is awesome okay and i guess 
under the name i'll just put their occupation okay so product is awesome and now 
for the next person's testimonial i learned a lot and his name is ted smith public speaker click on save now 
i'm just going to increase the font so by now if you've been watching these videos 
you can see that using click funnels is very easy   okay so that's it for the testimonial section and 
let me just see what i have to do next after this   okay so after the testimonials it's just more 
headlines and paragraphs which you should   already know how to do i've shown that in my 
previous videos so i'm not going to record myself   doing that and in the next video after i've done 
adding these without recording myself in the next   video i'm going to show you let's see here i'll 
just show you adding the buy button and i think   that will be the last thing i will show you 
for this sales page but we will see okay but   for now let me work on the next 
paragraphs and headlines and i'll see you   in the next video as i said in the previous video 
i was going to add more paragraphs and headlines   to the sales page template without recording it 
because you've already seen me do it so i don't   want to be too repetitive here but anyhow i've 
just finished adding all the text that i need   for this sales page okay and the last thing i 
have to do here is the buy now buttons which   i want to talk about in this video and so 
i'm going to be using the buttons that came   with this template just for this demonstration of 
course if you want to use your own buy now buttons   you could do that so let's just take a look 
at this one let's if i wanted to add a link   to this click on that and you could go to 
set action and you could either you have a   few options from here you could go to the next 
step in the funnel so if you have an order form   for example if you click on if you choose this 
the customers will be brought to the order form   if you have an order form in your funnel um you 
could also go to a website url so if you're using   another platform such as wire plus or jvzoo you 
could enter the url to the checkout page on those   websites okay you could also do a facebook opt-in 
or you could open a pop-up or you could go here   and select submit order so basically when they 
click the button it's going to submit the order   and in order for an order to be submitted you need 
to go to the settings here and click on general and where it says on submit go to and you could 
enter the url of the checkout page if you're   using a different platform now if you want to 
use a different button what you could do is you   could delete this and you just click on any of 
these things here where it says add new element and you could go to add an image okay click on that and then you would just 
choose your image from here you could upload it   and then you would enter the link url 
down here okay another alternative   is to add new elements and instead of 
selecting image you could go to button and then just click on button and you could edit 
this button right here so you could edit the text   on there you could set the action again similar 
to this order button right here now let's take   a look at the other buy now buttons this would 
be the same thing you just set the action here   and there's a link here where it says click 
here to add this for only thirty seven dollars   so this is not a button what you could do here 
or just click on that and click on this little   pencil icon here and you could add the url link 
now that i've completed the sales page i'm going   to go on to the next page which is the thank you 
page or the download page but before i do that   i just want to quickly show you the other pages 
i have here that i'm probably not going to use   okay there's an order form and order confirmation 
of course you may use this for your business but   i'm not going to use it because well usually i 
use a different platform for selling products   online such as warrior plus or jvzoo now 
if you decide to go with the order form   which is the next funnel step here or if you 
don't you can just click on the x to delete   it but let me just show you what they look 
like so if you click on the order form here you'll be presented with 
some templates that you could   choose from so let's just take a look at 
this one here preview okay so if you had   an order form your customers would 
just fill out their information here okay let's close this now let's take a look 
at the order confirmation so this is where   customers are brought to after they pay and 
again if you don't want this you could just   click on x to delete it or you could go ahead 
and use it i'm not going to use it because again   i use a different platform and customers are just 
automatically brought to the confirmation page of   those platforms but if you decide to use 
these ones here again you have templates and   let's look for a template that you could use 
click on preview so basically it says thank you   and it looks like your typical confirmation 
page okay so i'm going to close that and in   the next video i'm going to go ahead and create 
uh the thank you page which is the next step here   another thing too if you want to create another 
page you want to add another page to your funnel   you could go here click on add and use 
step so you could do that type in the   name of the funnel step and you could 
choose to have it shown in the funnel   or not in the funnel okay so let's just 
create one just for this demonstration here okay and now you have a page called a demo 
page i'm not going to create the thank you page   for the product that's been purchased in this 
funnel you're going to need two thank you pages   one thank you page for the people who opt in the 
squeeze page for the free gift and you need a   thank you page for people who purchase the product 
i'm not going to show you the process of creating   a thank you page for the free gift because it's 
pretty much the same thing not the same thing but   it's similar you just go to opt-in and just click 
on thank you and you could choose any of these   templates here so for example let me just show you 
a template i would choose for a thank you page for   the free gift and i see that there's a lot more 
templates here for the free gift option let's just   take a look here preview this one congratulations 
you're on your way to success what's next check   your email for the video link okay so this looks 
like a nice thank you page let's just close that   let's take a look at one more before i move on and 
work on the thank you page for purchased product okay so this is a nice looking one here 
okay so let's close this and let's get   started working on the thank you 
page for the purchased product and i'm just going to scroll through here   and this is actually one of my favorite templates 
right here the arrow thank you page i'm just going   to select preview so you can take a look here 
and what i like is that there are steps and then   under these underneath each step there is aside 
from a call to action there is a link that you   could put in there and also a button if you want 
to do that as well so i'm going to choose this   i'm going to click on the select template 
okay and now that it's in my funnel   i'm going to go ahead and edit the content 
on this template so i'll see you in the next   video now that we've chosen our template for the 
thank you page let's go ahead and edit the page okay let's start from the top here you could 
insert a logo here if you have one so you can   just click here and you can just upload your image 
here but for now i'm going to delete this since   we don't have a logo so it says your weight 
your purchase is not complete please follow   the steps below to complete your purchase 
so usually what i would do step one i would say something like check your email and then in the description here   let's just delete this here i'll 
just tell them to check their inbox here let me just type it down here please please check your inbox folder and your spam folder click on the confirm button to ensure that you receive   future updates so i would say something like this 
i don't have the text right now that i usually   put but it would be somewhere along the lines of 
this where you ask the customer to check their   email and to confirm their subscription and to 
ensure that they have the correct email address   on our database so that they could receive future 
updates for this product okay and then step number   two it could be anything here you could for 
this demo let's just say download your product okay and then you could type down whatever you 
want here you could also put a link right here to   the download file okay you could also put it here 
on the button and you could also edit this button   it says button text here so instead of saying 
click here to register you could say click here to   download or to activate whatever you want to 
say and then edit the action so what's the   action you want when they click on the 
button and again you can put a link to   the file wherever it is and for now let's just 
click save and now step three if you don't have   anything to say you could just delete this 
so let's just delete step three and step four   says check your email i've already gone through 
that so we're just going to delete this as well   sometimes i have as many as five or more steps 
on here but for this demonstration i'm just   going to show you the two steps that you could 
put on your thank you page so let's delete this and there you go now my funnel is complete i 
hope you've enjoyed watching the videos and   learning from them and if you watched all 
these videos you can see how easy it is   to use click funnels there's 
not much of a learning curve   so i wish you the best of luck 
and have fun creating your funnels

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