So on this channel we’ve been going over 
strategies for growing your fanbase using TikTok   but since I’m a nerd about marketing strategy 
in the previous episodes of this series we have   gone into more advanced strategy of how to grow on 
TikTok but since I am always reading your comments   and what you post in my facebook group I know that 
you want some clarity on some basic functions of   how you grow on TikTok. So in this video I’m going 
to show you how you grow on TikTok and help you   understand the rules of the road.

Hi I'm Jesse Cannon a music marketing   nerd whos teaching musicians how 
to grow their fanbase from zero   to 10,000 fans and this is Musformation.
Before we get started some of this stuff may be a   little basic to you so if you get bored feel free 
to skip through the chapters of the video. So I   want to be clear about the objective 
of promoting your music on TikTok cause   every week I talk to you all in the comments of 
these videos or in the consulting calls I do and I   feel like you all are increasingly losing the 
plot here. I know you hear stories of these stars   made on tikTok but you probably don't make 
music that would do that. But what you do   is make music that a lot of people would like 
and what we’re trying to do is take advantage   of one of the biggest opportunities in music 
promotion to have some fun, express yourself   and then have it draw attention to your music. 
Unlike some of the YouTube grifters on here,   that talk about music marketing I am not going 
to gas you up with unrealistic expectations   what I’m going to outline here is how you 
get in front of the eyes of the people most   likely to enjoy your music who will then lift 
up your numbers and build your fanbase.

Now I   do want to clarify if anyone tells you something 
definitely works or ​​doesn’t on TikTok right now   they are a fool as this app is still coming into 
its own and people will redefine the rules in big   ways in the coming years BUT these are what works 
in most case scenarios. But enough of disclaimers   so I can evade being punished by internet 
know it alls in the comments… Lets go!
  Attention Span of TikTok
Ok lets first understand the main   thing that sets TikTok apart from other social 
media apps and defines this era of social media.   When Twitter came out one of the things people 
liked is the Internet was filled with long blogs,   articles explaining things that really didn't 
need 2,000 words since you just wanted to hear   what in the hell happened.

Most of us just 
wanted the TLDR meaning Too Long Didn't Read   and that led to the Tumblr trend of ending a 
long story with a TLDR or what some of the more   insufferable virgins do to my youtube videos where 
I go long on subjects people want more details on   it clearly not getting the point like they always 
do annnnyyyyyywaaaayyyyyy What I am getting to   here is that TikTok has essentially done what 
Twitter has done to the article and made it in   performative video form. Give me some information 
or a fun visual and present it to me as fast as   you can and once its done let me swipe on it. I 
say all this to say when I look at your TikToks   it seems you don't get this is the very core of 
what people are looking for here in the app.
  So here is what your potential fans on TikTok are 
looking for – The name of the game is how do I   say or this in as little time as possible to where 
its effective and entertaining for the viewer.   That is to say unless a pause in your speech is 
needed for affect, cut it.

Unless your creating   anticipation cut it. If a sentence is unneeded to 
convey your meaning and at all superfluous cut it.   And most of all since I see 
so many of you neglect this,   cut every single pause before you start speaking 
and chop off the end of the video silence   that's especially important since your video 
spreads less if the user scrolls past it.
  So after I tell people that they immediately ask 
me why theres a three minute option on TikTok if   that's the case. Listen up here chief – a quick 
look around the stats on the Internet the majority   of what spreads on tiktok are things when that 15 
second button is pressed and they are done under   that time. And while 60 second videos still spread 
the ones that are longer than 60 seconds that do   are an exception to a exception of the rule. And 
now is probably a good reason to breakdown why   TikTok has one goal and its to keep you scrolling 
through that app and if you get bored your more   likely to leave the app.

So they punish videos 
with lulls and that do bad superfluous story   telling and show them to less people and reward 
the videos that keep people there. You may have   noticed theres this trend that's growing on the 
app where the video seems to cut off too soon   like literally the last bit of the last word 
doesn't even finish. This is actually because   if the video starts its loop again its more highly 
rated. Nevermind if someone watches again to try   to take in what they were saying its even more 
highly rated by the TikTok algorithm.
  Lets remember your objective is for people to 
watch the video if not more than once since that   tells the algorithm the audience was intrigued 
by what they saw and for people to send it out   to friends and share it with them.

But truly 
the decision tree for how long a TikTok video   should be is always easy and its down to however 
short it can be while being effective for people   to enjoy it, make it as short as it works in. Cut 
the fat and frankly if you're just speaking in it   or moving you can even mess with the speed in 
the app OR if you edit in Davinci Resolve like me   you can speed up clips there.

I find I can speed 
up clips between 1-10% and they are more effective   and do really well.
What to post
  OK I have some simple questions you can ask 
yourself about to post on TikTok each day when   you're trying to figure out what to post.
What's the most interesting thought you had   today – Tell people about it and see if they 
bond with you or have thoughts of their own.   What's great about posts like this is if you're 
hashtagging them for your microgenre is they will   find the people most likely to enjoy your music 
and odds are you have similar interests to them   and they will see your band name see commonality 
and hopefully explore your music or even better   send it to a friend which helps 
its rank in the algorithm.,
  What's an interesting thing in music you can 
tell TikTok about – An easy way to find an   audience that will potentially like your music 
is share your thoughts on that genre and explain   things you see you think most people don't.

Tell us what's exceptional in your life – Give   us the highlight reel of your musical life 
and show us your lifestyle and hopefully   others will bond with it and enjoy it.
Tell stories around your music – Of course,   we want to also promote your music so all the 
storytelling we talk about on this channel   should be converted to TikToks. And if you 
don't know what im talking about on the screen   now or in the description is my playlist on 
how to tell stories around your music. This   can be the best moment from your playthrough or 
explaining a lyric in your songs meaning.
  But you may be wondering how to tell them? 
TikTok has tropes these are the formats you   tell a story in and if you're watching regularly 
you can figure out how to present your videos   within them which will help them perform better. 
Some musicians I have coached find it best to make   a list of their ideas for videos then watch for a 
while and see the tropes of storytelling on TikTok   and figure out the best one to put it into. 
So they may have an idea to talk about how the   concept of supuku that they sing about in their 
latest song plays into their music.

What they will   do is wait till they see another user do a tiktok 
trope where it would work and then make the video   that discusses this.
The Rub Of TikTok
  But I know I have been mr brightside about tiktok 
for this whole video so its time to discuss the   Rub. there is this conflict inherent in tiktok 
we should understand. If you are a smart person   who has been paying attention to what I have 
been saying here you may have noticed a rub.   TikToks goal is to keep you on the platform and 
your goal is to get people to leave it and stream   your song. Thats quite a conflict of interest 
if you ask me but here’s the thing as long as   a lot of your posts are less “go stream my video 
on youtube” or ”stream our new song on spotify”   and you are gluing fans with good content and 
using those hashtags to stay in front of their   eyes they are going to get curious after 
these tiktok addicts spend time seeing you   all the time and getting to know you and jump 
over and listen on their own accord.

And this   isn't me just saying some wishcasting bull we see 
it in data and analytics all the time. Make sure   you're posting TikToks that give people a glimpse 
of your personality and it will build bonds that   inspire curiousity. Put your songs as background 
for those videos and you will have covertly   made them familiar to the fans most likely to 
enjoy your music and they will feel like theyve   already heard them before and be more likely to 
like them since we all know that feeling where   we need to hear a song a few times before we 
like it and that work is getting done on TikTok.   I know this conflict of interest is real but the 
reciprocal growth of those who are doing well on   tiktok getting spotify streams is real yall.

Koji ad
  And here’s another tip on how you get people 
to actually stream your songs. Once you have   1000 followers you can drop one of those fancy 
lists of links in your bio. And while we’re   talking about TikTok I think its important to 
also talk about one of the things people love   about it which is that it really does have a 
level of investigation that is so much deeper   than Instagram. What so many musicians love about 
the platform is the users actually look at their   profile and click around and build relationships 
and because of that you need to have the app that   builds those relationships better than anything 
I have ever seen. So I want to stop and tell you   about the sponsor for this video Koji and you may 
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Music Links Allows you to do one of those free   link fire type things that lists everywhere a fan 
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Promote any track, album,   or playlist by linking to every platform 
it’s available on: Spotify, SoundCloud,   Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, 
Deezer, YouTube Music, the iTunes Store.
  Though I always tell all of you to really 
focus on Spotif so the one I tell artists   to use is the spotify embed app where you can add 
any album, playlist, artist, and song from Spotify   directly inside your Link in Bio. and I mean 
come on this looks great and is such a better   impression on a new fan than anything else I have 
seen as well one of my other facvorites is the
  LOVE JAR – since I think so many musicians 
don't take advantage of how many people would   probably tipo you even if you fanbase 
is in the hundreds those who really   feel you want to support.

I mean most people are 
streaming your music for free, so why not let them   drop you a note about how much you and your music 
means to them..and show you some $ love as well.
  In future videos well get into some other apps 
I love that Koji does that can both build your   relationship with them and help you make money To 
learn more and get your own free koji link in bio   page for your tiktok, insta and Twitter page head 
to the description or to that w i t h   k o j i dot com OK back to TikTok.
  So a lot of people ask me about the quality 
of their video and audio on TikTok and I   am going to be honest I see videos with bad 
quality of both all the time but just like we   want to keep these videos as tight and lacking of 
superfluous details as we can the better you can   make the videos great.

But in all honesty as long 
as your room isn't a echoey catastrophe or noisey   air pods or apple headphones will do you just 
fine. As long as you have a relatively new phone   the cameras gonna be more than enough theres 
no reason to shoot on a sony a 7 iii like me   and trust me I only do that because its 
easier to do than setting up my iPhone.
But how often should you post?
  I tell everyone your goal should be once a day but 
in all honesty if that sucks the joy out of your   life, well there’s no need to do but I think that 
is optimal for aspiring artists. I know the common   advice is 3 times a day but that’s for ​​people 
whole are trying to become tiktok stars whereas if   your trying to draw attention to your music that's 
a lot of noise.

The only reason I think posting 3   times a day is helpful is it helps you learn fast 
and you can look back and explore what's working.   Now is also a good time to point out that if a 
video is tanking and getting way less views than   normal after 24 hours you can definitely delete it 
and not let it stain your grid. Even *I* the all   knowing all seeing god of marketing strategy have 
had to do it before. I know… stars theyre just   like us right? But also don’t be afraid to learn 
in public the best part of making a not good video   is it doesn’t spread and no one will see it. Trust 
me if you’ve ever watched my early videos on this   channel you know I stand by the philosophy that 
you should just get started making things and   improve as you go
  Ok lets talk about hashtags, so what's important 
about hashtags on TikTok is you're able to say   talk about your depression with your song 
in the background and if you hashtag them   for your microgenre it will get served to 
those people and as long as its something   your community responds to it will do well.

also of course for clips from your music video   or whatever. You can figure out which hashtags 
do best for your common videos by clicking the   button and seeing which hashtags have the 
highest numbers now here’s a little secret   I have seen some less crowded hashtags do well so 
for example if your genre is pop punk doing both   punk pop and pop punk can be more effective since 
you don't need as big numbers to get through   the hashtags audience. Once you know your regular 
hashtags I strongly suggest you do what I show in   the video here and copy them, and go to your 
settings to general then keyboard then save   them as a short cut so you don't have to type them 

Also remember to observe the hashtags   your targets use as they may have found things 
that work for them that may work for you.
  Lets also remember putting songs of your 
genre or of TikTok trends also sorts who   TikTok will send the video to. They send it to 
people who watch videos with that song in it,   so knowing the trending videos of the genre 
and using them in your videos can be just as   effective as knowing your hashtags. Also fun fact 
you can even turn that song down so its inaudible   but use the trending song to get 
your video to spread more.
  Also keep in mind when your targets or your 
friends in your community make great videos   you can target them and do duets with them and 
show support while hashtagging them and showing   your name to the algorithm on the back of their 
good content. This is yet again why TikTok is so   great for music marketing.
  Ok lastly before we go I am going to give 
you a few fast thoughts on other ways to   optimize your performance on TikTok so its 
growing your fanbase as much as possible.

  Reply to every comment and be sure to heart 
all of the ones that aren't mean to you   as this can be the start of a fan relationship and 
since unlike Instagram TikTok does so much work of   sending you to new people who are really likely 
to be susceptible to liking your music I cant   emphasize enough that this is a new potential fan 
so giving that heart and reply is often the start   of a relationship that gets you a new fan.

Do not be shy when promoting your music to   do your emotional pitch and tell someone 
how they could feel if they streamed your   song. And if you don't know what I mean by 
an emotional pitch theres a link on how to   get more streams with an emotional call to action 
in the description below or on the screen now.

  Also remember TikToks are YouTube Shorts and 
Instagram Reels and while you don't want to   canibalize your views on TikTok since it has the 
most potential for growth I think its smart to   repurpose your best content that does well a 
day or three later on both YouTube and Insta   but be sure when you put up a TikTok to 
schedule a tweet linking it for about an   hour or 2 later to give it some juice.

As you get more followers you get more privileges   like going live which I think at this point may 
be more smart to do on TikTok than instagram   especially if you have about the same amount of 
followers on each. And you also get privileges at   1000 followers link being able to add a linktree 
or website. So be sure to keep up on that.
  OK on this channel this is the type of stuff 
we discuss so if you're interested in that   you should definitely like subscribe and most 
of all get notified so you don't miss crucial   videos I post for helping you level up building a 

I answer every comment below that doesn't   ask why my nose is so stuffed up. So if you have 
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