welcome to brown engage guide for community organizations sponsored by if balls and the swear center for public service at Brown University I'm Nadia muggle and I'm excited to demonstrate the features of Brown engage our volunteer recruitment and management system at the University after creating your account on one engaged it is important that you have foliate your organization with the network of people you would like to share your engagement opportunities with so if I as your organization click where it says my activity then select groups from the drop-down menu on this page find the group you want to affiliate then click on the triangle next to where it says admin selects manage group from the drop-down menu on the left-hand margin locate option network and select manage affiliations from the drop-down menu on this new web page select the blue icon labeled actions and select create affiliations from the drop-down menu on this new page type on the search bar the square Center locate this word Center among the list of options and select the green icon on the right labeled affiliate you'll be directed to a new page you can leave all the fields as they are and click on the blue icon labeled and request you've now affiliated with this word Center and you can use the same steps to affiliate your organization with any other network on Brian engage this concludes the basic tutorial on how to join the brown engaged community please join us for more tutorials to learn more about the various features of Brown engaged in greater detail if you need assistance with brown engage or have questions related to partnership please call us at forty one eight six three two three three eight or email us at swear – partnership at Brown edu thank you for joining the sware center community and we hope to see you soon

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