so in this video I'm going to show you how to build a website in five minutes I mean this is John Boustany I've been an internet entrepreneur doing this for years but I'm going to show you how you can do it too we're going to do some things to consider here I'm going to show you how to register a domain I'm going to show you how to get a free website so you can get started I'm going to show you how to choose the look of your website and I'm also going to show you how to the content to be edited
and set your own on content in less than five minutes and after that five minutes I'm going to go over some advance money techniques to start making money let's get started I'm going to show you here let's get here on my computer let's go like this build website under five minutes who do I need to register choose the look edit the content let's do it first of all need to get a website domain now if you use one of my top three
Recommended presenters of presenters the link will be the first link in my description okay so go down there you get a free website but you have to pay for the hosting use my recommended hosting provider now here as you see actually 295 per month but you get a free domain , so usually you have to pay something like 10 to 25 dollars to register a website just like here, but in this case you get it for free and you are get very cheap hosting 295 now what you want to do is just to sign up for the basic plan here then let's go to this page we're going fast we need you to do it in five minutes want to choose your domain name now no matter what you can't just type in random stuff because no one really looks at domain names anymore and can you check if your domains are available I love hedgehogs and you can click next to see if it's still available once you see your available domains you want to sign fill all this information again in your register the domain you need to fill information from them to see your domain now I suggest you register for the cheapest plan which is the 295 for 36 months you get primary domain registration or free I also suggest you sign up to the domain privacy + protection otherwise you you're going to get a lot of spam emails you're going to get a lot of spam calls trust me you don't want to leave this information out there I would just check it all the others I would just leave unchecked you don't need any of this other things only the privacy and the cheapest plan, then you have to enter your credit card information to set up on your website and you click on Send right there, after you for a congratulations on your website website well, you have a domain to put the website on it and we need to set it up in Bluehost it looks something like now you want to scroll down and you'll want to go where it says my websites right there and you click that and it'll be blank having no websites it'll say that you any sites don't want to right click this button here that says make a website there now I suggest you use WordPress has been around for 10 or 20 or 30 50 years I don't know how long but it's been for forever this is what everyone uses this is the most support i have no idea what this new company is but just forget about it and use wordpress there and there are over 10,000 themes now is the website name just be my weight loss blog and maybe lose weight and drink so there is our website create a new WordPress website then we click Next now behind you click Next you will choose websites you have registered so if I like guinea pigs or I like hedgehogs it will be here in my case i have a registered
site called learning com you don't have to choose any of these you can choose all of them they have free although they don't cost you any money you don't have to worry about any future cost from the free choose plugin or choose him it doesn't matter now you have to fill it get your information will be emailed to you password your username to login to your site again all the details in your email but what what you want to do now is save this information here and then you want to click this button login to wordpress after logging in wordpress want to go to the area that says appearance and then themes- here there is a button with a paintbrush that says appearance and then there are themes like here in this area where you can choose the theme that you spend now as much time as you want but there are many different themes here in general there is one two or three column themes that you can have 2 /3 and 1/3 1/3 and 2/3 there are 2 columns and 2/3 and 1/3 what do you want now I'm going to use 2017 because it looks nice now if you want you can customize your theme and u can just click here click customize again there are over 10,000 themes you can search for take your time and have fun figuring out how you want your website to look now once we've logged in to WordPress where we want to actually choose the look of our website so what we're going to do is we're going to go here where it looks like appearance we're going to click on that then we're going to mouse over themes and we're going to select it right there now once you're here you have over 10,000 themes to search from and there are different ways you can search for themes you can just scroll down, you can search by a color maybe there are more than 10,000 themes here and to find more themes than the ones you preloaded you can just here click what says themes and that's where you are most free themes can filter here type in function filter and you can say okay I want it to be just one column and I want it to be a blog or maybe you want it e-commerce then you can just say apply filters here you're going to have some fun let an example of this maybe we want our website to look like this we want it to be friendly from pleasure and we can post an image here all kinds of stuff and we post our blog posts and pause here every day or maybe we want our website to look so we want it to be more of a gallery can see an example of this site here kind of like a gallery of different pictures or links there's a number of different ways you can do things if you're a photographer you could find something that's more photo-friendly it doesn't matter what we do we a schedule here stick with the default theme here edit now welcome to Museum of Modern Art let's say you wanted to add a blog post I want to do your first blog post in to add that it would actually go here where it's posted and click right there and you will post a new play right now there website has a message called hello world kind of like a joke inside i think here we just add our title and we say how i lose weight drink beer know you I would say here's how and here's my recommended ears let's say this is our blog and to create a link here we'll just like we'll click on that link icon and we'll say that you know what you know our site is maybe we advertise and affiliate link whatever it is and boom there we have a page and then i would do is click here on publish click publish now we have our post and the last thing you need to do activate your website is what you need to get to here where it says blue mail home it just click there click on this button that says start your website there otherwise no one will be able to see it and once we clicked on this link , people are live now who I hope you enjoyed that video I think it was registered under five minutes a domain we chose look we created some content blog post in less than five minutes or something like that I don't know tell myself now actually the next step is I'm going to give you some advanced money techniques to actually make more money from your website so it's going to be especially useful if you attack a website not just for Hershel or blog or whatever but if you're actually looking for sites that actually get people interested in buying a product now if you're just looking to build a relationship with people whatever your blog link start
it on your other social media and you start people come to you website you just constantly post content on social media every day blog and you YouTube and you bookmark and you Pinterest and all these things combined you can create a business easily as long as you are consistent again the payoff is huge, is monstrous I make millions of dollars a year running internet businesses mostly hands at this point I put a couple in years of work and it pays off in the distant future but in your case you have to put it in the work you have to be consistent and take years of years of work until come actually everywhere it is really started to take off, you see massive amounts of money so faithfulness and out of faith and not out of fear if you step out of faith not out of fear you're not going to be constantly changing businesses that a social media starts and a lot of social media stops people act out of fear they say I don't think it's going to work I'm not going to do it anymore and they stop or they should never do anything about it whereas now WordPress is nice and simple and it's easy and free to build websites way i actually build my websites is using a website builder called click files are not technical its very easy to use smart limited to certain themes you can move and drag things there are also quite a few features built in specifically for people trying to monetize their websites specifically to help market products to sell products and on make it happen and if you want to give yourself the best advantage sell products and make money , or is a food product or is it some kind of product you are downloading from China or is it just your trading your information or salt or running an agency click funnels it is the best for it and it is built specifically to help you to now earning money I register my websites via Bluehost and I use my hosting there but I build my websites and click funnels and let me tell you a little about the click funnels it says fast create nice sales funnels again it's not something like Squarespace just meant to show your photography collect or show your architecture design it's built to move the product and earn you money and I earn up to seven hundred thousand dollars a month with my online business check here sales funnel is basically built to move people who pre-date your email lists or your other social media channels built to build value to make people like you and it's also built to collect money now WordPress is not going to collect money for your click funnels will apply collect for you via stripe Visa American Express or MasterCard its click funnels are even built to help you sell people so you can earn more money and to deliver the product if you run an information product so all of those things again if you are trying to make money from the internet if you are trying to use the internet if you are trying to use your website to make money I encourage you to sign up for click funnels there is a 14 day free trial right after you build your website you build website for free but if you are looking to make money try building your website with click funnels you won't regret it and you will see there is so much training within the community it is absolutely it amazing to do a little in a lot of things it costs and everything it costs costs $97 a month now for most of the 13 year olds watching this video on freaking portrait mode flip that landscape down I know you're scrolling the comments try to see new Doozers work everyone get confidence because here are important things clickfunnels is $97 a month but it's worth every cent I'll show you how to link clickfunnels with your blog right now so how does click funnels connect to your website you actually go down here then right click on plugins here on your sites click your plugins and then click on 'add new' plugin now in here with WordPress interface you just type in Click Funnels for keywords here the search bar now if your search click funnels you will scroll here be able to select this thing here and now click install and say installation and then congratulations you have installed your first plugin and you click activate sorry I do this again macadamia nuts I'm on the keto diet this I like macadamia nuts now I can eat everything fat I want this is really cool so you click activate and then where you can to connect things together you actually go here here between here click funnels and click here new plugins you install usually appear under the plugins area or they will create their own little sidebar icon within WordPress and to connect things you need to click on the completed plugin setting and then you type your account in email and your verification token you just click funnel email support after joining you will just respond to the email and ask them what is your verification token and then you will be able to design beautifully websites let me just show you a little bit about how click funnels work and how you can nicely design websites that use them, so let's say I want to look at my affiliate funnel, let's take a look right now at this page page that I have here with click tunnels building has already happened but it has a countdown timer that counts minute let me create a button every minute I hover over it and it appears like this now let me show you an example of a beautiful website I built with a click funnel an example of the page I show you how we can edit it first you can only create subjects you can create countdown timers when you scroll the
video can appear at the top right your mouse so for buttons and colors change everything is WYSIWYG what you see what you get it's an editor and you can design just beautiful beautiful beautiful pages that are built like that it's ugly but it's built to sell edit the page we click here and what you very otherwise will see WordPress is all dragged let 's say I want to move this element here or let's say I want to change this video out and say I want to change it to a YouTube video I would just go YouTube and a copy and paste the link of the YouTube video there and this is what would appear in the video everything is very very simple use let's say I want to change the appearance and the color of the button I would just click on the color and I just click on different colors I want it to be green or I want it to be purple now let's say I wanted to change the look and feel of the text I just click this button and I can say I want the text color must be blue berlin texaco to be red and fair drag and things change a lot let's easily say i want to add another picture just click plus and say now let's make an image what image do i want i just want this should be a stop sign whatever it is I can pick anything I want I can easily move it here.

I can easily move my photo here I can do what I want without knowing any coding whatsoever, if you design your website through WordPress in order to really customize the look and feel of things you need to know a little programming you need to hire someone while I'm just going over this or I can just move it just with the click of my mouse that's why I love clickfunnels because I don't need to know programming and I can design and make websites up to seven hundred thousand dollars per month so that's the beauty of it and then you just click save or what not there everything is super simple and everything is done connect your website with your click funnels and suddenly your website becomes the ability to make a lot of money and it's not not to say just click funnel the community and the trainings alone are worth a ton of money here and what you'll see is if we go to the dashboard and what you'll see if you go to the dashboard of click funnels is it also has a lot of training to help you become successful online because click pullers is a website builder meant to help you earn money they have a lot of training to help you earn money and you see here succeed they have the affiliate bootcamp they have a 30 days camp to help you determine what you want to market how to market it they give you website templates to get started and make it happen how brick and mortar websites can make money they also have documentaries on all the people who many are making money thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands more millions of dollars every month with the websites they built on click phones one thing you will notice here too is they have warts they hold annual events every year it's the click funnels comical level section I'm very proud of banned two commas to my income I make over a million dollars with the funnel I set up with click funnels two consecutive years or drive I used click funnels on my funnels and that's just got my business completely changed and my life much easier and all the things training I don't really go through training I know all the things I am earn relatively a lot of money I think but if you just have all these free in the business start
trainings where they have the opportunities the community they have created can really help you get started check it out I hope it helps get your site started and let me know what you enjoyed most about this video in the comments below after that to see you soon in one of my next videos you kill that kind of button and that subscribe button I have many more videos coming out in the future look forward to talking soon

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