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What Should My Domain Name be?
Ask What Should My Brand Be? The Difference between Marketing
And Brand Name is Marketing is the context or Message 📊you are sending
through your online different streams of income💸 Your Brand 🏃‍♀️is who you are and it
should be Unique and Authentic a Value that you are offering to the worldwide
web 🌎your Representative Online 🏃‍♀️what Represents you

is The DIY Affiliate🏃‍♀️ it also should be easy to remember🎗 Easy to spell Easy to say and also what does
it looks like by itself and what will it🌟 look like in a Logo Marketing Brand🎨
Strategy one Personal Brand Marketing🏃‍♀️ Creating a Domain or Brand Name with
your first and last name👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Your Personal Experience and Expertise so by branding
your domain as a personal brand 🏃‍♀️ CREDIBILITY In A Sense it gives you more Credibility and Trust and Authority by putting you
in the Spotlight 🔦💡
Does your Business Revolve Around You
Do You Want To Be In The Spotlight
Are You Talking Personal Expertise then this might be
the right choice for you so here is a website that I found a person's first
and last names and then comm this is the first kind which is a personal brand and even if you don't want to use a personal
brand right now you might want to use it in the future it is always a good idea
to get a domain name with a personal brand just to have so that you have it
and nobody else has your name because you can use it for other things other
than your website like a resume or a link your social media accounts it's
just something to think about this will help you grow your brand grow your
business online so you want to keep your options open and always know that you
have your name available if you need another thing to mention that it's
always a good idea well I think it's a good idea
to put your face out in front of your business and show the world hey I am a
real person it it just gives that much more credibility and Trust when a person
sees that you are a real person okay so that was the first type of domain brand
you would use a personal brand as a domain brand name where the business
content information is based off of personal experience it works best for
entrepreneurs business owners affiliates mentors experts personal development
artists musicians authors to name a few marketing strategy number two generic
descriptive marketing a generic brand marketing definition is a word or phrase
that is used to describe some general or fake group or class rather than a
specific thing an example is art art dot-com descriptive brand names are
those you recognize as a common word or phrase used frequently such as smart
happy loving generic descriptive brand marketing uses a generic word art with
descriptive words such as smart art calm happy loving art dotted or a
couple of key words describing or being exactly descriptive of the subject that
your business is about for example if you go to art calm
you can see here it says art calm when you look at it you can see it's a
quicker and easier way of being able to relate content of what your site is
about without people actually having to go to the site to find out the advantage
when people are saying your brand name in this case is art calm people can
immediately recognize what your website is about now keep in mind that Google
has changed their algorithm in how they rank exact match domains and you can
actually get penalized for using the exact match keywords so to keep that in
mind just use one or two keywords if you are using this type of brand another
example is smart art dot-com so now here they are using the generic descriptive
brand but they have put the word smart in front what a person sees and
identifies or relates to our examples of generic or descriptive brand names so
smart art or art dot-com kind of gives you the impression in the domain name it
makes you think yes smart art maybe I should check that out we suggest of brand marketing names
indicate what a product or service delivers so just a brand marketing uses
analogies metaphors and associations to create the domain brand name what is an
analogy a similarity between like features of two things on which
comparison may be based the analogy between the heart and the pump a form of
reasoning in which one thing the pump is suggested to be similar to another thing
in a certain respect the heart pump because both are pumps twitter is
another example of suggestive brand marketing using an analogy Twitter is an
analogy of birds on a social platform tweeting to each other
the birds are suggestive of people tweeting is suggestive of talking to
each other on social media platforms called Twitter metaphors as a figure of
speech a term or phrase is used to represent something else or a new word
metaphors make powerful domain brand names what makes a metaphor powerful it
suggests a simple and strong image in a person's mind
for example Amazon an impressive River words are powerful we use metaphors all
the time and most people will recognize and make the Association right away as
shown in the next example mind mixer calm
is an example of suggestive brand marketing mind mixer is a tool that
leverages the power of the internet and social media to connect organizations
with community members who might not otherwise get involved so the two words
together is mind + mixer the created new word is mind mixer com two words here
together making a suggestion of the mind mixer Community Engagement platform and
then so on and so marketing brands – strategy for arbitrary fanciful brand
marketing arbitrary or fanciful marketing are mostly using company
trademarks but also can be very powerful for a brand name fanciful means the
words themselves have no meaning other than to indicate a brand or product as
an example exon exon exon by itself has no meaning but put together in a domain
it shows us here mobile fuels and here you could see the promotion another
example is Google Google by itself has no meaning however Google is the number
one search engine in the world arbitrary marketing brand the words have a
different meaning when applied to a unique product or service and is
unrelated example Apple Apple is a fruit there is no relation of a fruit and an
iPhone 11 or iPad watches TV or music this is a perfect example
Arbit arbitrary another example is shell shell is a sea shell yet it is an energy
company grand strategy five hybrid brand marketing you can take the five
different types and combine multiple brand strategies together and this is
called taking a hybrid approach the four brand strategies that we've already
learned in this video which is a personal first or last name the generic
justif analogies metaphors and Association arbitrary fanciful and here
you can mix and match them I nickname if descriptive first-name
suggestive first name arbitrary first name fanciful first name suggestive last
name fanciful last name generic descriptive who name a few and as an
example I have found this website which is marshal strategy dot-com here you can put your last name and then
added a descriptive word strategy dot-com and it also is a brand agency so
it fits nice with this tutorial this list of do's and do nots can save your
time and money research tips to keep in mind keep it as short as possible 10 to
20 characters easy to remember so that people can keep it in their mind not too
generic because it makes it less unique more creative more distinctive and your
domain extensions try to use the dot-com most people expect calm this is the
world wide web it is the most prominent one do not use numbers such as number
one or the number one it can cause confusion try not to use hominins words
that sound the same but are spelled different as an example pear and pear
try not to use slashes as an example smart – or slash art or punctuation
smart – art – in it also depends on your research but people can also get
confused and not end up going to your website what happens when you cannot get
the brand domain name that you want do you use filler words filler words
dilutes your brand but they can also work sometimes for you as an example the
original domain is place calm if you put a prefix which goes
for the keyword children is the pre fracked pre prefix keyword places a
keyword and you have children's place calm or a suffix which goes after the
keyword place calm place one dotnet is a place that I found online do not choose
a domain name similar to someone else's this can cause confusion and possible
legal problems use a dictionary and thesaurus to enrich your keyword
vocabulary and say it over a few times how easy is it to say how easy is it to
remember how easy is it to spell how easy is it to type out and then check
your chosen name in the Google search engine the youtube search engine and the
Pinterest search engine and this will give you an idea of where you will end
up mine is the DIY affiliate this is Google this is Pinterest and this is YouTube once you are ready
and you have your domain name picked out then you can go and choose a domain or
brand name through Hostgator and stay connected with me you can get your
domain name free with a hosting package we're giving out free domains with
hosting and you just click in there where it says check it out
this whole website here is built with the gaiter website builder it's a
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