so you're ready to create your first blog post i'm emily i'm going to show you how to do just that let's get started in website builder select blog from the right pane this closes website builder and brings you to the blog section which is also accessible from the header under marketing the blog section has four tabs with posts being the default if you have existing posts they'll display in this section to create a new post click the create post button the blog editor opens and you're ready to enter your content enter your title as well as the content for your post i'm going to paste in some placeholder text for now before i start formatting my text i want to add my featured image this will be the first thing readers see when they view this blog post click add in the featured image section at this point i can choose an existing image select an image from stock media or upload a new image i'm going to choose an image i've added previously and click insert you should always add captions and descriptions for your images this can help with the blog post seo [Music] if you want your reader to jump to a different website or url when someone clicks on the image add the link for that here things are looking good so i'm going to click done [Music] hmm i don't know how that image looks since the image i chose is vertical and it doesn't expand across the entire article i'm going to change the alignment so it shows on the left let's click the image to open the edit window and change the alignment oh that looks way better so now let's work on formatting our post you can bold underline italicize add links numbers or bullets to any text that you highlight in your post my blog post has some headings defined so i'm going to show you how to make that stand out which is really great for readers who just want to scan and not read your entire post i'm going to highlight the header and when i pause the formatting toolbar opens up and displays the available options i'm going to make the header text bigger by clicking the t icon on the left i like that so i'm going to do the same thing for the other headers i've identified the next thing i want to show you is how to add an image video or divider in your blog post all you need to do is put your mouse where you want it inserted the plus icon displays and if you click on it you'll have three options image video or divider we're going to add a divider so all we need to do is click it and it'll pop into our post let's see what it looks like if we add an image next to tip number two about crate training click the plus choose image and then select the image you want and click insert [Music] like the featured image you can play with the alignment add a caption description and a link if you want i'm going to choose left alignment huh i don't love how that looks the image is too big so i'm going to hit the delete button on my keyboard to get rid of the image when you're done formatting your post it's time to put on the finishing touches on the right side select the category or add a new one we recommend using categories as it helps readers find like articles when they're on your site we're going to choose the tips and tricks category post is set to allow comments we're going to leave it that way we're ready to publish or set a date when we want the post to be published let's see what that looks like if we schedule the post you're required to choose the date and time you want to post your article we want to post ours now so we're going to click cancel now we're ready to publish so we click the button and hooray you've published your post if you want to share your post on connected social media it's as easy as clicking the link we're going to view our blog post so click view link that looks good notice the categories on the right and if we scroll the commenting options and that's how easy it is to create a blog post i'm emily see you next time

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