in this social traffic networking video we're 
going to look at twitter which is growing and   growing by popularity it's considered by many 
to be like the next step on from blogging   um in respect of it's very short snapshots of 
what you are doing right now and many people   say that it's a complete suck of your time 
it just absorbs all of your time and effort   but ultimately again if you can get followers 
from twitter and you can get people following   what you're doing and taking part in joining 
in and absorb and get those people involved in   what you're doing then you can use 
it to promote site services videos   and combine it with other services and other ways 
of driving traffic it could be quite beneficial to   you it's just another way of getting your name 
out there for the search engines to find you   and it's also a way for people to join your list 
and follow you along as a twitterer or whatever   or twitty whatever they called i'm not sure 
just to give an example here i'm going to go to   an internet marketer you may have heard of his 
name's joel com known mainly for adsense and   also for the next internet millionaire which was 
a virtual reality show he did recently on the web   and here he's got his own twitter site and as you 
can see just making posts casually different days   on an ongoing basis telling people what 
he's doing and each time how to make money   using on domain your domain name's probably an 
affiliate link check out new promotional video   goes to his site let's click it takes him away 
from the page takes him to the site now at his   website so as you can see this is a way of 
getting people to follow what you're doing   but if you make notes that perhaps 
engage them enough and then give them a   decent link they'll follow it you can make sales 
build your list et cetera et cetera as you can see   here with pictures of all these different people 
already and you can view them all if you wish so   that's the usefulness of twitter 
let's look at how we join we hit join and in fact just to make it easy for you i'm 
going to take you back to the main page let's   go to rather than showing it from 
someone else's profile and all we do here once   the page is load excuse my connection today 
if we get started as you can see here it says   twitter as a service friends family co-workers to 
communicate stay connected through the exchange   using the right way of course as we said it's a 
traffic generation great thing is you can even   twitter by sms or instant message you can actually 
send posts to your twitter you don't have to be   logged into your account to make comments you can 
even send in a text so let's hit get started now and then the page will come 
up for us to start our setup   okay as always we're going to add ourselves 
here so we want to put our details we can see here it's 
available we put in a password and we put in our email 
address and then we hit in the information here which that 
looks like is what it is and then we hit if you want the inside scoop let's 
say yes and we create our account and we go on to   the next page and again they're asking us for our 
gmail or hotmail or yahoo and we enter it here and   it will then go to our address book to see if 
our friends are on twitter and if so it'll add   their details um to the site or you can invite 
someone directly or you can just skip this step   it's entirely up to you i'm going to skip this 
for now but you could go through that part as well okay so now we've done that what are 
we doing i am signing up to twitter   today for the first time as you can see 
you've only got a limited amount of words   you can't it's not like a blog where you 
can type for hours you can only put in   certain amount of types of letting people know 
what you're doing so hit and it says here tell   us what you're doing now find some friends turn on 
your mobile phone to update your friends on the go   grab an rss feed as well place it on your blog 
if you want to great way of doing it hit update okay so we can find some friends and see what 
they're doing you can see what it's doing here   you can set up your phone or instant 
message as well so you can add it in so you're putting your mobile phone number 
here um so if you're in a country code like   home you put in your number here and you put 
in your instant messenger and hit save as well   so i'm just going to quickly do that now just to 
show you here it says twitter really shines when   you're away from your computer by hooking up 
your mobile phone you can receive the updates   from those that you're following or just some 
people when you're waiting and boring lines   and you can send updates like uh there's 
a monkey walking down the street you know   at the end of the day people reading it so it's 
all done through sms so you can actually talk to your twitter site and twitter doesn't charge 
anything for this of course but the need to check   what your plan will be with your wireless network 
and also note that you can shut text messages from   twitter off at any time by replying with off and 
back on by sending on and you can even specify   that it turns automatically off at night etc 
so you can actually have messages of following   people to your sms now again if you were creating 
a twitter site that became an addictive site if   you were doing something out of the ordinary 
we're getting people to follow you imagine the   power here of having people getting your updates 
to their mobile phone they're that hooked on what   you're doing if you're clever enough with your 
marketing spin they want to follow you by mobile   phone or whatever so that's the option here 
we can just enter the information and hit save   in this song after doing the phone you can go 
to notices and set up the notice feature which   is like here auto nudge so nudge me if i have 
not based in 24 hours this will send to text   your phone or message to i am account show me 
replies to the people i'm following new follow   emails email me when someone starts following me 
email when i receive a new direct message and i   want the insights newsletter also picture go to 
picture so we can upload our picture to the site   and add it here as part of our profile 
so again when people start following you   they can see that you are a you're real if you 
just upload the picture and then the final page   here is the design page where you can use the 
default style you could create your own style   you can use a background image you can upload 
your own image you can do different colors and   you can save so we'll just leave that as default 
for now that's how you set it up and that's it   then just basically keep posting your twitters and 
letting people know what you're doing and make it   as a consistent practice that you're doing with 
everything else that you do every day linking to   sites and products that you're using and soon you 
may well have your own band of memory followers   finding you in the search engines because 
don't forget people like google love   social networks so you might find yourself 
appearing in in google and also the fact that   people on twitter might find your profile 
by going doing searches and different   uh information finding you and following 
what you're doing and you could become the   next style of twitter so that's the social 
networking traffic video for

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