how to make $100 a day with affiliate
marketing hey do you want to make some money online and you want to make some
money quick but the problem is you don't have any experience you don't have any
products you don't have any tech savvy fact you don't even have any money you
can still do it you can still make a hundred but today in this video I'm
going to show you how to use affiliate marketing to make at least a hundred
dollars a day and we're starting right now hey I'm J.R.

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want to get into how we make money with affiliate market I'm really excited
about this because I do affiliate marketing and people do affiliate
marketing with my products and I sell their products affiliate marketing and
in some places it got a bad name but I'm gonna straighten it all out for you
you'll know what to do you don't have to have experience don't worry you
got this at the end of the video you're gonna feel a lot more confident now
maybe you want to supplement your income maybe you only want a 100 bucks a day
you know maybe you want to make a thousand bucks a month or ten thousand
dollars a month it really doesn't matter because with affiliate marketing you
really will have the opportunity to make about as much as you want online now
first off I'd like to explain to you the advantages of affiliate marketing
because you those advantages mean a whole lot the first thing is you don't
have to come up with any idea okay somebody has already done it they've
already developed a physical product they've already developed a digital
product they've come up with the idea and they've probably proven the idea and
I'm going to show you a little bit more about that in a second the next thing is
you don't need a website you know if you're selling your own products that
whether it's drop shipping or you know physical products or whatever that
you're gonna ship out you gonna come up with a website you get design and you
get up a time into it with affiliate marketing you don't have to do any of
that you don't even need a website nobody's gonna even know that you exist
for the most part the next thing is you don't have to have any products that is
a big stumbling block because I know in the beginning when I started out I was
selling cell phone cases and I chose that as my product cell phone cases then
the problem was I had to invest all this money in inventory and I had Epis talk
and I had to ship them out so with affiliate marketing you don't have to do
any of that okay you also don't need any sales pages so the way you sell stuff
online is people will in one way or another click a link or you know click
an ad or whatever and they're gonna go over to a page and that's gonna be the
sales page this sales page is actually going to sell the product now designing
and making sales pages it's not so easy you can learn how to do it but it's not
so easy so if you're selling an affiliate product they have already
built their own sales page they tested it they've already ran traffic to it
they've sold products off it so when you send traffic to an affiliate sales page
you know you're going to get results because
they've already gotten results and you don't have to design that page the next
thing I like a lot about affiliate marketing is there's no customer support
don't have to worry about it no customer support non-existent because you're not
really in the mix the way affiliate marketing works is you may run an ad or
you may do a blog post or something along those lines and once you've done
that somebody's gonna click on it they're gonna end up at the affiliates
page but they are cookie okay they have a little piece of code foot on them now
so if they actually buy from that page you get credit for because you used a
link that had that code on it so you don't have to understand all the
technical stuff of that don't worry about that part the point is you don't
have to deal with the customer okay if they're upset but mad they're happy they
want more information they get questions that particular person that you're
selling the product for the actual seller of the product cuz you're the
affiliate they have to deal with all that so you never have to worry about
customer support so that's really great if you like to travel and you don't want
to be tied to your desk you don't want to be tied to your phone or your email
affiliate marketing is great for that reason because you don't have to deal
with the people the next thing I like a lot is there's no fulfillment
what is fulfillment well okay we do have some concealment for one of our products
and that's buddy box up that product and they have to put
you know packing in there to make sure it's safe and they have to put a label
on it and they've got to tape that box up and then they get a head of picked up
or they get to take it somewhere and that is fulfillment that's where you
actually have to send that package out to somebody and the next part you're
really gonna like okay if you're that group of people who you don't have a lot
of money okay you love this part you don't want to buy any inventory you
don't buy any inventory whatsoever that particular seller whether it's a digital
product or whether it's a physical product they have the inventory okay
they've already established the inventory they have to worry about that
so you don't have to buy something and be unsure if it's going to sell and now
you're left over with a bunch of inventory that's not
gonna happen to you I know in our survival food company we have to make
these things in advance we have to make the food we have to have it setting
there so it sets there and it costs me money in advance and then when somebody
buys it then I recoup my money but if somebody doesn't buy it I sit there on
my money okay and it just sits there now that's still a good business for us
we've been doing it for years we get sales every single day it's awesome so
millions of dollars of that product but I understand I've got to have inventory
for that probably I love some of my digital products my digital products are
great because you know maybe it's a course I did where somebody pays 27
bucks a month or you know they buy a course for a thousand dollars and I
don't have to worry about inventory but either way if you're an affiliate
whether it's physical products or digital products digital products I
still have to come up with but if you're an affiliate you don't have to worry
about it you don't have to worry about inventory and it doesn't cost you
anything to offer a product to somebody the one question I get from everybody is
where do you find the best products to sell at the best payout well these
people want products that they can trust they can depend on and they know they're
gonna get paid on ok so that's the main criteria when somebody gets into
affiliate marketing they have these concerns and they should have these
concerns okay these are the things you should worry about okay so at this point
I'd like to tell you about my number one recommendation where to sell affiliate
products I think it's the best place to start off they've been there since the
90s you know you're gonna get paid there's no no problems and it's called
Clickbank okay we actually have products on Clickbank also I highly recommend
Clickbank they're really good people but let's why don't we just go over to
Clickbank and I'll walk you through their site and you can kind of see how
it's done okay I'm over at clickbank's website right now it's really cool site
I really like it a lot it gives you a lot of opportunity to sell a lot of
different kinds of products so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of walk you through
it when you first get here you're gonna see this page here
Macy's and adds up here for Bank University there's some stuff medical
stuff and all kind of different stuff well here not not that many ads on here
right now but you'll see more ads down here for more products but what you want
to do really to figure out all this if you want to go into this area right here
called the affiliate marketplace so I'm going to click there and if you if you
have an account you would log in you don't need to log in to actually go here
and look around though which is pretty cool so you've got all these different
categories this is arts and entertainment you can see here you've
got architecture our body our dance fashion humor magic tricks music
photography just all kinds of stuff you've got as seen on tv products here
if you want to do any of that health and beauty kitchen tools and gadgets
we've got betting systems here if you're into that kind of stuff the casino table
games and horse racing and all that kind of great stuff and then you've got your
business area right here which this is where a lot of our courses are in right
here in this business area right here everything from derivatives to foreign
exchange to outsourcing you name it it's in this area here we've got computers
and internet and I won't pull open every single one of these but you as you go
through here you can see there's a business education games all these
different things so what I'm gonna do is I'm a loop in one of these categories
here and we're gonna do a little bit of searching so I'm gonna go to self-help
okay so I'm actually in self-help right now so anything that would qualify as
self-help will be in this area here and you can see a lot of listings but let's
look at one of these listings so we can see how it really works okay now this is
the average sale so when somebody buys this particular product this is the
average amount they spend okay now with is the initial sale and this is the
percent of the sale that you're actually going to get so they're paying out 79%
so of this 45 45 to 64 what is that you're gonna get almost $40 of it right
here okay so that's pretty cool but what we
want to do is we want to and you could go in let me click on one of these real
quick – Shia this works this is the affiliate page this is the sales page so
if I click here you can see the page that you're gonna be driving people to
right here my name is James and there's a video that plays and I'm not sure
let's see what this says in just 90 seconds for now I'm gonna let you in on
something every man is secretly obsessed with okay
we're gonna stop on that one cuz that product is but there's one of the
products right there Oh at the attraction secret so this is
some dating thing or something on here okay which is fine that's a big market
overnight millionaire system right here I don't know if you could become an
overnight millionaire but that's the name of their system so let's go and
we're gonna sort this we're gonna sort this by what's called gravity right now
okay and I'll explain to you in a second what gravity is now one that last one I
showed you and this this overnight millionaire is looks like it's number
one for gravity this is the sales page for this particular one let's go to it
real quick okay millionare mine hacks let's see what the
video is says Wesley virgin was not allowed to use his voice okay okay so
he's got a bunch of testimonials there so that's the actual sales page where
you're selling the product now if you want to know what assistance you get
it's on this link here which is their affiliate page so let's click on that so
overnight millionaire will you click the green button to earn an easy cash okay
so they're saying this is easy cash yes I want cash so they've got all this
information in here for you so if you click this button here you're gonna put
in your Clickbank ID and your email address and what they're gonna do is
they're gonna actually generate your hop link or your link to go to this page
here so you can start selling this particular product now let's go back to
that listing again because I want to show you a couple things in that listing
okay so right here this is overnight millionaire system conversions are crazy
right now EPC which is earnings per click so when
somebody clicks okay if you run an ad and somebody clicks your earnings are
gonna be about two dollars so as long as you are buying ads where your clicks or
less than two dollars you could be profitable right so it says over two
hundred fifty new affiliates are making daily sales new offer alert search
done-for-you services the payout is five hundred our sale now if you notice this
gravity is two hundred and eighty-nine that is how many affiliates actually
sold this particular course in a month okay now this is not how many sales they
had this is how many affiliate so one affiliate could do a thousand sales so
we do want this high gravity number because we know if this gravity number
is high then there's a lot of people selling it and odds are a lot of people
are selling it you will stand a chance of being successful at it too now
there's a couple other things you can look at this one here gives you a good
example average % rebuilt now what the rebuild
means is that once they buy which is 46 94 on this particular product which is
46 94 in this particular product the average percent sale is 75 percent the
average rebuild is 84 18 which is almost twice as much and the average percent of
people that rebuild is 26% so you're not only going to be making this you'll be
making a percentage of this because you get paid on rebuilds so as you look
through here that's a good thing to check out this is a gravity of 52 at
Versailles 15 bucks but over 70 percent average sale average rebuilds 51 81 if
you notice this is this rebuild can be much higher than the sale right here and
you can pick through here and you could find different languages if you want you
can find this one term one time if you want reoccurring you can find that
there's also filters over here if you want to filter by average sale initial
sale average rebuild all these things here you can distort it buy whatever you
want and you know this is a site that like I said it's been around for years
and years and years so the cool thing about it and you can all this is sorted
I think hide a low you can do low to high so the cool thing about it is that
you know that the company is gonna be solid this painting because you're
actually get paid from Clickbank Clickbank actually takes into money
clickbank's the company that actually is paying you so you don't have to worry
about you know is the person with this offer here any good or not because what
they're doing essentially is they're just putting their product on this
marketplace and when they put their product on this marketplace Clickbank
has taken it from there Clickbank is also taking care of the
customer service so you know if you have something wants to refund or complain or
whatever they're gonna end up getting in touch with Clickbank and not you and
like I say it's it's a great way to get started especially if you don't have the
money to get started especially if you don't have a product especially if you
want the freedom you know of working when you want to work and not having to
deal with the customers and all that you know affiliate marketing is awesome so
that's what I want to show you about affiliate marketing I think it's a great
way to go it's super easy to get started there's a
lot of training in there all the tools are already built and all the offers so
you don't have to worry about emails or landing pages or sales pages or credit
card processing or any of that while you do is sign up for a quick bank account
start sending traffic and you start making money if you enjoyed this video
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