starting your own online business from home might 
not be a quick process but it's certainly one of   the most rewarding things you will ever do for 
yourself there is nothing as satisfying as working   for yourself and focusing on your own passions 
and all it takes is find the right online business   idea niche and target audience to jump start your 
entrepreneurial dream i'm Bruno Semedo in this   video we're going to talk about how to start an 
online business from home and i'm going to share   with you nine steps to successfully launch 
your online business whether or not you have   a particular experience or skill you can start an 
online business simply using a computer and wi-fi   connection now before we get started make sure 
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let's dive right into it now about starting an   online business put simply an online business 
is one that sells something on the internet   be it a product service download subscription 
or any advertising usually via website or social   media you may be wondering why start an online 
business in the first place why not go with   physical one instead in today's connected world 
where technology affords us more flexibility in   how and where we work home based businesses come 
in variety of forms and here are some of the   main reasons you should start an online business 
first it is fairly inexpensive to start a lot of   people want to start a business but the investment 
required to get it off the ground is frightening   you have to pay for a lease purchase inventory 
and budget for employee salaries it is feasible   to launch an online business with a hundred dollar 
as a starting capital in some cases way less than   that of course the more start money you have the 
more online business idea you can pursue but the   point is that you don't need to risk your life 
saving to become a successful online entrepreneur   second it has a major potential and growth when 
you have a physical business you have to deal with   the limitation of the real world when you have 
an online business though your audience is global   meaning that you can sell to anyone no matter 
where they live and with each passing year your   pool of potential customers expand because more 
people are getting comfortable with the idea of   online business more people online more potential 
exposure for your online brand especially if you   don't mind taking your online business across the 
border third it can run 24/7.

Another advantage   online business have over physical business is 
that dedicated can stay open 24/7 even through   lockdowns and others disruption since you don't 
need to be physically present to make yourself   your business can generate revenue with less 
day-to-day involvement now that you know about   some of the advantage of having an online business 
let's see what business model you can start   online option number one get into drop shipping 
drop shipping is an online fulfillment method   that allows you to sell physical goods without 
keeping inventory yourself here is how it works   the customers order a product on your ecommerce 
website you forward the order to manufacturer   the manufacturer then ship the product directly 
to the customers dropshipping is an attractive   option for those who want to get into e-commerce 
without assuming the financial risk that comes   with carrying on an inventory although drop 
shipping is appealing it has some disadvantages   too this includes low profit margins slow shipping 
speed and lack of control over the supply chains   among others option number two become an affiliate 
affiliate marketing is worth considering if you   want to start an online business but aren't 
interested in creating your own products   it is a very popular way to make money online you 
simply promote someone else product in return for   a commission here's how affiliate marketing 
works first sign up for an affiliate program   then select someone else products to promote to 
your audience this can be any digital products   such as an ebook an online course or a physical 
good then get paid a commission for each sales   generated through your referral links you 
can promote affiliate products on youtube   blog and other social media successful online 
businesses that start out selling affiliate   products tend to eventually release their own 
goods you can make much more money from the   same amount of traffic that way third option 
offer website service you can learn the basics   of website designs via e-learning platforms 
and experimentation then create a portifolio   the website to start attracting clients or reducer 
with a freelance marketplace such as Upwork fiverr   uh by the way you don't have to be a full-time 
freelancer but do a web design as a side hustle   now how to start your online business here are 
the nine steps that i'm going to share with you   to start your online business first you need to 
determine your niche and business idea a business   niche stands for your focus area a market segment 
and target audience you primarily cater to you   need to pick a niche for your new business to find 
a good one check that your target audience has   a problem no one else is solving well enough 
willingness to pay for a solution to that problem   or sufficient discretionary income to afford the 
solution that you are offering please avoid the   niche that don't meet this criteria because that 
would make building an online business hard when   you go after people who don't need your product 
can't afford them or aren't interesting you make   things even harder for yourself second conduct a 
product research you can sell products online such   as physical goods which are materials objects that 
need to be manufactured stored in a warehouse and   shipping to the customers also digital downloads 
you know anything a customers can download   to their device such as ebook audio courses online 
course etc digital product have high profit margin   compared to physical goods and then we have 
service almost any service available remotely can   be sold online selling service is the fastest way 
to start an online business and turning a profit   third learning about online business law small 
business owners may assume that because they are   running an online business traditional business 
law don't apply to that that's not true while   an online business require fewer license and 
permits compared to a physical business operation   you still need to sort several important legal 
details fourth conduct market research learning   what your target audience wants need or lack by 
conducting online market research when you conduct   online market research you are simply gathering 
information about the market you will entering   as well as your competitor and customers this is 
an essential step in starting your online business   as it helps you to determine if there is a healthy 
demand for what you plan to sell step number five   define your target audience your target audience 
is a group of individual sharing similar traits or   needs that your online business is aiming to serve 
therefore they are mostly likely to purchase your   product or service step number six evaluate 
product viability you want to holistically   evaluate your product viability before purchase 
or manufacturing a big order to do that ask   yourself some question like is there a successful 
online business already selling products like that   is the demand for this product sustainable or is 
it temporary does the math behind this product   make sense can you sell it to a profit remember 
it doesn't matter how cool the product seems   what is important is that it is viable from a 
business perspective step number seven define   your brand and imagine a brand is the overall 
vibe of your business you want everything from   your business name to your web design and copy 
to convey a consistent visual image and ideas the   same also applies to your off-site presence like 
social media emails newsletter and even packaging   as you work on your brand identity pay attention 
to your logo color scheme page layouts typography   graphics and photos you know your brand image 
should be a result of all these elements   working together step number eight launch social 
media channels nowadays it is crucial to have some   kind of social media presence essentially a free 
market tools social media is millions of daily   users across the globe this mean there are plenty 
of opportunity to get your business in front of   potential customers on these platform step number 
nine launch your online business once you are   open for business there are some important steps 
you will need to take to ensure it is continuity   success you see the action you take after 
a sale as well as how you measure and drive   growthy are vital steps that can either make or 
break your online venture after launching your   online business it is time to attract traffic 
to your online business through email marketing   which is the privacy of sending regular marketing 
emails such as newsletters to your customers and   fans in order to keep them engaged with your brand 
give them a brief of your news and special offers   gather email addresses for your send list by 
adding a sign up form to your website and share   it among your social media followers follow these 
nine steps and you will be on the road to online   business success in no time now i really hope 
that you've got some values from this video   and if so leave some thumbs up and if you have 
any question just ask in the comment section   below also if you want to learn about the simplest 
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your online business successfully so i really   hope that you've got some tremendous values from 
this video so have a great day see you take care

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