Hello and welcome this is Rochelle from the DIY 
Affiliate and the secret_ youtuber on TIKTOK   in this video I am doing a review of the 
affiliate dashboard you will learn three important   things about the crypto tab browser and how you 
can start your own affiliate mining team today   first of all what is your "Y" Why are you watching 
this video and what answers are you looking for   if you are looking for information about the 
basics of bitcoin then this channel is for you   this channel is for beginners in youtube wordpress 
social media and now bitcoin for beginners   if you know absolutely nothing about bitcoin 
then watch my first video what is bitcoin and   what makes it powerful you can find 
the video if you look to your right   top corner and click on the thumbnail have 
a computer no problem you can still use   your cell or your tablet or any device 
that you have for the crypto tab light   and you can watch the video located on your 
top right and you can click into the thumbnail now that we're all caught up and 
we're ready to get to the next video   I give you just the facts let's jump into the 
video to get to your CryptoTab Browser Affiliate   dashboard you will just click on this icon located 
on the top right that will open up your dashboard   as an affiliate with the crypto tab browser 
you will be able to create your own links   simply by clicking on this plus sign you just put a name you can leave a comment if you like and then you 
can create as an affiliate you would like to be   able to grow your network and earn faster and 
earn more so how do you do that you do that by   sharing your personal link this is your link 
your information you can choose the link id and you can choose the link to a landing page if you don't have an account with Facebook then 
start an account with Facebook Twitter WhatsApp   Telegram Reddit Vk Pinterest LinkedIn Flipboard Tumblr Line and Viber   once you have created accounts with these social 
media outlets you just simply click on the icon for Facebook you can use News Feed 
Story share on a friend's timeline   share in a group share an event or share on a 
page you manage here you will see it automatically   gives you all the information you need and 
all you need to do is click post to Facebook you can share on as many pages as you have add your own comment and post you can also create additional personal 
links to track different traffic sources   and metrics to understand conversion 
rates simply by clicking in add link and you will see create link id name and comment   sharing to all of these social media outlet 
icons is what creates your organic traffic   when you look at the promo 
these are all of the creatives you have banners landing 
pages and your social media you can generate different size banners   you can change the link id the theme 
the banner size or the language as an example I chose the 728 by 90 pixels 
as my banner size generate code   preview of the banner the 
javascript or the HTML code   you can now simply copy and paste into any 
WordPress post or page or WordPress widget you can also choose a landing page this is where you are sending people 
to and you can just copy this URL   and add it to any WordPress post in any 
WordPress post or page or as a hyperlink on any other social media post so you 
have general video mobile and simple these are your types of landing pages and you can simply copy the URL and put it on your   in your WordPress post or in 
any other social media posts you can also download images to download an image 
you would simply click on the download image   and then right click and save the image as create a folder called crypto tab images 
and save your image for you to use   on all of your social media and you also have text for promo posts   and you can use any of these texts 
simply by clicking into these icons   it will then scrape the text from the post along 
with your affiliate link and send it as a share here is an example this is Twitter you'll want to make sure that 
you get all of the text in you can also share to Facebook 
WhatsApp telegram Reddit Vk   Pinterest LinkedIn Flipboard email Tumblr line and 
fiber these videos you can also share these links for the videos this is how you get your links out 
there is by sharing them on social media   so those are the promo materials that 
you can share with your personal link   in order to start to build your mining network now this is the best part about CryptoTab Browser   is that you can develop your own 
Mining Network Create a Business Online in CryptoTab Browser you can create a mining 
network by inviting new users via your personal   link mining networks include up to 10 levels 
of referral which means you will get from your   friends which which you will get income from your 
friends mining their friends mining and further on   in addition the number of referrals on each level 
is unlimited by inviting just a few people you   can significantly increase your income and here 
you can see you start with your personal link   you have the first level starts at fifteen percent 
goes down to the second level at ten percent   third level at five percent fourth 
level at three percent fifth level   at two percent sixth level at one percent 
seventh level at five zero point five percent   eighth level at zero point two five percent ninth 
level at zero point one two five percent and the   tenth level at zero point six two five percent 
and it says we are going to pay you a percentage   of all their mining so everybody that you 
invite and all the people that they invite will   create your own mining network can you think of 
some people right now are there people that want   to earn bitcoin and make money at the same 
time i find this is the easiest way to do it   so let's calculate how much you could earn 
monthly so let's go with two so say you invite two   people and they invite two people so here you're 
looking at a monthly income of twenty two dollars say you invite three people 
and they invite three people you're looking at a monthly income of 425 dollars so 425 dollars and it shows 
you it's worth 0.01 BTC four people and four people calculate 
your income and this gets a little bit   more exciting five thousand two hundred and 
thirteen dollars and zero point zero nine BTC   and you could see that it 
goes down to the tenth level okay so let's get a little bit more 
go-getter and let's do five people   calculate how much you could 
earn monthly for five people   you know five people they know five people 
they know five people they know five people $6517.00 now wouldn't you 
like that as a monthly income   would this not be worth it to you to 
start to build this business today   this is the opportunity that we are looking 
at right now five users at five users calculate your income okay $40 636 dollars now who wouldn't like 
to make that money all you have to do is   build your mining network develop your own mining 
network you are the creator and you are the one   that will be creating your own mining network 
and your first step is joining the DIY Affiliate   Mining Network so that you can look at all other 
videos that I am posting and we can learn together   we can grow together let's go 
with six and calculate my income   $226,654 that seems unbelievable 
doesn't it but when you are   looking at numbers that are increasing 
exponentially you are looking at   a potential of and twenty-six thousand 
six hundred and fifty-four dollars   so what do you need to know about 
being an affiliate with the crypto tab   is you need to know that it is so important that 
you start developing your own mining network and creating your own network is simply   duplicating you duplicate what I show you and the 
people that you show duplicate what they learn so this is pretty exciting this is one of the biggest benefits of 
becoming a crypto tab affiliate is to   develop your own mining network yes the links 
are important yes the promo all the creatives   everything is important but those are what 
you use in order to create organic traffic   and this organic traffic is what you use 
to be able to expand your mining network so I hope this has been helpful to you there are so many different resources 
and creatives landing pages social media   that you can use and I am going to be doing videos 
to show you exactly how you can use a banner   on your WordPress site how you can use your 
landing pages how you can use video how you   can use your images for social media and 
they will be coming up in the next videos this is really important this 
page is very very important   the promo materials that they have created are 
awesome and this is really important in growing   your mining network they even give you the text 
for promo posts what they have created is totally   amazing and you have such an opportunity 
here to use these creatives and to also   share your links so that you can 
start building your own mining team are you excited about getting started on building 
your own mining network well step one is to join   my mining network so that I can help you step two 
is to like this video and subscribe to my channel   so you'll be notified of all the videos that I am 
posting step three is to join the membership site Are you excited want to get started 
now ? then you know what to do download the CryptoTab Browser join my 
network and let's start to build together   stay safe and have a wonderful 
evening see you in the next video

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