all right so i promised you guys that i would show you how i do my hashtags and just a quick reminder in this engagement video i mentioned that i'm able to get anywhere from like i think i said 25 to like 60 of a reach from my hashtags which means i'm getting access to a whole other audience of people that don't follow me because of these hashtags and stay tuned because i know it's extremely annoying to have to consistently look up new hashtags for every post and i've got a secret for that that helps it's gonna not cut your time in half it's gonna be 10 of the time i promise you which is probably what like one minute yeah stay tuned now i took a while to get back to you guys i'm so sorry because the main program that i use is just up and stop working on the kids so i had to find something that i felt confident about before i shared this with y'all right so i'm gonna walk you through what i do okay to get my hashtag back on track is working okay anywhere between 25 and 60 we are getting it all right so keep watching so if you remember in my first video i mentioned how it's really important for you to place in the top post for your hashtag that's the goal basically and if you don't remember what i'm talking about go ahead and watch that video first okay but you want to place top that's how you know you'll get access to like people seeing you they're more likely to see you when you post if you're just versus you going down to the bottom of the list okay and so in order for that to happen you need to make sure that your average number of likes is the same amount of average number for that hashtag so let me know if this works for y'all all right so first thing i do is i go to smart hashtag right the first keyword was head wraps as you see here we have a lot of options and so what you're going to do is click on the ones that you think you could really flourish in so right off that i end the ones that apply to what you are talking about okay and that's one thing i forgot to say in the beginning forgive me you want to select a hashtag that really applies to what you are talking about who is going to click on this hashtag to look for information that you have to share that's what you have to ask yourself so if i'm talking about head wraps in this post everything better pertain to head wraps all right so what we are looking at here we see we don't want it human hair and silk bag and satin bag not really working hair tag we click on that head wraps that works right baby bonnet some people use head wraps for their baby bonnet you know i would just say click on everything that applies and then you can always delete later and say if you decide i don't want to work with those headbands some people call it that hair tags that's the plural of hair tag i just say click it because some people what write one some people write the other i would select hair wigs just because a lot of people who wear wigs are wearing headbands as well head wraps as well and you just go down the list and just select the different things that relate to it bonnet turbine okay right so we do that we go back and it's saving everything by the way that's the great thing about this app hashtag smart you just continue going down the list of the different options that it gives you and you do the same exact thing now when you finish your list because it's only gonna let you save 30.

You click right here and everything will be there i don't have 30 at the moment but you're gonna copy that i'm just doing this for the sake of showing you guys okay this is what helps you figure out the hashtags that you're using and by the way if you're doing the search and you're realizing i'm not really coming across things that i need or you end up with eight like me you decide hey i need more hashtags you can go back and use another keyword so like i would use i'm just gonna say black girl magic because i'm sure that most people who are looking at that hashtag want to know about head wraps because we a lot of us wear them so i would do the same exact thing and go in there and start selecting some of these hashtags so that's just a heads up to you all right now from this point you can take that list and you can apply it straight to your instagram post and then just look at your analytics and see how well it does but now this is the secret this is the good part y'all okay so that you do not have to do as much work anymore you want to go use this app called hash y'all and what i do basically with hish is i store all of my hashtags there all of my hashtags are stored here so that i do not have to continuously look for new hashtags because that's annoying right every time you want to do a post you gotta go search who wants to do this every time so you can basically save all of your hashtags here and what hish hash does is it scrambles up the hashtags because i'm sure you've heard about being tip of my tongue but whatever instagram does to you whenever you you know do something wrong and it like makes it so that no one can see your post that also happens because you're posting the same hashtags on everything so the bomb thing about hish is that it scrambles them all up so that they're in a different order it is a way to pack this system y'all i'm the hack so of course i had to bring this to you that is how i do my hashtags y'all and how i save myself time i will definitely say as you think of new hashtags or occasionally if you're constantly posting for one specific category let's say you're always posting head wraps i would say every three posts probably go in and look for some new hashtags just because you're cutting yourself off from the opportunity to access a new audience but every time you get those hashtags drop them in hish hash so that you have more options for it to scramble up with and if you end up having let's say instead of just having 30 hashtags for it to consistently scramble let's say you end up putting 100 in there even better for the algorithm so i hope this was helpful if it was helpful drop a comment below and let me know which part was most helpful all right and if you're looking for help with this whole like influencer thing it's very new to you i offer consultations the link is below i am happy to help because it took a long time to get the knowledge that i have all right so feel free to type below and let's chat oh and make sure you check out this video bye y'all

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