Today we're going to talk about
making money ideas for 2019 now a lot of us one very flexible life and that's
possible so let's start website creation one of the easiest things you can
probably get into and that may seem like it's really difficult for you but trust
me I can do it you can do it it's easy depends on the platform that you're
using some of them are drag and drop some of them you're limited with boxes
the website that I the website builder that I work with you're not limited at
all plenty of drag and drop makes it very easy these templates to work with
no matter what industry you have but it'll also allows you to layer which is
great for adding additional text and added images as well so definitely
website creation and with that comes other things as well that are similar
it's the same type of builder you can do landing pages what our landing pages
well if you're selling something you can create a landing page for another
business either for yourself or for another business and the way that it
works is when somebody's interested you could provide a link and then that
landing page rather than going directly to the product will give more
information as far as what the product what the service is you can also design
funnels that would be another way to earn additional income people make a
fair amount of money doing funnels if they're a good funnel you have to be a
good writer you can also hire out the writing and you can just design it
yourself or you can have the business you know pretty much put content
together as far as what you need to put in that funnel so what is the funnel
well it's like landing page you would go to a landing page but then it takes you
through a series of steps what's nice about that is that the platform that I'm
working with makes it really easy to create they have templated funnels
already but then on top of that you could add additional steps what I mean
by additional steps is something like an upsell or a down sell perhaps the
product is too expensive but they land it on the page they're somewhat
interested give them some give them another product but that doesn't cost as
much and provide you know obviously you're not going to get as much with
that but that's considered a damn sell well what about an upsell you can buy a
product but then on top of that you get extra bonuses that would be considered
an upsell all of this whether it's website or funnels or landing pages are
easily created with the website builder that's all pretty much the same program
so once you've got that website builder down like you understand the program
and believe me it doesn't take a lot if you're willing to devote some time to
this it's pretty easy it's gonna take a couple days you'll learn more things as
time goes on as you need them and it depends on how complex you want to do it
but there's lots of ways to make money with website design all right
writing copying so important so you either have to brighten it you know
freshen up your writing skills if you're not a good writer or again you can hire
that part out email sequences so somebody signs on a lot of this is
building that rapport relationships with customers so we're gonna do it for your
own business are you gonna do it for other businesses every business in these
clients their leads that they have currently are going to run out so you
always want to be building leads so one of the things that you can do is land in
pages which I suggested but once they sign up you want to send email sequences
you want to send out emails so you can either write emails you can design the
emails to go out that would be another way of making money from home in 2019
what about courses webinars lots of things that you can do if your client is
able to put together a course or their you know a webinar any of this is all
information products depending on the service that they're selling so let's
talk about online courses that could be given away free as an opt-in all right I
could put it on a landing page a little course you can also do email sequences
where every day they learn a little bit more further into the course you can
also put it on a web site it can be free as I mentioned or you can
put it behind like a password protection they would require a password to do that
now what's great about that is that obviously you can charge for it but it
also could be a monthly membership as well where you're constantly doing drip
content January you get this information February you get you know other
information so lots of ways to make money either for yourself or for a
business if you're good with speaking with people this is all work that you
can do from home you don't have to go into their office you could do this via
the phone via the internet via email all right so those are some of the things
that you can do well we talked about websites we talked about some email
sequences we talked about some online courses
well what about webinars I think webinars are the best way to
communicate with people mean meaty right we're doing the video together you can
leave comments and I can answer your comments but with a webinar
you can do something similar whether it's um you know text or videos I think
are the best but then on top of that people could ask questions during it be
a live session you know do you have to be there absolutely not
as long as you're available to answer those questions and it's usually set up
via messenger you can put together a webinar you can also this platform that
I'm working with you can also do funnel sales funnels for those webinars people
make a fair amount of money doing webinars if it's good quality
information and if you have a good target market so it's all about building
up relationships hence this is where the email sequence comes in and you know
email signups what about if people don't want to give you email what are some
other ways that you can make money online in 2019 but it doesn't involve
email well chat box is a lot of people are on Facebook a lot of businesses have
business pages so what you can do is set up a chat box for yourself or for a
business and people make money this way what is the chat box you may have seen
them before you start messaging and automatically you get replies doesn't
have to be very simple it could be very simple just to get started with perhaps
a link to a video a link to a website or you could really go more in depth with
like frequently asked questions and again you can take them off on different
paths you can give them three different choices to choose from and then
depending a button one would take them to one area button two would take them
to another area you could circle it around so that you come back to button
one two and three this all makes sense too I hope so but lots of ways that you
again could help a business grow increase their online presence help them
but also make money from doing it because a lot of businesses they don't
have time they don't understand the technology and what's great about this
is that you get a lot of online training a lot of live you know there's live
sessions as well there's also Facebook groups that are available I'm involved
in a Facebook group it's great it's really strong it has digital marketers
and sales people so certainly join our team if you're interested in doing this
I spoke up chat boxes what about far less browser
notifications browser notifications are a great way again to increase online
presence and be able to like message people and talk with people so you come
on a website or a landing page and you get like you know do you want some free
training or notifications for free training so they if they enabled yes
they say yes so they enable the notifications you can send notifications
out on a regular basis just for ansed for instance say you're doing training
programs you're doing live videos you can let somebody know that you're gonna
be doing a video you get those notifications if you're on Facebook you
see those pop-up on the upper right-hand side you know they'll just pop up it's
different than seeing the bell and clicking down and seeing all those
notifications they're just you know you set them up as a campaign and they
they're sent out say for instance you're a pizzeria or our deli you can send out
browser notifications with what the daily specials are so think of like ways
outside the box again it depends on what business what type of business you're
working with we also have the option of setting up site box site box you can
make money that way somebody comes on a website and they rather than go and feel
like a Facebook Messenger if they have some questions again it would go right
to your phone as a messenger it could be live or you can have it set up where
it's these questions are already automatically answered like for
frequently asked questions alright you can set up appointments you can send
them off to an appointment calendar lots of different ways that you know you
could do this as far as making money for yourself your online business or making
money for other businesses right you came on here because you wanted to hear
about different business ideas for 2019 all right what else videos videos are a
great way to again increase online presence and businesses don't want know
where to start you can do video editing that's going to require more but
certainly it's something that you could learn but basic just do this right like
a talking head video we call it have the business owner do that what you could do
is set it up with a couple of different things you can wrap this screen it's
called the video wrapper say for instance I'm doing real estate well you
could put pictures of houses all around Mike and a frame as I'm
so that's really good and what's great about that is that you post that on
social media and it really is an attention-grabber
people like that you know the scrolling it's all about pattern disruption so
that's good video tags I'm talking now right and but you can have things pop up
in the video you can have email me if you want more information see that and
then all sudden it comes up and someone's able to email you check out my
video my URL and you can you know point in or however you want to do it and at
10 seconds you can put in a video url link you can also do it's different like
emails and phone calls as well as just you know a basic URL so those are all
things that you can do animated videos the platform that I'm working with
allows you to do animated videos animated videos are a great way to
increase an online presence they're funny you can make them funny that you
know show it to a business owner if you have a good sense of humor that's
something that could help them again it's all about them increasing their
online presence and being available being kind of in front of people so that
their business is branded and people think of them oh yes I want to buy a
pizza today you know I saw Joe's notification or I
saw the funny video all these types of things were going to help you make money
when you're working with other businesses all right so we spoke about
animated videos what about when you come on a website and you see somebody
talking it's usually green screen but they're like all around the video I mean
it will around the website that's called the floating video and you're able to do
that as well basically you put someone in front of a green screen you do the
video and then you remove the green and you can put them anywhere on that
website that you want usually it's towards the top so that's another great
way to earn additional income or earn some income if you want to do an online
business for 2019 all right but of course is creation we spoke about what
about business apps seems very complex right but it's not depending on what the
business needs we have a great program that you can work with it's um you could
do which if you are able to do a website design which I know that you could do
you can also then do business apps it's a great way again you have a mobile
device people or usually on mobile now at least 85%
are people are usually on mobile all the time they're very rarely in front of a
desktop like I work from but or laptop but the bottom line is I'm sorry
you could definitely set it up set up a business app for them people make good
money doing business apps maybe give the first couple away for free you know but
get your name out there use it as a portfolio and just build there are
plenty of ways to do this and again it can all be done from home it could all
be done from your laptop so great idea is to think about alright what else am i
let's see what else the membership site courses ybox is those email sequences we
spoke about pop-ups even when somebody comes on a website a pop-up you know
grab an email you can design that for a business and make money off of doing
that autoresponders we spoke about chat boxes apps we spoke about SEO report
business said I'm working the platform that I'm working with gives you a very
detailed SEO report so you have a business and you want to run their URL
you'll give them a detailed report as far as how they increase their search
engine optimization that's how we're found that's how you're gonna find my
video is through search engine optimization it's how you find a website
you google it and the people or their companies with the highest search engine
optimization are going to rank first in that first page of those first few so
I'll it helps to have a detailed search engine optimization report what else
what else we spoke about videos I'm sure I'm forgetting some things because this
program has so much to do it has a lot of different options to make money for
2019 and many years going forward so if you have any questions if you like this
video pop it in the comments below my contact information is there in the
About section so hopefully you liked this video if you did give me a thumbs
up please subscribe to my page I'll be doing this it's all about increasing
your online presence and different ways to make money you know at home on a
laptop and just kind of live the life style that you want to live alright I
hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you guys on another video bye bye

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