In Today's video, I will show you how to build a 
Passive Income Business using Affiliate Marketing   that can potentially earn you a thousand dollars 
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to use it. Thus, of course make the most money.   Going back , you will learn how to build and 
set up a system in less than 20 minutes   that can earn you money over and over 
again. We will do this in Five (5) easy steps   Don't worry I will demonstrate and guide you 
each step of the way so you can do this easily. So, the first step is we go to Clickbank and 
select our affiliate offer that can earn us money.   Second step is we build an autoresponder 
that automatically follow up your leads.   Third step is we build a landing page for 
our offer.

And lastly, I will teach you how to   drive traffic to your offer so you can earn 
from this over and over again on autopilot   the method i will teach you is available worldwide 
so wherever you are around the world you can do   this. So in just a moment I will be showing you 
the first step and how to sign up with Clickbank.   For the first step I want 
you to go to   Clickbank is one the world's largest 
affiliate network in the world   It operates in 200 countries for over 20 years 
and has paid over 4.2 billion dollars in total   Now what I want you to do here is click 
on sign up on the upper right of the page   Fill up the information your country, first name, 
last name, phone number, email address and password   Once you are done you can read the terms 
and conditions or just check I have read   and agree to the terms and conditions.

join clickbank to finish your registration.   You may need to confirm your email 
to finish the registration process   So check the email address you have 
registered and verify your email   Once you are registered login to your account 
and you will be taken to page like this. Now in your dashboard we need to 
create an account nickname first   so click the account icon on the 
left side. Click create an account Choose affiliate in the account type and 
then write down your preferred nickname   The nickname you will type will 
appear in your affiliate link   So I do advise to make your account 
nickname sound good and look neat After that click on the store icon that represents 
marketplace on the left side of the screen   The marketplace is where you will find 
different kinds of affiliate offers that   You can promote with Clickbank.

There are a lot 
of categories we can choose from like cooking,   e-business and e-marketing, education, health 
and fitness, home and garden, and many more   As you can see, the opportunities are endless 
but if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing   I suggest you just focus on one niche. For this 
video, we will be promoting a health and fitness   product. Now, what I want you to do is go to 
the find products section located in the   upper side and type in flat belly code.

This is 
the product that we will promote for this video   So the top result is the product that we 
will be promoting. What I like about this   offer is that it has an affiliate page where 
you can get resources to promote this product   It has free videos, done for you email swipes, and 
images that you can use to promote the product.   But first let us check out the offer. So click the 
title and we will be taken to the affiliate offer   As you can see this is the page where you will 
be taken when someone visits your affiliate link   The landing page looks good. It has a good headline, 
and the video sales letter also looks great   Scrolling down we see lots of information about 
the product and at the end is the Buy Button   When someone buys from this offer using 
our affiliate link we earn commissions   Now let's go back to the affiliate page of our 
offer. So back to marketplace we just click the   link in affiliate page section. In this page we 
can get resources to promote Flat Belly Code.   As you can see, they have banners, product images, 
videos, email swipes, articles, and keywords that we   can use in our promotion with this product.

what I want you to do is type in your account   nickname. In this section and automatically it 
will generate an affiliate link for us that has   different landing page options. For this video 
we will use the long VSL page affiliate link   So copy that and paste it in your notepad. Now what 
I want you to do next is click on email link above   Once we click this we will be taken 
to the email swipes for this product   These are the email swipes we can copy to 
follow up our leads so they can buy our product   Later on, I will teach you how to 
set it up so please keep watching   Now just minimize this window because we will 
be using it for later. We now move on to the next   step which is creating our autoresponder. But real 
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Going back to the video, we   now move on to the second step for the second 
step we will go to a site called Builderall.   Builderall is the software that we will be using 
in creating our autoresponder and landing page.   So what I like about this software is it 
is an all-in-one software where you will   find all the tools that you will need 
in creating an automated sales funnel.   It has a site builder, an autoresponder, a chat bot, 
video hosting, funnel templates, and many more. So as   you can see this are the different applications 
that you can use in Builderall. It has more   than 40 apps that you can use for e-commerce, an 
agency business, creating courses, webinars and more   Now, if you want to try this software I will leave 
a link in the description of this video. Builder   all offers a one dollar trial for one month and 
if it doesn't work for you you can cancel anytime.  If you want to sign up for a one dollar trial, 
just go to the link in the description below   Now once you have an account with Builderall. 
this is what it will look like.

For the second   step we will be creating an autoresponder 
that automatically follow up our leads.   What I want you to do next point your 
mouse to apps located on the upper right   and then click on mailing autoresponder. Now you 
will take into mailing boss. In this step we will   be creating an email list for the people who have 
been interested in checking out our affiliate link.   In this way, we can automatically follow him up 
using automated pre-written emails. Now go to   create a new subscriber list and click continue. 
Now we have to fill out this form to create our   list. In the name section I will type in flat belly 
code the same goes for the display name. For the   description describe how the subscriber opt into 
your email list because this will be visible to   your subscriber.

So, for this one I will write this 
description you can copy this or create your own In the opt-in and opt-out leave it at 
double for now. But we will be changing it   later once we have created our landing page. 
For tags just leave it blank. Now, click next.   Now, in this tab you will see the information that 
will be saved in the list that we will create.   For this example we will only need the email 
of the subscriber so I will just leave it as   it is.

If you want to gain more information you can 
check first name and other information available.   Once done, click save changes. Now we have created 
our list it's time to create our emails that we   will automatically send to our subscribers once 
they opt into our offer but before that let me   know if you are learning anything in this 
video? Type in the comments below. Now going   back to mailing boss. What I want you to do next is 
click on campaigns o n the upper part of the screen   then click email sequence once you 
are in this page click create new now i will just name it flat belly email swipes 
in the list just select flat belly code the one   we created earlier leave the other form as 
is and click save and edit sequence emails   now you will be taken to email sequence creation 
form but let's go back first to the affiliate   page of flat belly code where we will copy 
the pre-written email swipes that we can use   now open your notepad and 
copy and paste the first email change the link to your affiliate 
link for this example we will use   the long vsl page for our offer copy that 
link and replace the link in your notepad now let's go back to mailing boss to edit 
the email before editing the contents of   the email the first thing we need to do is 
change the sending date of the email for the   first email i want it to be sent one day after 
they have subscribed so i will change it to one now i'll copy and paste the subject after that 
copy the content and paste it to mailing boss now   the affiliate link that i paste earlier is not yet 
clickable so i highlight it and put an underline   to make it stand out and then i click put link 
in the upper part to add the link to that text   once done i am ready to move 
on to creating the next email   for this video we will be creating three 
emails the sending time will be one day   apart for the second and third email just 
copy the process we did on the first email um now double check all the email you have created   and once done click on the play 
button to activate your email now we have created an autoresponder 
that automatically follow up our leads   so now we move on to creating a landing page   moving on we now make our landing or bridge 
page but you are probably asking why do   we need to create a landing page if our 
affiliate product has its own landing page   well the common reason is most big social networks 
and websites like facebook instagram google   and other big websites do not like spamming of 
affiliate links especially coming from clickbank   if you regularly spam your affiliate links you may 
be suspended or worse banned to use their network   thus lowering the chances of you making a 
sale but if you have your own landing page   or bridge page we can legally bypass this rule by 
putting the affiliate link in that landing page   another good thing is if we create our own 
landing page we can collect emails of our   possible buyers when we have their emails 
we can remarket to them over and over again   thus having a higher chance of converting them to 
a sale now for our landing page to be effective it   should be congruent to the design of the affiliate 
offer page that way the one viewing it will not be   confused to the offer they are presented with 
so we move on to creating and designing of our   landing page i will be demonstrating 
to you how to create one from scratch   in the builderall dashboard point your mouse to 
the app section and it will pop out a larger menu   in that menu click cheater website builder 
in the cheater editor click create new site   after that choose professional 
templates select blank template now go to the left side of your screen and 
click site settings change the title to   flat belly code i will also change the website 
url to flat belly code now turn off made with   builderall affiliate button and click save 
now we go now and create our landing page   click edit page we now are greeted 
with an empty template like this   so now i delete the text so 
we can start from scratch first i'm going to change the background 
to a similar color with the affiliate   offer by clicking the pen button and from there   go to background settings and pick 
the background color in the panel tab now in the elements sections i will add a box 
to the design similar to the affiliate offer next is adding a headline 
similar to the affiliate offer i will change the format of this text 
to heading 2 and change its color to red so now i will add an image representing the 
video in the affiliate offer so i did this by   using snipping tool and grabbing a screenshot 
of the video in the affiliate offer page   to add more design i added border to the picture i'm adding another text before i input the opt-in 
form to convince the viewer to click on the opt-in now i will add an email marketing form or 
opt-in in this page by going to the panel and   then elements and then choosing email marketing 
form so i choose this email marketing format   this form is where our prospects will fill out 
their email and be taken to the affiliate offer now i want to do is put an arrow 
pointing to the button to make   the button more obvious to the 
viewer by adding another image so now i'm just going to check if it looks 
good in tablet format and mobile format by   going to the tablet and mobile icon 
near the home button at the top left   in the tablet view i click hide element button 
for the arrow image because i don't want it to be   there and it looks awkward i want it only on the 
desktop view to rearrange the positions of each   element if you are in mobile or tablet view just 
select the element and click the up or down arrow so now once i am done with the design 
i will now put my affiliate link to the   email form by selecting it and pressing 
set link which looks like a clip icon   fill out the link for subscribe pending and 
subscribe confirm with your affiliate link once done click save wait for a few seconds now go back to 
cheetah website builder and click the   triple dot of your created page select go to 
website page this will be the preview of the   landing page we just have created now copy the 
website link of your newly created landing page   now let's go back to mailing boss 
by going back to our dashboard once in there click lists and select lists click the update button that looks 
like a pen a flat belly code email list   now click on advanced change 
the opt-in to single opt-in so you will be asked of what landing page 
you will use for opt-in paste your landing   page link and for this description you 
can copy what i just wrote to be approved now we have completed setting up our sales 
funnel system to recap we have completed   the following number one we created an account 
with clickbank and chose a product to promote   number two we created an email autoresponder that 
will automatically follow up our leads whenever   they opt into our offer number three we created 
a landing page that collects email and sends our   visitors to the affiliate offer now what is left 
is to drive traffic to our affiliate link so we   can start earning money so now i will discuss the 
traffic source we will use to promote our product   and that is pinterest why pinterest pinterest 
is a free traffic source that potentially can   receive millions of views without having a large 
number of following another reason is some pins   also ranks in google so it also receives traffic 
in google search if you create a pin with the   right keyword you can rank it in google now i will 
show you two pages that receives millions of views   without having hundreds of thousands of followers 
the first one is weight loss healthy tricks they   receive 2.3 million views every month and they 
only have about 5 000 followers the second   account is my weight loss fund they are receiving 
1.9 million views every month and they have 21   000 followers so just imagine how much traffic 
they receive with their views here in pinterest   now if you don't have an account with pinterest 
i suggest you to sign up for a business account   with a business account you will have the 
analytics feature in your account to easily   identify what pins are working what pins 
are not you will also have access to trends   so you can design your pins with keyword trends 
you have gathered you will know which keyword is   trending upwards and which keywords are trending 
downward and from that data you can design the   headline of your pin according to what is trending 
so how can you design a pin for free this is easy   just go to when you are 
in canva type in pinterest pins and here you can see pre-made templates 
you can use to design your pin they also have free images you can use customized 
font and elements to add to your design   now let me show you a sample on 
how to make a pin here in canva um so here is a sample of a pin i designed you can 
download this as a video file or an image file   i prefer to post videos to make my post stand out 
from the rest if you are still watching i will   share to you two bonus tips to maximize traffic 
using pinterest first tip is posting in pinterest   if you want to maximize results with pinterest 
i suggest you to post three times a day within   separate periods of time with at least one 
hour from your last post now within each post   you should not post pins with the same landing 
page each day so i suggest in using pinterest   you should promote three different products or you 
can use the same product but with three different   landing pages you can use the scheduled post 
feature of pinterest so you won't have to monitor   each post for the second tip go to and 
search for pinterest pins now here you will find   people who are willing to design a large number 
of pins for a small amount of investment so here   you can automate your traffic by having pre-made 
pins scheduled three times a day without using a   lot of effort so that's it for this video if you 
want to earn more money i suggest you to join   our five day challenge this program aims to help 
you build an online profitable business in just   five days using affiliate marketing if you want to 
join this challenge link will in the description   below thank you so much for watching and be sure 
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as always i will see you on our next videos

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