hmm what is probably the best way to
self-employment part-time hello welcome to this video my
name is oliver nice that you are here and this video is now exactly about that was
not worth showing my way which I think is best if you are
self-employed part-time want to do
why is the whole thing is important simply for the following reason if you
make yourself all the time then there are quite a few things coming your way yes if you run
a classic self- employment then you have the time factor
yes how do you get everything under one roof if you have a family, for example, for a
long time you don’t just say the job you also have some private
things that are also important then the topic of product development comes up to
you the moment modules of product development are in place then you
usually don’t get any money yet earn because we don't have a product yet that
you sell then the topic is marketing and sales are not big yes
because if you you can't do it or the best product is worth nothing if you
can't sell it and then there's the issue of organization, so everything that has to do
with your business yes, that's accounting, taxes, these are the
authorities and then of course there's also the issue of investments then come to
you and that's why you should stay tuned if the topic is of interest
because in this video here you'll just learn what
I think is the best way and I'll be self-employed part-time and I'll
show you how you can benefit from it but of independence you have reduced the
disadvantages to a minimum and let’s just briefly go into
my one good year here the path I
would like to show you today is network marketing in combination with online marketing there is a
very specific reason why I don’t I
was the only one who walked this path then and still walk today, but why
you should think about it before you even start looking into
self-employment or maybe even classic self-employment yes, make
sure you are clear about it beforehand
i personally have nothing against classic self-employment but i
will still show why i simply prefer network marketing in combination with
online marketing at the classes of classic
self-employment it's very easy to do so that you take care of everything in the short term
you have the topic of marketing and sales yes, especially if you become
self-employed part-time then you will not have employees
that you pay wages and salaries where you yes or or where you
simply hire people for certain activities that will
not be the case at the beginning that means marketing and sales come to you like
sales to borrow then products your idea your service then you
have controlling that the whole administration the you have to take care of that
you can do it yourself If the accounting department does that, maybe
you do it yourself at the beginning, yes, there is nothing wrong with that, but these are
simply things that are coming your way, of course, product development and further product
development, yes, that is of course a big point if you
don’t have a product yet but maybe you have an idea in your head that you want to implement
is a topic that comes up to me then usually with high
investments because if you want to bring your own product instead then
the whole thing has to be developed that costs money right away you need machines et
cetera So these topics of external financing etc.

also be clarified if you work with employees later
, of course wages and salaries are due. You are responsible for
ensuring that enough money always comes in so that you
can pay people then, as I said, the time management itself how do you get
everything under one roof so that you can take me from a hamster wheel not at work to the
next te house because you get independence and then
tell me the same money runs into your blood from one of the employees of the
federal government for hours you have even if the topic is fun if so then your
private life suffers from it that’s not exactly nice then yes the topic
know yes you have to get fit in all areas yes
you have no one to ask and if you work with trainers or coaches
then you have to buy yourself in that
no one will give for free the advantage is just that that his earnings in
entrepreneurship are not capped for the time being, at least
if you can scale yours so far if you can sell your product as often as
you like if you can grow by hiring new employees of
course you also have free time management even if there are many
self-employed people are also sick in a kind of hamster wheel and work more in the
company than at the company and if there is a product, if there is your
service, it is of course also scalable and on the
other hand we have the path that i would say to everyone thinks
about whether there is an alternative because of course there are
innovative products products that nobody has or that are not yet on the
market and yes there are also problems nowadays where there is still no solution for them
everything may be right but for the majority of things
i just cheekily claim that there is someone who
offers a solution to a problem or there is already a product that is what is on the market
and that is why there are network marketing companies for almost everyone in those areas of every industry
or a company that
uses the network marketing 0 level marketing distribution channel and yes, just look for ask yourself
if you don't have an alternative or a topic that
particularly appeals to you health sport or energija energi e-branch finance
etc so you are in every area year to
find the company was it works via the distribution channel network marketing
and the advantage of this this distribution system yes because this
distribution channel is very simple you can fully
concentrate on what is important is the sale and that the
growth of his organization speaks recruiting recruiting
new sales partners strong focus on it the only activities that are
really important that you do then is selling gaining new customers
recruiting new sales partners and then training these team partners
yes the complete controlling the administration takes over
usually a partner company he has given the infrastructure is
germany you don't have to install an expensive it first, it's usually
already provided by the company
we have a topic the
topic of product development further product development here too must don't you care about it because your
company already has working products and depending on how the
company got on the market, the company has already
proven with the products that the market also likes these products and is willing to spend money on them
, that means you don't have to first do some
market research somewhere, etc.

But you basically have everything you have
a turnkey business yes, which you just have to get up
and running yes no investments so with us and our business, for example, so
that you have no investments at all, yes, except for time and if you of course stop
marketing power over being paid then of course it has its advertisements et cetera
but you have no investment costs then of course there are also companies
where you had to buy certain basic equipment but even these costs are rather low
compared to classic self-
employment then the issue of wages salaries you don't have to if you new
hire a sales partner yes then you are not responsible for what he
earns yes you do not have to pay him a salary no wages the commission payment takes care of
everything is the company the only thing you have to do is that
the whole thing is booked correctly and taxed correctly yes then
accordingly stop also tax yes but that is basically everything yes the
advantage is but you can grow like someone who has 100 200 300 employees
yes because it is written nowhere how many sales partners
can hire yes and so you can just grow indefinitely yes the same with the
topic of time management In
my opinion, network marketing is the ideal path especially at the beginning of a part-time self-employment if you still fit it with online marketing at the same time.
That means that you build up your talent business via the

The new ones in our team learn the country of each of
our sales partners we do the whole thing both offline and online or as a
combination nation can build on both as far as knowledge is concerned,
it's the ideal way because you don't have to buy the help
expensively here, it's usually provided on the one hand by the
company, yes then you have a mentor and team at your side which
you can ask but here i always say there will be no one who
will call you every day and say where can i help you but knowledge is always
a debt that means you have to be willing to approach these
people but then they will be with you help why because by the
nature of things the network marketing distribution channel is already designed in such a way
that you that everyone benefits from it yes i will give you an example if you
open a bakery today and across the street there is a new bakery that
works better then it will then the competition will not reveal their recipe for success
, but if you ask your mentor, a sponsor yes, the
person at the duh in started the company then dia will give you the
best possible tips because if you implement these
tips and have more success as a result , then the sponsor automatically has more
success, which means he has his own interest in using the best possible tricks
and tips to give on the way yes so that you are successful and
therefore it is an yes an absolute win-win situation for both sides then the
earnings are also not capped that means you can sell as much
as you want you can recruit as many team partners as you can if you want to
be able to practice this then it can grow accordingly without
any limits free time management is also there
and the whole thing is of course scalable certainly what I have just told
you is not everything yes but it should be enough before you then take the step
yes and that you just think about it for yourself is network marketing in
combination with online marketing or classic network marketing
is an alternative for me, especially at the beginning and
yes, and I can just give you a tip because seriously deals
with it from my point of view it's the
best way you can go if you're like her if you
want more information yes how you or how you how you online how you
can build your business online how you network marketing how you
can build your network marketing online or if you just need an idea like
which which company or walls and tips in which company
i work with yes then just click on the link below the video
get free information sent and can it then
work with us like this in our team the people get all the support they
need to get the good support
they get shown how you how you build your business online and offline
or a combination of both and if the whole thing is interesting for
you then just below the video because I will provide you with a
link just go to it and yes ask for more information for free
okay in that sense I hope the whole
thing was helpful for you if yes thumbs up share the whole thing with your network
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oliver schirmer

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