– So you found a work from
Home Business Opportunity got all excited thinking that you just had to share on social media and you would start making some money, but you're sharing and
somehow not making any money? Hey, it's Suzanne from
www.SuzannePerkinsM.com and I'm gonna give it to you straight as to why promoting your
business on Facebook just isn't working for
you and how to fix it.

So you found a way to make
some side income from home and they told you that you just had to post on Facebook about it. Don't worry, it sells itself, people are gonna love it and you're just gonna make money. It's possible that you
may actually have gotten a little action and made
a few sales, initially, but now it's totally dried up and it's just not working for you. Here's why. Any friends who you
interact with on Facebook who are in the market for whatever it is that you're selling, they
have already bought it and it's really only
if you had any friends who were out there
looking for your product or service or opportunity
in the first place. Others they just googled it. They may be saw some bad
reviews or figure they get it or a cheaper knockoff on Amazon
and so just got it there.

And honestly, the rest
is aren't interested in what you're offering. By now everyone who was gonna buy either because they
were actually interested or just to be nice, it's already bought and you're just annoying the same people over and over and over again
pitching your product service or your opportunity. Have you noticed people
starting to unfriend you yet? If you haven't, hold tight, it's coming. Because people are on social
media for three reasons; either to be entertained, consume
information or to network.

They don't come to shop or to be pitched. And when people check
you out on social media and you are a continual
infomercial, it's a total turnoff. It's like you're the mall kiosk person working on commission that
everyone avoids eye contact with because if you make eye contact, you're gonna be sucked in and hard sold on something that you're just not interested in. People hate feeling sold,
while they love to buy they just hate being sold and they are gonna avoid
it whenever possible.

So your current friends
will start avoiding you and anybody new who sees
you online gonna see that and they're gonna see the
pitch coming on file away and avoid digital eye contact with you. So obviously, what you're
doing isn't working. So how do you fix it? Alright, so let's start
with what not to do. Number one, don't blast
the name of your company that you work with. Your network marketing company,
affiliate marketing company or whatever, don't blast that name, or the product name
publicly on social media. That's a private conversation. Publicly you want to
talk about the benefits, make people curious about what it is and then privately you
can give them the details. You don't want people to
just go off on their own, you know, Google it, and then
come to their own conclusions on whatever they find. 'Cause the internet has all kinds of stuff so don't publicly say
the name of your company or the name of your product. Number two, don't post constantly
just about your business.

Your timeline should show you
just living your life out loud doing all the normal and fun stuff like a regular Facebook user. Then a few times a week, you can mix in some kind of nonchalant,
emotional kind of stuff, not more than one direct
promotional posts per week. Now, if you run across a TV station, it was just commercial, let's be honest, what are the chances that
you would stick around very long and watch? Not very high, right? Exact same thing goes for
your social media profiles.

You can't just be a constant commercial. Number three, don't just see
people as potential sales, they're gonna smell that a mile away. Some people may have a
problem that your product or opportunity can solve the honestly most people are not gonna buy. Don't be rude or unfriend
people who aren't interested. You never know who they
may connect you with or even if you could end up working with them later on down the road. If you are looking to use social media to grow home business,
you need to meet people where they are and fit within
the framework of social media by entertaining, providing
valuable information and networking.

So figure out what problem your product or service solves for people
and learn how to offer them a solution to that problem
in a non pitchy way. Yes, that may be easier
said than done at this point but with a little guidance and practice, it can become like second nature. If you need some help
learning the nitty gritty and the step by step of
exactly how to do this, how to successfully
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