[Music] hey what's up what's up this is sherisse the afropunk entrepreneur coming at you with yet another product review so today I will be doing a review of a product called passion fuze there's this product just launched today and is a product by Demetrius Papadopoulos aka D Papa I had the pleasure of meeting with him meeting him in Dublin about a month ago and I'm really excited to do a review of this really awesome product so I'm gonna be showing you the membership area the sales page I got some some pretty cool bonuses for you if you want to get this course through me if you're new to my channel I talked about affiliate marketing making money online and I'm also an SEO so I can recreate I'll be creating videos on how to help you rank your YouTube sin YouTube videos and your blog post so instead of subscribing drop me a comment let me know that sheep subscribe if you're brand new I'll write you back and let's hop right into it so case study how Demetrius builds passive income machines that bring him $200 plus income machines that bring him $200 plus a day in sales and commissions and how you can basically set it up in any Miche I really really like this course this is now I think the fourth third or fourth course I've now gone all the way through and reviewed and stuff for Demetrius and he really he really really number one he really really cares about people you really really cares about the success of others and so his courses are pretty much jam-packed with just so much so much value that it's actually pretty it's actually pretty amazing he really he really is a you know one of the good guys good guys as far as marketers ago so anyway so this hype is paid the sales page is not high P at all it is gonna take some work work I will not tell you it is a hundred percent newbie friendly because you all have to start from somewhere but the passive incomes and machines that he's talking about her basically creating courses much like this where he's going to be teaching you how to create a product that you can sell over and over again based on your passion so Demetrius is a very passionate guy and he's passionate about helping helping people so the products that he creates are based around his passion for for helping others so through his course there's gonna be a case study a couple case studies that you can follow his exact blueprint how to build an evergreen business simply written for peace it's gonna work for all nations he's going to talk to you how about how to select nice that you're going to be using for your passion like for me I went all the way through the course and I'm a lifelong musician so it may be really considered creating a course and a product that is going based around teaching others music so anyway that's for the future so right now the sales page is really awesome as he always does got some sort of income proof from jvzoo and yeah jvzoo and you can see this little video that's kind of popping up you know difference so you know sales from david from day today so I don't want to scroll all the way through the sales page you guys can do that here's some more income proof that he does make plenty money with your PayPal like this it was kind of a it was kind of cool when I was in Dublin hanging around him and join us Lindgren Joan Armstrong and you just hear their phones going off and just like you do see PayPal notification after PayPal notification so these guys really know what they're doing Demetrios is one of the guys who's really uh raking raking in the dough nowadays with what he's doing so anyway before I hop into the membership area this is what it's going to look like once you get in I'm gonna let you know about some bonuses cuz I'm sure you guys are shopping I always tell Demetrius and I'd kind of joke with this and I'm not much I'm actually not being full of here it's really hard for me to figure out what bonuses I want to give because he covers like if he's gonna create a course about a certain thing he covers it really really thoroughly normally when I look for when I want to create bonuses I try to look for flaws and the product and think they smell I feel like they could have covered better or sure to cover it or didn't cover at all but in this case um I you know I'm I'm gonna it was a little bit at a loss so let me talk to you about the bonuses I have for you so my course is actually coming out August 27th it's called ranking Rockstar renegades it's it gonna be of course about ranking your YouTube videos and blog posts you know and for actually promoting affiliate offers so I'm giving away one free module to this unreleased course and it's not going to be the 1 minute introduction video it's actually a module that will you be able to use to help in your SEO and affiliate marketing stuff like that so number two is the most congruent one that I can do I there's a little some hacks and stuff but I use to create landing pages that are very congruent with the sales pages that way if you're doing something like solo ads and things like that they'll selling the landing page that you're subscribed over the land on will look very similar to their sales page will increase your chance is up having more conversions so that's something I just created for you today to do to use bonus number three how to make pages like this again if you're going to be doing affiliate marketing using something like Commission gorilla helps you keep all of your bonuses in one place and also make sure your your pages look neat and clean as you can see this is very kind of not all over the place is very well formatted so I'm showing you guys how to do that because if you're going to be creating products or reviewing products you need to have some awesome place to hold your bonuses and things like that again and want to share with you how up and ranking my videos and blog post number one the thing he didn't cover he does cover you walking through and getting a domain and all this other stuff but I'm gonna show you how to get domains I'm hoping hosting super cheap a couple little hacks that I use that'll help you get some discounts on there he has a section where he talks about running Facebook Ads you can write a written fist Facebook guy just fine or you can create three videos you can create videos for Facebook ads and I'm going to show you how I create my videos using this really free tool that's available online so you can use that to run your affiliate promotions and use and use and get video views last one I think is just showing you how to click new click magic again if you're going to be doing affiliate marketing you need to be tracking your clicks it's a mistake that I made earlier in my career and I've definitely read this and so definitely want to get used to learning how to track your clicks especially for if you're creating products if you're doing solo ads if you're doing whatever you're doing need to be tracking a click so I'm just helping me out with that so I think that's uh that's it to grip to get the bonuses this you see the directions here I don't know why I can't speak today where they'll be showing up this is a JB's new product so it will show up under access your purchase and jvzoo so anyway so now let's hop into passion fuse the membership area do mitrice's courses are always really laid out really well I think that he uses in Bato he's got this on you know welcome welcome video but he's gonna introduce you to so there's a total of seven seven modules that are in this thing and within each module there's quite a few videos so he's gonna have to start the start here section I'm just gonna kind of go through this as much as I can so he's gonna give you a members area walk through what the course what pass infuse is about how he generated this amount of money thirty-six dollars five hundred I can't even I can't I can't speak but he's basically talking about how he generated this number using his passion and like I said he's talking heavily about creating products so and what budget to Express is a really good section to keep keep keep an eye on because if you're new to this you want to you kind of need to know like what you'll need to kind of roughly get started with this type of stuff so let's go to the second month the first month the first full module so turn your passion into profits again this is like he's going to be basically showing you how to choose a niche how to initiate if you've never thought that you were passionate about something like something like I said for me it's music but if you've never had anything he's going to show you how you can kind of get in touch with that with that process and creating your brand creating your passions foundations your theme where you can sell it creating creating your passion creating box of box art covers and copywriting this is a this is all in module module one here so let's go back I really like the idea of turning attorney passion into profits because if you really love what you do you know make me making the money is actually I mean it's great but there's so many people who don't like their jobs and like what they do for a living it's it's it's it's so much better to be able to make money doing what you love so anyway module number two your passion and piracy is going to show you how to create membership sites add your content you know getting your membership area set up finding software developers if you need he's released two or three softwares now and he's not a developer himself so he had to partner with some of some other guy launching and refunds and creating support group refunds is actually a good section is something that I had to go through because my course is coming out I've never dealt with refunds marketers are always kind of joking about no refunds and how you know how much kind of a pain they can be but it's a section that's that all my filling markers if you're gonna be creating a product you're gonna come up against it against it so he's trying to again so we're just trying to help people and kind of let you know what to be prepared for and what and what actions you can take should you get refunds and and PayPal disputes and all this other stuff that the marketers go through once they've created a course building your landing page he's gonna show you how to dissect he's gonna dissect his own sales pages for you creating your first landing page he uses ebloom I use convert see this click clones with so many other types of things that's not really the point just get something that will create a landing porch for you page for you create your thank-you page he's got a really cool trick that he does with this Thank You pages that I really like so check that out held a little funnel and adding by bun buttons so let's go back so now you want to go to the second skur scroll over a so now we're going to be a billing building affiliate drive this is this is one of the the more difficult things if you're if you're brand new and you're creating a product and like like I said I have my launch coming up in a few weeks so now my job is to to track down people that I would like to promote for me I would want to be promoting their products as well I want to get in touch with them and email them or contact them on skype and so he's gonna base if we're gonna talk to you about how to get affiliate and also how to create a document in a page that JB's can come to when they want to promote your product so module number five is targeted traffic using Facebook as I'm just now starting to do say Facebook as for when I promote stuff because it's it's kind of offsetting the views that I don't get as much indeed anymore these days with the YouTube channel stuff that's going on but he's gonna show you how to create a Facebook ads for your product or if you're doing affiliate promotion networks as well and and also how to create localized audiences so that she can retarget we're serious money as a member targeting mmm excuse me losing my voice and losing my mind apparently you know mark Andy's gonna talk to you about using autoresponders and how to set up your autoresponder sequence building your list so I think there was just that one video in this section wax are there a couple videos on but on the same page let me just show you to you yeah making money from the online marketing so yeah again to me just like throws all the kirino there wasn't a lot of value here making money with you building you're using a web particular your first landing page and it's got a a Rober link for you there if you don't already have an autoresponder I use get response I have nothing against Aweber it's just kind of where I started and what I prefer to use and the last section is affiliate marketing blogging case study this is actually a really cool section and I think he must have just recently updated because he's gonna talk to you about he promoted how he promoted a product called destiny that's only that launched maybe two or three days ago by JK Dell and he's gonna show you how he was able to get some sales using Facebook Ads that for that for that product so anyway he really pulls back the whole curtain so like I said I really can't say enough good things about his course I mean there's there's the he's he's covering a lot of different topics that will help you from start to finish if you read it all like trying to make money from your passion so okay let's talk about the price points this thing is a as far as I'm concerned to see what that's what I think it's 1295 1295 to $37 it's gonna think it's 1295 1295 to $37 it's gonna be simply his because over the shoulder training on how to create your own digital product Empire I think he probably has six or seven products under his name now which is why which is what these Pat what sorry passive income machines that's what those are the digital product empires so OTO one is called synergy it's ninety seven dollars with down so forty seven and it's going to basically give you more that marketing training and blogging done for your campaigns and coaching throughout his Facebook inner circle group passion fuse oto 2 is JB fuse it's 197 it's basically how to how to guide you through a launch which is actually invaluable if you're thinking about launching a product at any point there is no down so as far as I know and then OTO number 3 has launched views JB partnership and group coaching he's basically going to help you take care of everything for your launch so if you're gonna create a launch this is the guy but you want to have you know kind of helping you you know know the ropes and making sure helping you would get JB's and branding and marketing and product creation and also their stuff so anyway like I said I really really enjoyed going through this product again Demetrios deep deep op there's a really good guy hanging out with him and I've known him for maybe a little bit less than a year he's one of those people where he didn't really have to be as kind to me as he was and and as supportive and said give me a lot of tips and tricks that he didn't have to do so that's I you know it's like I said I'm just really pleased to be able to be a part of his of his launch so anyway that's about it let me know if you have any questions or concerns drop me a comment please give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it if you have questions drop a like sorry drop a comment please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already subscribed and let me know that you have sub by writing I've subbed at the bottom and so I hope you guys have a great day and an amazing week keep crushing it I'll talk to you soon links to everything are all in the description take care guys peace

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