hello guys, Fábio is speaking here Vasconcellos and in today's video I will bring to you that a tool amazing completely free which is super links plugin that we just finished launch here in the company but before that if you are new here on the channel Enjoy and subscribe here on the channel Activate Tinker bell and like this video like in this video I'll give you one completely free tool is worth your money like take a little talk that is super gorgeous supplies is a plugin link redirector are by me needed forward to the whole beginner godson if you already use it the one I famously share with me links you will no longer need to use them and for me you will be able to use super them even if you already have part of that phone that you can import the links You have the penis and care about the substitutes I thought already responds a long time ago for you to come thinking about actually creating this pudding I didn't want to go, but a programmer here of the company was Thiago but having to go my touch the ideas behind clients I was the one who said Nei programmer to create together with some and Carlos' s also cold and there best link management plugin free on the market today I will show you pass Fausto that the people changed different right good to hear relatives That's when I thought about raise him in the difficulty I had with other penguins, so there are others games on the market that only a little heavy the code is not clean brings a lot of freshness that doesn't have need an experienced will select only functions that really the person need and will not confuse the one beginner affiliate in the free version you you will be able to redirect your teeth from good so i'll show you step step by step how to do this and you too will be able to categorize your videos that I think it is one of the most important functions interesting for a free version and that what that that category for example you will create your links on YouTube for example here on and you can create category on YouTube and there you will be able create multiple links within that category with that will stay a lot simple and you follow the links clicks measure his metrics all the YouTube links will be at category the club you will have your blog links your blog links you put the blog portfolio you can put the links that goes on Instagram leave it at So you're going to be able to have this control study in the free version i will show you now so i will leave the link for you to download give it to me right here in the description come on let's show you how the firmer person for you doesn’t have problem at the time of this relationship which is super easy very simple configuration there to make absent is a lot fit my computer screen good at time on my computer screen and I'm going showing you is very simple there Superman who is right here you normal plugin installation procedure from WordPress right comes plug-ins Add new one and search for that file within your computer to go up and follow the procedure activation after you have to click here on super links and you will have the activation process here it goes have a little button here for you to activate this version that is already active and Everson completely free bro you can be affiliated here on super links and win also fifty percent commission on the sale of Superman's paid plan I pay with a lot more features that has all the features that are not shown here what you have in the version free and what's in the version for you know this vacancy just click on this button here we go create list that serves literally relatives to link redirecting those ugly links Let's put it here for example ok hotmart that you can't share this link has a super link it comes from how to make godchildren plug-ins that you have to use on your own people will be a free The City version paid to create links with your domain do not share links like this or until same link from the bitly Wiliam service free usually the beginner affiliate you don't know the bitly because you use bitly more nor Peter sand that is also a well-known product there is no more because the substitutes in the free version here it works very well and better than watching the service, because it will create links with your domain I will show here this one is a domain this situation a name I got exactly for is links to YouTube the face domain, right and the links will stay better there on YouTube but you must be there only those present on your blog main domain because each link you will create it will take the domain of your blog Then you will share the link Facebook condominium of your blog / o name you put it you go share the link on the YouTube domain on fertilizing the name you will place Then you will strengthen your brand is the brand of your domain as more links you create here with yours domain and spread across the network do social Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram more link you will get appointed to your Sunday so you strengthens different sundays if you share this type of lens or even same bitly link use alternates to strengthen your brand as well because it brings some benefits a lot interesting here in the free version ó here are the categories of A Created with a super link now we are going to create one link here so let's create a link here and I will create a new category promotion for you not to go after you like to categorize your links are there click here category E the name I'm going to click here super links [Music] YouTube So I'm going to put it here I want that in the case for this video singing everything created a category he already creates category here and you will give or not E I pressed it so let's put it here is Super Mix / YouTube is the address that I I want it So I'll put it here YouTube so here's how it goes make the link here your domain will look what you put here So in this case YouTube will stay right or it could be to suffer it's super close to Lima's I can put it it's still free ready free superprint here is the style of the types of relationship here in the gas version this one is more peaceful good and here the URL you are going to put remember that she is ugly to take the example here of your present that you can dream a goddaughter and promoted alternates your audience is now a new club that there are not many people promoting it yet you can promote it only days with one video in person here on YouTube and one article on mobile gets show going to be easy to rank now here they will copy this ugly link right and let's put it here ready ok you can do a test it is well in the sense to add more URL that is to put other versions here to do the paid version conversion another link to put let's get here here just tocomlink we will put here the recruitment of godson I don't have a motor and here but I will put here that will happen here when someone clicking will open another person to stay here again it will open here, making a test it there to know which one clicks the most but I’m going to take it, I won’t leave it like that
leave normal ready here there are others features we will talk about in next video is more so are all version to save here let's save will show payou and ready look that a super cool motorcycle link here at home you can click on this copy button copied and here you can place where you want to get your domain / name that you put it in and ready it goes redirect to where you have to redirect in the case here to the page of the super Winx Okay so exactly that your gift is in categories I coming back here by the categories will create a category of for example category super link in which you can type that I am the link will have clix metrics here is the metric showing also too many clients will take a lot to show more things here naturally he pro and if you already use the little black one, I already use Pet
Lins and I have a lot of Lígia has thousand liters create a technique and now tell me how am I going to change that OK no problem maybe you are using close to you can come here substitutes and import those teeth into selecting calculation prevents or will send he search here in case he already brought here the books that have relevant you if if you want Ah I want this plugin this here how about the hotmart link I want Ultimate category now how do I I will create your math account I will click here on the category button mathematics and ready and I will save category E now this song will appear here I marked this one I want in the category hotmart And I will explain these up already links here to sleep but I'll show a you if in case you have the version paid is going to have that other forms of serious relationship and will have to go importing are invalid links as per this example here The plugin doesn't matter so I click import and it goes importing links from your pret Lins is very simple very simple you now out here on creating hotmart i'm going to find here I will not tell anything to go up, I imported it already done here so it won't cut again, it's already here on the super link but it will work perfectly you will not choose no Pet Lins link after you did this you can disable the pret books main that you liked me gave a lot of work that we still have bring new features to club so leave the like in this video leave the comment down here that that you the pudding dog What's yours experience with me that that you mainly found this version free that is very top I always I looked for a way to have categories going get easier right in the free version at that weighed and release it there really going to be a hand on the wheel and also mainly import you will realize that bullying is a little jump Me take it easy, his code is fine used well Clean professional who did this public child is top top of market even pudding show a lot let your comment below what did you think super like And don't forget to leave like and subscribe to our channel as strong hug and see you next time

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