you have no skills and you Want create an account and earn money, then this video is for you, You must have watched the video step bye step. This video is like this. people will work, be a graphic designer, be a programmer, in the comment section. You will get the money. How can this happen? Everything will be let me tell you the account you don't have to panic so guys also you You have to do the same a famous phrase spoken only in a city? to write somewhere. I want as many people as possible to do this with each other. and learn about each other so that you people's Communication skills are better if you are new, then you will also subscribe to the bell icon, you have to press the little one so that you have more like this informative videos are always coming. Also, if you pay me, If you are watching the book for the first time, then you simply follow or like, I don't miss any update. You have go to the comment, stay connected, let's be back. So guys this account will be created in minutes.

Give it so that you ? People have to work. But people will work for you. . How will we meet? What to do quickly, will tell you. How did you create this account? For this RL which is You'll find it pinned in the first comment. you have to create an account from there. First of all I teach him how to make it. After that, I will teach you how to have to generate earning from it. So guys let's go. The most First, you will click on this link, which you have to .

So you will come to one of its pages. Now this guy the page in our Punjab, isn't it the page of fiber Fiber will give us money. How can this happen? . How does this happen ? In return you will get a commission give an example from a native, let's talk about is here. Now what is this place? It is a place where To sell fruit, also comes and people like us who go to buy fruit, we . There is that person with earth, let's say, I told him to give me one carat. Let's say apples . Isn't there a price is also different. In addition to the bid, he are charged.

Let's say hundred rupees. Or maybe ten take ten percent rupees. By doing this, the same scene going on that you call mister ten percent? No, they also I now you have heard enough things, quickly tell me the commission plan, give it to you guys one You can easily make up to one hundred and fifty dollars. Okay, because I it is hidden, so many people have to purchase it, you will get it, see, Let me tell you something. You recommend someone. Yes, they it out are going to sleep. If someone buys a course because of you, then thirty will get the join percentage. Besides, these are businesses, etc. You have pro. How do you create an account? You simply have to come here and you ? Your good name will appear here fill I will login later and the whole method shows me some money. Okay, our email address will appear here. . I am giving a dummy section and have been there too. It is fine. Otherwise, you have to send messages on it too.

He going to earn money made it private, I changed it to yes, you , now you have to do the work . I said no, Single means that you are working alone. will keep it private, they are single, well, look here, do you have main. course of traffic you have to say yes let's not do it no So guys, when it asks you for this url, then you to give the fiber URL to any website. Can't leave it blank. 's fine here. Here you can enter the URL of many other websites. have to keep it as a unique name, you have the right account type. yes I wrote it down country wherever you are from are from Pakistan.

They are from India, they are from Afghanistan, they are from Bangladesh, they from wherever you are. It your skype. Make sure you create your skype ID. They You have to enter the Skype ID . If you don't want to make it, leave it We will not create so much tension Yes, I'll put our password again here. So guys, password I confirmed the password , I give it. You have to put a website below. Maybe . It can be done on Facebook as you like. Next, you have to do next. Now, after next, let me tell you one thing. It is saying that tell me about yourself. what You have to check it because you have to paste your URL anywhere, how to do it, I will tell you everything. Ok offline. I have to do all the fivers, okay, I agree to the terms and . All you have to do this button is not registered and you have to click it, you have to will create your account here.

When your account is created, after that you will get how is don't worry if you're bored If there is a minute or two, stop it here. Walk around a little. Look, talk to you then come back again just kidding well let's go it's done . I have explained everything it now, won't it take a little time? See when after that it will congratulate you, the meaning of congratulation Now your game has started.

When your game starts, then what you have to do is to click on start doing and give it just five minutes before the account has been created or not for you. When you click on register now is the user name, this is my password, now I am logging in, will now give you the URL in my account. first comment, . You have to go and join it from there and You have to work hard on , you can talk to their support, all this is payment details. any problem You have payment history. Now I have written another thing here that Jeez, cash easy withdrawal comes in money, so brother, I come. How does it come? The money you will get from here is not what you where will you come to pay on air account? How will you come to the account of pay on air? have cash, so look, we went to the account details. Here we how to make it, I have gone into all the is happening, how to make it , as one hundred percent original.

Look at this video You will also get twenty five dollars and create an account by watching this video. There is no problem. Now ? Yes, I Jeez, money came in cash. From there, you This is just a small matter, I have justified has been paid. Now this is my designer who wrote the word wrong. He will get it right. Let's say it's a small thing from me. had to justify it. Now this is explained . So this is marketing and it is always true. He I have to make another video. Enjoy watching it will explain to you.

Let's go This is explained to you now. Now let me tell you that the money . Let's move on to fiber. Go to fiber and here the service write your own and your own lets say your grip is in web development so I here . I write web development, brother, we have here, , it should be opened for you, let's say, I will open his gig. Next, you have to keep one thing in your mind, you have to promote them have to do you will get more commission, don't you understand, let me tell this link. So guys, what did I do with this gig? open your account, according to your test, open anyone's gig do is to open it, copy it, now what you have to do is to short. is to go to the marketing tool and look here, inside the deep links , you have to go. you have to paste it inside.

Okay, this is your paste now. went from there to here, guys, look, now you have a link, you and copy it from here. take it and now what you have to do now you want to understand this game well, then you This is not to say that the Zia the brother had done the work but the money is not coming. Here you will get a game, here, I will tell you more scenarios. Do it or can do the original.

What it becomes login and shorten it. Now you game has to be explained carefully. Without opening the lights of the intellect, listen now you Don't ignore it now said. Alright, so here you have to create a new one I have to take it here. Sir, I have to write this URL which you got from here, now you have to put the title yes that's no problem ok just you have to install it. From here you will get a now what you have to do listen carefully this has become your url once.

Once I look here, you have it here the URL is open, now I have to show you one thing. See, I have a link that was posted here, ? He wants to show it well, it understand how you liked this video. Is this your ID reach as many people as you like. is his so that I can do this thing for you. OK, see this. you will get ten percent Quora . also has my resource ID. See, he is saying that it A person has come from our resource, when there will be a buying from this resource yes, now I would not copy and paste it I write, "You need a web developer." you, now, where should you paste them, now I there are two ways. First of all, let's go, then I was told, let's go to web development, wrote development, every time I go here, this guy says.

Now you has to do, sign in and write here, Yes, here is a way to be a web developer, I have write it down very valuable what you can do for it simple you go chat chat on GPT over GPT You should write down how to become a web developer if you want to talk, when he he will hire him you will get money from Quetta you paste the link here and earn money. What is the other way go to Facebook. will be where people will be looking for web developer, so Here will come to people who are looking for a web developer. Okay, Look at this. This guy is saying, "Urgent need web developer." you can call it, see how many links people see, . I am hiding a little bit. Look at this. also installing it from this page, so you can write that please try to contact with this certified developer, your link will come below I have pasted the link in front of you people, this link paste You will go to Facebook.

There are groups here. Now, if this person buys from this link, I will get ten percent income from it, but I delete it, because this is my own page and I am you can go to Tik Tok, I don't want you to paste it. to paste the URL. I have told you how to register Quora can easily earn money on top of the fee. You can also do it on YouTube.

Can also short it up wherever you want. I have been here have taken the first step from new on YouTube channel Ziagi, you have done it. You have to register your account inside, account, after that what you have to I have to explain to you how method, they also told you, after that you after shorting it, you have to take it to Quora, in addition to the Facebook You can take it, is yours, you can earn money from multiples, now here is one thing and if you doesn't want to work himself will also save ten percent, you will also save from here and if you .

If you are already earning yourself, then this method don't have to. This method is for the guy who doesn't have this method for the guy who and he Other people of Tik Tok should work. You must have liked this video. If you want to make a video, If you like it, please share it with your friends. I will definitely it should will benefit so many people and the right to make a video is paid will make money from inside marketing so Guys, this is today's video. I hope you like the video. Please be made in the future. If you like it, friends. Be sure to share with comment. You must so that I also know that more videos like this should Besides, if you so please subscribe to it.

You must to press it a little so that you have more informative videos like this always reach the bell icon. Besides, if you watching the episode simply follow or like so you don't miss the first update on my Facebook page, the same thing. With you take care of my loved ones. I should not make Zia a lot in my prayers. remembered in this video. Pakistan will be taken care of. Long live Pakistan..

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