Hello and welcome Uh happy new year to you all and family in here. Uh it's Evan and today's live stream as has been first stream of the new year. Uh I'm going to show you some places that will help you to really create good emails for your email business inside no limit emails. Welcome guys. This is Evan and I wish you all the success for the with your emailing with us Um just on the serious side of note, please when you register, just be patient for a couple of days until we set up all the accounts for you and when you register, when you sign up and subscribe to your open your account, just make sure you wait for several Emails from our team members. Uh but soon as you pay then guys, do not worry. The days that you haven't actually used the system, we will add days on for you. So, there's no issues. We know we have to be fairly fair with you guys and we'll also give you some extra days actually after that. So do not worry. So when you register you get on a queue.

Currently we do kind of assessments and accounts and for the needs of the counts. And also we run really in-depth scans. Uh before we actually give you count you. So just be patient. Then we we are not going to kind of run or anything like that. Um it's just manual. Data gathering and scanning so you count as kind of best work in order when we give it to you. Uh just be patient for that. Beside that, welcome and first year livestream for no limit Email group and on this live stream, there are several things that you can there are several things that you can do that really create awesome emails as well as awesome email content and today's topic will be on email and email contact where you could get decent content and spin it around and use it for yourself and as well as Let's see if we are actually live in here.

Yes, we are live on Facebook as well. So, this is looking good guys. Uh our live streams actually started. Um so we'll be on air for a couple of minutes and if you're already part of the group, please join us and ask me questions. If you have any and I know when you're registering for accounts, it's not is not your normal software guys that you just going to log in and use it. We don't do that and every count kind of like really have a physical setup and this physical setup especially will kind of scan in all that takes a time and please just be patient with that. Uh whoever's on on this live channels, please just let us know where you're watching and if you are joining us with If you join us inside the Normant email, just send us kind of message in there as well.

We are live in that channel as well if you want to kind of guess in there. After the Facebook live, you want to talk privately. I'll be there, take questions and answer your questions on this room in here currently As you can see, my camera's been occupied when I'm streaming on the other side. So, I'm also there and if you are there, just toggle the chat icon here and just say hi to us here. if you don't want to show up on Facebook, this is another place.

The link is inside the Facebook somewhere in the group, if you want to join in, if you already have the No Limit emails account, this is available to you in there and I'm I will stay on there a little bit longer than the Facebook group. So if you want, you can join me there. Um So we can have a chat. Uh you can ask me the questions. If you just registered for account Yeah you can watch some of the other videos on the community channel as well as our own YouTube channel. Uh we regularly post kind of stuff in there.

And there's neat things so we're just building up guys that are not many videos right now. There's not hundreds but it's like we are kind of uploading every week. Uh at least couple of video. And it's going to be kind of as much we can kind of provide for you to use the system. It's going to be better in the long run and of course we done a lot of demo videos and all that. Uh a lot of the kind of like tools that you're going to use inside Noblemit emails. That is plenty training on them and also like when you get an account and you do get like one of the team member as kind of dedicated person to you and they do take care of everything that you require. And I'm the kind of mouthpiece for the Nolamity Mail team guys. If you have many questions, please send it to me via email. It's available to you and via any of this live chats via the group chats and of course if you're in a if not Facebook group chat I will add them add you to to the group chat if you wish to participate in there which is we do kind of share first info actually on that on the chat and then later on we posted on the group.

Ehm and on the development side of the emails guys we're not stopping here. This is just the beginning for us. Just be patient with us. Eh we're here to really give you one of the best system We use ourselves. And this is the kind of you know like kind of thing we're doing in here and we don't want to give you something that is kind of not going to work. And that's the kind of idea behind this is we got to give you exactly what we have working for us and we give you exactly the same system. Of course this difference with different levels of kind of packs and subscriptions but as ultimately our goal is really to give you a free count and you have unlimited amount everything. An idea behind that is if you invite few people to actually sell sell the tools and they use it themselves.

Is essentially becomes a free for you because your affiliate compensation can pay for your account easily. Um in the beginning maybe looks a little bit kind of mid-range price but truthfully it's cheaper than most things that is kind of like in the market especially when it comes to amount of The mouthwork have to go in in order to really have a good autoresponder in today's world. It's very challenging. Many of you probably like go to the route of kind of self-hosting and all that and you'll probably very well know how difficult it is. So because this difficulty reasons we have a different kind of route.

We're doing different kind of emailing than your average autoresponder. Uh we try to basically give you open gates so you have no restriction of any kind. So to in order to give you that, But we need to have a solar system. And solar system depends on the data points. And and our work here is to give you every data point as possible for you to not have any issues with your accounts. And that's the kind of time consuming part. And especially when we scanning internet like you know we have to kind of like do the spiderweb. How like a Google spider works. For example for side ranking and all that kind of stuff. Very similar thing goes on in the background. Uh that like you have so many different good parts to the inside of no limit emails because we use comes basically with a lot of different things than your normal autoresponder does and the reason for that is very vast to realistically is being designed to do everything related to kind of like tracking communicating and emailing, sending marketing messages, collecting leads, nurturing leads, giving a points to the leads, scoring leads, and beside that we added so many different good things.

Uh like your spam checker, like your email validator and all this kind of stuff. All goes into the back end. You don't have the kind of technically deal with this stuff and our job is really to kind of give you the system and be behind the scene for you. Anything goes wrong, we take care of it for you And allow you to really do your email communication. Without the hassle, without the worry that, you know, you're going to have account suspension or you are probably just too many leads and all this kind of stuff. That is absolutely no restrictions eh whatsoever for you in here. I mean like I mentioned whole idea behind this really to give many many people actually free counties. But we cannot really give free free you know as business so we have to make some transactions, spread that transactions between the users and affiliates. Eh and everyone else who's involved in this project And I current status quos from the starting like from the launch till now we haven't actually kind of spend a single penny on advertising yet.

Of course we will do that. Uh and the growth has been pretty amazing. Uh so we making sales. Uh we're having live interests, live appeals joining us. We're almost screaching hundred affiliates so far. And that's the stuff is pretty crazy and you know I was not really expecting kind of that kind of interest but the word is out, that we are doing something good guys. In order to have something really good requires really bit at a time and especially when you create account and you're a part of it, you count as being registered with us. Even if after months, you'll, you know, kind of, you decide not to use us. It leaves you the spot and it keeps you affiliate link active. You still can promote years afterwards, you know, we don't have issues with that. So, many people will register probably for one month or two month just to have that affiliate kind of link available to them because eventually, it's going to be kind of really good value link and you could make really decent residual income with it.

I've been part of a certain networks. I know people can, I know some people have the other parts of the other networks that I kind of personally use. I know people had like over a million people. I actually signed in with the affiliate link. So and you know, this kind of place is not even kind of providing the kind of service we're providing. Uh you know, some sort of tools out there that you know, kind of like page creators and funnel creators and all that kind of stuff and I know that you probably know too. It is possible that somebody will invite, you know, two, 300000 people into the system. It just basically sit eh and enjoy his kind of cash and what? Ehm that's the whole kind of behind idea behind the No Limit Affiliate System like it starts from 30% up to 10 sales goes up after 20 sales you basically get fifty percent of everything that is on the funnel and yourself is kind of you already had a count obviously you you know you have a active affiliate link and I highly recommend you.

Yes we not spending a lot of ad money and we live in kind a lot of room for affiliates as well. we don't want to kind of take a really kind of big chunk of the traffic that's going to be available to to the everybody. Um we haven't done kind of paid ads. Definitely everything's on plan to do so and they will happen. But we will give affiliates biggest chance before actually we are self published so much. So this is kind of good news for you guys if you are promoting no limit emails. So when you're on no limit emails that is a lot of things available to you guys. I could go for hours and hours. I will not able to finish what is actually loaded insight for you.

Um but when you have the count obviously, we are face to face one on one with you. If there's any issues, we're there with you and to help you and so on the spot. So, on the live, as you can see, I'm live on several places right now and inside the Gypsy Conference, you probably can sit on screen where it says yes like you can actually hear my audio in that room as well. Uh that is no lack, no delay on on the service for you when you do to your live rooms, your conferences, your webinars with this tool just like you see me in here do it and and there of course you can also go share your screens and invite people to be actually on screen.

They're more than kind currently I am on Facebook with Tony. Welcome. This is looks like a great product particularly if you have in a large list. But for me with a small number of my list is a possible to have a much lower cost for a much lower list I totally get your point Tony. Um yes, we will make a kind of smaller pack. That's definitely kind of we are thinking to do. Uh and that will come when we re-ramp the kind of current sales page.

Uh obviously a lot of lot of you guys first of all let me just thank you all of you who actually helped me and helped team like for certain things that like on the community and different lists. Guys you helping us a lot. Uh and we're really grateful for that. Definitely we are thinking to make it a pack but the specs only kind of be active for kind of 30 days period for just small small list or even people who totally new to affiliate like online marketing especially in Email. Be able to test the kind of system before they want to commit like realistically regular kind of multi subscription. We definitely want put that something up there, That's definitely in our plans, that will definitely happen. And also the people who actually want to kind of get in and if they are asked us privately, can they have a few days access on a kind of pilot pilot account for a kind of certain test they want to do? Uh then we also kind of open to that.

We also want to accommodate everybody's needs in here. And our system is we tailor everything for individual needs. That's you could be the company that have a 23 million people. You be a just single person just starting with zero kind of contacts. Ehm And of course we allow people with zero contacts, upload contacts, that's mean you could have kind of databases that you could purchase from somewhere or somebody's like if you list partnering with somebody could use half of their list or most of their list and all that kind of stuff. Uh we allow people to do that. So in our system actually if you start in new year you have advantage you could have a kind of decimal list to start off with if you you know invest in your a little bit, buying decent leads. Um to actually be able to use Uh and also system kind of like first part elements of the system is actually also kind of geared up for the kind of beginners because everyone have to start some point. Would kind of zero data.

Um within the system itself like especially for a pay accounts. Uh you have the kind hosted pages. Yeah, you don't need another hosting basically to go out there, you know, publish several hundreds, even several thousands, of elite magnet pages and spread around the internet. Uh so, for new users that has no contact and want to really get lot of contacts kind of say if if if the user prepared to kind of create 10 or 30 pages a day, you know, you can do if he's prepared to do 200 pages to put the top that, collect leads, for, you know, Pacific niches, you know, not just every kind of leads, obviously. I think its system allows them grow faster because there's no limitation how many contacting user can collect or IE to use either. Um so on this live stream like this gives us a good segway to kind of share some really good information in here. Uh so if you're inside No Limit emails, even if you are not inside the No Limit emails, you're not really kind of like you didn't don't have account but you're watching this live.

I think if using another system. This is also kind of applied to you, You know you can take it on and use the what I'm sharing here. So let's go ahead and give you guys some ideas and if you're struggling in a certain ways. I personally struggle writing English. or I I can't really write any good stuff. So if I can do the stuff guys most of you is like well over qualified to do this. Uh if I'm struggling with my kind of like 5050% kind of English you guys easily can do this.

So I'm going to share some sites with you guys that you could generate kind of like eh your titles, ideas for the content of emails and obviously last kind of like video I did and I shared with you guys on the group where you can get nice templates and all that and just watch that video. Uh So for content on the group, we have a friend with us. His, his name is Tazos and for content and I really recommend you guys check his website up. Uh my Resell Right products. You can have a free account Um this is PLR kind of like site, The many site like this will charge your arm and alike and thousands is kind enough like really make it available for a lot of people for free for quite a lot of really good content in here that you could use greeter for your lead magnets, free giveaways, all that kind of stuff, or use a PLR and articles that you can create your your content for your emails.

Um so you have like master resell rights, resell rights, like you can give away stuff, especially if you do not have a your own product. So even if you have your own product, some of the stuff in here, he's constantly uploading new stuff. Uh it's pretty good place really to have a lot of things for really nothing and make something out of it. That's the whole idea. So thank you to Dazos and honestly like you can go in here for example if you go gold member, Marcel Rissel writes say software you'll have kind of like so many different pages as you can see in here.

You can give these things away as a lead magnets as bonuses and all that kind of stuff. So if you want content ready this is the site. I personally use and I highly recommend. You get yourself counting there. I mean you can make a free count there's only like five bucks a month I think after that. Uh if you want a gold count which is really amazing for five bucks. So for this side. So this is the place you can get your graphics. Basically every you know most things in here is useful. So that's why I'm sharing it. So this is the one side that you can get a lot of content.

Um the other places headline generators. So the headline generator website the sharer is kind of free. You can use this to generate example so as you can see, I can't even sprout. So, if I can do this guys, you can crush with this. So, these are the sites that you can generate headlines for your subject lines, for your headlines, of your emails, and pretty easy. Of course, like what they tell you in here. Uh you can take it on. You can even respin it on another tool. Uh I shared few weeks ago. So, you can refer this and if you wish to to be more different. So you have no limitation of creating a kind of a subject lines. Just based on a keyword. This is one of those sides is is west share.net. Uh it's totally free so you don't have to pay anything.

The next one is Fat Joe. Obviously Fat Jewel sometimes kind of they do charge for certain things. But the block title and here is pretty good. So you can use this side to the exact same thing what we did in in the other ones. And I highly recommend like you know trying this free elements of the this free size values. Pretty cool tool. Uh kind of does a little bit different stuff with the tools title generator infographic and code generators your value calculator no follow highlighter so they have some other tools on a paid version of this if it if you need it if you're running a big blog network and an SEO stuff of course is pretty nice I used them in the past some of the tools they have is where it's pretty cool so the title generator just did the similar thing in here and you generate your ideas. the for cold emails reply dot I Uh this is for code email subject line generator and and here they have two different things.

It gives you kind of you know explainer like is it beneficial? Is it problematic? Is it personalised? And then of course they have to stick the other one there. You basically use your keywords in here and generate subject lines and this one's pretty cool. They use some sort of AI behind us. Uh some of them you will like. Some of them you don't like. Just keep the ones you like. Create yourself a create yourself a basically kind of file on Google doc or something and paste them in. That you can use and handy for you when you're creating your emails. So the next one is the story lab. and StoryLive, you can actually have a free account and this is also gives you blog title, blog outline, blog intro, blog post story, Facebook, ad headline, Google ad description, Google ad headline, on a free count, I don't know if they give you all this, I have tried it on free count, gives you several of them but the basic one is seven a month and a few kind of like liked some of the AI tools that, you know, less than 10 a month, which is not too bad, if, if you need it, Story Lab AI is pretty cool, Um, it's very similar to the other title generators.

Uh, you just enter your topic. Obviously, this is for blog, you enter your description. I obviously have to log in to run this. And then on three you can do that easily And the other one we have in here is The hoot and the hoot is also pretty cool. they do also kind of have so many different kind of tools And is around 30, 30 bucks a month, but the free tools in here will just kind of serve you the needs. Uh and here is basically they give you all this empty kind of places that you put your your own keywords in and then you just basically click generate ideas and this will go ahead and generate free title generates all the ideas you put in there. And the next one is the title generator.com and this one as you can see they have a kind of a live chat pop up in here and basically gives you exactly similar things as the other pages does but obviously like in here you can before even creating account you can create an example titles in here before actually even sign up for them.

So the free side of this thing is pretty awesome too because it gives you quite a lot of decent content. Uh sorry Mister Stark but I'm here now. Welcome Richard. Uh you're welcome Uh do not worry if you missed this start. Obviously it will be a replay on here. Um and How are you? Welcome. And Richard is one of the new family member of NLE.

Thank you Richard for joining us. Um yeah Richard. Everything on your side of the things happening. Just just be patient with the guys. They will definitely sort you out. Uh right now I check before like coming off online. You you count is actually kind of things happening. is not dormant anymore for sure. You're welcome. Um yeah, I hope this title generators gives you guys kind of extra ammunition to kind of create really awesome headlines for the Emails and content and I highly highly recommend you guys check Tazo's website because the amount of content is there for free is kind of amazing and helps out like, you know, especially if you're the one thing I kind of get an idea of something Uh that be it Facebook marketing, be it YouTube marketing, be it Google marketing, has a lot of different kind of softwares, articles, e-books on subjects, you could download for free and repurpose it and most of it is reseller right so you can actually give away without kind of doing much to it.

Just put your name to it. Um That's the that's the kind of like places I really kind of like because he's also kind of like part of the no limit emails. We like to help them. And also you guys if you have decide, if you have the product and you want to kind of ask to mention you on places. Please do also review and we will push your review to our new pages.

And we'll always link back to your site. And if you not have a site still do the review, create a landing page inside the system, and we will kind of relink you back to your affiliate links, even you could sell through kind of like our sales page, your affiliate marketing, alright? So, we will send traffic we get from especially on the corporate side. I will be kind of some of your links in there. we want help everybody who's inside and the way we can really help everybody inside.

We're limiting kind of many people that kind of want to join in and also we are kind of like don't want to really overwhelm everybody who's have the system to go crazy so everybody got banned. So there are kind of several kind of rules we follow And to put everything in place. And the system for you guys takes physical time because actually physically we have to kind of do things. Uh in order for you kind of be able to get in will have no issues. We just then sit back and any issues rises. Uh we fix there and then because we can actually see everybody's system who's like we give on our in our end we can see everybody's system like if they have an issue we get alerts and even before you know it we know it like sometimes will happen in your account. We will fix it without you actually kind of knowing it. So it does take a little bit physical time and for this reason please be patient.

And we are also aware of that all right? We are also aware. We have to be one hundred percent ah upfront with you. So if you register today and you missed five days or six days, say you're even weak to not use your account. We will add those days to your account. Uh so do not worry about that. Uh we are currently growing nice, steady guys, like our everything is kind of the way we think it's supposed to go and it's going that way and everyone who's already had their counts we are constantly with you guys because we see actually like what is going on and if anything happens like in in a real world we are kind of seeing it like what's going on.

So do not kind of worry that if something happens that you know you kind of think you broke something in the system. Eh which is you shouldn't eh but make sure that like you know if some thing you think is not right, it's not doing what is supposed to do it, eh just get, you know, get, get back to us, either through the live, send me message, Santiago message, just comment one of the posts. Let us know, alright? So, but generally we see, like, we detect kind of something happen on the systems before you guys do. So, we do kind of monitor everything, what's going on and for you guys who's inside the who's already got a counteract active. As you guys know, you're having a kind of one of the most powerful tools in your hand. use it to your discretion. Use it only for your needs, alright? For kind of do not go crazy about it because as more you send actually helps us to send more emails. So, for this reason, a new accounts when everything is running, have no kind of like fear that something going to happen if you send hundreds of thousands of emails.

There's nothing going to happen. It will just send, it will take a little bit of time. So, I highly advise you guys. If you send it hundreds to 200, 000 to 300, 000 emails a day. Just make smaller segments. Make segments to ten thousand, fifteen thousand, twenty-five thousand segments, that kind of stuff. So the actual system reads and analyzes faster. Uh if you put in a long piece of data sheet in it obviously going to take time. I mean we did test normally like 15 to 20 minutes for 100K contacts. You can upload. Uh but K contact is a big batch of data, right? Just you don't know. Maybe your internet signal all the time if you're uploading can drop.

Uh signal between the server to reach the data points. Maybe stop, alright? So, for this reason, make a smaller segment, upload to your system, tests, smaller kind of like batches. Uh and what you start, see, see what's, what's, what's doing what, and kind of control. If you collecting leads with the system, you already have like, 100% control of it. But if you're uploading lists to have 100% control of it, test the small segments, create a auto, follow up to this list, and through the auto follow-up test and 15 to thirty days, kind of a find your list especially if you are doing kind of cold outreach.

Uh then kind of the the best list you could get then is kind of you know focus on that like but behind the scene there's a lot of different tools happening on your setups. That is so many different good things actually we're doing that saves people out of time and money. For example list hygiene alright. If you uploading leads to somewhere you're going to pay quite decent amount of money. So you all this technology inside helping you. Do not have a kind of like fear that oh I'll upload it maybe too many contacts to my account. No, do not have it that fear.

Because the system will realistically help you even if you have so many duplicate emails, the system will now kind of send duplicate emails. And we give you the system that has a decent sense call. So we keeping eye on that reputation that you have to start with. Behind the scene we're helping you to kind of keep increasing that sense goal. And that's the that's the key like. That's the main part of like why the account creation takes too long because realistically we had to scan a lot of the internet. so yeah obviously we are offering you guys something that honestly is impossible for many of you out that create the system.

It's not just saying this, it's like amount of time we are self put in. Uh realistically, only some big firms can really afford what we don't. Uh just text side of the it's like taking really most of the time. Uh we did you know we can create this like auto, we, as soon as you register, you can get an assistant to run.

We can give you that. But that was just like for the everybody else in jeopardy because then people kind of realistically not coined the you know going to get stable system without this physical person involved actual system has been created to tailor individual needs. And we know some of you guys have a bigger lists. And we are aware of that and we are willing every step of the way to accommodate. Doesn't matter how large your list is. And how frequent you send emails to this list. Seriously on the no limit pack, it is limitless.

You could upload 10 million contacts to the segment and you could have a millions of segments with tens and millions of people. So, that's the kind of system we're giving you guys on on really kind of like on no limit end of this stuff. And we know some of you guys are just starting and have a small list and and I really take the Tony's Point onboard that we will kind of accommodate you guys as well. We don't want to leave anybody behind and also we kind of really focusing on you know our target audience is really the creators. Um like the product creators, the the actual business owner that's already kind of got decent database but just cannot really find a decent service people. To to help him out to use this databases and that's where we came in.

Um we are not the kind of only auto responder in the planet guys. We are new guys in the space. And we want to do something totally different than everybody else done in the industry. And we are doing that. Ehm like and our better period alone Uh you know, we invited, I mean, you guys sees it in the group, alright? There is lot of pro Email marketers, pro business owners, and great teachers and great mentors and great marketers in the group and we invite them to test, to test vigorously.

Uh we asked them, I mean, you could check our history even on the chat and on our group. We asked them to break it, to hack it, and to do whatever they want to do with it. Um and we are still testing a lot of this stuff guys. It's like the test never stops obviously but just in a better there is, you know, since beginning of this history of email marketing, there is not single company ever done the numbers of kind of email inboxed in the bet period, then have. Yes, you have a lot of different kind of service providers out there. You know, they've been here a lot before us. We are not insane racism.

We don't see them to be honest as our direct competitors. Yes, we provides similar thing but what we're doing is realistically they they they can't do. Uh what we are doing they you know they just haven't got commitment to actually help you as an individual to do. We are there twenty-four seven live. I mean you guys probably noticed like if you're sending me message on a Facebook or could be an email. Uh you know within within the you know within within the an hour if unless I'm sleeping and I get back to you. So we are here. If I good inbox delivery. I think I'll be upgrading to it. Yeah, absolutely you will. And Richard, definitely you will get good inbox rate. And the reason I'm saying that with coffers is because like our our own test of a millions and millions of emails. If we done it with kind of millions of times you get any exactly same thing and we have a good confidence that you will have.

Good inbox rates. Uh I mean like I'm not just saying this to brag or anything. I mean Peter done the review about what he's done like Peter is very genuine guy and we give him the tool we told him to do whatever he's want to do with it and he's the one actually from the day we open the beta and start using it properly and start seeing kind of sales coming in good open rates and you guys can reach out to him like you know and ask him is this really true like is this really what happened with the system and he's not going to make kind of things up just because of like we got like two there or we got a system And we only want really published real review of the people that have an experience what we give it to them And and that's that's the only kind of thing really we want on on sales pages or even kind of on endorsements.

We don't want to give any body a kind of false hope and that's that's realistically we try to kind of stay away from all that much as possible because in this environment there is always a lot of hype and we all been kind of like trapped to the types. and even our sales page is not hype it's just really what's what's what it is and we we don't want kind of give somebody something that's realistically misleading them and it's not going to work. It's not going to benefit them and that's to me is becomes like realistically, bad, scam, alright? And I never want to kind of be involved this kind of stuff. And that's the reason, if, you know, I've been inside the marketing scene for quite a long time, and that's the one of the reason really I didn't want, you know, I didn't want to produce a product that is realistically going to bring a bad name to myself or my character, or my family, or my friends. Uh, it's not really what we are doing right now with this no limit emails, it's not really about money.

Really is not. If it was about money we would not kind of have affiliate kind of things attached to it. Uh so it's it's all about honestly delivering a solution to people that just works. And that's our commitment to everybody who's inside the system. Because I personally been there struggled with every single thing that is related to the email mark. Marketing honestly. Uh you have counter shutdowns. I have counted suspensions. I had the list hijacks. Uh I know like what's like when you got really good income coming in with your email list and suddenly like one of these companies say hey you broke our terms and we eliminate a new account. So like it really does kind of slaps you. Uh in a way that like you say headache like, you know, what did I really do wrong? Uh to get this happen to me. And this is regular happens to everybody. I mean you guys are kind of like aware of the space. Every single online marketer if you check the Facebook page.

If they are telling truth. As got this happened to them. Especially if you send in more than 100, 000 emails a day and that kind of stuff. And definitely will happen to you, to me, to everybody. And we try to stop that. And we just want to stop all that stuff. Uh we don't want kind of need ourselves or the group of people that we help. And our inside our system. To kind of ever get that stage.

And that's the whole kind of goal behind this. Whole whole idea behind this is to give a tool that this works. And sport it physically. And we are doing that and it's been two years of development And vigor testing for so many people. Millions of emails inbox. Uh you know we didn't we just don't want to really give you the call with no no key you know and we want to give you the car and give you the key and it's up to you to be control of it. And if something happen in the behind scene and we guarantee you we'd be there to fix it. And that's the kind of ethos we have. We are totally with current times like we we're using open source tool tools So the actual development of development side of things will never stop.

So it's constantly evolving. And whatever is new in this scene whoever's inside our system will get it. And of course we test things. Uh the good things that is usable we add the good things that is kind of receipt is very useful for the users to have. We are just like live element for example. Everybody in today struggling to kind of have a place See a secure place to actually talk maybe about business. Maybe just with your family. And you don't want to eave drops on you and the tool that inside no limit emails allows you to do that. And of course when we are streaming in the internet eh you know you get kind of like you get here the recorded by all these kind of browsers and all that.

But as a kind of safe place for me I speak to my lawyer with it. I speak with my kind of partner with it. I have no issue and you can record your own kind of data and you own your own data that's why you have the basically system tailored to you. Uh we don't own anything already of your list and your entity and we just basically helping you to have your long database that you control of. You can email many as you like. Don't email many as you like. Uh kindly part of your family.

I'll put this last week and Evan has been amazing. His replied as fast as yeah exactly. You definitely. I mean I told you like there is when you got in there is six 7 counts before you. But each counts takes like realistically like between 24 hours to 72 hours just scan run. Er because so many data points actually the system had to check out and and we are aware of that. This is a bit slow. And we done this to be slow for purpose. We the reason is that realistically will be giving you something that is totally totally working in order, like, we, we're, we're on basically hundreds and hundreds of emails before you actually run email.

We kind of check that stats if this emails are inboxing, what's the rate and all that kind of stuff before we give it here. And there is no another company does this. The reason we do that number one, we have to give you the system that is one hundred percent can scam compliance. And that is one of the biggest issue everybody face in the industry. That's where they get shutdowns and everything else.

Behind the scene that is a lot of magical stuff happening and allows us to do this Especially if if you are kind of having a cold reach out. obviously if you collect the leads within our system, you don't face this type of thing anyway. This is like for the people who already got massive lists and they want to send like hundreds of thousands of emails a day and those people who rely on this email is really struggle a lot.

A very big way. They struggle a lot and then we try to kind of solve this issue including myself. I mean, I got like a list two hundred thousand, hundred thousand. Some of the friends at least 500thousand Um a million, two million emails. And this is not easy for kind of using other systems. So we give you this basically. You can do that. And text little bit, physical time, set up. Uh, we do apologize for that. And and the new page obviously will indicate that. on a current page is not, but we do apologize for that. But generally just be patient. Everything definitely is going to happen On on your account and you definitely will get your key.

And we thank you for everybody who are actually helping us on this project guys. So many people around the world helped us to make this happen. And we do appreciate everybody's time and efforts and ideas Tips and well it's absolutely been amazing like and we are ourselves is also kind of learning alright. We never done this kind of thing before. And as kind of hard to learn all the stuff and very quick space of time guys. It really is. It does take time like that's why it's kind of two years of kind of like studying, building, breaking stuff and to get to the stage that we know we are confident at. Whatever we give you is gotta work. Um so it's been amazing, amazing start of the year guys. Uh and we are really on target to have really really good pool of users. And when that target numbers reach we will actually close doors guys. I mean we're not joking. We don't want millions and millions of users. Um the reason for that to protect everybody who's in that group. Maybe couple of hundred people, maybe thousand people like, you know, if we reached big quarter of a thousand people, definitely the doors will be shut and nobody can really get in and buy.

We will close the sales. Uh and then maybe like you're down the road reopen it to relaunch in another platform that's possible That's in our plans. Uh I mean we're not we're not desperate, desperate to get millions of users, guys. That's not the way what we want to do. Uh so whoever and believe me, you are free and lucky and special people. Uh because what you get is really is just outstanding. And I mean I'm saying this and not just because we created this. And anything else. I personally use an experience. Didn't give like what we are doing with no limitinos. Sharon's asking how much is actually kind of 67 does. Uh Sharon, well $67 gives you kind of power of kind of realistically have active affiliates well as just a starter pack. Uh to get in. you still send like 100, 000 emails a month but we are not done, alright? If you got a hundred thousand people on your email list, we're not really silly.

We know that you need send more than one email. So, all you do is you register count, you know, talk to us. We will kind of bend backwards to accommodate your your lechere. Uh honestly, like we know that you know, yeah, it's it's not fair. Paying sixty-seven bucks and hundred 1 00 000 Emails. Uh but believe even that is cheap. So if you go to kind of look on a solo artsy and somebody to do email shout out for you. Uh for free email you probably pay for you know you know the cheapest probably 45 cent or 50 cent the cheapest kind of email shout out you're going to get out there.

So hundred thousand. Times fifty cent. Uh I think sixty-seven bucks, still cheap, like, you know, do not worry Sharon. We have you covered. Honestly, if you have 100000 email on your list, email list that you already have and 6seven you want to get into just kind of like basically have a have a test test runs with it. Uh yeah, reach out to us. We we will make sure that we be flexible enough to give you more kind of power juice that you could test Darren is asking does email a responder has a as a spam spam checker and yes, Darren at email, emailed responder inside, you have many, many different tools.

Uh, yeah, definitely you have a kind of duplicate checker, spam checker, You have email verifier and also shows you like what day and what hours actually kind of if you have a contact list. The tools actually tells you when they were actually active. Like you know the yesterday, two hours ago, three days ago, it will shows you exactly what each contacts kind of when they were acting according to that of course, you can set up like emails. Uh So Sharon says she has 60 thousand email list. Uh 6-seven boxes. Gives me only kind of one shot and half. I I say that's a little bit expensive. Uh Sharon, I mean, realistically, like just I mentioned, it's not really expensive but I can, I totally understand and get your point. Like, sixty-seven pack, it is just to kind of start a pack but if you're buying hundred and ninety-seven or 397, then you have no issues, alright? So, Email especially hundred 000 people Email should really not give you any issues to pay 400 a month.

Because hundred 000 people email an average industry value there should be kind of like at least one value every month to you. So like every month you have a like value hundred 000. And to pay kind of 500 to make that 100, 000 valued function. I say it's you know it's really cheap. Um But that's the reality, alright? If you go in another kind of service provider and I mean you can try them. If they're cheaper than us, honestly go to them.

No compass. Um if anybody's cheaper like especially that level. I'll use it myself. But I know they're not. Uh so that's the reason why we have this kind. 67 pack is realistically is just for a starter people that maybe just you know got 5, 000 10, 000 contacts. and also just like gate opener for you, especially like, you know, 67. I mean, obviously, Richard had ninety-seven pack, alright? The ninety-7 pack gives him enough to send more than 100, 000 Emails. Way way above hundred thousand Emails. Like two hundred thousand emails and then, you know, Richards talks to us, say, hey, I already reached my level of sending emails. What can you guys do? Guess what? We say, yeah, okay there is another set of rounds available to you. Just go for it.

That's the whole idea. The whole idea is really to give you something that has a value that you could give to somebody else to kind of recoup what you're investing in a process And essentially give you guys an unlimited amount of power with us. Like when everybody's kind of gone to the kind of three nine seven route And has unlimited power. And you got people Basically, you you invite three people, your account is free. Like if three people paying in through the you get that account free.

And that's the kind of really amazing part of this. Uh sure in the beginning like the sound expensive guys. Really this technology for a couple of hundred bucks, 500 bucks. Even thousand bucks a month is not expensive. If you know what you're doing with your email marketing, even if you have a of 10000 people, not 100000 people. You should be making at least thousand bucks of that amount of people every single week, not a month, like 10, 000 people should pay $10, 000 a month, guys. And to kind of make this 10, 000 contacts work for you, obviously, you got to have something that is really valuable to give.

And what we have is really valuable guys, and, and a real world value, this is the truth, guys. Anybody in here watching us on live can check this and internet for themselves. So what I'm saying is actual truth. The tools we give inside is a open source tool but is also privately sold. Privately sold for almost $1 billion dollars. Like the technology side that we're using is is already has this value. The real world activation price and kind of business completion when the other company bought it. And the live very similar thing like around 70 to $80 billion dollars being kind of spent about that. And they are open source but also private side to them. Anybody can go and kind of install our system to to their own domains and all that. You know it's not that difficult but really what difficult is is about giving you massive power to kind of avoid this spam trap kind of like live emails. And we are working a little bit on different things.

Eventually you will guys get a SMS, push notification function as well. So you can use your push notifications more than you send in emails to save you basically a lot of effort and lot of kind of cashes in the process as well. So that's definitely kind of on the scene and it will definitely happen eventually. So we are working on that. I mean Richard's unlimited is incredible value. It's there's noone no-brainer and there's no company will do this. Honestly, no company. Like, yeah, they, they love you, send unlimited and all that. But no, no company actually will tell you that invite three people your account is free. I mean, I've been an affiliate to most of these other companies, honestly, over the past. You know, I promoted IAKA Weber, I promoted Get Response, I promoted MailChimp, I promoted a lot of autoresponders and hosting companies. Um I'm very aware of those. And we are not doing this kind of not having a knowledge of the industry itself. Uh, we are doing this because we know kind of experience that we ourselves kind of struggle with with this companies.

And we basically had enough with them. We said, okay, we got to make our own solution. And this is basically bone because of that pain. So, because of our own pain, we have to really work hard and create something that is not available to us or anybody else before and we are pleased actually we're opening up to kind of public. We are you know we already have a private clients inside before actually we opened the public. And we were doing that route. We kind of doing alright. And we send a lot of kind of emails for kind of different companies. But for for us to to open a public a really really we want to give something that public don't have. And that's the one of the major reason why we kind of made available to the to the poorly because we have it and we're doing it well with it.

We're going to invite a group of friends. They do it. They used it. They're doing great with it. And because of that we say okay let's kind of make it available for you know small group of people. we are in a point that this industry need a kind of realistically new kind of bloodline of people who can actually take care of this affiliate side of the email side of the for affiliates. And many companies out there they offer it. But they are here one day and gone next day. And We are not. We are going to be here next day, next year and the year after that. And if you look, check out our restoration it smells like for ten years. And also we didn't create the system that if you know something happened to us, like, if I die, if somebody else died in a team that's just stuck. So that's why we have a team of kind people around the around the world helping us do stuff. Uh so that will be continuous.

I mean ninety-seven three nine seven and limited. Really is like Ferrari of the freaking automation tools you're going to get. Because you element you could upload up to the kind of millions to the each segments. You could automate all the segments with automation. You set everything up and you do not have to touch anything. You could be sending millions and millions of email every single day. And you could be really on holiday somewhere and do your own life and do do whatever you want to think. No worry about really. Your email is going to stop. Or somebody going to post your account. Facebook user, I don't know just shout out to you guys for efforts in setting up my account, particularly over the Christmas, New Year and period, we'll be sending emails this week, just sorting out my, oh, thanks Mark.

Uh, yeah, I mean, Mark knows kind of the process, Marcus kind of guy scout, and he's everything's kind of an older guys. But when, when you buy in, please, please, please, be patient with us. We're not going to do Rana with your money. It just takes really physical time, Sometimes, like, between 24 hours, 72 hours time, maybe a couple of days. But you will get your active count guys and I promise you guys, just be patient with the team. And just like Mark mentioned in here, right? We are here all the time, alright? We are not believe me and trust us.

And we thank you so much for trusting us, but investing us, for supporting us in this project. Because it's very important. And as we're changing people's lives in this process, you are helping that make that happen. But just please be patient about your account. We know as soon as you paid in for the subscription we know and that count goes to the creation process. It is TD's job lines. It's physical for us. eventually will be a lot easier and a lot faster as we make a kind of team member grow a bit like you know next few months we'll have add more team members that will get a little bit faster but believe me, what, what you're going to get is not going to be a like half-cooked meal.

Uh, just, just kind of like, you know, Marcus assuring you guys, please just be patient with us. And we will give you the current, what we promise. Yeah, obviously over the Christmas and New Year period could be Sunday guys, could be 5 o'clock and Sunday morning. We really don't care about the time span guys. We are here for you and you just let us know if there's any issues happening in your account. As soon as your account is active actually being given to you then we are just kind of behind the scene. We still kind of observe your account.

Uh anything happen, we are there to to help you out. But till you get, you can't just be patient. And we already I'm saying to you all, in this as well as on my messages guides. We promise you we'll add the days that you're not used in your account as an extra kind of sun power. Please just you know be patient with us. And that that's definitely will be eh we will be adding to your accounts. And you know we we are not here to rob you guys. We are here to help you as much as we can. And that's the whole goal. That's the whole reason why we're doing this. It's not about realistically kind of you know grabbing your money and doing Toronto.

We are here. We want to build for you you never had before and that takes a little bit time and believe me when you get it you're going to be over the moon because it's so powerful you will love it and if you want to watch what we shared in the beginning of like middle of this video about the kind of title content generators and everything else please kind of rewind this video after the live and watch it back and also join us inside the no limit emails here like as you can see if you already got a count you can kind of go to this URL.

You could pop up in here and talk to us if you do not like want your comment on the kind of Facebook public if it's counter related. Uh you could always tell us in here. But even if it's account related we want all the truth guys. So it's pleased like you know if you have any bad experience with us let us know so we can fix it. So that's the whole idea. You can comment it on our on our post you can message us in our on the group chat and if you are not part of the group chat just please send me message and I will add you.

Eh most of you get added so eh some probably is you know then you'll ask him oh no I'm not in a group chat. I think that's just for the users. Yes that's right. Same as the group actually like we know the ad in everybody's to the group. Groups are for the users and affiliates guys. If you're affiliates you can get on a group. But if you're a user you can you are already in a group. and and the group Daniel's asking, can we post? You can post guys. We're not kind of preventing posts but right now, if you post or give me the link and I will post it. Uh if you got a review for the product and you want me posting, I will post it but if you got something that you want to ask us as a question, please just let me know and I will post it. Um right now the user's personal active because like we still doing a lot of things towards we want to be one on one with you guys we don't want to kind of group posts be kind of like all kind of mixed up with a lot of different stuff but you can reach reach out to us.

There's no issues like, you know, not allowing you to post, that's not an issue. Patrick says oh I I heard I heard, yeah, I heard you're already live with the product. Where can I get a link? Uh Patrick, if you are watching us, Patrick's watching us on Hitbox. Uh on the description of the live and the live, there is a kind of link to the product and also there is a link to the affiliate information doc. So you can check both of them up. where is the products being sold? Products being sold on Warrior Plus currently. And if you haven't got Warrior Plus, you can make a free count in there. And then just use the no limit emails keyword you will find. but Susan is asking how many emails do I need to send? What you mean? I really don't understand. How many emails you need to send? on the on the sales page there are options.

You have several options. The the smallest one starts with sixty-seven a month. And then goes up. Uh if you totally kind of new, new, new, new to this kind of email marketing. This is what I really like you to do. First, before you even come spend like $67 with us. If you never done email marketing before And this is kind of you guys. I recommend you check out some of the other service providers. Get yourself a free account and familiarize yourself with email marketing. Because we're not here to teach you how to do the email marketing. Yes, we are kind of sharing what we're doing. It's not course or anything. Obviously if you a product, if you are kind of inside the product, we help you out, how to do stuff. There are kind of plenty training, how to write an email, how to build an email, how to send an email, all this kind of stuff is inside the group and inside YouTube like.

Yeah but realistically, kind of, you totally knew new beginning, you never done email marketing. please just hold on to your investment for now for kind of getting inside and no limit emails because this is a lot more advanced. Uh I highly recommend you check out MailChimp or Get Response and find out where they give you the trail for 14 days or 30 days Just test it out so you are familiar with the kind of what's going on on what's happened. And instead of spending some money to kind of start off with you haven't got no experience. You'll get kind of like frustrated. And please just that and after a month come back we're not going to run off. But if you really want to invest in it and want us help you to set something up.

And we also can do that. If you totally knew you want kind of light system and you want us to set it up for you. You want us to help you to send emails. Obviously we cannot create your emails for you but we can help you to send them. But if you want to be creative for you I'm sure like on the group somebody can help you to create several emails. You pay him something. Uh on the freelances in those places they can. Uh I mean I do hire like several freelancers now and then through this kind of stuff and I also shared a lot of kind of content tonight especially Tasil's website There's plenty of goodies in there for the content you could get and kind of copy and chop and kind of re-edit for your needs And also we shared like on the stream tonight several pages that you could create kind of content and generate headlines, subject lines, blog content.

Uh but the really already made content is the Tazo's website. Tazo's website is awesome. And I highly recommend you guys check that out because it's really it's free and the amount of content you're going to get here is just like not available. I mean, where you going to download this many things? And please check that out. Um as we are kind of being live for a while guys, if you have any more questions, please fire away and if you want me specifically answer some of your questions that you want to be answered, join me after this for few more minutes inside the no limit Emails live. As you can see, I'm live there And the link is inside the Facebook group and also inside the Facebook chat For the group.

So you guys have access to those links. Obviously everybody else outside the world do not have access to those links. So I highly encourage you. Pop on there. If you just want to have a chat with me. Say hello. And that's fine. Uh if you want to talk totally something else afterwards that's fine and we can have a chat. Kinda like get your coffee. Let's have a conversation. And let's talk about email marketing. Marketing in general, And let's talk about what's your plans are, what you want us to kind of eh pave the road for, for you beside just an email and and beside what we give you.

Uh we'd love to hear your ideas. We love to hear your goals. And excuse me. Please join me at Please join me after kind this Facebook live Inside no limit emails. Uh live room. If you want to guys. And of course Yeah, that was the mark message we ran. Uh guys, if you're really not using StreamYard you, guys, you should like StreamYard should be. Marky Missimus of the session, sure. Please just replay this. And it's been like an hour, we are on live in here, I hope that you guys kind of like join us in some of these other lives.

I really love to kind of have a kind of like a live communication with you guys and every kind of places. So we can really be a kind of you know the this live sport to you and to what you're doing with with an art system. And we are there all the time. So anyone like realistically want any given time to want to kind of talk to us live. Just let us know in one of the chats will pop up. Uh with the with the tonight's kind of like be talking so many different angles on different things in here. Where tonight's purpose is to just say happy new year to you guys. And I hope I have delivered a little bit more value to what you could do with inside No Limit emails. And I hope that all this Nivere kind of like festive atmosphere be spread around the globe and fulfill your wishes guys. And I hope everything that you're going to get with no limiting males and enhances your business beyond really our own kind of acceptation. Because we are excited to have you guys and we are excited to kind of co-work with you and we are really thankful for you to supporting us and to trust in us.

Eh investing in us and in this project And this project is just not ours guys. Whoever's used it is yours too. And we'd like to give it to you that realistically it's just like gift. And we are here for you every single day. And make sure that you get back to us if you have any issues And on the count creation site please just be patient. We will give it to you. And will also compensate the time that you're not really used And we are going to we are transparent with you guys. What's going on is no joke. We're building stuff for you. And that takes a little bit time. All right. Just just be patient with it. Because this is not like any other software that you're going to get guys. Um Mark can vouch for that. Mark will start testing. And I also highly recommend you guys. Please post some of your test results on the groups.

Police post. Police posted on the chat, on the group chat. Please post it what you're doing, what you're struggling with, and to get help. For us and the other users, some of the other users are actually now the system better than us, guys. Uh so, like, especially like the automation tool side of it because it's pretty ancient like. It's been here for a few years. So, there's a lot of people actually used it before so they know a lot more tricks than I do myself. But everything here is like set up really simply to just help you, I mean, make sure it, you just keep with us guys. And also kind of like, I really recommend you guys do the test runs, share your results, show us how you're doing it, and also ask us if you know certain things, what you can do with, and we are here to, to help you in a technique like the side. Um, I see yeah I I I see I see that.

I see that Susie. Um yeah it's Susie's asking like is it really like no limits? Yeah it is definitely no limits. Uh I mean that's the whole idea right? Even the even the name really. There's no limits. But when we say no limits obviously start with some limitation we have to do that guys to protect everybody. We just cannot like you know say okay just give us 100 bucks. You can't have everything under the sun and they're just like ruined for everybody. And this one one of the reason why it realistically kind is priced this way to just kind of prevent loss of you know a lot of issues. You guys know mass email marketing is always kind of be kind of spammers and all this kind of thing.

It exists and it will always happen and it will always happen to everybody. And we are prepared for that and this is one of the reason like the way it's structured is. Uh no limiting maze. Susie you can try it if you want. Uh 60 67 you can try it. Ninety-seven you can try it. Uh you can of course cancel anytime. Uh you have no obligation but realistically yeah the whole idea is to give you something has no limits and that's that's what really it is. One in one and a half hour almost on live guys. I really thank you for spending a little bit of time in here with me live.

If you haven't really kind of had a time to watch it, please rewatch it because some of the stuff I shared in this particular video will help you to understand what's going on and also some nice contents and I wish you all great great evening guys and most successful Email year ever for you guys. Take care. Till next time and I appreciate you guys.


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