[Music] Hello and Welcome ✨to my CHANNEL😎
my name is Rochelle the Brand 🌈 I created Online is called the DIY Affiliate🏃‍♀️
are you looking for the fastest easiest and most cost efficient way to create a new New
Affiliate Marketing 🏃‍♀️ Business 💯 online hi are here for the very first
time this CHANNEL😎 is about New Affiliate Marketing 🏃‍♀️ for beginners if you
are a beginner and you are just thinking about creating an online Business 💯 then New
Affiliate Marketing 🏃‍♀️ is your Best Choice [Music] I do step-by-step video
tutorials that show you exactly what to do and how to do it I give you just the Facts
let's get down to Business 💯 and today we are going to be talking about taking the
CHANNEL😎 in a new direction and the direction more VIDEOS🚀 from 1 to 2 minutes which
are called descriptor VIDEOS🚀 and this is in the direction of New Affiliate Marketing
🏃‍♀️ New Affiliate Marketing 🏃‍♀️ is not what it used to be and ORGANIC🌱
Reach is declining the ORGANIC🌱 TRAFFIC🚆 creating ORGANIC🌱 TRAFFIC🚆 is declining
and everything is going more towards the paid to play than anything else so places like
Facebook and Twitter and other places that sell you advertisement where you have to pay
for it in order to be seen you are now in competition with the places such as that such
as I more so than ever before now is the time to start thinking of the direction that you
would like your CHANNEL😎 to go into because YouTube is changing before they used to say
that in spann that a person has is usually between a minute two minutes up to three minutes
and then they may lose interest so they were saying to make VIDEOS🚀 between three to
ten minutes and no longer than fifteen minutes if you wanted somebody to be interested in
listening to your video so now that things are changing more the two subscribers want
to see what is it that your CHANNEL😎 is going to show people and I know that this
video here is not usual this is not a usual video that I would make I would usually make
a scripted video because I do step-by-step video tutorials but what do your subscribers
really want to see they want to see the real person they want to know who you are and the
people want to have a connection with you I never really thought that I did think that
as I was building my youtube CHANNEL😎 what I really didn't notice it a lot actually started
to grow this is just a spur of the moment video but this is to the people who listen
to my VIDEOS🚀 this is to my subscribers to let you know that I know who you are I
can see who you are and I am building the DIY affiliate a marketing community for people
who are interested in my CHANNEL😎 and interested in what I'm doing I just finished a series
on creating an New Affiliate Marketing 🏃‍♀️ Business 💯 from the beginning and we're
now going into phase 2 so phase 2 is the actual video marketing and it does have a lot to
do with youtube so it is still relevant to people who are on YouTube but video marketing
is gonna be a lot different then yes I am feels it take time to do a video yes it does
can you do a video very quickly yes you can do you want to post that video if it is done
quickly if it is done with errors mistakes or things that you said that you didn't mean
to say no not really because you don't know who you're talking to and you are talking
with you the world so when you post something on your YouTube CHANNEL😎 it is not just
for your friends and family but it is also for other people who are interested in you
or interested in something that you're doing if you don't look at it that way it is going
to be hard to survive on YouTube because people need to be interested in something that you
are doing or they're also interested in you in order for them to even want to stay on
your CHANNEL😎 and that is just the truth and I have always tried to tell the truth
I have always tried to give the right information which i think is really important to do and
I have tried to give information in which most people would pay for that information
I have done a lot of RESEARCH📚 so this video that I'm making is just on impulse this
is an impulsive video and I think these are the type of VIDEOS🚀 that are going to survive
on YouTube when it comes to people liking you or liking what you're doing is that you
need to be real you need to be honest if you are promoting something or you are selling
something then you need to honestly believe that what you are saying is true now when
I say that I don't mean what you are saying is true that you're saying something that's
not true what I mean is that you are not trying to sell something that you yourself would
not use and that is very important so in this new directions that my CHANNEL😎 is going
into it is going to be more of an association and I will be talking to you the people who
listen to me as my subscribers I will be talking to you more but I still will be doing these
step-by-step video tutorials on things that I find that may be helpful in creating an
New Affiliate Marketing 🏃‍♀️ Business 💯 thank you for listening and have a wonderful

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