online business ideas, online business, how to start online business, affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing going to talk business online online
business ideas and how to start a business but before I get into that who
is this video for it's for anybody in the corporate world working a
nine-to-five that of wanting more out of life they're frustrated that they're
just they're sick of being chained to that desk they're sick of living by
somebody else's rules and I imagine if I'm correct that might have some reason
as to why you're watching this video and if that's the case buckle up because
we're going to get into it all right let's talk online business ideas and
realistically this comes into two categories at first category is you can
create your own products or services depending on what you've got to offer
the second one is you can leverage somebody else's and I'll get into that
just in a moment so let's have a look at number one you've got a product or
service that you want to get out to the market and you know that there is a need
for it whether it is corporate coaching or whether it's a new clothing line or
whether it is you know your own homemade soaps who knows what it is you have this
burning desire and his passion to get that out to market now you can start by
creating that website you can start by sourcing the products you can start
creating all of the content all of this you can start to do and then is one way
to be able to start your online business personally it is a way that I would go
down but it's not the way that I've chosen and I'll go into a couple of pros
and cons as to why just in a moment or there is option number two and that is
leveraging somebody else's products perhaps you're familiar with the
terminology affiliate marketing that's what I'm talking about here and that's
personally the way that I've decided to start my online business and there's a
couple of reasons for it and I'll go into it the reason why I've chosen to go
down the affiliate marketing path is because I personally do not have to
worry about product development I don't have to worry about administration I
don't have to worry about accounting I don't have to worry about payroll I
don't have to worry about any of that whereas if you start your own product
line you do need to worry about supplies you need to worry about stock levels you
need to worry about all your administration you're going to have to
start to worry about so much more when you're starting your own product line
and that's great if you are truly passionate about getting that particular
item or service out to the market then I highly recommend you to do that but if
you're just looking for an opportunity to be able to move away from your job
start to leverage your time and be able to live the life that you know is
possible why do you know it's possible because you see people daily whether
it's on Facebook YouTube Instagram snapchat you see people that are living
the laptop lifestyle is it possible it absolutely is and the other thing being
is that if you don't start getting on that bandwagon soon then I truly believe
that you'll be left behind it the industries are moving towards that a lot
of more people are living and working remotely so why were can live for
somebody else why not start today to create your own business something
that's going to give you the freedom and it's going to give you the control so as
I said wrapping up those two you've got two options when it comes to online
business ideas the first one is you can create your own product line more than
enough people have done that if there's something that you are passionate about
then i would highly recommend you go down that path but option number two for
those that are not completely sure what it is that they want to put out to
market but they know that they want to be able to get away from the 925 they
want to start living the life they want to start traveling spend the time and
with friends family and loved ones and not slaving to make somebody else as a
dream reality then that option for you is affiliate marketing okay so we
understand whether it's if you're going down the path of your own products and
services or you're going to go down the path of affiliate marketing we've got
that established so how do you start a business there's a few elements that
you're going to need to make sure that you have in place your website your
brand your logo products of course that's going to be key and then you're
going to need to look into how you're going to be serving your customers best
those are the couple of elements that you're going to need to worry about and
realistically you can start a business overnight a couple hours you can have a
brand you can have products you can have everything lined up but of course if
you're going to go down option 1 which is creating your business with your own
product lines you're going to need to do a lot of rng you're going to need to
have a look into a lot of supplies you're going to have to product test
you're going to be testing the waters with a number of things so that may
actually take a little bit more time so you have to do a bit of research into
that one but if you're looking at going down option to affiliate marketing
around you can be live and active with your business tomorrow there's a reason
why people are starting to look into affiliate marketing and at the end of
the day it's the one business that is going to be able to give you the time in
the freedom because you're not going to be tied to see if you start your online
business with your own product line you're still going to be
tied to that business because you've got to worry about dealing with all these
supplies you've got to worry about everything like that with affiliate
marketing all you've got to worry about is creating your own brand leveraging
the products and services and the systems particularly when you find an
awesome affiliate marketing company that has the systems and coaches and
everything in place now of course there will be a link below what i might do
actually for a special offer on this particular video is I'm going to link
you to step 1 of 6 of how to start an online business so I'm going to put that
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started on online business and you know what i look forward to seeing you on the
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