are you looking for affiliate marketing networks 
where you can find the best affiliate programs   that offer high commission and also pay in time 
well that's what this video is all about because   you will be learning about the affiliate 
marketplace which top affiliate use to earn   millions of dollars a month hi i'm bruno semedo 
in today's video we're going to talk about some   of the best and most popular affiliate networks 
as well as their commission rates offered the   product types available and which one fits you 
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best affiliate program so let's go if you're   watching this video then you are probably doing 
some research on what are affiliate networks   and or which one is the best but before we get 
there let's see what is affiliate network an   affiliate network act as an intermediary between 
the merchants which is the product creator   and the publisher which is the affiliate it allows 
affiliate to more easily find and participate in   affiliate programs which are suitable for their 
niche and areas of interest and thus generate   income from those programs also on the other side 
it allows website offering affiliate programs   typically online merchants to reach a larger 
audience by promoting their affiliate programs   to all of the affiliates participating in the 
affiliate network these networks often offer   reporting tools training and other resources to 
help you become a successful affiliate marketer   so how do affiliate networks work affiliate 
networks work as a marketplace for affiliate   programs publishers or site owners sign up choose 
the products or services they want to promote   and then receive a custom link that tracks how 
many people purchase from them then they are   paid a small commission for each sale affiliate 
networks can connect you to the hundreds every   thousand of brands this make them one of the most 
straightforward ways to monetize a blog a youtube   channel or earning passive income a few more 
benefits of joining affiliate networks includes   no need to chase payments the platforms handle it 
for you you have the freedom to choose products   or service that makes sense to your audience some 
of affiliate networks offer rewards and incentives   so the more you sell the better your commission 
rates may be and you can assess the analytics and   reporting tools so you can track your progress 
now here are some cons to affiliate networks   for example some offer very low commission rates 
or require sites to have a specific amount of   traffic before they can apply overall however they 
can be a powerful way to monetize website traffic   so here are a list of some of the best affiliate 
networks to join one amazon associate probably the   best known affiliate networks is amazon associated 
as the largest ecommerce stores globally amazon   provides access to millions of products from 
all sorts of categories if you want to promote   physical products on your website amazon associate 
is a good option with amazon associate you can   earn a commission on pretty much anything sold on 
amazon what makes this program even more valuable   is that you earn a commission on everything new 
that someone you refer purchase even if it is not   the product you link it too they have a commission 
rate that varies around five percent depending on   the product type about the product type you can 
find nearly any physical price you can think of   gardening school books cooking home goods 
fashion accessories makeup etc and they are   suitable for any type of affiliate marketer two cj 
affiliates commission junction is one of the most   reputed and popular affiliate marketplace for 
bloggers and affiliate marketers they have been   in business since 1998 and this is the place where 
you will find a ton of affiliate programs overall   their approval process is pretty fast and you 
won't need to pay any fees to apply there are   a few cons though you will need approval from 
each merchant before you can start promoting   and there is a chance you might get rejected 
also your account can be deactivated if you don't   make a sale in six months the commission 
rate varies depending on what products   you choose you can find the products related 
to software's retail travel and finance they   are kind of best for affiliate that already have 
some level of experience three clickbank clickbank   is a global affiliate marketing platform providing 
access to a wide range of products you can promote   including physical and digital ones over their 
20 years of existence clickbank has developed   a reputation for relatively high commission up 
to 75 percent and one-time payment they market   over 6 million unique lifestyles products created 
by digital marketing entrepreneurs in short they   specialize in digital products and currently reach 
over 200 million customers clickbank is likely the   first you would be recommended when you are first 
getting into digital products email marketing   or other making money online endeavors clickbank 
also offers advanced analytics paypal integration   and opportunity for partnership and recurring 
affiliate commission as well with clickbank   you can have more digital marketing 
flexibility to plan your social   media and sales strategy effectively their 
commission rates can be up to ninety percent   they have a wide variety product type including 
arts entertainment business marketing games   parenting health fitness language and self-help 
and they are suitable for all level of affiliate   marketing wants to promote mostly digital products 
for jvzoo jvzoo is a software as a service company   that focus mostly on online or digital products it 
is free to sign up and use jvzoo and their newbie   friendly society design and signup process help 
facilitate and teach those who might be fairly new   to affiliate marketing some of the benefits of 
using jvzoo are up to a hundred percent instant   commission real-time tracking of traffic and 
earning statistics instant sales notification as   well as access to high quality affiliate tools and 
training if you are looking for an affiliate site   that can help you learn the ropes jvzoo might be 
a great place to start jvzoo offers an automatic   payment and provides an easy to use dashboard 
so you can keep your track of your performance   their commission rates vary by the merchants they 
offer mostly digital products in online marketing   ai training and financial fields and they are 
best for digital marketing fields five shareasale   shareasale is one of the most popular affiliate 
network out there it has been around since 2000   and works with 4 000 merchants across various 
affiliate products categories giving you a lot of   bradity and your option for what features on your 
site knowing for its honesty transparency and   quality customer supports shareasale is a trusted 
name in the affiliate marketing world and it is a   great first option for anyone looking to branch 
out in other affiliate programs shareasale is   one of the largest affiliate networks out there 
running for nearly two decades so it has built   up a lot of trust in the affiliate industry the 
network is well loved by marketers and merchants   because of its user-friendly interface fast free 
sign-up and support for affiliate running multiple   websites they have a commission rate that varies 
by merchants with average between five to twenty   percent wide range of products types including 
accessories clothings art computers and other   services and it is best for new or established 
affiliate publishers looking to promote physical   or digital products and they are suitable 
for almost all level of affiliate marketers   there are of course tons of others affiliate 
marketing networks out there and you can easily   find them with a simple google search now here are 
some of consideration before choosing an affiliate   marketing network first be your own clients choose 
products that you believe in and try them out in   advance if feasible second make sure it fits 
within your niche finding products that are in   your focus area is an essential to your success 
as an affiliate third you want the products to be   desired by your target audience whatever affiliate 
programs you promote must be desired by your   target audience otherwise all the hard work and 
effort you put in will be for nothing and fourth   make sure it has upsells upsells offer a further 
method to increase commission after the consumer   has purchased its initial product is offered 
various others packages that are only available   at the time of purchase this practice is known as 
upselling for the affiliate if the buyer goes on   to take an advantage of this offers the commission 
increases when you are choosing a product   how much you can earn is important but you will 
find you are most successful with the programs   that you are genuinely passionate about when 
you sell something that you you care about your   customers will know this can be one of the most 
important choice of all do you love the product so   have you tried any of the networks that i 
mentioned and which is your favorite and why   let me know by leaving a comment below and hey if 
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