Hi, friends. In this video, we will reveal 
the concept of UniteVerse,   one of the four elements of 
the Meta Force's Metaverse. Other elements are: Tactile, Boost 
and OverReal. Each of them has its own
main affiliate program, the driving force of each direction, they are very different, but all
give 100% of the income to the network of partners. There is also Royalty NFT, we can 
say that this is the Fifth Element, but it is contained in each of 
the main four, and is their link. UniteVerse is the main
layer of the Metaverse, with an imitation of real life. With UniteVerse we build our Universe, do business, study, get acquainted
with a wide variety of goals. The other layer is Tactile, the constant consumer goods,
necessary both in the Metaverse and in our real life. You can use virtual goods or their physical equivalent. Tactile's affiliate matrix program was formerly known as Classic.

In one of the next videos
I will talk about rebranding. The third layer, Boost, is games
in special game zones in which their own laws are formed, this is a different reality,
as if in another dimension. The Boost Affiliate Program, as its name suggests,
has the most powerful revenue accelerator potential. And another layer, OverReal is 
like an addition to reality, games and shows in the middle of real life. The OverReal Affiliate Program is a new 
revolution that we will make in our industry. All layers of the Meta Force metaverse 
reinforce and complement each other. UniteVerse is our core program, the 
source of everything else in our universe. A world similar to our real one is being formed 
here; maximum imitation of the real world and the implementation of decentralized principles that are the most effective. Just like in real life, in the Metaverse 
you may have different levels of access, different levels of prestige, 
depending on what resources you have. After all, similarly, we have 
different accesses in life. And just like in life, you can earn 
resources by your work in order to get more. By leveling up the UniteVerse Delta, you increase your level
of access to the Metaverse.

UniteVerse Delta is an impeccably
calculated affiliate program in a non-divisible matrix format. All 100% of the turnover of the affiliate 
program are the income of the participants. Your income Together with UniteVerse, 
the Force coin is launched,   on which the entire economy of 
our entire Metaverse is built.  The cryptonomics of the Force 
coin is absolutely unique.  At the initial stage, the emission takes place 
through participation in the UniteVerse Delta,   there will be no other ways to receive 
the coin before the market enters. The growth of the coin at the first stage 
is embedded in a decentralized smart  contract algorithm. At the same time, at the 
initial stage, the coins are in strong hands,   it is our active participants. Further growth, already coming
from supply and demand, will be stimulated by the increasing deficit
of the coin due to a whole range of instruments.

The total supply of coins is limited
and cannot be increased. As soon as the coin enters
the open market, the UniteVerse Delta tiers will grant corresponding 
levels of access to the Metaverse. The higher the access, the more 
opportunities to interact with other participants, create a business, get 
a job, acquire assets, and other benefits. The assets of the Metaverse are, for example, 
land, real estate, minerals, and so on. For assets, a different type of 
marketing is needed, considering these products precisely as assets that have the potential
to increase the market price. Accordingly, the participant 
must be able to buy and sell. But with what affiliate program to 
stimulate to help develop your teams in this direction? – for this there is an additional
program MANA. I will tell you the details 
in one of the next videos. Among other things, I will tell you 
how, by increasing the turnover in the UniteVerse programs, you get Energy for this, with the help of which
you can upgrade Royalty NFT in order to achieve statuses, according to which your NFT
will receive accruals from all directions
of metaverse by Meta Force.

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