hey there this is vanessa duberle and welcome to 
my channel today i'm going to tell you exactly   what is a landing page you keep hearing this term 
email marketing how to collect emails and things   like that you're not really sure in this video i'm 
going to specifically focus on what is a landing   page where you can go to build it and i'm going 
to give you two examples of landing pages there   are more but i'm going to give you just two today 
now last week i did a video on two different ways   you can build your email list and i went into 
a little bit of an ex explanation of what it is   and this is kind of a follow-up to that what is 
a landing page and and i've told you how to build   an email list but where do i build it how do i 
do it so this is kind of like one of the steps   into that i did put that link below if you did 
not get a chance to watch it so there's going to   be like a little series of some videos that will 
all be connected but i separated them out because   sometimes people know one part not another part 
right so this will save you a little bit of time   so let's go ahead and dive in but before we go 
don't forget to subscribe to my channel i talk   a lot about different ways that you can build 
your youtube channel and use it to make money   alright this is the diagram i used in my last 
video i'm not going to go into in as much   explanation but i want to show you what part of 
this that we're going to talk about today but   this is how email marketing works basically you 
have traffic coming in we're going to you and you   have a platform of where you're offering something 
usually the best three platforms are a podcast a   youtube channel or a webpage those are searchable 
and people will keep coming back and you don't   have to keep updating if that makes sense whereas 
social media like instagram or something like that   they're they're gone in a few seconds and they're 
only going to work for a little bit of time so   use one of those three if this will work on any 
of those but basically youtube channel i'm talking   about health and fitness and i'm telling people 
i have this recipe book please hit the link below   if you're interested and that's where you're 
making an offer you're talking in your video   you're telling them to go to blow and hit a link 
well where does that link go how do i give them   the recipe book that's what we're going to talk 
about today before they get that recipe book   they're going to give you your their email address 
and that's how you collect them i'm also going to   show you where you collect them i use the program 
called click funnels you have to have some kind   of a platform that's going to collect where you 
can build your offer and then push it out it the   the offer is going to be pushed out through the 
landing page and then you're collecting an email   from the customer and that's going to go 
to an auto responder i'm not going to talk   in detail about the autoresponder i do use one 
called activecampaign and it the link is below   you cannot use gmail or something like that it 
cannot be um one of those because you're hoping   to build a massive email list and that's 
called spamming if you start putting it   through one of those free accounts the nice 
thing about active campaign you pay like 15   a month until you get i think 5 000 emails it 
takes a little bit to accumulate that so it's   a good price and then as you're getting more 
emails you're getting more sales and different   leads so it and then the price goes up so it all 
i like how it all goes up together this is a click   funnels account and very very easy to build inside 
it's almost like using legos honestly when you go   get a free trial you can get a free trial for a 
couple weeks play with it go out and try other   ones as well see which one you like best but you 
can test it for free and that's what i like about   it and they have a free training on there and 
you can go step by step and you actually will   build something through that training now this is 
the editing page i'll show you what it looks like   when somebody clicks into my link it's 
this is work from home i have an affiliate   a real income generating ebook that 
people can see how they can make money   online working from home and to get this 
step-by-step guide they can go here where it says   yes i want access and right here they put their 
first name and their address and when they click   this here it's submitting that email address to 
my autoresponder to activecampaign and then it's   sending them an email and i don't think it's 
going to show up here so it will automatically   send them an email here it is it says thank 
you you have the plan next steps go from here   so i have a little pop-up that comes up and maybe 
i talk to them a little bit about something else i   i offer them something else in in this video you 
don't even have to do that you can just say hey   you've it's in your email box it's on its way and 
that's it now here i offered a little course that   as a follow-up and you can do that you can the 
neat thing about these funnels is you can keep on   giving them something else to click and that's 
the beauty of a funnel but just getting started   out say here's your recipe book it's coming 
thank you it's in your email box and that's   it and you've got the email don't try to make 
it any more complicated a lot of people when   they get started they think they have to have 
these real complicated beautiful funnels and   really in the beginning you don't need that now i 
have another way that i use a funnel i can offer   something i offered an ebook here i've offered a 
youtube checklist on how to make sure you get your   youtube channel set up you can offer your recipe 
book you could offer um gosh i can't even think   anything that has to do with your business um you 
you might be teaching people how to ride horses   and you can have some kind of a a safety guide 
on how to take care of horses or or how to ride   them it can be anything like that whatever will 
help your audience now i have another one since   i do affiliate marketing through my youtube 
channel this one i offer people the tubebuddy   program software i always offer people links 
to software that i use just like activecampaign   it's an affiliate link for me and when people 
click it i get a little bit of a percent from   that company you get to use software that i know 
works i only offer things that i personally use   and here is tubebuddy and people will click 
here when they click to go into oh just a moment   people will click right here and when they click 
to go in there they give me their email their   name their email address and yes i want this and 
because it's a you a two buddy chrome extension   for them to put on their computer it's going to 
take them right to that site so that they can   sign up so if this is called a bridge you could 
put the link down in your description and say   hey here's my affiliate link go to tubebuddy but 
you're missing out on the opportunity to collect   the emails and you don't want to miss that so 
that's called a bridge if you're taking them   someplace else so again fitness if you're taking 
them to a program that you're an affiliate with   and they can go get exercises maybe beachbody or 
something like that you can send them directly to   that link or that company link and then you 
at least collect the email in the process   um here's sarah beth yoga so there's all kinds of 
um people who are using it on here as you can see   but when people click this they get the free 
trial if they decide to purchase it then who's   ever linked that they're using it's it's a double 
win on this one not only do you get the email but   you also get that now i want to go back to click 
funnels and show you where i put in for them to go   to my my list on activecampaign so let's go 
there let's go back to the editing page here   for the tubebuddy this is the bridge i have other 
bridges that i use and in here you need to tell   clickfunnels where you want it sent so you want 
to go here to integration and then over here it   says where is your email integration settings 
it has a tag says tubebuddy it goes to my active   campaign you can see right here it says vdbrelate 
activecampaign i can put a tag on it so when i   go into my active campaign account it's a totally 
different account but click funnels is integrated   with almost every autoresponder and once you go 
into when i go into activecampaign i have a list   i can see who has come in who has signed up what 
emails i have and then i can look at the tags oh   this customer was interested in tubebuddy so 
if i send out any information about tubebuddy   obviously i only want to send it to the people 
that are interested in that so with your health   and fitness maybe you have exercises for women 
but then maybe you've divided into weight lifting   yoga and something else your niche is a little bit 
wider but then when you collect those you can talk   about diet and exercise or lifting weights or just 
doing yoga and that will attract different people   all right those are the ways that you can use 
landing pages we also call them opt-in pages   landing pages um free sometimes people just call 
them the free offer page but that is where you're   offering something now next week as i'm sitting 
here i'm thinking people are probably thinking   what kind of offers can i give i'm going to go 
ahead and do a video next week about different   offers that you can give your customer so that'll 
kind of get your brain going if you can't think   of anything i know i keep using health and 
fitness i'll come up with some other ones   i'll do a little bit of research and give you some 
more ideas next week don't forget there's a link   below for the email marketing in how to come 
up with two different ways to collect emails   this was one of them and i went into more detail 
but there is another way that you can get emails   and look at the video below for that thanks for 
watching and i'll see you on the next video you

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