best affiliate programs of 2021 big payouts 
for beginners okay guys this is part   three of three in a series if you haven't 
watched part one and two there is going to   be a link down in the description there you 
can click there and go back and watch the   other one so basically what we're doing is we're 
going through the different affiliate programs   now in this particular video here i want to start 
off with health and beauty beauty is a huge market   and there's all kinds of affiliate programs out 
there that you can join and they're always looking   for tutorials that type of thing so if you're 
doing some tutorials if you're doing some makeup   stuff if you've got videos this is a perfect niche 
for you now you want to be careful and you want   to check everything out really well because the 
commissions can vary wildly from 2 to 10 so try to   pick something on the high side what i'm going to 
do now is i'm going to give you the top affiliate   ones that have a good payout and they have a good 
reputation behind them so let's go over and check   those out right now before we get going though 
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it now let's check out some of these companies   okay the first one up here is madison reed madison 
reed is actually a hair color company my wife has   used them in the past they're very reputable they 
pay a commission of twenty dollars and your cookie   duration is going to be 30 days uh the other one 
avon avon's been around for a long long time uh   but they do have a great affiliate program up to 
10 percent and the cookie duration is also 30 days   also beauty tap seven and a half percent plus 
bonuses so you can get some bonus stuff here   and the cookie duration is seven days bh cosmetics 
eight percent commission and sixty days uh loctain   in provence okay i hope i'm saying that one right 
two and a half percent commission in 45 days   sephora we've all seen them in the malls all over 
the place shopping centers five to ten percent 24   hour cookie duration and ulta beauty and those are 
huge i know we have them all over town here in san   diego they're paying a two and a half percent and 
30 days next area i want to cover is gaming gaming   is huge now i'm not involved in gaming at all 
and i don't know anything about it but i did   research this for you guys because i know a lot 
of you are gamers out there and you want to make   some money on this twitch is a huge one twitch is 
really huge and all you really need on twitch is   50 subscribers and 500 minutes of broadcast time 
so if you have those two things you can qualify   but i also want to go through some of the 
other gaming affiliate programs out there   so you can have some other choices okay so let's 
check out some of the other affiliate programs in   gaming right now first one i want to talk about is 
astro gaming their commission is 5 and the cookie   duration is 180 days the next one is fanatical 
fanatical commission 5 cookie duration is going to   be 90 days g2 deal now it looks like they have all 
kinds of different softwares there commissions are   10 to 20 which is much higher on software and 
3 on other products cookie duration is 30 days   we've all heard of this one game fly gosh if you 
have a radio you're gonna hear an ad from them   the commission is 15 per trial sign up and then 5 
for new games and 10 percent for used games okay   let's now check out some of the music programs 
you guys are into music you're going to love these   these music affiliate programs are going to 
make you ton of money let's check them out the   first one i want to talk about is guitar center 
okay guitar center is awesome i know i've been   there many times and i bought a lot of stuff there 
commission rate is six percent cookie duration is   14 days next one up is musician's friend they have 
a four percent commission rate cookie duration of   14 days sam ash we've all heard of sam ash right 
seven to ten percent which is not bad in a cookie   duration of 60 days sing-o-rama you want to 
learn how to sing this is the site for you   check this out 70 commission on instant downloads 
40 on shipped course and cookie duration of 60   days that's a pretty darn good program guys next 
one is zoun's it's a six percent commission plus   bonuses so you want to go to their site and check 
out what the bonuses are cookie duration is 45   days now the next area we want to get into is what 
crypto coin crypto coin man it's gotten so big now   everybody's into this crypto coin so let's check 
out some ways to make money on crypto coin i want   to show you some of the sites and what they're 
going to pay you let's check it out now the first   one is binance referral program so basically these 
are more referral programs than anything else   you're going to get paid once they go there and 
they sign up okay so this particular one is going   to give you a commission of 20 of the referrals 
trade fees 40 if holding 500 plus bnb and the   payout is in real time to binance accounts you got 
to have an account there next one is going to be   coinbase and it is also a referral program when a 
user buys one hundred dollars of btc you receive   ten dollars at btc the earning period is once per 
customer though ledger wallet another good one   commission is ten percent of the net sale amount 
payout in btc with .1 btc minimum payout amount   next one is local bitcoins cool site commission 
is 20 of the users trading fee per trade   earning period one year one year from the user's 
registration date that's pretty cool next one   is treasure wallet treasure wallet is going to 
pay you a flat 20 of the sales now let's check   out another area that is huge and that would be 
sporting goods so let's check out sporting goods   and see what we can earn there sports affiliate 
programs sports affiliate programs well here's   the deal the sports industry is predicted to reach 
73.5 billion in market value so when you look at   that and you look at some of these things and some 
of these big names that are involved man you want   to get involved now the first one up is going to 
be the first one up is going to be dick's sporting   goods let's go over and check out dick's sporting 
goods dick's sporting goods has a commission of 5   on average and this is gonna vary from product to 
product uh but it's five percent on average cookie   duration is ten days next one is draftkings uh 
draftkings has let's see here 40 of the referrals   net gaming revenue for the first 30 days and 
then 25 on 31 days plus uh next one is fanatics   fanatics uh has a commission up to ten percent 
cookie duration's gonna be seven days next one is   fanduel fan dual fan dual is going to pay you a 
25 to 35 dollar per sign up plus 35 rev share for   referrals for the first two years i mean two 
years of getting a payment that's pretty darn   good sports memorabilia that's our next one on the 
list here pretty cool site uh commission's gonna   be nine percent of sales cookie duration is going 
to be 365 days so that cookie duration is going to   be an entire year guys we've all heard of this one 
yes under armour you can be an affiliate for under   armour the commission is five percent of sales 
and the cookie duration is going to be 30 days   now there's other programs out there there 
are actually affiliate marketing programs   for pinterest which are really pretty interesting 
so if you're involved in pinterest you may want   to check these out also interesting fact that 29 
of people in the united states use pinterest and   of that 93 said they use pinterest to plan some of 
their shopping so it's a great opportunity for you   to make money too now the first thing you can do 
is through your pins on pinterest you can actually   use your affiliate links from amazon i use amazon 
links matter of fact in this video right below   in the description you'll see some of my links to 
amazon but you can now also put them on pinterest   now when somebody clicks on your link in pinterest 
and they go to amazon they don't necessarily   have to buy that product you're going to get a 
commission on any product that they buy however if   they click on a product in pinterest and they put 
it in their cart and they leave it there for up to   90 days you'll get paid on that product too next 
one up is share a sale i use share sale myself   i make money on it all the time all i had to 
do was list my website there and when somebody   sends traffic to my website they have a link from 
share a sale and they get credit for it share a   sale actually does the payout for me i don't have 
to do anything and i just get extra business so   i would say check out share sale you can also 
use send owl you can create online courses and   ebooks and you send out to make pins to 
sell your products which is a great way   to make some extra money let's check out shop 
style collective this is a really cool site   this one here is like a fashion site has a ton 
of clothing accessories products to promote they   offer an easy user interface reporting tools 
helpful ways to build your audience now some   of the links that i'm going to talk about could be 
affiliate links also below in my description so i   do want to tell you that up front and basically 
the way this works guys is these affiliate   programs are arrangements where an online merchant 
that selling product pays an affiliate website   a commission for any sales generated from their 
referral traffic the affiliate website places   affiliated links pointing to the merchant site to 
track transactions and each agreement between an   affiliate and a merchant features the commission 
structure and payout information so make sure that   you understand these agreements upfront but 
bottom line is it's a great way to make money   if people are going to buy these products anyhow 
they're going to these sites they're doing gaming   you know they're they're buying you know vpns 
they're they're doing all this stuff and why   not make a commission off it as a content creator 
as a blogger as somebody who you know makes videos   maybe you're you're an influencer of some sort why 
not put some of these links in there and actually   make some money i would suggest having affiliate 
links in every single post you do have it out   there i know in my youtube videos below in the 
description you're always going to find affiliate   links to amazon and maybe some of my courses and 
maybe there's an affiliate link to something else   because if you know me and you trust me you know 
i'm going to give you a good product you know i'm   not going to recommend anything that i wouldn't 
personally use or don't currently use like i use   cartridge which is one of the best marketing 
softwares if you're an online marketer and you   don't have card for you're missing out i highly 
recommend cartridge yes i have an affiliate link   it's down in the description below but the cool 
thing about this link is you can just click on it   and you can go there and you can watch a video and 
you can see all the things that karcher is going   to do for you and then if you like it using my 
affiliate link you can actually save money you can   get a trial for only one dollar so you do want to 
check out kartra and it's in the description below   to end this series of three videos there's two 
types of affiliate programs there's a self-hosted   program and then there's the affiliate network 
an example would be if you go to dick's sporting   goods and you sign up for their affiliate program 
they're self-hosting that they control that   they're going to pay you the commission they're 
going to do everything if you go to something   like share a sale which i mentioned earlier you're 
going to go there and you're going to sign up for   share a sale and then within share sale there's 
going to be a bunch of companies in there and   you can generate links for all those different 
companies so that's basically how it works i hope   this series has helped you out a lot if it has put 
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your results and also don't forget after you put   those comments down there go back if you haven't 
done so watch video one and video two they're   really crucial to learning this whole affiliate 
program thing i think you'll really appreciate   this video if you go back and watch the other two 
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