hey guys my name is gina babak i'm a full-time 
online marketer business coach and traffic vendor   in this video i will share with you how you 
can start your business online simply doing   just two steps so the first step you'll get 
access to my best passive income funnel and   second step i will also show you how you can get 
your traffic absolutely for free so let's dive in okay guys to be successful online you only need 
like three things so first you need to have a good   offer second you need to have a good uh high 
converting funnel sales funnel to promote the   software and third you also need to get a proven 
traffic source okay so in this video again i will   show you how you can get access to my best passive 
income funnel with four passive income streams   included and also how you can promote this traffic 
using automation okay and this will be using   l messenger pro okay so step number one first 
of all like i told you we need a good offer   and good sales funnel so if you click this button 
click to get your own money machine you'll be   redirected to this page and i just recommend you 
to subscribe to see the passive income funnel in   action so this is how my passive income final 
starts okay this is where it starts so when   they click here they simply subscribe and this is 
how you build your list but what's important when   they subscribe they also redirected to this page 
and this is actually your money machine because   you will have four passive income streams included 
everything starts from actually possibility to   get passive income final okay to get a passive 
income panel it's absolutely free but they will   need to subscribe for the funnel builder okay 
to host this funnel and again everything starts   from the 14-day 14-day trial and after that it 
will be like 97 bucks per month but you will get   40 commission 40 commission recurring so again 
the idea is very simple you simply promote the   first page of your funnel okay for to anyone 
who want to learn how to build um passive   income online and how to make money from home 
okay second they see this uh presentation video   where i explain how everything works and they go 
through the steps and to get the funnel they will   just need to register for the trial and after 
that they pay 97 bucks per month and you get 40   commission plus five percent commission on a tier 
two which is actually amazing now let's come back   to joy to the passive income actual passive 
income programs so see the first passive income   program is like hidden but this is the most most 
valuable part of the final because again when they   join they will be using this um final builder 
for many years and this is how you get your   commission page every month recurring so passive 
income stream number one this was the ava anyway   they can start from like a hundred bucks to join 
this program amazing program which also allows you   to like promote any affiliate offer you want to 
use in text messages massive income stream number   two is easy one up again this is like this company 
probably more than 70 years on the market and   this is very reliable company again possibility 
to start from 25 bucks up to 2 000 bucks okay and   next scene passive income stream number three 
udemy guys this is very important step because   also you can buy traffic on udemy to promote 
your first step of the funnel or you can simply   become an affiliate so when you register your free 
account for udemy you become become an affiliate   and you get your affiliate link and when you put 
your affiliate link here okay people will start   joining um udemy under you and they will start 
buying traffic and this is how you will get your   15 commission so from every 100 bucks spent on 
udemy you will get 15 bucks okay and you can buy   traffic for like 40 40 or 40 dollars like 100 
px on udemy so a couple of couple of clients   and you already getting your traffic for free 
and also here i also promote this messenger pro   which is actually our lead generation tool for 
facebook and there is also an affiliate program   where you can make again it's free to join and 
you can make up to 985 dollars for referral so   guys this is like i mean this is like your real 
money machine okay so let's come back let's go to   further step number two again step number two join 
my messenger pro team to get for leads every day   guys this is so easy to promote anything you want 
okay anything you want so just watch this video to   see how i promote my other funnels and passive 
income funnels my facebook group and actually   you will see how easy it is to get clients for 
any kind of business you want to promote online   again only two steps just register for the passive 
income funnel take a look at how how it works okay   you may join my passive income programs as 
well and also join uh click this button to   register your seven day l messenger pro free 
trial account okay after that again guys don't   hesitate to contact me or simply contact me 
directly on facebook or you can even schedule a   free zoom consultation call with me but again just 
do it if you are serious okay if you want to like   invest more money in this business if you 
want my help to start getting results faster   so guys this is it this is my passive income 
blueprint just follow the steps talk to you soon you

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