ultimate affiliate marketing made simple a 
step-by-step guide hey guys if you want to   know about affiliate marketing if you want to do 
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about affiliate marketing and you'll know how to   do it simple guys you can do this hey don't forget 
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like the video okay guys let's talk about   what affiliate marketing is first off affiliate 
marketing is when an online retailer of a service   or a product something like that is willing to 
pay you a commission based on a sale that they get   so what you're essentially doing is you're sending 
them a customer and you're getting paid on it   there's a whole lot less risk for somebody who is 
paying out affiliates than there is for somebody   who's paying out on clicks so if something like 
google adsense or something like that they'll   pay you based on clicks but the problem with that 
is they aren't assured of sales so they're going   to pay a whole lot lower commission on affiliate 
marketing you can get 10 20 30.

Sometimes things   like clickbank will pay you 90 or 100 so that's 
pretty cool to get a payout that big okay so   check it out here's the first step in doing this 
the first step is finding a product that you want   to market and i would suggest the first thing 
to do is market products you already use now i   use cartridge for all my marketing karcher is a 
fantastic piece of software i recommend it and   guess what down in the description you're going to 
find a link to kartra that link you can actually   watch a video for free and if you like cartridge 
you can sign up for a dollar now if you sign up   for a dollar and you decide to stay i get a small 
commission for that but here's the key i will only   talk about products that i actually use and like 
i don't do affiliate marketing for anybody else   like right now i have some lights here and 
cameras some equipment different things   in the description you will find links to all 
those things on amazon so if you click those links   and go to amazon and buy some of those products i 
get a small commission but also you are cookied so   if you go to amazon and buy anything else go buy 
all you want because i actually get a commission   on anything you buy once you use my link down 
there but that's an example of me marketing   something that i already use number two look for 
products that other people are already affiliates   for that you respect so if there's somebody in 
your industry maybe it's photography maybe it's   sewing maybe it's cooking look at what they're 
representing for affiliate products check out   those products if you like those products that's 
a great way for you to find products to sell i've   done that in the past where i've seen somebody i 
really respected and i saw some of the things they   recommended whether it be a software or whatever 
and i would go out and try that product and if   i like that product guess what i'm going to be an 
affiliate for that product too now let me show you   on the screen how you can find if a product's an 
affiliate product let's jump over there right now   right here i've got wp beginner and as you notice 
there's a special hosting offer right here and if   you look below that when you hover over it you see 
down there where it says bluehost.com track and   then it's got some letters and stuff that is their 
tracking id which tells me that is an affiliate   offer right there and that's something that i 
could also offer to my audience number three   is you can join affiliate networks i'm a member 
of several affiliate networks um and they're very   helpful and what an affiliate network is is it's a 
portal it's where a whole bunch of people who have   products who are willing to pay affiliates can 
put their product and a lot of people who want   to be an affiliate can join it and have access to 
all these different products some examples of that   are commission junction clickbank is another 
big one i'm also a member of share sale i have   my products there and i'm also an affiliate for 
products on share sale so any of those are really   good to find because you don't have to worry about 
payouts or anything you know that that affiliate   network is going to be paying you and you're 
going to get paid on every sale so you don't   have any problems with stuff like that but use 
some you know respected affiliate networks i have   other videos on this channel if you just search 
affiliate in the search bar on my channel you can   find other videos on this too number four reach 
out to companies of products and services that you   already use now normally you can go to a website 
for a company look down in the bottom and try to   find a link that says affiliates and that will 
generally tell you about their affiliate program   however if they don't have that on their website 
you can directly send them an email and say hey i   like your products i like your services been using 
them for years i would like to be an affiliate for   your company do you have a program like that and 
they can respond and let you know what they have   available okay so we've gone over the basics let's 
get a little bit more in depth now the first thing   i want to talk about is picking products of 
high quality pick products of high quality   i often will get emails from people who want me to 
do a sponsored video or talk about their product   and be an affiliate for it and i don't know the 
product and i haven't used the product i don't   know anything about it so my suggestion to you 
is find products that you think are super high   quality keep in mind if you do recommend a product 
or service and your audience clicks and they go to   there and they buy that product and it's inferior 
it's a poor product now you are the person who   recommended it okay so that's going to hurt your 
reputation so it's super important number one   is to pick products of high quality number 
two add highly useful and valuable content so   i could talk about kartra and i could say get 
cartridge it's a great great software it's down in   the description below you ought to click on it you 
ought to watch the video and you ought to buy it   but what i also do on my channel is i do a lot 
of videos on kartra showing people how good it   is how well it works if you were to search 
my channel right now and you type in cartra   on my videos you're going to find a bunch of 
videos on kartra and i give you good content   i show you what it can do i show you how it can 
help you i show you how it can make you money in   doing so people are more apt to click the link 
and actually go there and buy the product thus   as an affiliate i'll make a little bit of money 
number three always keep your audience in mind   now what i mean by that is don't offer products 
that aren't going to bring value to your audience   my audience is learning how to start running grow 
businesses online so since that is their interest   i may talk to them about seo products i may talk 
to them about web hosting i may talk to them about   finances and that type of thing but if i was 
running let's say a cooking channel okay i   wouldn't be offering them things having to do 
with finance or credit cards or anything like   that because it doesn't match the niche make sure 
any affiliate offers that you are offering your   audience actually match your niche and have good 
value to your audience and match the audience   the audience is number one you guys are number 
one now for those of you who have a wordpress   website i want to share with you some plugins 
that can really help you out let's go over to   my computer real quick and i want to show these to 
you the first one is called thirsty affiliates uh   manually adding links to your content becomes 
quite difficult as your site grows okay it's gonna   get bigger and bigger so what you have to do is 
copy the url with your affiliate id every time you   mention the product and paste it into wordpress 
this is where thirsty affiliates can help you   it's an affiliate link management plugin that 
allows you to easily add affiliate links in   wordpress it also will let you change lengthy 
affiliate links into cloaked pretty links which   are more user friendly thirsty affiliates also 
has the option to automatically replace keywords   with affiliate links which can significantly 
help you boost your affiliate revenue now   the next one i want to talk about is add sanity 
let's go over and look at add sanity real quick   okay add sanity is the best i mean really the 
best wordpress management plugin tool there   is and it's a must-have for every affiliate 
marketer's toolbox what it's going to do is   it'll allow you to create banners okay from your 
wordpress website and manage them from a single   dashboard now that's pretty cool add sanity also 
makes it easy to insert ads into your wordpress   post pages you know sidebar widgets any of that 
you can use it to manage your third-party ads like   google adsense and ads and banners as well for 
detailed instructions all you got to do is go to   add sanity and you can read all about it so when i 
got started i didn't know anything about affiliate   marketing i had no clue didn't know anything 
about it nowadays i look back and i say my gosh   i wish i had started sooner so if you're watching 
this video now you need to start now because what   happens with affiliate marketing is it builds 
your audience is going to build it's going to   get bigger as long as you work okay your audience 
is going to get bigger and the bigger the audience   is the more they're going to be exposed to your 
affiliate links which means the more things they   can buy and the more money you're going to make in 
addition to that you know i have products that i   sell that i have affiliates for now so that's 
worked out well for me i've joined different   affiliate networks like share sale and clickbank 
and all those things and when you start piling all   these things on after time they start to build up 
and they start to make you more and more and more   money having affiliate links for a few products 
is great but you know they're by themselves they   aren't going to make you much money but imagine if 
you had 50 of them or 100 or a thousand affiliate   links out there that that that income could 
generate so much money for you on a monthly basis   that you wouldn't have to worry about anything 
else your actual business would just be gravy on   top of your affiliate money i see some people 
that make thousands and thousands of dollars   a month just off affiliate links and that's aside 
from their business and the other thing this does   having these affiliate links is it smooths out 
your income you know you know selling online is   kind of an up and down thing we have a survival 
food company and depending on the time of year   depending on who's you know politically in office 
depending on what world events are going on   people are concerned about survival food and then 
they aren't and then they are and then they aren't   so that's something that can affect that 
business but having the affiliate money   kind of smooths out those up and downs 
in the survival food industry now i also   have you know spread out and i've gotten into 
teaching people how to make money online too   and that's added to my arsenal of things okay i 
can market other products to my customers because   i have another list for people who are looking 
to make money online so don't just pigeonhole   yourself into one area make sure there's other 
things out there that you can make money on   because there's always going to be affiliate links 
out there you can always sell something through   an affiliate network you know by doing so you're 
just going to have so much extra money coming in   now i hope this has helped you out i hope you 
understand some of this if you don't if it's a   little above your head you still have questions 
put it in the comments section below have you   done affiliate marketing before and what was your 
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