hey what's going on everyone this is jono here 
from jonah hyphen armstrong.com and in today's   video i'm going to be reviewing john christani's 
super affiliate system now i sent you an email   yesterday and the day before talking to you 
about this and i told you that i've asked   john and john's agreed to get on a live call with 
you guys to explain more about what this does now   there's a link down below in the description of 
this video where you can go and register for that   call so i'll let you do that in your own time but 
please uh be aware that the the seats are limited   okay john only has a maximum of 500 seats on this 
call i've just sent this video out to my email   list of 20 000 people so as you can imagine these 
seats are going to fill up very very quickly now   what is the super affiliate system that john 
christina is going to be selling to you on   the call well it's this i'm in the members 
area of um super affiliate system right now   it's a very robust course that comes with a ton of 
extra things that is going to help you to create a   wildly profitable online business and when i talk 
about a widely profit profitable online business   i actually own a wildly profitable online business 
it allows me to travel the world in style whenever   i like i can show you inside of my warrior plus my 
jvzoo account so you can see that i'm not talking   about my bottom this is my warrior plus account 
you can see yesterday this is what i earned today   the clocks have recently reset so there's hardly 
anything in there but as you can see over the past   one two three four five days uh as an affiliate 
i've earned over four thousand six hundred dollars   and as a merchant i've earned over 11 000 this 
is all pure profit okay my jvzoo account as well   you can see today's not so good yesterday was over 
two thousand dollars if i go into my stats for the   past 30 days for both of these okay so last okay 
up to this let's just go last month okay on jvzoo   and on warrior plus i'm gonna go 
to the last 30 days you can see   how much you can earn with an online business 
like this okay so the past 30 days on warrior plus   as an affiliate this is selling other people's 
products i've earned 27 000 on jvzoo again selling   other people's products eleven thousand nine 
hundred dollars and that's from selling other   people's products so that's what i'm gonna deal 
with right now i sell my own products as well   and that adds to my income so my income alone 
over the past 30 days has been around 30 000 from   selling other people's products from selling my 
own uh products you can see okay the past 30 days 68 200 okay so that combined with my affiliate 
earnings is well over a hundred thousand dollars   that's the potential that you can get from having 
your own online business that you can basically   pack up into your laptop take with you wherever 
you want to work in the world as long as you have   an internet connection that's the beauty of a 
business like this now john christani's business   super affiliate system mainly focuses on clickbank 
related products if you don't know what clickbank   is it's a huge bank or a huge library of digital 
products in various different niches pretty much   every niche you can imagine under the sun now 
warrior plus and jvzoo like the stats that i just   showed you this focuses on biz op nice neat on 
the biz op niche okay the make money online niche   it focuses on software and info products that 
help people to make money online but clickbank   focuses on other products as well in a range of 
different niches from health and fitness biz ops   it also has make money online stuff in there as 
well finances crypto pet training you name it   food anything you can think of they have products 
inside a clickbank and that's what makes this   really good another reason why it's good to 
promote clickbank is you don't need to apply   for your affiliate link like you do inside 
of warrior plus and jvzoo you have to apply   to be able to promote and especially if you're a 
newbie you can face a brick wall with that because   vendors won't always approve your links right 
with clickbank you get automatically approved   for whatever you want so it's very easy another 
good thing about clickbank is you can directly   withdraw to your bank account okay you don't 
have to have a paypal account to do this   it's open to most countries in the world and 
you can withdraw this directly to your local   bank account which is really cool okay so what is 
inside the cost what are you getting for the money   now this is going to be costing around 997 so is 
quite an expensive course but the cost that that   i went through when i bought a high ticket product 
when i got started online the cost that i bought   was two thousand dollars so this is half the price 
of the course that i bought which strictly showed   me how to make money on warrior plus and jvzoo 
this shows you warrior plus jvzoo and clickbank   okay now the good thing about this is apart 
from all the training which i'll show you now and i'm not going to go into too much detail 
on the training because it's going to reveal   too many secrets okay but basically this is set up 
on a weekly basis so week one week two week three   week what we five weeks six this breaks it down 
into weekly chunks so it's a bit like going to   kind of a mini university course where you 
learn all this stuff by week and you have little   tasks to do each week as well you have goals to 
achieve so it's very very robust you can see okay   each of these modules on the left if you if you 
click on them they're going to expand and they're   going to have different video sorry they're 
going to have different videos inside of here so   welcome to super affiliate system how the course 
works what's in the course why affiliate marketing   the super affiliate dashboard the community badges 
and why they matter the secret to success setting   a goal and then it gets into the system set up 
so what what you're going to need joining an   affiliate network setting up a website and inside 
of each of these modules there are different   videos showing you each step of the way so one 
thing that the super affiliate system focuses on   is paid advertising now this is great because 
it means that you don't really need to have   an email list whereas in warrior plus 
and jvzoo the big focus is on building an   email list to be able to promote with the super 
affiliate system they are showing you how to use   paid advertising so they're showing you how 
to use google ads they're showing you how   to use youtube ads they're showing you how to use 
facebook ads and inside of the resources over here   you also get access to the targeting data now 
i'm not going to show you the targeting data   for obvious reasons but they're going to show 
you exactly which um which people to target for   these ads which communities to target if it's on 
facebook which exact pages to target with these   ads they're going to give you all of sorry they're 
going to give you all of the ads that you need to   use they've done everything for you they're going 
to give you all the landing pages that you need   they give you all the affiliate networks they give 
you the advertising networks to use all the legal   resources everything basically that you need they 
even give you all of the video ads that you can   use now john christani apart from creating this 
really robust training course he's also giving   he's also got a big youtube channel as you can 
see here he's got over 80 000 86 000 subscribers   um his videos are all very very professional and 
well made and you can use a lot of these videos   for your own video ads so all you're doing is 
you're taking these videos you're using them as   ads you're placing them in front of people's 
eyes that are going to be interested in this   and then you pay per click okay now using the 
targeting that john's giving you inside of sas   he's got the clicks down to around 10 cents per 
click now he's got a very unique selling system   as well where he once those people go through 
from the ad which costs you around 10 cents   they go through to a landing page and they 
go and watch a webinar and then the webinar   sells them onto this high ticket product this 
is one of the ways you can make money with this   is by selling the product itself now once it 
sells then you get a 50 commission of 997 and   it's very very easy to do because you're paying 10 
cents okay maybe that person might not buy maybe   you have to get a hundred people on there now if 
it's 10 cents a click 100 people is gonna cost you   ten dollars right ten dollars to get a sale 
of what is it 997 divided by two it's about   400 and 420 something dollars okay that's a 
lot of money for a 10 that you've spent on   these ads so that's what makes this really cool 
that's the thing that i most like about about   uh super affiliate system is it gives you all the 
targeting data it gives you all the ads it shows   you how to set these ads up okay um it also has 
weekly coaching calls so you can jump on these   calls you can ask john any questions that you want 
during these coaching calls and their weekly calls   so if you if you're stuck with anything you can 
always go over to support at any time and ask   them if you get stuck with something and then you 
can discuss stuff on the call with john in person   every single week okay there's also a community 
here and i'm not going to click it because it's   going to take through to a facebook page and 
you can't join that unless you're a member of   the super affiliate system but they do 
have a a good community on facebook there   and the the course itself is so so robust 
you've got all of these modules in here   in fact it's going to be pretty hard not to 
succeed with this and once you do succeed   you know you can work from anywhere in the 
world and that's what really got me interested   in affiliate marketing myself because i wanted to 
be able to travel i love traveling okay i wanted   to be able to travel take my laptop with me do 
a couple of hours of work maximum per day and   then enjoy myself for the rest of the time okay 
now it's got to this stage you know originally i   wanted to be able to make 200 a day consistently 
online that was my milestone that was my goal   dollars i could save a hundred dollars 
i could spend on travel accommodation   flights food whatever now as you've seen 
you know the past couple of days i've i've   today alone when i woke up okay i i'd earned 
over four thousand five hundred dollars   yesterday and ten thousand dollars the day before 
was around six thousand dollars you know it's just   way way surpassed my original earning milestones 
it's just crazy money and i'm able to use that   money to invest in land property you know travel 
in business class stay in five star results it's   it's really good i i can buy my parents stuff 
that they could never afford i could buy my   wife's stuff that she's always wanted you know 
it's it's life-changing stuff and this course   can really help you to achieve that right now 
it's not easy okay it's not easy you might find   courses out there that are going to tell you oh 
yeah this is really easy you can get set up in   10 minutes you can start in the next 24 hours 
it's not the case okay this is a business right   you need to treat it like an online business you 
need to take this seriously this is not just like   a hobby you're doing something on the site to 
earn a few extra bucks this is a serious online   business the more time and effort you put into 
this the more money you can make okay so it's   not easy in fact it's quite difficult but having 
a course like this having a robust course which   breaks it down into step-by-step modules that you 
can follow through with um whenever you have time   this really helps i know right because i know when 
i first got started online i was pretty blind okay   i wanted to try and do everything for free i 
was going to youtube i was trying to look up   different things you know today i'd i'd get caught 
up with ecom tomorrow i'd be looking at amazon fba   the next day i'll be looking at drop shipping the 
next day be looking at affiliate marketing the   next day i'll be looking at crypto there's so many 
opportunities out there right most of them work   okay but you need to find something where you have 
that roadmap that you can follow because unless   you have it you're going to be stumbling around 
in the dark trying to figure out how to do this   right if you have a roadmap map like this then it 
makes it so much more it makes it so much easier   yes it's it's 997 dollars yes that's a lot of 
money but yes it's a hundred percent worth saving   your money to buy something like this because once 
you've bought something like this and you set it   up and you start generating money and you put 
more time into it and you build up this business   then you have yours you built yourself an asset 
that is with you for life you know the internet is   where things are happening right now it's not like 
a brick and mortar business where you there could   be a depression you know in a year's time and you 
could lose everything this is something that's   it's just in its infancy everybody's online right 
now everybody's on youtube you know more and more   people are joining this online community every 
single day people are shopping online people are   learning online it's a great time to get involved 
with this and once you've learned this you know   you have that asset that you can take with you for 
the rest of your life and you can generate money   without leaving your house you can generate 
money while you're on holiday you know it's   a great asset to learn it's such a good skill 
you know they should teach this stuff in school   they really should but they don't okay but 
uh but you can learn it right here anyway   that is what you're going to be getting inside 
of this now as a bonus if you buy this on the   call or if you buy this find my link okay 
i'm going to leave this video up on youtube   even after this this live webinar has been done 
which i've arranged personally with john christani   uh the live webinar is gonna happen on the 10th 
of june 2019 okay and it's going to be at 7 pm   eastern standard time so there's a link down 
below and if you click that link you can go and   register for this live call live call that john's 
gonna be doing on tuesday on the 10th of june um   or is it monday sorry it's monday the 10th of 
june 7pm eastern standard time there will be a   replay of this the following day at around 
12 noon on the 11th um and then after that   once the webinar is done the link down below 
okay that's going to take you to an auto webinar   okay an automated webinar an evergreen webinar 
that you can go and watch anytime you like and   if you side of super affiliate system when 
you go to learn about doing where is it   when you go to learn about doing youtube ads 
okay or google ads you're going to be able to do   okay in here uh where is it youtube ads there's 
there's stuff about remarketing inside of here   okay there's remarketing adwords conversion pixels 
okay this is this is what i'm i'm talking to you   about here you get to use that data to send 
to these ads okay for super affiliate system   so you're gonna get a head start again against 
anybody else that has bought super affiliate   system because you're you're not gonna start from 
zero you're gonna start with an audience of tens   of thousands of people that you can send these ads 
to you're not going to have to organically build   up that audience using the super affiliate system 
you're already going to have that audience to use   so that's going to be a massive massive head start 
for those of you that buy super affiliate system   via my link so that's it from me um okay make sure 
that you register as soon as you can like i said   john only has 500 seats available on this call and 
they're going to fill up very quickly because i'm   sending this video out to 20 000 people okay 
so that's it for me i hope you enjoyed this   super affiliate system review and i'll speak 
to you on the next one all the best take care bye   so you

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