seven marketing tips for small businesses 
to get immediate results hey guys if you're   a small business or even a big one you could 
use these two it's okay you can stick around   and you want to promote your business and you 
want to do some marketing i've got some tips   for you these are going to blow up your business 
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each and every time i go live or if i upload   a video marketing marketing marketing it's all 
about marketing and how many times have you heard   the saying if you build a better mousetrap the 
world will beat a path to your door it's not true   because if they don't know about your mouse trap 
nobody's coming there to buy it so you have to   do marketing in this video i'm going to walk 
you through all the steps that anybody can do   it'll make you a marketing master i promise 
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a cute puppy on the screen there you go that was   worth it wasn't it sure it was okay let's get into 
this number one promote promote promote and what   i mean by that is promote your content as much as 
you can put it on social media put it on twitter   put it on facebook put it on instagram talk about 
it in your other videos talk about it in your blog   send out emails on it promote promote promote 
that's what it all comes down to guys a lot of   people are scared to promote they say well i don't 
want to ask people to watch my videos it sounds   like i'm begging you are okay you are begging 
but it's okay because that's called promotion   all the good sales people have always done 
that is to promote things you got to get   over that embarrassment level it doesn't 
matter okay just go out there and promote   number two is use content repurposing what i 
mean by content repurposing i mean that piece of   content could be used many many different ways you 
could take a video and turn it into a written blog   post by just putting the text there that could be 
done you could take your video and make it into a   pdf download or your article into a pdf download 
with the steps on how to achieve something   you could do it as a guide you could do it as 
you could take the main bullet points of your   video and make that into a download 
also there's so many things you could   do you could send out an email and notify the 
people about that content to solve some problem   make sure you repurpose it there's so 
many ways you can take your content   and make something else out of it number 
three publish your content optimize for google   discover if you don't know what google discover 
is you need to okay this is super important let   me put a couple images up on the screen here 
so you can kind of see what it looks like   these are posts from google discovers and you can 
see it has a conversation button below it there   optimizing content for google discover primarily 
comes down to publishing about trending topics   things that are popular things that people are 
talking about but there are a few things that you   have to do you have to have a mobile friendly 
website in addition to that you've got to use   unique high quality images and you have to align 
your content and meta tags so that they all match   up you also want to work on your eat what is your 
eat your eat is your expertise authoritativeness   and your trustworthiness okay you need to work 
on those things to really get good results   with google discover let's look at number four 
number four is optimize for featured snippets   to get into that rank number one let's talk 
about these featured snippets real quick featured   snippets basically are things that are going 
to be at the top of the google search results   and they normally answer a question that people 
are searching for on google let's take a look at   a screenshot real quick okay on this one here we 
searched how to do seo and you see have all these   images here and it says to achieve this remember 
to follow the five steps of good basic seo so   they put that question on their site and 
then they answered it and as you can see   it brought back all of these results right here 
and this was at the top of google search results   the great thing about them is that they provide 
a shortcut to the top position and you can rank   for position number seven for a keyword one 
day and jump to position number one and google   decides that your content is suitable for that so 
it's not that hard to do number five monitor and   answer haro request harrow help a reporter out 
you need to check out this site so you want to   go to the website okay and once 
you get there you want to sign up you want to say   that you want to be the person that's going to 
answer questions now what's going to happen is   you're going to pick different categories 
that you'd like to answer questions on   throughout the day in the morning afternoon and 
night you're going to get questions that were   posted on haro now haro help a reporter out is 
reporters that are writing articles doing stories   and you could be in that story and have a link 
back to your site or your videos or your youtube   channel just by answering these requests this is 
a free service guys all you have to do is sign up   for it you're going to get several emails during 
the day and all you have to do is answer them now   i will tell you you want to be concise okay you 
want to do concise answers usually under you know   three to 500 words is the answer you want to give 
because a lot of these reporters will just take   what you provided them and they'll put it in the 
article they're kind of lazy sometimes like that   and they don't want to have to rewrite it so 
make sure you write it well use grammarly to   spell check it and all that good stuff so it's 
well written now don't answer any questions don't   answer any requests that you don't have expertise 
in because they're going to be totally ignored and   you're wasting your time make sure you have the 
expertise and make sure you give a great answer   number six do guest posts on relevant sites now 
what is a relevant site well we sell survival   food so if i did any guest posting i could do it 
on survival sites i could do it on preparedness   sites i could do it on emergency sites any 
of those things would match up and they could   also bring traffic back to my site once they see 
who the publisher was three main things it does   is it gives you credibility it builds traffic and 
it gives you keyword ranking so by doing just some   guest posts on some other sites you can get more 
traffic number seven create an affiliate program   affiliate programs are great i have an affiliate 
program i have retailers and i have affiliate   programs but you can list your products on varying 
different sites everything from share a sale to   clickbank commission junction there's so many of 
them out there you can search them and by doing   that what you do is you take your product and you 
open up the market so say somebody has a list of   survivalists and they want to sell our survival 
food they can send an email out to their list and   get paid for selling our products and they 
don't have to package them or ship them or   do any of that stuff we will actually drop ship 
all the products and then pay them a commission   this is something you can do for your business 
too and it doesn't matter if you're a service   business or a product business if somebody sends 
you business you just pay them a commission   now some final thoughts marketing really surrounds 
several different things it's product it's price   it's place and its promotion the four ps this has 
been around for a while so you want to make sure   you have a good product okay i don't know how 
many times i have people come to me and they go   i really want to sell this product but it's not 
very good but i want to make some money on it   step one get a good product okay there's a lot 
of good products out there if you don't have your   own products you could become an affiliate for 
somebody else but you gotta have good product step   two price price is very important that doesn't 
mean that you have to be the cheapest person   on the internet it doesn't mean that at all our 
products aren't the cheapest on the market however   they are some of the best products on the market 
so we make up for having a little bit higher price   with having a better product next thing is place 
where are you going to show your products what   social platforms are you going to use a youtube 
channel are you going to use facebook are you   going to send out emails how are you going to go 
about that and then the last part is promotion   promotion is something you don't just do once that 
would be like i'm going to eat dinner once and for   all you can't do it okay promotion is an ongoing 
thing this is something you need to do constantly   you need to constantly come out with content you 
need to constantly run ads you need to constantly   tell people about your business promotion never 
ends it never ends i mean what car company do   you know of that quit advertising that's still 
doing well probably none of them well wait there   is tesla that's the only one i can think of but 
tesla's been able to pull it off but they do a   lot of promotion they just don't run ads okay they 
do a lot of promotions and there's a lot of people   that love their stuff and they talk about it 
and they have videos on it so actually yeah they   do promotion too you can't get out of promotion 
you can't do it very important i hope this video   helped you out i hope you see that even if you're 
a small business or maybe you're a big business   and you aren't doing some of these things you can 
really get ahead real quick if you just put some   action into it some effort into it don't put it 
off i see too many people putting it off they   say it's too big to do there's too much to do then 
do part of it and then once you get that part done   do another part and another part and another part 
it will all build that's how my business got here   i started selling trinkets basically on ebay and 
it grew into a survival food manufacturing company   that's crazy right and then it grew into courses 
where i teach people how to make money online   of which i have some of those courses below if 
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