why Kartra the number one digital
marketing platform part 1 look do you want a platform that does everything I
mean everything you don't have to buy a bunch of different software then you've
come to the right place because I'm gonna tell you about Kartra this is a
two-part series and when you watch both of these videos you're gonna figure out
that you're probably overpaying at one of these other providers you probably
have too many different pieces of software you're paying for and Kartra
can do all of them for you and we're starting right now
hey I'm J.R.

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really your channel I'm here to share with you those things those things you
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guess what I'm gonna do I'm gonna give it to you yeah I'm gonna give you the
videos you want so that you can move yourself forward so you can start run
and grow your online businesses so let me talk about Clark connect Kartra gets
me excited it gets me excited because I guess about two or three years ago I had
all these software programs I was paying Infusionsoft and I was paying leadpages
and I was paying clickfunnels and I was paying there's so many of their eight of
them and I switched to Kartra and now I have one just one and you know what it's
cheaper and it does more for me that all of those other things put together and
that's what this video series this one in the next one is about there's two of
these so don't forget you're gonna want to watch number two and yeah so let's
check it out you know it seems like if you want to
sell a product online there's a lot of tech stuff you got to hook together I'm
not a real techy person I like it all in one place and that's what I like about
Kartra's I can login to one place and all my stuff is there it's like you know
when I got started it was like you had to have a website
Hosting you had to have a way to collect emails and you had to have sales page
and you had to have checkout pages and you had to have email providers oh my
god there were just so many things you had to do but guess what Kartra does
it all here's the scary thing about all that is that if you had all those other
programs which I did you pay an arm and a leg for all these things it's
expensive now if you want to see a video on how Kartra works a lot more
detail than what I'm gonna do here but it really goes through all the
components go down in the description you're gonna find a link there for
Kartra doesn't cost you anything don't have to opt-in you don't need a
credit card go watch that video it'll blow your mind I mean blow your mind I
promise it will and if you want Kartra you can get it for a trial for one
dollar one dollar use my link it's my affiliate link yeah no but you know what
it's gonna save you time and money you gotta check it out so if you want to do
that go ahead and do that if not let's stick with me on this video let's go
through this now what is culture first off Kartra is an all-inclusive online
marketing platform that was founded in 2018 by Genesis digital now Genesis
digital is the same company that came out with ever webinar and webinar jam
which was Michael sane and Andy Jenkins now Andy Jenkins has since passed away
and his wife Sarah runs Kartra but she is doing a great job and they're amazing
it's like every week I get more stuff that they're putting into the program
but they don't charge me for matter of fact I got an email the other week and
it says hey you know you know all email platforms will charge you if you send
too many emails you have different plateaus and all that and then if you
use too much data they're gonna charge you kiss that's what they did they sent
me an email they said we're not going to charge you anymore but you now have
unlimited emails yeah hang on to that for a second unlimited no matter what
your plan is you also have unlimited data and since I
host my videos inside Kartra it cost me zero I don't need whiskey I
don't need any of these hosting programs I can put them in Kartra and I'll get
into more detail later about that and look at the analytics right there in Kartra
how valuable is that guess what they charge for that nothing they just
gave it to us now there's been a lot of programs come and go over the years and
there's still some good ones out there but there is no program that does
everything Kartra does I used to have click funnels and Infusionsoft which
cost thousands of dollars a month for that
because of the size of my list and now I pay a fraction of it now it's Kartra
for everyone I hate to say no but it's not if you're not serious about really
building and growing your business you can get by with some free little email
program you're never gonna grow much you're never gonna really get anywhere
and I think a lot of people say well gee I don't have to pay for something like
Kartra until I need it the problem with that is you'll build out a whole
bunch of stuff in other places and then you got to move it and that's that's
what happened to us I mean it took us I think six months to move everything over
to Kartra so it's better to start with a platform that you can stick with but I
tell you who it is for its for the serious digital marketer who wants to
grow their business who says I'm not gonna toy around with this I'm gonna I'm
gonna make it online I'm gonna do well online I'm gonna grow my business now I
don't want to duct tape together a bunch of different pieces of software now
let's take a look on the inside first off the onboarding process is great with
Kartra they let you know exactly where you are and where you need to go
right after I signed up I received four emails on the Orang boarding process so
they're obviously using their own product to market to you and to help you
when first signing into my account I was greeted with a welcome video that
explains some of the features of Kartra as well as the initial steps I
should take now you don't have to follow my exact list of things to do but it's a
good guideline the first thing you can look at is the page building you could
hardly have an online business without a website to boot okay that's where
Kartra page builder comes in the best now here's an example of the page
builder right here but it isn't your usual blank canvas builder Kartra
provides pre-made templates for virtually any use case you can imagine
from traditional home page to blog feed to long-form sales pages to classic
squeeze pages and you can also take the code if you've got a wordpress site and
embed it on your site so you can have them on your site if you want here's
another example of a template here the templates are surprisingly good across
the board including both old school but not ugly and modern layouts you know
I've always been critical about these page builders but I got to tell you
almost every page builder Under the Sun I didn't like and then I became a critic
of all these page builders but not the ones in Kartra
I was just totally blown away by him yeah you can also incorporate other
elements in those pages in those templates and change them very easily
now the cool thing is you can put a component in there and you can easily
drag and drop a video you can drag and drop text you can drag and drop a button
anything you want on the page it's all there for you then the part I really
like is Kartra video this is the only digital marketing site in the world
where you can have all these components and host your videos there and the
important thing is if you host your videos there you gotta analytics you
know where they're watching where they're dropping off based on their
activity you can send them emails it's just you can do so many things with it
if you want pop ups here you go pop ups are there and it's really simple it's as
simple as clicking a button literally you just click the button and you got a
pop up you can have all the page builders in the world but if you can't
put your products there you're screwed but on Kartra you have to worry about
you got products you got Kartra you can use that same product on multiple pages
you can't do that in click funnel so you have to build it for each page but here
in Kartra once you put that product in there you can also put different
price points and decide what price points you want to pop up so you don't
have to worry about making all these extra products like a lot of the other
programs require you to do now in Contra you gotta have two different kinds of
products you can take a product that is a main sell product and you can also
take that same product and make an upsell product so you can use it in two
different ways you're gonna come to a page that looks like this and you just
choose between main product or upsell or download products then what Kartra is
gonna do is it going to take you through the process you're gonna click through
the screens and put all the parameters of the product on there here's an
example of that screen right here then you're gonna check your payment gateways
the product pricing trial instructions such as $1.00 for the first seven days a
product checkout and thank you page design cart abandonment rulesKartra
offers you can add X for $5 that type of thing a cart templates and style hosted
overlay embedded and a bunch more guys I mean it really is amazing in there what
you can do you can also change your checkout page look and feel as you can
see right here many of these features are also stackable meaning that you can
create pretty complex offers without feeling
held back by tech you don't need the tech guys anymore you could do it
yourself and for anyone who sells digital courses like myself you'll be
able to seamlessly integrate Kartra with membership modules so the whole
thing just works like clockwork I don't have to worry about it so far the
shopping cart I got tell you has been nothing short of impressive especially
when you consider that it's part of a much larger full scale software program
but it gets even better when you throw in the affiliate portal that's right
you've got an affiliate portal for each product you create you can enable this
portal to give your customers a chance to become your best promoters so other
people can promote your products in there so it grabs that like from
Clickbank and now you've got all these affiliates that can sell your products
too here's an example of the affiliate page here affiliates are then given
custom share URLs with their tracking code embedded and allow you to offer
either a percentage or a fixed rate for the sale so you can adjust that you're
even able to see information on your affiliates the number of referrals and
the payout history right from your dashboard and the payout is done
automatically in the next video I'm gonna show you the best parts which I
think are the analytics the special pricing and of course my final thoughts
on Kartra I really appreciate you watching this video here I really do
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