welcome to my Channel today I will show you 
ways to earn passive income with chat GPT and   mid Journey do you want to give up your day job 
and start a business that is actually passive   income well you're not alone many people want 
to be their own boss and have the freedom that   comes with it in this video I will share with 
you what chat GPT and mid-journey AI can do to   generate passive income online you will also 
see how to make money with this software and   get started right away let's start first of all 
I will show you the ways to make passive income   with chat GPT you can use chat GPT to make passive 
income by investing in the company's GPT platform   the company has many sites and new sites are 
built weekly the sites add to your profits   each month through advertising programs affiliate 
marketing partner with companies that offer chat   GPT related products or services and promote 
them to your audience when someone makes a   purchase through your unique affiliate link you 
are in a commission this is a simple and passive   way to earn income is you don't have to create 
any products or provide any Services yourself   this method requires a minimal amount of effort 
and investment and you can start right away by   promoting the products and services you 
believe in Additionally you can leverage   your existing online presence such as a blog or 
social media channels to reach a wider audience   and earn more from affiliate marketing dot two 
how to use chat GPT to write blog posts in boost   blogging has become an increasingly popular way 
for individuals and businesses to share their   ideas opinions and experiences online Dot but 
creating high quality engaging blog posts can   be time consuming and challenging especially 
if you're juggling multiple responsibilities   this is where chat GPT comes in chat GPT is 
an advanced AI language model developed by   openai that can assist with a wide range 
of tasks including writing blog posts   with its Advanced language generation capabilities 
chat GPT can help you generate blog post ideas   write outlines and even complete entire blog 
posts for you here are some tips for using   chat GPT to write blog posts start by outlining 
your blog post use Chad gpd's prompts to write   a rough outline of your blog post including 
the introduction main points and conclusion   by using chat GPT to write blog posts you can save 
time and effort and focus on other important tasks   additionally by using chat GPT to generate high 
quality engaging blog content you can boost your   online presence and reach a wider audience whether 
you're a blogger business owner or marketer using   chat GPT to write blog posts can help you achieve 
your goals and succeed online dot let's go to the   ways of how to get passive income with mid-journey 
what is mid-journey question mark mid-journey is   an independent research lab that produces an 
artificial intelligence program under the same   name that creates images from textual descriptions 
similar to open ai's doll e and stable diffusion   it is speculated that the underlying technology is 
based on stable diffusion the tool is currently in   open Beta which it entered on July 12 2022 
the mid Journey team is led by David holes   who co-founded what is the order of use 
mid-journey is currently only accessible   through a Discord bot on their official Discord by 
direct messaging the bot or by inviting the bot to   a third-party server to generate images users use 
the Imagine command and type in a prompt the bot   then returns an image mid-journey is also working 
on a web interface three ways to earn money from   AI generated I will go through three ways that 
you could earn money from AI generated artworks   created using mid-journey and stable diffusion 
one create and sell AI generated graphic elements   the most common is to sell them online through 
a stock image website or an online Marketplace   for example creative Market is a great Marketplace 
for selling photos and Graphics another one is   Etsy which is an e-commerce website for selling 
various products including photos and paintings other stock image websites for selling your 
artwork or adobe stock Shutterstock and   istock photo finally you can also create your own 
website and sell your graphics through it create   AI generated art for print on demand another way 
to make money from your AI generated Graphics is   to create print-on-demand products this means 
that you create a design and then upload it to   a website like Zazzle Teespring printify Redbubble 
or Cafe Press create and sell nft collection   the next option for things that you can 
do with AI generated art is you can create   a collection of nfts nfts are digital 
assets that are stored on a blockchain   they can represent anything from a piece of 
digital art to a virtual world you can earn   money from nfts by buying selling or creating them 
if you want to create nfts you can do so by using   a blockchain platform like ethereum you will need 
to create a smart contract to store your nft on   the blockchain it's possible to create a wonderful 
collection of iterative nfts with AI Technologies   today I showed you how to generate passive 
income with chat GPT and mid-journey if   you like the video you can subscribe 
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