hi guys cinema back with you i'm the creator of 
the freedom breaks to boot camp people started   asking me about the funnel uh what's inside 
the concept how they can get paid how they can   join affiliate programs so this is my freedom 
breakthrough bootcamp review so let's dive in   okay guys um good day from ukraine uh i 
decided to renew my monday sessions monday   facebook lives for passive income blueprint group 
i will be actually sharing my experience with you   what i'm doing how much i'm making and of course 
we will start and we'll usually start from the   freedom breaks through boot camp because with the 
freedom breakthrough boot camp just during the   last four weeks i made already more than eleven 
thousand dollars okay so i also posted here the   review of the freedom breakthrough boot camp so 
you will you know take a look and watch it later   okay the idea is very simple you just say seven 
bucks to join and you get access to your personal   money making machine and i'm actually not kidding 
because the results you make is like this so when   i started working on the freedom breakthrough 
boot camp i actually didn't know where i   will finish i mean the idea was to simply make 
money okay to create a personal training course   but when i started working on it i decided to 
create something bigger than just the training   okay for now the main idea with um freedom 
breakthrough boot camp when you join it it's   uh simply you get access to the really cool 
funnel and when you promote this funnel you   start generating sales like this so the average 
check where we have now is more than 60 bucks   in profit from one buyer who's really who's 
serious so as you can see we usually have 737   let's come back 7 27 57 37 okay so the regular 
check is 7 27 37 57 this is what i see all the   time now the big check usually is 7 37 57 97 4.99 
so this is 700 bucks made by me from just one   buyer one buyer and this is why uh at the boot 
camp is actually the real really powerful tool   which you can use to build your list okay and 
grow your list because guys to be honest with   you the only business you have online is your 
own your own list is when you build your own list   because you can promote many programs there are 
many different programs some of them good some of   them bad but when you have your own list it's just 
the numbers okay it's just the numbers if you have   and by the way let me share with this let me 
share this with you so when you join freedom   breaks through boot camp you have access to this 
training area and everything is explained here   and day two set up your business and i ask 
you to watch these videos and one of them is   the money is in the list we will talk about 
this slightly later today but i i i want to   share this with you from just thousand subscribers 
you can make from 500 to thousand bucks per month   okay if you're if you're just a beginner you will 
probably make less but with the [ __ ] of time   you'll be making even more from 3 000 subscribers 
realistically you can make from 1500 to 3000   bucks per month and from 5000 subscribers actually 
with 10k subscribers you are already free you are   financially free if you have 10k plus subscribers 
but what they don't tell you is that to build   at least a thousand subscribers you will 
need to spend three thousand dollars at least   and this is not easy okay 
this is this is just not easy   so what i decided to do when you have 
access to the freedom breakthrough funnel   freedom breaks the bootcamp funnel which 
actually starts from the sales page okay we simply invite people to join and again it's 
just seven bucks okay but my main idea is this   so let's say we have six people who joined 
for seven bucks and only one who paid you   seven 37 57 this is already enough to buy 
new traffic okay what if from these six guys   okay who joined for seven bucks only one will 
pay like this like this guy see 737 57 97 499   this is almost the whole funnel and the game 
it's 700 bucks in one day see my may 12 700   bucks made in one day but there is even more 
from this 700 bucks 4.99 is recurring every   month 97 is recurring every month and i may and 
i guarantee that the guy will buy traffic as well   which makes me another money okay so again the 
idea is very simple we invite people to join the   freedom breaks the boot camp for seven bucks and 
again these are all real starts it's not it's not   it's not that just pictures it's 
my screenshots it's the screenshots   okay so yes of course we we all want this yes of 
course but guys you need to invest a lot of money   to build your business and again let me remind 
you the only business you have online is your list   because to build something like this to create 
freedom breaks for boot camp for example   i already spent more than 6 months and more 
than 20 000 of dollars so how cool is that   okay so now guys and by the way somebody's 
asking how is the word so guys how cool   is this if i'm making more than 10k per month 
sitting in the middle of the world in the cave   and see the explosions from my window from time 
to time okay so guys this is amazing business   with what we have okay here we say with an eggman 
and linish and with affiliate marketing it's just   you need to know how to use it okay so now again 
coming back to the freedom breaks the boot camp   training area so again just watch this video 
the money is in the list because this is true   this is true now let me share with you some some 
bigger idea a year for you today so let's say uh   if you if you if you were like me okay if you're 
like me you would do the same okay so take a look   i send traffic to my bootcamp funnel every week 
okay i call this fast income funnel your bootcamp   affiliate funnel is fast income funnel why 
because you're making your money back really fast   take a look the numbers are the same they are 
not lying numbers don't lie so see it's 777 97   499 7 7 37 7 7 37 57 97 499 37 57 27 and and and 
again and again and again so this is working and   this is why i call this fast uh bootcamp uh fast 
money fast income funnel okay the next scene   i have a 30-day follow-up sequence of letters 
actually not 30-day maximum probably 10 i have and   the idea is that i don't need to promote freedom 
breaks to boot camp all the time no need to do   it i promote different offers like every day 
from the different launches from the warrior   plus and everything but guys you need to realize 
one thing this will start paying you uh after you   already built the list okay after you know uh how 
to warm your list how to keep your list warm but   the way there is no secret how to keep your list 
warm it's very easy you just need to send them   at least one message per day but eventually you'll 
be sending like me two three sometimes even four   messages to your list per day why because if you 
don't do it somebody else will do it and you will   he will make your money okay from the same 
person because as you know the majority of   those people who joined your list they are 
also doing different other people lists okay   and top guys top vendors top top affiliates 
they are sending a lot of emails per day   i know the guy who makes more than 500 
thousands of dollars from his list per year   and he's sending four plus emails to his list 
every single day because he knows his numbers okay   now so we call this uh for this monetization 
we use the launch checking strategy so we   use logic and strategy to monetize our 
list again there is a special training   inside here inside the training area it's when you 
join pro or simply buy uh email marketing secrets   uh it's 37 bucks there is a lot of videos about 
list building and list monetization here inside   again guys my main idea i want this program to be 
the best in the world i want this to be the best   in the world and it will be because i'm not going 
to sell you any [ __ ] okay i just show what i do   to make the money what i do daily okay by the 
way let's talk about daily so guys you need to   understand one simple thing to make money 
daily you just need to do something daily   to make sales every day you need to do your income 
producing activity every day so this is why i   created this daily income producing activity plan 
and it's very easy actually so daily action number   one add new friends on facebook and daily action 
number two follow up with your new friends okay   now don't i don't want you to spam those people 
no i just want you to send them friendly messages   okay just inviting them to become your friends 
because guys this is this is how we actually   live on this planet we talk if you don't talk to 
people you you don't make sales yeah you can make   sales with uh solace as well with cold traffic 
but guys it's not about high ticket sales if you   want to make high ticket sales people need to see 
you who you are okay what you do and everything   so what i do and again and i don't need to do 
this already because i have almost 5 000 friends   already on facebook but if you're only starting 
okay you just need to build your friends list on   facebook and you also need to post your results 
or by the way it's not necessarily needed for   you to post your results you can post results 
of the program which you're promoting and you   can say okay take a look what our team members are 
doing so for example if you if you will go check   my facebook timeline this is what i do every day 
almost every day when i have time i simply post   my results to show what i do what i reached 
okay so for example today i just checked my   i just checked my uh mail and i saw this 
okay meaning that i already uploaded   500 plus videos to my youtube channel guys 
can you imagine you uploaded 500 500 500   videos to your youtube channel i have already 
almost 4 000 subscribers okay and i i noticed   also that every week i started receiving i started 
receiving um offers from different companies   telling me the gina we saw a couple of your videos 
and we would like to offer you a contract so you   would promote our stuff and actually i don't do 
it yet because i mean it's not my business but   one of them last couple of weeks ago one of the 
messages the guy offered me two thousand dollars   guys this is already not not bad as you asked me 
just just to just to add some couple of words to a   new video okay about this company meaning why i'm 
telling you this guys you need to be consistent   with what you're doing okay you just need to be 
consistent with what you're doing so for example   if if you if you want to grow your youtube channel 
okay and this is by the way a very good idea to   grow your youtube channel if you ask me so just 
okay just be consistent okay decide okay i will be   doing one video every week okay decide which day 
for example friday for or tuesday doesn't matter   but this day you need to put one video to your 
create one video and put it to your uh youtube   and if you be consistent if you will be consistent 
with this your youtube channel will give you free   traffic eventually this is not easy believe 
me when i started to me to create a new loan   review video it usually took me three to 
four hours to create one review video okay   now i can do it in 40 minutes but i mean i i 
made my way okay now also you need to understand   one thing if you are going to do something with 
youtube you also will need to invest money okay   so for to promote your videos okay because if 
you don't invest money to promote your video   by the way this is not this will not cost you 
a lot so for example to get thousand views you   will pay like seven bucks which is okay if you 
do it at least for one video every week okay   but this will allow you to grow your channel 
very fast and people will start asking you for   promotions of their stuff as well so this is 
coming coming coming back to free traffic to   youtube traffic okay now i have also here for 
promo from pro membership i have youtube traffic   mastery where i actually explain everything what 
i do on youtube okay again the idea is very simple   you don't need to know everything i know to make 
the money i made because you can choose you can   simply concentrate your attention uh concentrate 
yourself on one one of the activities okay and for   example we all have access to uh facebook okay if 
you're not from russia so in all other countries   you have access to facebook you can just use it to 
promote anything you want and again comments to to   how to how you do it guys this is very easy this 
is very easy and by the way here inside of the um   okay how to promote your affiliate link i show 
you no it's not here let me let me share this   with you in daily income producing activity 
plan yeah this is what you need to do daily   so guys you can do it manually and by the way you 
don't you don't even need to join facebook groups   to do this okay what you need to do just choose 
any guide from the from these are entry answers   these are so called implant influencers okay 
let's say kevin david so just click this link   okay go to his uh timeline and just check his post 
guys he has so many people who are following him   okay so you don't need to even join the group 
so for example if you have access to the   messenger pro premium okay you just just click one 
button and this is it now make sure your message   you're just sending the friend request 
okay and make sure your message is   is not it's not salesy okay don't be spamming 
i'll just show you how to do it but again the   idea is very simple you just create one message 
you click one button you just send the message   and this is how you get not only real friends 
who are in the same business as you okay   but you also get a real prospect 
okay which is actually really cool   because again my message is okay can i help you 
ask okay if you need let me know if you need   any help please uh let me know if you 
need any help with um sales or traffic   and everybody need help with sales of traffic 
so i know that this girl will reply me yes okay   okay from time to time if you do it like if you 
do it like all the time like for example you check   my facebook for details okay so i explain who i am 
what i do i offer her help and i say just check my   facebook profile for details and when she comes to 
my facebook profile immediately she will see this   freedom breaks her boot camp she will she will 
see my affiliate link okay and this is how you   build your list as well because this link 
leads to an open page okay which is cool   okay so this is coming to the idea if you 
want to make sales daily guys you just need to   just to to do sales daily to start selling 
daily okay again this is all explained here   now let's come back to this idea for the list 
building because this is very important to   see again this is about the real business how you 
build your real business if we start from sending   traffic every week then we finish with selling 
traffic every week nobody will tell you this   because i mean it's so obvious that you should 
understand this from the very beginning but again   my main idea was okay i'm building my list to 
finally start selling my traffic because as soon   as you have big enough lease when you know that 
you send one email or two and you get 50 or 100   clicks from your from these two or three emails 
this is how you can start selling your traffic   just go on udemy register as a vendor traffic 
lender and start selling your traffic 50 cents   per click 60 cents per click reinvest this profit 
into building bigger list promote with this list   any programs you want from high ticket to promote 
out of webinars promote the bootcamp create your   own doesn't matter when you have big enough 
list you you will be with money each and every   day because every time you send a mail if you 
have 100 clicks at least one two guys will buy   it's just not easy to have to create the list 
when you will be able to have 100 clicks from that   list but this is why we're talking about building 
your business business not the hobby the majority   of people who are doing this they just have an 
expensive hobby because from from uh from time to   time they like some idea okay they invest another 
thousand bucks into joining some program okay   they don't do anything okay and then they think 
okay i will wait for another idea then they they   invest in another thousand bucks or two or five 
again they don't do anything because it's hard   to become a marketer yeah so again for me it took 
four years and twenty uh no forty thousand dollars   until i start making at least thousand dollars 
per week four years 10 hours per day because like   everybody else i also saw that okay gina what if i 
will spend all my time to start making no this is   this is [ __ ] it's not working doesn't matter if 
you're spending all your time and all your money   if you don't know what you're doing buddy you you 
just need to become a marketer first and then you   will understand that you don't need to spend 
a lot of time you don't need to spend a lot of   money as well it's just it's just the way uh it 
works you just need to know what to do exactly   but to to know what to do exactly you need to be 
a marketer already okay but again the idea with   the final with the bootcamp was very easy and what 
it was very simple okay i i just give you the tool   so good the funnel is so good that you start 
making this kind of sales all the time all the   time you send traffic into the funnel since the 
numbers are the same because these are otos these   are one-time offers we start from seven bucks and 
then they simply buy this is it and some of them   recurring so we've built our list fast reinvesting 
our profit into buying more traffic to grow the   least because we know the numbers you need to 
have at least three five thousand people inside   of your list to start making money just sending 
emails to your list this is how it works and again   when your your list is big enough you just start 
selling traffic and this is money just from senior   because it's just they they pay you for for clicks 
but you already have the list you don't need to   buy these clicks you just send their email with 
it with their tracking link to your list you make   your money this is it okay uh okay guys so if you 
are in a position to wait please don't wait this   is the easiest simplest program to join okay just 
start from seven bucks just go to affiliate.com   okay and by the way just you you may go go and 
check my uh by the way there is a video here   there is a video here explaining how it all works 
previous video uh yeah this one seems this is a   big video my review of the freedom breaks the boot 
camp again just seven bucks to join and you are in   okay if you will have any questions please don't 
hesitate to get in touch with me just send me a   message or and we will have a quick chat or i will 
give you a link to schedule a zoom session with me   again we're i'm not looking for freebie seekers 
this will not be easy i mean this will be simple   but will not be easy because again there is no 
way how you can start making millions in one week   now you will need to spend years but i can show 
you a shortcut and you will be in my team as well   okay okay guys next uh facebook live i will try to 
do next next monday i want to uh actually i mean   i'm a i'm a lazy guy you know already but i 
will try to make facebook live every monday   for this group because i also have a facebook 
group for freedom brexit bootcamp buyers which   i i also run facebook lives for them 
every friday this is it i hope you like   the idea again if you have any questions don't 
hesitate to contact me and see you next monday you

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