Huuu hello and welcome to the countless
evening school. Once that junior SEO training is over, we won’t
even count those classes anymore, we’ll just tag on YouTube. Today we said to
do affiliate marketing. Good. Today's topic is affiliate marketing. So let's
see what affiliate marketing is. As always, our favorite I think this microphone squeaks a little, let
me fix it. I hope it's better now. A window to adjust. Here it is.
Affiliate marketing is as follows. We have someone who sells something.
We have, for example, a web shop. We'll call him a salesman. Now, whether he sells goods or services is irrelevant, he wants
to sell something. To whom he wants to sell it, he wants to sell it to the buyer.
He wants to sell it to the customer and in that he tries, through certain of his marketing
channels he does it.

Eh now, if he has affiliate marketing, it means that he allows
other people, intermediaries, to participate in that cycle, which means that we have someone here before
that, an intermediary. Mediator. The broker sends the buyer to the seller's website, the
seller sells him something and the buyer gets his goods, all satisfied. However,
after that happens, the seller returns some kind of commission to the intermediary.
We have a commission here. By the way, a long time ago, to see if it was still alive, I did something called Travnik Online Marketing Launch where we learned, TOML, here it is, TOML, where we learned
how to do affiliate marketing with WordPress and here it is I'm looking for graphics.
I made this graphic a long time ago. So we have a website, we
work for it, we do the promotion of that website on our behalf , in this case SEO, we
sell something and therefore get a commission.

In this case, we, as an intermediary from
our website, send traffic through SEO to the seller, the seller sells it to the
buyer, and when that purchase is realized, we receive a commission. This
is affiliate marketing. Something like brokerage marketing in
all of this. Eh now, which is the most popular model? The most popular model is that this is a
webshop and that we have our own website that we push through SEO. We have,
as you saw on Geektick, there are a few of these things so there are some products like left-handed guitars for example, one of the articles, left-handed guitars. I have a page
on left-handed guitars, there is a guitar webshop, I post, I rank for
left-handed guitars on Google in America, people come to my site, go to the webshop, buy
themselves a left-handed guitar and become a customer and the webshop gives me a
commission for to.

It can also be a service. This could be a favor. It could be a tool. SaaS tool for example. One of these tools can be Zoom, it can be a bookkeeping tool, it can be
a service or let's say today I will introduce you to a WordPress theme, it can be
a WordPress theme, a WordPress theme that makes it easier for you to do affiliate
marketing properly, well, strongly. And I will give you a link for this topic, you will get a discount and
I will get a commission. In the usual affiliate marketing you don't get any
discount but only I get a commission. In that case as you will see today
, I give you a link, you buy a WordPress theme, I get a

If you don’t buy, nothing to anyone, right? Eh, now it is very important to
note, now we will return to the most basic affiliate marketing we will
talk about today, which is essentially one of the most profitable for many reasons, we will list
today which one, and that is Amazon. Most often, when we say affiliate marketing, we mean that
someone is doing what we have already stated, not to repeat myself, but on Amazon. To sell
products from Amazon, so it has its own website that has a link to Amazon and if
someone buys, Amazon gives us a commission, supernaturally as we have this sound
that I will now play to you, to remind you of another sound related to the niche with
which we must not engage. So you've heard that casinos and porn
have no place here, but very often it's an affiliate for casinos and porn sites.
Why? Because they have one tempting stand alone unique selling point.
They differ from other affiliate sites in one particular thing, and that is that such
sites very often give a lifetime commission.

What it means? I now
persuade you to buy some tools, let's say SEOlyze for example. I'm telling you here are your
recommendations for SEOlyze, you buy it and I get a one-time commission. I get some
20-30 euros that you bought SEOlyze and that 's it. However, it would be much more profitable for
me to advertise something that if you pay a monthly subscription, I
get something from it per month. Very important, right? And in that case, it
’s called the lifetime commission, the lifetime commission. Eh, this is very often offered by these
naughty programs such as casinos and porn. They offer an affiliate
commission for the long term, a lifetime. If someone gambles and successfully loses money regularly,
you will receive a commission for the rest of their life . I personally decided that I do not want
to receive such money, I do not want someone to gamble their salary and that I still
benefit from it, but I look to help people find what they are looking for and to
cash the commission, and if possible that lifelong lifetime commission, great, if you
can't, it doesn't matter.

Why doesn't it matter? Because through SEO, new people are constantly coming. For
left-handed guitars, the same people will not always come, but those who are left-handed, search,
google, buy a left-handed guitar and God knows when they will buy a left-handed
guitar again, but they always have new people who buy so I don't need to
I have some of it, but it's nice to have SEO positions that attract
regular traffic and it's just as good and so on, but we have to see how much and
why you get a commission. This is your affiliate marketing in short. Today
we will talk about how to do affiliate marketing for Amazon through SEO and
earn an affiliate commission for it. That's it. Before we get into that you understand that it’s
not the same commission for every product on Amazon. Now I have to look because
I didn't have time to prepare the class.

Here she is. This has changed, and there is a guarantor
somewhere, as you can see they have categories where it is 3%, with groceries 1%, and you have, say,
technology and so on where it is 12% and so on. Those commissions are different, here is someone who
linked here because he has already prepared. Bamboo. Bamboo, thank you Bamboo. Here is Bamboo
prepared a link for us, here is the link. We have luxury, beauty and so on 10%, music,
handmade things, videos 5%, books, kitchen, cars 4.5%, Amazon things 4%, toys, furniture, house, garden, children's toys, headphones and so on further 3% and so on and
so forth.

All other categories 4%. Here you can, on that link,
check how much these commissions are. Eh now, do
we need to burden ourselves with something now, do we need to deal with how much there are commissions and so on? Not in my
opinion. Why? You're going to do this thing now, whether you
have two, three or four percent commissions here now is absolutely irrelevant. The important thing is the following:
to assess that there is SEO potential for you to nest, to place yourself there,
to do the right thing and really succeed in it. In affiliate marketing,
unfortunately, it is not good if we fail in the goal because then we have nothing special
from that site. We have to do our best to get into the top 10. What's going on?
Look now you are selling certain things and you will see that, say over a period of time,
you have some of the top 10 items you are selling. Then you will say hey I found
a portal that offers me 7% so I will go to them. One such example is the
Commission Junction. I think I have one extra surplus here, and maybe not.

Let's try. CJ point com is a domain, Commission Junction, here it is,
affiliate com, they have a lot of stuff, but it's very hard to break into. What it means? If
you only have some site that is seen to be young, immature and so on, it will be very difficult for
them to let you go. Therefore, the first step to verify your idea is definitely Amazon,
later you will go further. After all, if you are a very successful affiliate, the following will
happen – you will be able to agree on huge commissions, maybe even here
we are talking about products, not services, and up to 15-25% with whom?
Directly at the seller.

You can find a webshop if you are now selling a Sony PlayStation so you have
seen that Commission Junction has an exclusive contract with them and eventually with Sony you
agree to get special links and some maybe benefits and specials for those
who come through you. It's a process. First, why take Amazon first?
When someone goes shopping on Amazon, comes to your site, reads some kind of page,
I’ll explain to you later how it works best, they’ll read it on
your site and want to buy it when they see it with you, like on Geektick, here I go to
Geekticku to see, not to speak by heart.

On Geektick. Here I will take this first article here which is
offered, we have a monitor with webcam blah blah blah and here we have, you see, a link to Amazon.
It is very important that within your site it is seen that it leads to Amazon. Why is it
so important? Because American customers, I 'm talking concentrated now, are learning today
how to do affiliate marketing through SEO for Amazon in America. Of course, the
question you will ask is if there is anything in ours, and what will we do that we do not know English and so
on, you will very easily learn English because it is not worth
wasting your time in the domestic market with certain things if you are not some
special parachutist. I speak in general. Then deal with this, and you can pay it all to

This article is paid to be written by someone,
I didn't install WordPress, you can pay everything to other people, you don't
have to know technique or writing at all, you just have to know SEO and you have to
decide if it's worth entering that niche, that sub-industry we fine
find a new name or not. And to return to this topic. One average American
has no obstacle in his head to buy something on Amazon. If he sees
that the link leads to Amazon, he has absolutely no obstacle to not buying there. And
thank you for pouring this glass. We will obviously have to increase this glass.
Tomorrow it will be a mug. We will put a slightly bigger glass with a mug and so on.
You can't go wrong with Amazon . If it doesn't work, if
you made a page that is in the top 10 on Google for what you wanted, you have a link to Amazon and people don't buy, the problem
is not in Amazon, but in you or maybe in the product.

Eliminate the problem that it may be
up to Amazon. If you skip that and go to, say, Commission Junction and use
a webshop, there's a possibility that it's up to that webshop, that people just
go into that webshop, uh what is this, something this is not very reliable for me, is it
safe to shop here, I don't know, this – that and then he withdraws.

A good portion of people will give up on you
because that webshop simply doesn’t look confidential enough. With Amazon you
eliminate that. At least at the beginning, for the test phase, there is nothing smarter
than testing it on Amazon, to exclude all other factors. When
Amazon cools you down and you actually find out the other things I’m going to tell or explain to you now , then you’ll see Why Amazon
has a mild, mild advantage which in the end, when you add up all those mild benefits, is a huge
advantage. The biggest advantage is exactly the one I just said, that is, trust in
Amazon with customers. No other affiliate program will achieve the same, with Amazon
you are on the safe side. Eh. Now the question is, I’m going to put this part down now, you
understand it’s going step by step, but we ’re talking now about how to set up that business,
we need to understand certain things as well. I 'll show you the shortest way to it. Eh, I
'm putting this part together and we're only dealing with this part now.

This is in case
a purchase happens. Bought. The purchase was realized. Someone
read something on your site, went to Amazon and bought it right away. You get a
commission right away. There is, of course, if the buyer returns the goods to you the commission is taken back again.
And you bear the consequence if the customer is dissatisfied with the product. So don’t
advertise and make affiliate sites for [ __ ], but only for quality stuff and you
’ll see later that it’s very, very simple once you figure out how it goes.
That is the question if he bought, and what if he did not buy? He didn't buy, what will he do then, what
happens then? He gets a cookie in that case, he definitely gets a cookie. When he comes from
your website, when he clicks on that link, he has already received a cookie, a

Cookies are magical creatures, you know they are delicious, they are beautiful, women love to deal, but also men, to make a
great cookie. My favorite is with white chocolate and macadamia, and a cookie in a
technical sense is a place where we write down certain relationships with something and what
happens in that relationship. The cookie will say that this customer came through you
to Amazon by clicking on a specific product.

Sometimes the commission even differs in
whether the customer buys what he started to buy, in this case here as it is
here, we advertise this monitor Apple monitor and they go to the site now and do not buy
Apple monitor. It is not often the same commission to buy what he started and for what
he wanders and buys something else, but there are small differences. Just so you know, it's not the same
commission, but it's not important to do math here. Successively, over the last
few years, Amazon has been lowering, lowering, lowering the commission on Amazon and guess what,
guess what, the menu is constantly growing, growing and growing revenue through Amazon.

It has
absolutely nothing to do with it and if you do it well, even those who used
to do it out of madness and some for a commission, they will now intend to do it
and you are left alone on all this, to work better, wider and more openly
if people they got scared and left for those reasons. The cookie will write which products he
clicked on, when he came and so on. If this cookie you
get this way, the customer. We will have to separate this now
so as not to create confusion. He bought it here and that's it. If he did not buy that customer, he gets a cookie. The customer receives a cookie. Buyer. He gets a cookie. And now he has readers. 48 hours to buy. Shopping. If he buys in those 48
hours, you get, guess what, a commission.

That's what it's about. If he buys, you get a commission, if he doesn’t buy within
48 hours, you don’t get a commission. Eh now, there is one
important difference. If the customer did not buy, we have Amazon here, we
will now call this the product landing page. We sent him to
that monitor, he didn't buy it, well, and he's leaving the site. He leaves the site, bounce,
bounce rate jumps, leaves the site, he gets a cookie and has 48 hours to buy. If he buys,
we get a commission. However, if he goes to the product landing page
and puts it in the cart. If he puts it in the basket, that
product, and then he leaves, in that case he leaves, if in that case the customer leaves, he gets a cookie, but he gets a completely different

In this case, the purchase goes again later, if he buys, he has a lot
to buy, depending on the partner program in which we are, it
is very often 30 to 90 days. In Amazon, on average, if I'm not mistaken,
I don't follow it because I'm absolutely not interested, 45 days.
There is a huge difference in whether we are someone, why I am so close now, you made me increase.
Here it is. There is a huge difference in whether he put something in the basket or not because on Amazon when you put something in the basket, it waits
in the basket for a few days before it is automatically deleted. And that can sometimes be
years to stand. I also had some things that had been in the basket for years and
only when I go to checkout do I skip them, but one day I thought of buying them anyway.
It’s a great thing to somehow ensure that the
user puts it at least in the cart.

Eh now, someone will say of course we go back to
psychology, we go back to copywriting, we go to our website here, which burns,
we have to put it in red, it burns, on it convince the user that when he enters, at least put in the
basket. Let me tell you right away, you can't do that . That's not the way to make
money. You don't need to mention it at all, not that it's about Amazon, or that they have
any cookies, nothing. It should be a natural process. He has
a problem, he is looking for a solution, we offer him a solution and he buys it,
without us bothering him with those details. Eh now, how do we make sure that
if someone put it in the basket and someone interrupted it, called on the phone or
had to take out the trash or baby yelling or what I know, for some reason he gave up the basket,
got up from the computer and wants do it later and don't do it right then, but in seven
days our commission will run out.

How do we make sure that ends up in the basket? This
can be technically solved. There is a technical solution to do that. Eh, that
technical solution is also the solution to the biggest SEO problem in affiliate marketing.
Namely, if you have a site like, say, my Geektick, and if every
article I see here, if every article contained an affiliate link, it would be
an affiliate project from a Google perspective, and therefore they would rank it a little
lower in certain niches, and in certain niches, different niches
would not rank it in any way.

We have a consequence because we are recognizable from the
side that we are an affiliate project. Eh now there are technically several possibilities. You
can create a standard WordPress or any other blog and disguise these links here
. What does it mean to disguise? Don't use this standard
Amazon box, but use your button that leads to bitly and then from
bitly to Amazon and you think that Google can't figure out that terrible redirection
you made there. Of course he can. Google will see that this is a bitly
link leading to Amazon and eventually you will be an affiliate link again. Google
stops counting redirects after five redirects, in some cases after three redirects.
If you want to technically hide that you are an affiliate site, you have to do five

I can tell you that's why you have to pay some money, buy some
redirection tools to confuse Google, so that it doesn't figure it out. However, when you post
hundreds of links on your site that have so many redirects,
Google will degrade you again. So what the hell should I do then , what should I do? Fine, I'm a bit of a parody of
the Central Bosnian peasant accent, I don't think it's Central Bosnian
peasant, but in central Bosnia they have a custom in rural areas to say yes instead of a,
so I like to joke about it . Don't take me for evil.
Now for those who have never heard of how it is done, I will briefly explain to you how to get there, just to log in
here and you will see how easy it is.

Of course you don't see where I log in, nor
do you need to see. You can, I will now open the incognito window, to
show you, you can register on this affiliate link –
Here I will share that link with you, here it is on Twitch chat and now it
appears on the real chat inside the video and you can now for any product on
Amazon, here I will intentionally click on this one not to ask. This bar will appear above
you when you register. Amazon isn't particularly overly
rigorous about whether or not to let you go, so don't
worry too much, sign up and you 'll get a link up here. You see. This bar and
click, you want this link, text plus image. Here is Geektick chosen for me, I will not show you others
and you are just copying this code here inside WordPress and you have solved it.
This is exactly the box that appears.

It couldn't be simpler, you don't need any
plugin, nothing, but for the place where you want to place the link, you just copy this text and
everything is already prepared, you get commissions, everything is arranged. You write
that text and so on. I tell you, it carries weight there that you
whole site cannot be an affiliate site. You can try, but very often you will get burned. First of
all if you put a lot of links. This article now has three – four links, I
think, three. Three or four links and that's like ok. Many do not have other articles, let's say
we will enter this article, it has no link. And he has this one. Oops, wrong
opened. Let's see if he has this one. Many articles do not have a link. No. Here this one has no link. There it is here. Great. When you present live it will
be great. Let's wait to find out then. Here it is, there are articles here.

Here is an article that has
nothing to do with affiliate, introducing a new car and so on. Another article
too. So there must be mixed content where the author is not copied
from somewhere else and so on. To give the impression that we are not just an affiliate site, however there is
something even better. What would a customer like? The customer would like, if he now finds those
guitars for left-handed people in the top 10, to come to a shop where there are only guitars for left-handed people and
for him to choose those products.

What I practice is to write a review, test something and say here are the
best tablets in 2017, which tablets we tested, what is the difference between
e-Reader and these and then about each tablet good and bad side. Here and here you see
no link, although it is about tablets and so on, there are no links and the trick is to honestly write a review.

Many do this, so it is no longer enough. You need to have
pictures of how you use that device or better yet make,
sorry, a short YouTube clip showing that product and so
on. It is important to offer some kind of video content so that someone really
believes that you have tested it, or to write an article so well that he sees
that it is from your personal experience. So in some of the articles I wrote it says that in the meta description even,
I wrote this article because I was looking for a solution and I didn't find it, so to make it easier for you. And it
really is. I did not write for say an article for which it is very easy to
find a solution, as I suffered while I found and so on. Thanks, and
Bosnewy let go of the baklava. I don't know if Baklavica asked the question.
Good, good.

You are good Amir, you followed well. He just waited for Baklavica to ask a
question. We're kidding, YouTube what can I do for you, you can't follow it, but we're having
fun. It is very important to approach it honestly. Don't fake those reviews
if you really haven't. Once upon a time, in 2017, it could still be fake, as
we tested 50 soundbars, you and you proved to be the best. These articles helped
because we read the actual tests and then sublimated. I recommend that
you do the following if you take a topic, to find really YouTube videos
that deal with it, that really did a review, insert that video into your article and
write below the summary. Although it may be someone else's video, credibility is important, that someone really checked it. That someone
really did it. To give the reader the impression that these things were really done, that they are
real and so on. I will say a few more things about it, and then we will take a break,
and after the break I will show you what the ideal solution is, how it should be

Like I said, if you’re looking for a certain stem like left-handed guitars, the
user’s favorite would be to find a left-handed guitar shop, buy something in that shop, and so
on. We will do just that after the break, and let me explain this approach to
you now. It is very important that based on the title and meta description
for a particular keyword to explain to customers that we did something there
, tested and how much we tested and what we tested and say that they are
real, we are real, so write we are real tested 27 devices, not 30 or
50 or 100, but some unequal number. We tested here, keyword is always something
best, something cheapest, something alternative, here you see here Raspberry Pi
alternative or some specificity like here 144Hz monitors and so on.

You can do
this, this is just a tech site now, you can do this for everyone alive. For whatever is
sold on Amazon, from a needle to a locomotive, as they say, everything that Amazon offers, you can do for all that
. Check of course on Semrush if there is a search for it, check out
what the competition is like. You can write some ideas that you have in the chat, so I'll take a keyword after the break and we'll
check if it's worth doing affiliate or not, to show you some
factors by which I look at it and write a couple of keywords on the chat that you think,
don't all list now 20. Let everyone who thinks that there may be some
potential, and check for yourself if there is a search volume, don't be ashamed to type
that search volume is 0.

It must of course be search volume. Eh, here as the best cameras without
mirrors. These are the ones that have direct CMOS sensors and so on, not to
shower you, mostly you have to say we tested the seven best myrorrless cameras very
intensively, in different conditions and we recorded videos for example. You write it
to get the impression, the impression that the one on Google when google best mirrorless cameras gets the impression that you really
tested something there, that it's not some fake and you have to maintain that impression throughout the
article. You have to be concise and I mostly advise you to have a table of contents, a
table of contents like we have in the Wiki articles here because people won’t read. What
I have just done, which I have found one wonderful thing, I will now show you
again on those monitors. Just to open up.

Here. Folks, I often take
some keyword, the bigger the long tail the better, something with something, something without
something, something with some technical stuff or an alternative and so on. Here are the best
tablets for reading. Not the best tablets, but the best tablet for reading. Noise canceling
headphones, not just noise canceling headphones, but with a microphone. Always some
extra. A slightly longer keyword is better and variations on the theme. This is for
me on H1, and H2 are my variations on the theme like best monitor with webcam, best buy
monitor with webcam, bestseller and cheapest. Those four things, cheapest best buy, bestseller and best as a prefix to
this. Those things work very well, and in the end, this table is very important, to get an
overview of what is ugly here because they don't have buttons here, there should be buttons here
to go to Amazon and of course the conclusion of what, how, where.

Here you briefly say this one is the best
because, this one is the best selling because, this one has the best price-quality ratio
because this one is also the cheapest end for you. In four sentences, you explain the end and here what
is wrong, there is no table of contents, why? Many will come to this article and say
I want the best, I want the cheapest, I am not a fool nor will I be the cheapest nor will I be the best, but
I want the one who has the best value for money . These are the mental assemblies of people
that I have divided into four groups. Very often they only go to the part that tells them or when I give a conclusion. I want to know the conclusion,
what did you conclude? Let me see if you know that. These are the important things, these 4 things to have
for each keyword if of course it is a product to which we can
apply it.

It can be the best bookkeeping software, the best selling
bookkeeping software, the cheapest bookkeeping software and the bookkeeping software with the
best price and quality ratio. It doesn't have to be a product at all, it doesn't have to
be Amazon, it can all be applied to that. The value you
offer is that you have been informed, you have done the work that the user needs to
do and you sublimate to him what you spent hours in one
article in which he has an overview and in the end, if we reduce to the maximum,
to one table in which he sees ok, I need VGA, it should have speakers and I wish God
had a USB hub. Okay, I have to buy this Asus, I'll buy it. That you can
make those things easier for him. Women may now be surprised because the approach to buying a certain
thing is mostly done by men, and women completely differently. With beauty
products and women's products, your subjective impression is much more important
. Men and men's products, so to speak, go from the corner to give
me a comparison table so that I can objectively see and see according to my budget where
I am.

It’s male thinking. Female thinking is I want this product
because it has a feature that I like, and thank you for revealing that
feature to me. Something totally, it’s of course a rough, rough division, and you have to be aware that you have to get into the psychology of those
products you sell. Sometimes you can even say listen, I've tested it all, but
it's all [ __ ], just this is good, here's a link to it and then of course you're kicking
out some more discount for it and so on. You have to dig in. Why do 98% of my
affiliate projects fail or shut down or fail? Because people don't
think about the psychological aspect, they think about me, I'm going to spit on a site,
pay someone for some silly text, paste links, push out SEO, buy
links, I'm a king.

You will not succeed. It is very important that we perfect these details on that
site. The point of all this I am telling you now is the following.
How many questions, how many should that article be? That is the main question. The article
should be long enough to convince the buyer to buy a certain thing that you want to
kill him and that he does it with pleasure and that he is sure that it is the right choice.
The article must be so long.

The task of an affiliate landing page for a
particular product is as follows. Yes the customer when he comes, we convinced him by the
title and meta description on our site as well as everything else we did, there is
no reason to go back to Google, there is no reason to google something else and
there is no reason to go anywhere else. This flow of reading from the beginning to the end of the
article should follow the user's flow of thoughts. He wants to buy, which is the
best mountain bike, then at the beginning of the article you tell him listen, maybe you don't
need the best mountain bike, maybe you can save money because, will you tell us
what your needs are? If you drive more uphill use this, if you go and often
drive to work on the asphalt, maybe this is a better choice and so on. You have to have that flow of
thought, the flow that he has in his head when deciding what to buy, you have to follow, you
have to enjoy that role, and you can't just, as I call it,
spit on a text and hope for some good.

No. Geektick is not a good example of
how this should be done, lest someone later say see Nedim give a lecture
and see him articles. These were articles like the ones you practiced SEO audits, so in the
coworking space we had in Travnik, a generation practiced affiliate marketing
on the Geektick page where they wrote articles on their level of English, their
level of understanding of affiliates and so on. Nedim didn't sit this, Nedim doesn't write
English like this, there are people here who write English better than me and there are those
who do it much worse, so don't look at those reflections and don't, as
always, have 1, 2 [ __ ] looking for Nedim's mistakes.

This is not
Nedim's project at all. This was an exercise book that
turned out to be a great exercise book in a couple of articles and we are glad of that. To know what it's about. I am telling you properly,
as they say what the hodges and priests say, do not do what they do. So the
people say. The same in this case. I give you an example to see what it looks like.
Unfortunately, in most cases, Geektick is much better than what you can find on the
Internet, but I can't say that it was done great when it wasn't done
great. There are a few interesting things you can do here. You can also
work as an affiliate for e-Books.

You have a platform called ClickBank, ClickBank, I think it's a com point, but don't bang.
ClickBank is the largest intermediary platform for digital products, here they say
affiliate market place and so on, but mostly it comes down to eBooks, courses and so on.
You have a couple of great eBooks here that you can sell. Of course, the commission for digital
products is much higher than for physical products and ClickBank does not have any special
conditions and so on. ClikBank of course only for the USA, everything I say today Johnny, everything is
for the USA. I'm not saying at all that you need to work in any language or in any
other market other than America's affiliate marketing in the way we explain it today

We have to make a distinction between that and always remember
what I said at the beginning of the lecture. There are many ways, but I tell you that you can also sell eBooks.
One of the best-selling eBooks in the segment of sex and erotica is from a local author, next
time I may reveal who it is, and the name of that book, you can find on ClickBank,
is How to give a perfect [ __ ]. I intentionally mention such things to you, so since it
is not porn, it is of an educational nature, it solves a huge problem for many people
who have a mental difficulty to understand how to do it properly. It may be
funny to you, it is not funny to them at all because they are so grown up, they do not know how to approach this
topic and such should be the book that solves their psychological problem. With books like that
, you help people come up with solutions, and things like that
can help.

There is no end to your imagination what you can do, there is no end to that imagination. Anything is
possible, and for a start, I only recommend that you practice on Amazon, that you practice with Amazon
on this model with those technical things that I will show you after the break. Now
let's take a break. You write me the keyworde on the chat to see which we will review
after the break and then I will show you an almost perfect technical solution that will
save you many things when it comes to Amazon affiliates in America. We take a break
and talk. Bye Bye. Here we are back. Move on. Move on. I’ve seen a few interesting suggestions so I’m, while I’m waiting for
you to do in the toilet what you have to do this.

Someone made some pink laptop, best pink
laptop. I didn't google it, to see now only in this part of the best pink laptop,
not to forget to explain something important. The best pink laptop you see has very few searches, but you see the best buy pink laptop has
110. I’ll get back to this now. You type in a keyword like pink laptop, you see
that there is a search and now of course you are looking for a long tail because for Pink laptop
you will probably not be able to get in the top 10, based on which I choose a keyword for it. It's
mostly between 480 and 1200 search volume, I'm doing affiliate projects.

For more it is very difficult
to push through, I just speak defiantly. I’m not saying there’s no example that one can. It is very difficult to
push in, and in that part, especially if the long tail is as long as possible, it is
much, much easier. Now we see that we have an Apple laptop, an HP laptop, a Dell laptop, a Razer laptop, that we have a pink gaming laptop, that sounds good, a pink gaming laptop, it
's a gamer who wants pink or a man who likes pink, and that there is.
We have pink laptop bag, purse, and pink laptop wallpaper. And a pink laptop
backpack. Here it can still pass. We also have glasses and so on. Now the question is, someone will
ask, see the same thing, a pink gaming laptop and a pink laptop bag. When we do a
competition analysis we will very likely find that the competition for a pink
gaming laptop is bigger, harder and so on. However, even then we will come to a logical solution, let's give up those laptops, let's make
laptop bags.

Eh now, the difference is the following, a mathematical one you must never forget. One bag
costs $ 100, one laptop costs $ 1,000 . You will get 5% from the laptop and
maybe 7% from the bag. What pays more? Well of course, sell laptops if we can
guarantee the same quantity. I definitely advise you not to sell products under
$ 100, not to do affiliate marketing for products under $ 100. It
just doesn’t sweeten up. Don't sweeten it, because while you collect 3% of $ 30, you know
how much you have to sell to sweeten it, to get some
devil out of it. Eh. It is very important that we do that reasoning, that we know that it is not worth doing those things.

Some say,
when we went to that TOML, one guy was successfully selling lawn mowers. Yes, lawn mowers.
He did a mower review and it went really well. I think he had about $ 2,000 a month
in commission from that. I haven't mentioned what you can expect so far. Expectations
are different. If you do a good analysis and find that you can
nest there and succeed, the numbers can be quite high. Pretty big
numbers, let's say successfully, if a product came in the top 3, let's say the best
monitor and so on, as I just showed, if it comes in the top 3
it's about $ 500 a month.

One $ 500 a month. If we make four successful articles every month
that one affiliate can plan for themselves, one affiliate article every week
. He can make 4 articles a month for $ 500, which will bring him
$ 2,000 every month in the long run without doing anything. You just need to know SEO well
to be able to judge well if you are getting into it. The first of these ratings is
that we go from 480 to 1,000 search volume, above and below I would not go. This is the first
constant. The other is that we will not sell things that are cheap. In this
case we are going with a pink gaming laptop. So here we click on the keyword and
see what Semrush has to say to us . Semrush tells us the following. According to them, this is very difficult. The competition is at a maximum of 1. The cost per click within AdWords is a dollar and 14, which already essentially says or proves that
there is some money, some serious money.

Everything over a dollar is already like, you need
to think carefully about whether you want to pay for that click. We see the trend growing towards the end of the year.
Of course, for Christmas, many people come up with the idea to buy a pink laptop for their sweetheart, even though she
likes purple, but it doesn't matter. It's Christmas, she's a woman, she's going pink, and
she needs a laptop so you buy her a pink laptop, she still loves to play games and that's it. I'm not saying
it's a bad idea. The trend shows that search volume is growing. The ideal
time to launch such an article is just the beginning of the year. At the
beginning of the year, to establish yourself to be in the top 3 just for Christmas. And watch those things
. If something is seasonal in nature, this is not exactly seasonal in nature, it has a constant
search volume of 590, say now in May.

May is here, before he had
less, and later more awaits us. We have to make sure that we have something similar throughout the year. The problem with these
lawn mowers that this guy did is that they are seasonal and he had
$ 2,000 for two or three months and then nothing because who will buy a lawn mower in the snow, right?
We have to pay a little attention to seasonal, not seasonal, trends and so on, and here
we see that Google shopping has paid results of 9. It is abbreviated as PLA, Product
Listing Ad and there are no ordinary ads. From SERP features we have reviews, almost
all have arrows, stars. So what does our site have to have? Stars, that's right.
We must have site links, we will have if we put a table of contents, pictures, we will have pictures of course.
We will do our best to have a picture of that product, an author's picture that
we made or someone else.

On various groups, forums and so on you can
find non-indexed images by Google and take with the right of
use of course. We have a video. It is clear that there must be a video on this topic. Like I told you,
they want to make sure they see it, that someone is testing it on video and so on and of course we have
shopping ads, this is buried to the point of pain. This keyword I would not work because there is
just a little too much. Let's say, what was the second proposal? Here
we will take Peđin, Peđa sent the table. Thank you Pedja for that. He did the blog
title the best fast rolling 700C gravel tiles for road bikes.

Probably this gravel bike tires
is actually his keyword. Let's see what she does to us and how
she directs us to that world. We see how he did a detailed research, what H2 will be for him, what topics he
should mention, what are the dimensions and so on. He did all sorts of things. He sees that he has to
mention the surface on which they move, what are the issues, he prepared
well for this article and we can see here by the CPC – which he took out that it is
smaller and that there may be some benefits here.

Here we will click even though 1,300 is more than 1,000 to see what we have here. We have training
going annually, we have no commercials. Watch this, there are no ads and we have SERP features,
site links we may have, people asking what, this is an issue within
Google and we have a video carousel. Great. This is already in the realm of
getting better. Eh sad. I don't know if you noticed, but I will tell you what you need now
, that the affiliate is not in the segment of transactional queries,
but in the domain of informative queries. This is where affiliate marketing begins and ends. Affiliate marketing to build for a keyword
like PlayStation 4 controller or joystick or cable is nonsense
because there you have a sea of uthoritative sites and so on.
Otherwise we ask what kind of PlayStation controller alternatives exist. What
alternatives to a standard PlayStation joystick or controller
exist. The closer the question is, the closer the query is to the question, and the
more confident you are that it is an informative query, the better off you are doing affiliate.

Why? It means that
someone is at an early stage of deciding what to buy. Pejino, it would be best to
deal with some issue, let's see which one has questions here. Can I put gravel tires on my
road bike and so on. Watch out now, best gravel bike tires, here are the best gravel tires. This
is already a question. In his case, even gravel bike tires is a question because Google
responds and sees that it is an informative query and that is the reason. I would insure myself and
do an article for best gravel tires or best tires for gravel roads. Here this also came,
just a small search volume. I would like to ask as many questions as possible because we ensure that the intention of the applicant is to be

If his intention is to get information, it is ours to give him knowledge, not to
let him go from that site, to solve all the issues that are going on in his head
and give him great advice on what he should buy. In addition to the fact
that these services, which we have already listed, should be fulfilled, it should be an
informative query and at the very least it should be aimed at the one where there are a
lot of ads. When Semrush throws us 00 here, it's already promising. That's where we should
have fun and so on. If we can, here are gravel tires for road bike,
I would rather do this than something else. Let's see now. See here 00, there are fewer snippets,
there is a featured snippet, there is a video snippet. I would rather do this and secure that position,
we also see that the difficulty is even less, to be closer to it, as close as possible to the informative query
in which we give that meaning.

Eh now, what 's going on? Someone is looking for a left-handed guitar first,
let’s go back to our left-handed guitar, someone is looking first to see if there are left-handed guitars,
which are left-handed guitars and then which are the best, which are the cheapest and so on.
We are offered this as a category in the shop. Left-handed guitars point com,
left handed guitars point com, category best or awarded, awarded, left
handed guitars or just guitars, then cheap, best, popular and so on we make or by colors black left-handed guitars,
blue, metal guitars, rock guitars , symphonic and what do I know what guitars have.
And in this form here, as he puts it, gravel tires for road bike make
some shop where they have these gravel tires now by these dimensions and so on.

That would
be best. Yes, the initial one, our informative text that solves
all these dilemmas, and the initial one is followed by a webshop where all this is and where we
can finely link from the text as the best left handed guitar and so
on. That would be optimal. It would be optimal for us to have our
own shop, to have an information article that solves everything and sends the
user on. Eh now, of course, as we learned if we send it to Amazon we lose on the
cookie, right? We need to make a webshop that does what? What would it be like when
I was sitting 15 years ago, maybe more, what would you want? I would like to have a shop where
you can put everything fine in the basket, when you put it in the basket you press pay
to take it to Amazon and to the Amazon basket and you just have to pay on Amazon.

Wouldn't that be great?
Two advantages: the user will buy safer or safer, the more trust there is on
Amazon, the higher the conversion rate that they will buy. Another thing, if he doesn't buy, I have
that cookie for many more days than just 48 hours and I ensure the maximum profit
from it all. It's a magical solution. I dreamed about it and a few years ago people came along who did it.
Now I will post a link in the chat so you can use that link because
you will get a 10% discount with, now I will tell you what that coupon code reads, the page
is the next affiliate theme point io and then slash r slash 86 and you will get the
opportunity to , what happened now? Something blocked my Internet, here it is.
It's a WordPress theme that just does what I said and when you buy that theme, of course this one
is in English, to come back, I'll switch to English, you have a coupon at
night school, no evening school and you get 10% discount if you use.
For one page it is 79 euros, you will go out to round up 70.

To see if there is a
place here to type in the coupon code, there is, here it is. You type in evening school, school,
and here it is 10% off. Here, of course, you can again switch to English or German and so on.
You will manage already in the basket. Let's get back to this, to show you an example of all this.
I switch to English. An example of all this, here we have client demos, and we have demonstrations
inside, here. This one is my favorite because it shows this first demo, most of all
it shows what this topic can do. What happened? Demo 01 is I think the real
URL. They don't pay much attention to English, don't blame them. I mean the English
site their on WordPress watch and see what, you get a shop.
First of all you can write an article in which you have filters, top lists, you can compare

I'm going to fly over that a little bit now. In the end, you have this most important table,
interactive and responsive, I hope, I haven't checked it for a long time. D d d d d d, of
course. Here it is, just turn the table upside down. Okay, that's ok. Users will manage
. Mostly. To enter the shop. Here I go to the shop. Dd dd dd dd Here. You go into the shop, you have the categories,
you can of course menu left or right, you have filters for this and this all works
like a shop.

Eh now you have two options – to put like here that the button
immediately leads to Amazon, when I click now I go to Amazon, or to imitate a real shop
and then it says here put it in the basket and he right now, so I don't show it to you,
right it works. The complete shop imitates this, reads this topic, put everything in
the basket and when you say pay in the basket, it goes to Amazon in the basket and all those objects and
products are in the basket, you just pay on Amazon.

That's exactly what this theme, the
affiliate theme, does. There is a theme called affili theme, not affiliate theme,
but affili theme. She does a similar thing, but in my opinion I have not found a faster way to simulate through the
Wordpress shop, than through this. If you do not use the option, of course you will not
use that option to go to Amazon, then there is no chance that Google will detect that
you are an affiliate site. There is no such possibility even through the name of the topic and so on. You
can of course rename your topic as a precaution, just
to see how it wp content.

You can always identify a theme based on these URLs, you see. It can
always be found in these URLs as the topic is called and you should try to hide it. Here
you see wp content, themes, affiliate theme. You can rename this when uploading a theme
that is not called an affiliate theme and thus you remove the last possibility that Google recognizes you
as an affiliate page and you also have the option to leave it all as it is and
see this link below. See what it says at the bottom left. At the bottom left, they made a
redirection. This is a unique redirection that takes you, you see,
nananana, he is now sending you through several redirections to throw you on Amazon.
They have that part integrated and solve that part in that way and this topic, you have a few examples here,
you have of course the example of ready-made shops.

Here we take, which, which, which, which to take, here is
this one for laser hair removal for women, here is how it looks done on that topic.
You can buy on Amazon, these are made to go directly to Amazon. I don't know why, but
basically it's much better to do an internal shop, but you see it looks nice, you have
categories, you can do what you want, here you can list by manufacturers, everything has
possibilities like any shop. Here's one that makes refrigerators. Let's see how,
I didn't open anything to him. Here this one has categories.

Here for beers only refrigerators and this one also chose the option to send to Amazon. I don't
know what's wrong with these people, they obviously don't know that there is that option, but I assure you there are a
few sites that are on this, that I don't want to show where it works great. Here's a
poker site made and so on.

Eh now, to see something else. The affiliate theme not
only supports Amazon, but supports the sea, the sea of these sites. Supports Zanox, eBay,
ADCELL, Tradedoubler, I think Commission Junction. Is there a list of all that somewhere?
I think they have a list, just to see. Here you see, it's called Amazon cart, 90 day cookie. Here it is. The cookie
stays for three months. Now watch what is interesting about cookies, I have to mention that because many of you
will read it on the forums and then they will start dealing with it. There is something in
blackhat SEO or blackhat in general, it is the blackhat method. What does blackhat mean,
let's say it again? You go to jail for it. Going to jail,
remember well, you can end up in jail if you do what I’m telling you now.

There is a
method called cookie dropping. Greyhat is something that is not allowed by Google or
Amazon, but it is not illegal. Blackhat is what takes you before a judge and
eventually to jail. This includes cookie dropping. What does cookie dropping mean? There are various
scripts that, say you have a news portal, you have hundreds of thousands of visits
from America and come up with a great idea of cookie dropping. What it means? To throw an Amazon cookie to every other visitor, for example, or to
every third person, your cookie that Amazon gives you, it's
easy to find what it looks like, you throw it to every visitor who comes or every second or
every third person to your site.

What's happening? If they buy something on Amazon within 48 hours
, you will get a commission. Now watch the following. It’s illegal, you ca
n’t do that, so you lose your Amazon account and get a lawsuit in the mail. That's why you
really go to jail, but what is legal? It is legal to have an affiliate theme installation, to
make a shop to send people to the Amazon basket, to get a 90 day cookie and now be
careful, whatever he buys within those 90 days you will get a commission. Not just those products
that are in the basket, but anything to buy, especially within the first 48 hours. Did you understand? It’s legal cookie dropping to
do things like that, go to jail illegally. So this is a feature that is worth a
lot, a lot of money. This 79 euros given for the topic is nothing. You will earn this the
first month you are involved with the team and so on. Some of you who have a shop
or have had a shop or can get some information from the manufacturer, you can import all this
through the plugins they have here.

You see, there is also the Commission
Junction plugin, a very important plugin is Rakuten. Rakuten is one of the largest, in fact the second
largest shop in China. You can work as an affiliate for both Rakuten and the Chinese
market, you have ADCELL and Belboon, they also have many, many products. I advise
you to continue to beware of Amazon to begin with and then you can move one product
at a time to one of these others, for a start I would not advise you to start with anything other
than Amazon. I briefly introduced you to this, this
site, this feature, this WordPress theme. Once again, here is a link in the chat so as not to sink
that link. Yes yes yes yes yes. Here it is, and I'm going to make evening school, me, evening school is a
coupon, basically you just need it when you type in the coupon you'll get a discount, and here
's the URL I'm going to put in here and I'll make a bitly in an hour
while I'm talking about this, that we have and bitly.

How do we put? WP affiliate we will put.
Is it possible, is it busy? It is. SEO topic, is it busy? SEO topic busy. SEO WP theme, her all sorts of busy things. Here this is not busy.
SEO WP theme. So Double w, of course. SEO WordPress theme. Well, that 's the part I wanted to show you. One of the sites that you will often come across
as an affiliate when you work in the domain of everything from insurance, credit cards to technical
devices is Top Ten Reviews. Top Ten Reviews have I don't know how many hundreds,
if not thousands of subdomains. And you will meet them often and when you see them in the top 10 you know you can
skip them. I managed to skip them with several projects.

They are a
very authoritative site, but they can be skipped, not a problem. Eh now the
question, even the last one before we move on to the real questions, is whether an
affiliate should do backlinking and that. Again the answer is in my humble opinion that there is no need.
It's nice to do, and in what way, on those questions, on question portals, on
forums and so on, answer a few of those things, that's quite enough and it's only
natural that you give someone who asks on the forum an article that has some review or if
someone is looking for those tires in Peđa's fashion now, you link the webshop for those tires and say hey,
you have a great selection here and so on.

In that domain, 480 to 1,000 search volumes, so there is no great
need for backlinks, here and there you leave some, will be enough. Some of the
sites I’ve been chasing have absolutely no backlinks, so you don’t
need to bother with that nor will it be an obstacle,
it will happen quite naturally. Good. Did I forget anything important?
To show you one example, someone mentioned in the chat a great one that came to mind.,
here it is in the chat. is a great example of an
affiliate site where it says here's how, it's about pools. Outdoor and indoor
pools and so on and here is this Intex pool you can buy on Amazon. A very nicely
done site with a lot of information and so on, well done, there are also
videos where he unwrapped, inflated those pools, jumped with the kids and so

Of course, this is a special topic because it is not easy to take a picture of this product because it
costs several thousand dollars to buy it. Let's click on
this one. Where is he? D d d d d. You see, he can't even
put a price here. When I go to Amazon the price is unavailable, so he doesn't
care if the product is available or not.

For this you have
various plugins in WordPress that check if your affiliate links are active or
not. What's his name, Amalyze, something like this. There are a few of these, when you get into it
you will find out for yourself how it works and how it works. You see the only sheet that goes over
$ 66 is. That pool is anywhere from $ 800 onwards to some $ 5-6 million.
Great affiliate theme because it is an expensive product, rarely made by anyone, and through
various examples he managed to use long tail keyworde. Something is drying my
horrible throat, I will take that as a sign that I have said enough so we will
throw ourselves into your questions. Does it matter which Amazon domain we are applying for and what is the best thing
about delivery? Yes, log on to com.

This is immediately obvious that someone is thinking,
but don't complicate it. Again, you are all experts, almost all, not to
those couples who are not like that I do not scold, you are all looking for some complexity. What about this
microphone, what touches me? Just to touch him a little, I don't know why he broke out. You look
very often for complexity in things even though things are very simple. Take the long
tail keyword which is an information query from 480 to 1,000 search volume, works for America, take
this topic, write an article like I said you need to write and that's it.

That's it, enough.
There is no need for any complications. When you ask a question, I will answer you, I'm just
telling you don't complicate your life. Of course, Amazon exists in America, in Canada, in England, in New Zealand, in Australia, in the UK,
so it's all English, it's all another Amazon. With this link that I showed you,
when you register you only registered for America and only work in America,
just stick to America and don't complicate things, but since a colleague asks what's best, it's
best to register in America and stick to America . There are complicated ways and plugins and everything
possible that allow you to show the Amazon code version from that country based on the IP address from which the visitor comes
. You know what it takes to register
like I'm registered in the UK and Australia and New Zealand and Canada
and America and so on, in every english speaking country and then you're going to do the
stupid thing I did, you're going to kick them out by IP address
Amazon codes which is not smart because some want
to buy home from abroad because they travel, because many people in America use VPN
so their IP is from Honolulu and so on.

Don't do it, you only work for America,
these other markets don't pay off unless you're crazy about the UK, crazy about Australia,
crazy about Canada or whatever, so you want to work for that market. All these countries
together do not have as many inhabitants as America alone, and Americans by their
behavior stupid, so to speak, stupid are much easier and prey for affiliate
projects than much smarter Canadians, sophisticated Englishmen, capable Australians and
inflated, very rich New Zealanders . Hold America alone, there is always some reason
why I said that. At first glance, this may not be obvious, but the
longer and more often you fall on your nose, the more and more often you will realize that I
was right. So, listen to me, don't be smart, if you're going to do affiliate marketing,
stick to America and Amazon, and as I said today, and when you earn your first
regular monthly income of, say, $ 1,000, $ 2,000, then you've proven
to yourself that you do it.

you know so then invent whatever you want hot water, but until you
prove you know with Amazon in America, don’t go anywhere because you have no idea. As long as you don’t
have at least $ 1,000 a month in passive income on Amazon,
don’t accidentally claim that you’re into affiliate marketing. That's funny.
Affiliate marketing professionals generally have huge profits, huge ones.
People who do this 8 to 12 to 16 hours a day, they easily earn
six-figure dollar amounts a month. One of the top 10 affiliates, tidy
whitehat affiliates in the world is Bosnian believe it or not and the other day in the casino
affiliates our Feđa Mecan with his company entered the top 30, I think if not in the
top 10 casino affiliates in the world, so our people have proven that they know how to do it and so

It is very possible to succeed. This guy I'm talking about, I won't tell him his name and
surname, he doesn't want a man to be known, Fedja is definitely, everyone knows about Fedja. This guy is
from Bihać, he has a team working on it and they are great. They’re great, they’re doing their
job great so you know there are, these are people who make over $ 100,000 a
month doing literally nothing, I mean as an affiliate. The illusion of passive
income is also an illusion, these sites will not maintain themselves,
no new ideas will emerge, affiliate projects sometimes fail, so you have to build new ones and so on.
When you earn $ 1,000 for three months in a row, that doesn't mean that the fourth
month if you don't do anything will be the case. Passive income is an illusion, you have to
maintain it, you have to do new things and so on.

Of course, it is much more passive than
going to work eight hours a day, that is true, but it is impossible to do nothing and keep your
income the same. Earnings fall the less you work, normally.
They need to be maintained, but the possibilities are much greater than working with clients and so on.
If you are now standing at a crossroads and wondering if I want to be employed by an agency, then
decide on an agency, well, you wonder if I want to join an agency or work as an affiliate.

Do affiliate, give it a
try, see if you know it because you earn a lot more after all if
you are an SEO expert for affiliate. Of course, affiliates are run by both Facebook experts and AdWords
experts, although according to Facebook and Google AdWords, you must know, it is forbidden to do
affiliate in certain ways. So basically the only natural way to do
that is SEO and the other natural way is email marketing. To collect
emails and bombard people with emails to buy certain things. A much more
natural approach in my opinion and more acceptable for a person with whom it is easier to live in the future is

The best way you can take advantage is to work as an affiliate
or of course work for serious clients. Good. Great question. Thanks. What do you think about the business coaching and life coaching
affiliate program? I stumbled upon an article about it and saw that they give quite good
commissions, so I'm wondering if you 've heard anything on the subject? Nikjekic, thank you for
asking, great question. There are business and life coaching people or coaches,
there are more and more of them. Some say they stumbled like cockroaches, I disagree with that statement.
There really are quality people doing business coaching and life coaching. If we
personally don't need business coaching or life coaching, that doesn't mean that there aren't
many people out there who need someone to steer them in the right direction, even if
it's funny to you.

Of course, there are a lot of fog sellers and a lot of fake
things sellers and people who have failed in business at all, and they sell business coaching
seminars and so on. Such people exist, but a smart man can
check it out. When you see an unusually large commission somewhere, it
can unfortunately be two completely opposite things – either first that someone greatly
appreciates the work of the affiliate and wants to get the best affiliate to work for him and
therefore give such a large commission or he has no idea how. to
get clients because he is so bad and he has such a bad response and the promotion is so bad for him
that he said that I will give 75% to someone who gets me a client just to finally have
a client.

These are two diametrically opposed levels. You have to make
sure what kind of coach he is, you have to check if what he is doing is legitimate,
if the clients are satisfied after they finish with him, if that is the case I
don't see any problem with being an affiliate for such people. If you see the opposite, there is
no testimonial, they are doing badly, it seems to be a scam, I advise you
on both the affiliate and human side not to deal with it because you do not need to serve someone as a tunnel, as a cable, a
conductor that will someone else's sell your soul for money to someone else and make it unhappy

If the thing is good, why not, if the commission, then the commission should
be above 25% if that is the case and someone is doing it well, why not? For example, if
Tony Robbins offers a commission, an affiliate commission why not do it? They'll definitely
go Tony Robbins you took the commission, didn't take it, and if
some shady guy bypassed him. Thanks for asking. Good question. The domestic market, a site well ranked in the
micro niche, has a lot of visits. Did you notice who asked the question? Domestic
market, the site is well ranked in the micro niche, there are a lot of visits, only SEO is done, there is no
webshop. What is the best way to make money from advertising other products and services?
Can you explain in more detail on the example of Tire head protects what kind of
earnings model would be set? Well it goes that way, they have affiliate scripted, you can set up your own affiliate
script that sets cookies, which is set on your site and say with some
partner site, say here is Guma head keeps would have cooperation with a webshop
one from Croatia, with one webshop from Serbia, with the only webshop from Bosnia.

would push them into that script, they would have to put that script on their site that tracks if
someone came through my link and bought their site and agreed with them what the
commission is, installed them and myself that affiliate script and worked affiliate for them .
That would be the best way to do it, if I didn't succeed in that, then I would literally sell
banners. You sell 1,000 impressions for 10 euros or 5 euros or as much as can be sold
in that segment and you sell impressions. When people progress, they will no longer want to
pay for impressions, they will want to pay for clicks. You change the business model, you charge for clicks, they have
scripts that count clicks and then you count how many banners someone clicked on and they
pay you for those clicks and you make a living from it. These are the three ways to monetize. In the domestic market,
I would not be particularly involved in affiliate unless it is a custome deal, because you
have no knowledge of how to install these scripts, how to handle it, which have problems
with cookies, how the browser reacts, how intercross dressing goes and so on.

I advise you, when you can already charge, to charge impressions. Don't go for clicks
because portals haven't switched to clicks yet, although I personally am completely against
paying CPMs to portals, but clients are still stupid and pay CPMs and
as long as that is the case, then you charge nicely so. Only when the big portals
turn to clicks do you move on. What is the way to track how many clicks I have over a particular custom link? For example, I
pay to put a link on a site as clickable? Well tells you how many
clicks you have. statistics within, don't put the link anywhere else
, that link, but only on its site and you will follow it, and in Google Analytics it says so, you
just need to find that report. You have unique clicks referral, unique clicks and you can see from which
site how many unique visits you have received.

How much did you pay to write lyrics? Always
that eternal theme. The higher the quality of the text, the weaker the text. It was from
10 euros to 200 euros. I paid for everything live, from 10 euros to 200 euros I paid for
affiliate texts, and the tests I talked about a while ago. There was everything.
It depends on where the person is from, how much knowledge he has , how good it will be, whether
it includes video recording, whether it means getting pictures, whether it is just text,
whether he followed the table of contents, those four types of psychology, conclusion,
whether the person made me a spreadsheet and so on and so forth, whether she had
to post it in WordPress or not or I set it up, these are all distinctions.
I think it's worth trying to write it yourself at the beginning and then letting someone shape it to look like something.
If you don't know English, then I don't know how to check, I don't know how to
check that thing, but certain criteria, the better SEO briefing you
do, the better.

It all depends on what you ask of that person, like I said, whether they will
insert pictures and videos, whether it goes into WordPress, whether the tables of contents go, whether the sources go and so on and so
forth. From 10 to 200 euros, under 10 euros, whoever writes this article, I don't think that
will work. If we talk about the average, here we take this article.

has 1,500 words I think, which are three A4 pages. That's some 50,
60 euros should be paid in the Balkans this article if someone really makes an effort and do
this research, research that search, not spit, take the first page of the best buy
monitor and put, but really look at what would be worth it and so further. I would pay 50-60 euros
for that article, if not. And all that money will come back to you . In the beginning, if you can, write yourself
to get a sense of what a good affiliate article is, because how are you going to teach someone to
write a good article if you don't understand the psychology that a
person goes through in his head. As far as I can see there are no more questions. And these were just two questions.
I did take off. Good. I will answer all the questions. Don't ask any more questions
because my throat is dry, mostly because of that. It's not because I hate it. I’ll be happy to
answer some things for you later, but my throat is terribly dry.

I'll talk a little quieter. The English keywords for the site I opened have a higher search
volume. It's not a SW, this SW you wrote is software, it's an acronym for software,
and SV is search volume. The ones I opened have a higher search volume than Croatian keywords, so of
course, how to introduce them in the titles since people search for that
topic more in English. Let me tell you, I didn't understand the question,
please rephrase it so that Damir can ask this question. Here I will put x here and
come back later. I didn't understand the question. It is best to state both the keyword
and the URL and what we are talking about so that I can understand. I didn't follow, is Geektick a
success? He has success. There is, of course. Geektick makes a month, not to mention
$ 600, something like that.

Good site. With maybe 4 articles, something like this, and nothing for
five years, I haven't touched anything, I just change those dates and if a
product disappears, I replace it with another one, and only in those articles that bring money.
I don't touch these others, but Damir has already made a new version, so we will do our best
to make it better and so on. What happens if a customer goes to multiple affiliate sites and enters through them on Amazon? Whose cookie
is valid then? Great question Andjelko. The cookie is valid for the one who last clicked.
At the last link he clicked, his cookie is valid. If he was on your site, that's why
I said, you see how easy we come to find out why I said something, one
article has to keep the user on that article so he doesn't go somewhere else for the
reason of not picking up someone else's cookie. Is AliExpress affiliate worth what?
I haven't tried my right to tell you, so I can't say anything. I wouldn't deal with that at the beginning, I wouldn't, and
now whoever wants, let them do it.

Affiliates in the Balkans say in our language that it is not
working yet, is that true? People in HR buy through Wish a lot
, does he have an affiliate? I do not know. It is very likely that Wish has an affiliate. The Balkans are such a small market,
people, 20 million people live in the entire Balkans, the former South . It is a suburb of New York,
just one city in America. Why work on ours when for the same effort, if
you know here in this case Bosnian and English, why would you work on Bosnian gods? Why?
It takes you the same time to write an article, it takes the same time to make a page, the
same time it all takes.

In America, when you succeed, 300 million people buy you, in Bosnia,
when you succeed, 3 million people. Why would anyone do that? I see no reason at all. Because there is
no competition, it means nothing. Our people shop so poorly online that it is even
questionable whether it is worth having a webshop or not in certain niches. For some
niches it is quite clear that it must. If, for example, I write reviews, reviews, I guess these are reviews, well, of a product
and I write, for example, the top 10 for May and we stick to one niche. Oh, you are.
I seem to have lost my concentration, but I will try again. If, for example, we write
reviews of a product and write, for example, the top 10 for May 2020 and stick to one
niche, well, are we making a new article in August or updating this one for May?
You're updating this one for May, of course. The URL remains universal. That's right. Great question,
great answer. The URL remains universal, you change the title of course, you adapt
to the month you are in.

Be careful not to make the only change to be from
May to August, and you have not changed anything in the text. Then what will Google do for you? Of course because you are
manipulating. You really have to make some change. How much does an Amazon affiliate work? Just one more time to stay, I see
someone chatting, Nedzad Coha writes, our people buy very little online, give up the Balkans. I
really don't understand why if I tell you something like that I like and accept
your heart and I tell you we do affiliate marketing today through Amazon on Google using SEO in America and that
it all has some reason why we do it and it's the best way to start , why
there are always a large number of people in the Balkans who realize that they are something, I don't know,
different, better, more alternative, more able to figure out, to look for another way. If
someone tells you that you will be a great architect, if you learn trigonometry very well, then
brother, learn that trigonometry.

Don't get caught up in optics. Do you understand? If someone says that
in order to ride a motorcycle well, you have to ride a bicycle well, so you can't take a car ride.
Take a bike ride. I do not understand your non-stop escape from the recommendation that no one
will tell you so directly that it is so necessary. You will grow over time, but
you cannot skip your own maturity ahead of time . It takes certain years
and mistakes to make you learn, it is inevitable. You can't do it

You have to make mistakes, and this is the way to make the least mistakes or make the most money
knowing exactly what mistakes you will make. You think I'm keeping something from you, that there's
something better, there's nothing. I'm telling you the way it is. Not to seduce you, to make you a stupid
Amazon affiliate, and to take me here, shovel the market of someone you've
never heard of. No, I'm telling you exactly what I do in my spare time. Here the other day I
just discovered keywords for which I can't wait to write an affiliate project.

rarely happens, but I do and when I find out I do it with gusto and I will do Amazon. I don't want anything else.
Then when it comes to the next stage, when I see, when I have a sale and I tell some that
manufacturer but I sold ten thousand of your webcams or cameras or mice or anything, give me a sick
coupon code to send people directly to you.

Then he will agree to it. If I don't have any
numbers, I won't be able to progress. Hold on like a drunken fence of what I'm telling you, you won't go
wrong. Stop being forced into an alternative when you don’t have the knowledge to do so.
Don't be conceited. That's how I worked. Why am I telling you that you are at this
stage? Because at that stage I thought the same way and it didn't do me any

I wish I had stuck to the people who did it right and their
methods from the beginning, and not tried some of my kerefeks. Stick to it. I will not repeat myself on this topic
and I will deliberately now, when someone asks a question, say that it is great and that you
should go in that direction and go astray when you are not already obedient. I'll
do it. Whoever next asks the guy if it is better to work for a Zanox affiliate
in Canada, I will say is it is much better than an Amazon affiliate in America.

Well done, you
figured it out, you're going in the right direction, you're the only one smart. That's how I'll answer you, so
who knows the irony, he realized, when you don't want to listen to perfect
advice anymore. Move on. As far as I can tell, nothing against this Strata
he asked, Strata did not bother you now, but you very often made it known with your behavior
that you think there is a shortcut and so on.

How can we
track affiliate sales other than Amazon? I am thinking of the tools that follow us, whether we
had a sale via an affiliate link or we only have to let our partners know. It depends on who the
partners are, in this case your partner is Amazon, you trust Amazon and move on. If you have
your own affiliate script, that affiliate script should help you. Networks like the aforementioned
Zanox, you can pay Zanox a 12% commission to use their affiliate script and it
’s the same for them to trust. You can trust them too . The system is independent. If you are an
affiliate, this is a reseller between you there must be some affiliate script.
Not that the script is on the client side or on your side, so let’s say that Zanox actually works in the

With Amazon there is no need, Amazon does not lie under these things. They have no need,
they even want to motivate you, to work and so on because it gives
them a lot, a lot . I do
n't even know what I'm going to say anymore. Believe it, yes. You can trust Amazon. That's what I wanted to say. Is the inflow from the commission
lying, and is the income from the commission, I guess the commission, lying automatically or are we claiming?
Amazon offers several payment methods, to giro account within Europe, to Wire transfer
within America, if you have Payoneer you can pay yourself on Payoneer and do not offer PayPal and offer
payment by checks at home, until the other day I personally used
used checks, however I can no longer cash in properly, banks have started to
apologize for the [ __ ], so you can charge to the giro account, the worst option on
Payoneer, I mean the worst in quotes, and the commission from Amazon lies automatically,

They calculate every first one and transfer money to you. There’s some threshold, the
limit, I think the limit is $ 25 or $ 50. I'm not sure. When you cross
that line then it pays off. If you haven't crossed the line, then you go again while you fill up. Here
Damir asked me the first question again. Niche is industrial hemp and people
google more hemp than industrial hemp, the same goes for other keywords.
Keywords are in English for the site I opened, they have a higher search
volume than Croatian keywords.

A home site about industrial hemp, but google hemp.
How to introduce them to the titles as people search more in
English? Industrial hemp, in parentheses hemp. This is your title tag and H1 tag.
You see how nice it is when you ask a question adequately, to answer you adequately.
Otherwise synonyms and that English and so on you are free to put in parentheses and
in the title in and H1 or you can vice versa hemp, in parentheses industrial hemp also.
Both will work for both keywords. Strata asked ok questions, if you can
go back to that. I do not understand Tomislav on what question. Let's see which ones Strata set up.
Strata set up what I am now talking about. Especially who does not have a company, does the order have to be made on someone over? No, no, no. And
I didn't mention that, a great question from Strata.

I skimmed over the question
because I talked about this, so here, I don't know, I don't remember. Great question. No, you can apply as a natural person, you don't
have to have any company, you have to report the payment that comes in the tax office, you
have to report that payment to the tax office, pay income tax. In Bosnia and Serbia I am
pretty sure that 10%, in Bosnia 100% 10%, in Serbia I think also 10%.
I'm not sure about the neighbors, but mostly you have to report to the tax office. You
already report the inflow you get to the tax office, they already know what it is. If they don't know, tell them it's a PayPal
payment so they'll know, no matter that it does n't make any sense what I just said, but he'll
know it's a PayPal payment, what if it's posted as a PayPal payment and then you pay that
10% and you got rid of them and keep those assurances that you paid well because they
like to charge those things retroactively when they keep quiet.

There is even a
prison sentence for tax evasion, but you don't need a company. At least not yet. In
Croatia, I'm not even sure. In the European Union, the next thing, at least in Germany
like this, is that you don't even have to apply for an affiliate commission of up to 400 euros a month.
Above 400 you have to register a company and pay income tax properly. That is how it was resolved in Germany,
I guess it is similar in the entire European Union . Now
, I don't know if they managed to implement that law in Croatia, but until a few days it could have happened to an Amazon individual.
Amazon doesn't care if you are a natural or legal person, they will pay you, and you
have to fight the tax. The only thing you have to fill out, here it is on my desk is
this form W8 – ben, it is a form that you are a certificate of foreign status
of beneficial owner for United States tax withholding and reporting

You have to guarantee America that you are not an
American, that you do not live in America, that you do not work in America, that you just work as an
affiliate and fill out that form and you have to send it to the US
Tax Administration and they will answer and then you can use it.
Amazon also asks you to do this, when you register you have to fill in this W8 – ben, when you fill
it in then your account is activated.

Good. Let's see further. I saw
in the chat there are questions that Damir did not copy. And, I apologized for the chat question, great. Is it necessary to open later
due to the influx from Amazon? Is it necessary to open later? There is no need to open it later.
To tell you the truth, I cashed checks of several thousand
dollars in Unicredit Bank in BiH, I had no problems with cashing money
or paying taxes on it from profits. I take it, go to the tax office, report it and so on.
The following event happened a long time ago, because it's funny to tell you, there are certainly some
of them, so I don't know either, for many years, more than 10 years.

I went to the tax
administration and, I won't say in which city, and I told them that I had these inflows, that I wanted to
pay the profit tax of those 10% and they drove me into that thing, kicked me out of the
office and said I was rude, that I'm just imposing a job on them, they're not
crazy that they're investigating some laws for me now , that I'm burning that thing and me
and my affiliate marketing.

I came again and asked in writing what they
told me and they wrote because I know emergencies blah blah blah and the
complexity of the business, Mr. and I are exempt from tax profits
on affiliate marketing activities. I got that confirmation. Two years ago in Bosnia all PayPal
payments were retroactively taxed, nothing came to me because I
have in the tax recorded in my file that I do not have to pay for these things, but
for certain things from affiliate marketing I paid because I thought that independently from
what kind of confirmation I have that it has to be paid, that's the amount, so there are
no problems in your personal name to receive money as long as you pay that 10%,
you shouldn't worry at all.

In Croatia, I don't know. I really don't know what the rule is when you have to register a
legal entity. As I always have to say, contact your lawyer about
legal issues. I am not at all, I am not allowed to share legal advice, I do not share it.
I just share my experiences. I personally didn't need it. I will soon no longer be a
citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so I don't care. And I'm not at all
interested in any aspect of how these things stand. In Germany I pay a lot, a lot
more tax on all this and I don’t mind paying so much tax because it’s a tidy
state after I pay so much tax. Bosnev says that they are now looking for a contract after several thousand dollars, on the basis of which the
money is.

They asked me for PayPal payment contracts, that's right, and I gave them contracts
when I lived in Bosnia, but for affiliate commissions, for checks to be exact, for checks,
until the other day they were checks, they never asked for anything. It's just that, since
my name and surname are written on the check, it can't be a fake check, the check is checked, you wait for the check
and you get the money. There was no danger . I even had some bank
guarantees to cash my check immediately, so I don't have to wait, but these are special procedures.
[ __ ], I had a lot to cash in on so I could make arrangements with the bank if
I wanted to, but mostly there aren’t those burdens when it comes to affiliate payments.

If you are paid to a
giro account or the best method is on Payoneer, then choose on Amazon Wire
transfer and Wire transfer on Payoneer and you have solved all the worries, but also report it to the
tax because they will find out when and do not play, it's hard
prison penalties for tax evasion. Checks no longer work in the Balkans, Andjelko, that's right, and at least I don't know of any
bank that accepts checks anymore. If you know one, let me know because I have a check that
costs me, which I can't cash in Germany either, because I have a Bosnian address on that check
, so if you find out somewhere that it can be cashed, let me know
so I can cash. He says to Zamahacu: A friend lives in Tuzla, probably this one with the taxman that they drove him away. This is quite
normal. Good. If you have questions about affiliate marketing and you have
questions within the learning cycle, then feel free to respond to the YouTube comment,
write a YouTube comment and ask your question there, I will be happy to answer and
if there are enough questions we will make an affiliate marketing session .

And here
's another link not to forget about the topic I showed you that I would advise, if
you are going to use WordPress use that theme and it's worth it, in the end let me tell you, it's worth
the effort to install and install that theme, it's not easy set it up, but the
team that works there offers a service for them to do it all for you
or just the part you don't know. So you can be lazy, I think you can set aside 150 euros for them to
install, set up, even make a logo for you , everything, and you just fill in the
products you want and so on, and you can do everything yourself.

It's a bit more technically demanding, it's
not like a regular WordPress theme because it works with child themes and so on, but you technicians
will still manage where the drill is not spinning, spinning steam, you know that and in that segment
you have the option to spin the drill or cut money. Thanks YouTube,
Twitch, see you at the party..

This will be my primary offer link