thank you for taking the time to check out this 
course i created this course for anybody that's   interested in affiliate marketing and also 
for people who are interested in building a   list and what i'm going to be talking about 
today is the affiliate funnel you may have   heard about it but what i've noticed is that a lot 
of people who build affiliate funnels don't do it   properly so i'm going to be talking about how to 
do it properly in this course and i'm going to   show you the step-by-step process of building it 
now if you don't know what an affiliate funnel   is or even what a funnel is don't worry i'll 
be talking about that in the following video   in the later videos i'm also going 
to show you how to drive traffic   to your funnel and also how to promote affiliate 
products to your list and how to scale up so with   that said i look forward to seeing you in the next 
video all right so let's talk about the affiliate   funnel now first of all if you don't know 
what a funnel is it's basically a system or   a strategy of trying to get leads into your 
business and you're trying to close a sale   during the process and also building a 
relationship during this process and a funnel   is used by both offline and online businesses 
now in the internet marketing world the typical   internet marketing funnel will look like this 
it'll be a squeeze page or a landing page   that a lead will first see and this is where 
you offer them something for free in return   for their email address okay and this free gift 
can be anything it can be a free ebook a software   a checklist free video and if you don't like 
creating products you could always hire someone   to do it for you or you can just buy the rights 
to a product you could buy the giveaway rights the   reseller rights or the private label rates okay 
or you actually don't even have to buy a lot of   these rights are offered for free you can just 
do a google search for plr or giveaway rights or   resell rights and after they sign up for the free 
gift they'll automatically be brought to a page   where you offer them something for sale something 
related to the free product and then after if   they do decide to purchase that product they'll be 
brought to another page which is called an upsell   page where you could try to sell them another 
product related to the other products and your   funnel and some funnels can have several upsells 
for me personally i feel comfortable just having   two or three upsells you could also have a down 
cell where if someone turns down or rejects   your upsell they'll be offered a downsell offer 
which is basically for the same product but at a   lower price point and with just less benefits so 
for example they just won't get the bonuses that   were offered in the original upsell offer now the 
problem with building funnels is that it is time   consuming so that's what's great about affiliate 
funnels the quickest way to monetize a funnel   is just to promote affiliate products in 
the funnel and you don't have to worry about   creating products and also you don't even have to 
worry about the customer support because you're   promoting someone else's product and if you're 
an affiliate marketer this is what you should   be doing anyways because it's a lot more effective 
than driving traffic directly to affiliate offers   and besides it usually takes several exposures 
to an offer before someone buys so by collecting   leads you can follow up with them and send them 
more follow-ups and increase your conversions   now to increase your chances of success with this 
type of funnel you should try to have a consistent   theme throughout the funnel so 
for example your squeeze page   should look like the affiliate products sales page 
and have the same headline and bullet points you   should also have a bridge page that again has text 
similar to that of the sales page i'll show you   an example of a bridge page in a later video now 
here i am on this is a great site   for finding affiliate products in the internet 
marketing niche and make money online niche   so since i'm building a funnel that 
is related to making money online and   i'm looking for something that has mass 
appeal for the general public you know i   would go to this site this is my favorite site for 
finding products related to making money online   so if you want to look for products on here you 
could just find the top products here on the   home page the top 10 products of the day yesterday 
last seven days and also the last 30 days so let's   click on that okay but what i prefer is i like to 
go to affiliates click on that and click on offers okay and then you brought to a page with all   the products the top selling products sorted by 
the top selling i'm not i'm actually not sure   how it's sorted here but you could sort it 
out by sales conversion rate visitor value   and there's let's just go down here there's about 
five thousand results that you could go through   and browse okay by just looking at the top 
here profiteer um it's it was launched on july   22 so that would be last month so it's not 
too old of an offer over 3 thousand sales   conversion rate fifteen percent visitor value of 
three dollars sixty nine cents so all these are   good numbers and i like the fact that it's not 
an old product uh refund rate is three percent   um that's not bad as well okay i could go down 
the list here but let's just say i'm going to go   with this offer here profiteer click on this 
first i'd have to try to learn more about it   let's see what it says here this is the affiliate 
page so you click here to request approval you   can view the sales page here and here's a quick 
description of the product make consistent three   plus figure daily profits and scale as high as you 
want without paid traffic or any tech skills so   this is something that i feel would be of interest 
to the general public and would have a mass appeal   okay so if i want any promotional tools i would go 
to the jv page okay and let's just click on this okay i'm also going to view the sales 
page just to make sure it's something   that i would want to promote and to just 
to get an idea of what the the angle is   so let's look at the headline here it says bank 
and effortless 150 dollars per day starting in   as little as 24 hours from right now without 
paid traffic or any experience so again this   looks like something that would have mass appeal 
pro people who are looking to make money online   and have no experience would probably be 
interested in a product such as this it says   here fast start making 150 per day so who wouldn't 
be interested in making money online quickly   okay and it says friendly zero experience or tech 
skills needed so if i feel this is the product i'm   gonna go ahead and add to my funnel i'm just gonna 
go to the affiliate page here and click on request   approval okay and another thing too is you could 
also see all the products that are in this funnel   that you're going to be promoting okay you're 
getting 100 commissions on the front end which is   12 dollars 94 cents and then you can see all these 
other offers that you can get paid commissions on   okay so not only does it have mass appeal but it 
looks like it's something that i could get paid   a lot of commissions on so i'm going to go ahead 
and click on or request approve now that we have   an affiliate product to promote in our funnel 
what we're going to do is we're going to take   parts of the sales page of that affiliate product 
and copy it onto our squeeze page so that we have   a consistent theme so what i'm going to do here 
is on the sales page of this affiliate product i'm   going to copy the headline the pre-headline and 
i'm also going to take some of these screenshots   of how much money have been earned okay so 
here is the squeeze page that i quickly created   um for this squeeze page i use click funnels which 
is a great tool that i highly recommend um if you   cannot afford it there are many other cheap tools 
online and you could even create a squeeze page   for free but for this example i'm using click 
funnels and i was able to create it in a few   minutes i copied and pasted the headlines as you 
can see here there's a an opt-in form here already   and i've pasted on the text where it says look how 
much money we're making with the profiteer system   and i've put the images of the earnings on the 
bottom okay so when somebody opts in here they're   gonna be brought to a page uh called the bridge 
page okay so it's gonna say thanks for signing up   john smith here or whatever your name is it says i 
look forward to helping you in your online journey   if you have any questions you can reach 
me at insert your email address here and   it says in the meantime make sure to sign up for 
my facebook mastermind group so i can personally   help you better and here is a link to the facebook 
mastermind group now this is completely optional   but the advantage of having a facebook mastermind 
group is that your subscribers will get to know   you better and they'll be able to engage better 
and as a result of that when you promote affiliate   products to them in the future they're more likely 
to click on your emails and click on your links   okay but again this is optional and if you don't 
want to do a facebook mastermind group you could   do something else similar to that for example if 
you have a blog you could say check out my blog or   check out my blog post on this and so on okay and 
on the bottom of this again i pasted the headlines   of the sales page okay it says bank and effortless 
150 dollars per day and here i have a button and   click to continue so there's a link here it's 
my affiliate affiliate link so when people click   on this they'll be brought to the official sales 
page of the affiliate product and if they do buy   i will get commissions okay and 
again if you keep scrolling down   again i pasted parts of the sales page here and 
again there's a button here click here to continue   and if you click on that it's uh it will direct 
them to the affiliate prompt now that you have   a funnel let's start driving traffic to it there 
are several types of traffic sources out there and   so in this video i'm just going to go through 
a couple of them my favorite traffic method   at the moment is solo ads for those who don't 
know a solo ad is when you pay another marketer   to promote your offer to their list of subscribers 
so they will email their list and promote your   offer you could buy a solo ad for 100 clicks 
50 clicks 200 clicks or even 1 000 clicks   and more depending how much you can afford my 
favorite place for finding solo ad vendors or   solo ad sellers is on there are 
other websites and networks out there where   you could find solo ad vendors and you could 
even find some on facebook i'm sure there's   facebook groups out there where you can find solo 
ad vendors you could also go on google and just   try to find other product sellers or just website 
owners that are in your niche and see if they have   or contact them and ask them if they have an 
email list that they can promote your offer to   okay another site you could go to is is is an affiliate network but you   could contact product owners there and ask them 
if they can do a solo ad with you because with   clickbank you know you know that these people 
are building a buyer's list and the buyers list   is five to ten times more responsive 
than a list of freebie seekers   okay now if you cannot afford solo ads you can use 
free traffic methods such as social media i'm sure   most of people nowadays are in social 
media you could use facebook twitter etc   and try to get a viral post going okay lastly 
the last traffic method i want to talk about is   blogging just set up a blog you can set up a free 
blog using free tools out there you could also   set up a nice blog if you want to pay for 
a domain and just install wordpress okay   so set up a blog a blog daily every couple of 
days or even just on a weekly basis and eventually   you'll have a following and you could build a 
list through blogging you could have links to   that link to your affiliate funnel now 
that you have traffic coming to your funnel   and you're building a list of subscribers it's 
time to start promoting affiliate offers to your   subscribers but first make sure that you set 
up a series of automated emails that go to your   subscribers immediately after they subscribe so 
for example on day one they could have a thank you   email and provide a link to your blog or facebook 
mastermind group or work whatever it is so that   they can get to know you better okay so it's you 
want to start off on the right foot with your   new subscribers and then you could have an email 
come out on the second day after they subscribed   and which is basically a follow-up asking them if 
they've checked out that affiliate product that   you recommended in your affiliate funnel okay and 
then day number three you could send out an email   an automated email that provides some tips so you 
could alternate uh every other day you could have   one day where you provide content and the next 
day could be a follow-up recommending that they   check out that affiliate offer in your funnel 
so you you'd want to have anywhere between 5 to   10 of these emails in your autoresponder now 
if you don't have an autoresponder account   what i recommend is getresponse i've been using 
getresponse since i started internet marketing   another autoresponder company that you could use 
is aweber that's one of the the top autoresponder   companies as well and there are several others 
that you could use so you could just do your   research test them out and some of these companies 
do offer free trials but for now i recommend   get response after your subscribers have 
received all of your automated emails you can   start promoting new affiliate offers to them and 
for that i would recommend going to   to find upcoming product launches if you're not 
sure how to write promotional emails or you're   not confident uh for now you could just subscribe 
to other marketers lists so that you could receive   their emails and you can see how they write their 
emails and then you could get ideas and maybe copy   the the way that they write the promotional emails 
but make sure that you have your own personality   in your emails a lot of people who are new 
to affiliate marketing and email marketing   often ask how often should they email their list 
and you know depends on who you ask you'll get   different answers for me personally i do try 
to email my list every day because i look at it   like you could compare it to hotel business 
if you have a hotel you want to make sure   that all your rooms are booked every day if you 
don't if one of your rooms or suites is vacant   you're losing money so that's the way i look at 
my email list if if i have a day where i don't   send out an email promoting something i feel like 
i'm losing money on that day of course if i don't   find any good quality products to promote if 
i can't find anything that's worth promoting   i just won't say anything on that day but even 
then i could try to send a follow-up email for   for another affiliate offer that i promoted uh 
the previous day or earlier in the week your goal   should be that whenever you drive traffic to your 
funnel you should be getting affiliate sales you   can then reinvest your profits back into buying 
more traffic and as a result continue to build   your list now if you're getting a lot of opt-ins 
but your affiliate offer is not converting then   it may be time to change the affiliates offer okay 
however if things are going great you don't really   have to change things it's always good to improve 
on your funnel as well so when you have time you   can add your own upsells to the funnel okay so 
you could create a product that's related to   the field offer and sell it in one of the upsells 
you can even just use a private label rights   product for the upsell if you don't know what 
private label rights is or plr basically these are   products that you can buy and you have the right 
to edit the content and also claim yourself as   the author of the product and gradually over time 
you can add more offers to the funnel and to your   back end such as in your autoresponder follow-ups 
to increase the customer value and your cash flow

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